# 1 Rule in Crypto Investing! (Important!)

There is only one way crypto is going to 
change your life and it’s very simple.   In fact, it can be summed up into 
two simple words: “Take profits.” Hello, I’m Crypto Casey and in this video 
we are going to talk about the importance   of taking profits in crypto and how 
it’s especially important during the   heat of this bull run because the 
market is definitely hot right now. Is it overheated, probably. 
Why? Everyone is excited and   unfortunately a lot of it has to do with 
crypto influencers hyping everyone up   which manipulates the market and 
certain projects to some extent.

Crypto influencers have huge incentives to 
only focus on positive news. Why? Because no   one wants to hear about the market going down or 
the actual state of the market, how it works, and   the fact that literally no one knows what’s going 
on in the market and which way it’s going to go.
  Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. However, 
if you do not take profits along the way,   you are seriously missing out on the whole 
point of investing in new, upcoming technology,   which is 1) to make the world a better place, and 2) to become financially 
independent in order to enrich our lives   and enjoy the unknown amount 
of time we have left in life. What is truly amazing for us right now is that 
crypto is offering a nearly once in a lifetime   opportunity to generate a massive amount of wealth 
in an extremely unusually short period of time.

People are accumulating an entire lifetime’s 
worth of wealth or even generations of   wealth in just a few years, months, and 
sometimes even weeks, days, or hours. But we must remember that these markets 
operate in cycles. What comes up will come   down. We also need to keep in mind that there 
are thousands of cryptocurrencies in development. And at the end of the day, probably 
over 95% of them will fail,   leaving less than 5% to become the 
next global tech giants like Google,   Microsoft, and Apple from the last tech 
wave during the dot-com bubble in the 90’s.

So let’s talk about why it is so 
important to take profits in crypto   if and when you experience gains.   Here’s the deal, this market is 
absolutely, insanely manipulated. It’s manipulated by influencers, 
institutional investors, retail investors,   bots, scammers, hackers, the 
media, government regulations,   black swan events like covid – I mean, it’s 
pretty disturbing if you really think about it. Consider how another weird black swan event 
could cause society as we know it to crumble,   leading to civil unrest and utter chaos. Look: imagine if there was some kind 
of crazy apocalyptic phenomenon like a   zombie outbreak and the world 
turning into a Walking Dead scenario,   or if some deadly asteroid was going to 
destroy earth, or if a supervolcano exploded,   blocking out the sun, sending into an ice 
age, or if aliens came to harvest the planet – Let’s ask ourselves, seriously ponder, 
how useful magic internet coins would be   in any of these scenarios? Yeah.

useless. In fact, all of those would render   all investments pretty much useless, except for 
maybe guns and bullets in a zombie outbreak. Now don’t get me wrong, blockchain and 
cryptocurrency technology will absolutely   revolutionize the world, hopefully for 
the better if it remains decentralized,   but let’s not forget the whole point of 
investing in anything in the first place. What is the point of investing? The whole point of investing for the most 
part is to generate wealth and to protect it.   Nice. Let’s move on to the next salient question. What is the point of wealth? The point of wealth is basically to ensure 
that we and our families can try to live the   best lives we can with the finite amount 
of time we have together on this planet. To help the “finite amount of time” aspect sink 
in further, I’ll share with you a personal story   from my life that really helped me overcome 
the diamond hand, never selling cult mentality.

So, as some of my long term followers may know, 
back during the 2017 bull run, I watched a about   a $20 to $25,000 investment into crypto jump to 
over $300,000 in value in less than a few months. And the only thing I sold was EOS. 
And the only reason I sold EOS is   because it was the only project 
I didn’t do my own research on.   I literally watched a YouTube video 
from an influencer that isn’t even   around anymore who shilled EOS as the ETH 
killer, and decided to diversify into it. My strategy back during that cycle was 
accumulating different platform tokens like ETH,   NEO, IOTA, and threw some into EOS. Now, I don’t 
remember the exact amount, but it was definitely   less than $1,000. Maybe it was like a couple 
hundred or up to $500 I invested into EOS. And then, less than two weeks later it hit 
all-time highs of around $20 per token.   My $500 or so jumped to $20,000. And again, since 
this was the only project I did zero research on,   literally JUST based it off of 
some YouTubers shill – I sold.

I didn’t sell anything else and shortly 
after everything crashed by over 80% and 90%.   Out of the $300,000 value of all of 
my cryptocurrencies from an initial   $20,000 investment, I made about $19,000 
and used it to pay off my student loans. Then the following year, of course uncle Sam 
took like 30% of it. Fun fun. So after that,   during the multi-year bear cycle, I accumulated. 
And was hell-bent on pretty much never selling   until like a decade or so.

I was going 
to diamond hand and not touch anything. Was just going to grind out work and put every 
single spare penny I earned into crypto for years   and years to come. That was my personal oath to 
myself until January of 2020, right before covid. Just a heads up, I’m going to breeze through this   personal anecdote as quickly as possible because 
it is still very upsetting, so bear with me.

Here’s some back story, my favorite aunt and uncle   were high school sweethearts, worked 
hard, raised my three cousins,   lived an awesome life, and were very fortunate 
to be in a position to retire by around age 50. So leading up to their retirement, they 
were designing and building a house, getting   ready to move back closer to family, just 
the whole perfect american dream-type deal. Retirement came, the house was 
complete, and their plans for   the rest of their lives was to spend time 
with family and travel the world together. I’m not sure how long they were living in 
the newly built house, but in March of 2019,   out of nowhere, no prior health conditions or 
anything, out of nowhere was suddenly diagnosed   with multiform glioblastoma, which is the most 
rare and deadly brain cancer known to man. In a flash, wasn’t able to speak, 
after some surgeries lost complete   control of half of her body, really really 
bad stuff, and 10 months later she died.   I believe she had just turned 50 
or was about to, I don’t remember.

So here’s the deal guys, we don’t 
know how long we are going to live,   so please, take profits along the way and enjoy 
how ever much longer you have to live because   no one knows where the market is going and 
no one knows how much time we have left. I mean, do you really just want to stare 
at some numbers on your screen forever.   Or do you want to use some to 
buy a nice house you can live in   while still watching the rest 
of the numbers on the screen? Or how about taking a nice vacation 
and watching the rest of the numbers   on the screen on a beach in Thailand or in a 
villa in Greece, or in a vineyard in Italy. Don’t let people shame you for selling and 
taking profits. Remember, we invest to generate   and preserve wealth, and we use wealth to enrich 
our finite lives and our families finite lives. So, to try to further convince you to take profits 
along the way, I asked my instagram followers to   share with me how they have used their crypto 
gains. And if you don’t follow me on instagram,   the link to my one and only instagram 
account is listed in the description area.

You can follow me there at 
Instagram.com/CryptoCasey to   ask me anything you want every wednesday 
and for other general crypto content. Cool. Here we go, I asked my audience this 
question and this is what they shared. Hey instagram followers, how 
have you used your crypto gains? Rental property, Acquired two 
properties, travelled to two countries,   helped pay off parent’s debt so 
they could retire a few years early,   bought a lap top so I can really 
get in the game, hard wallet next, Quick note, if you are interested in safely 
securing your crypto on a hardware wallet,   using the links below you can access 
the correct and official sites of my   recommended hardware wallets.

Vault is my personal favorite,   another option are the ledger devices, 
so scroll down to check them out. Let’s continue: how have you used your crypto 
gains: fendi bag, rescue dog, paid off car, family   vacations in Tairona Park in Columbia, paid for 
my with a celsius loan using ADA as collateral,   making big chunks of truck payment. Will buy 
an apartment soon so will sell a little to use, buying and maintaining a vintage car,   home improvements on my current home. Next 
will be used to acquire a second home, I’ve used my gains for sudden expenses such 
as flat tires and broken washing machines,   paid off a small debt and 
bought a pure bread bengal cat,   paid of car loan.

Vacation next 
year. Christmas gifts for the family, bought a really nice road bike. I wouldn’t have 
spent this amount if I didn’t gain from crypto,   Got my wife a ten-year wedding ring, 
paying off my kids student loans,   still haven’t sold but borrowed 
on eth and climbed kilimanjaro, $8,000 dollar DCA’s paid off my wife’s masters 
and my college loans, as well as both cars,   From $32,000 in debt to $0 debt and house down 
payment, break a poverty cycle in my family,   paid off my debt. Paid off dad’s debt, bought a 
mac. hospital bills from when my son was born, Paid for my masters, maxed out my roth IRA,   self-improvement and stock 
education, paid off Jeep Gladiator,   paid car registration fees, a down payment for a 
house, paid taxes, building a big aeroponic farm,   paid off debts. built generational wealth for 
the family. and provided jobs to all the homies, quit my yoga job and told my rich students to 
stop yelling at the maids. also programming now,   paid off some debt and moved out of my parents, 
down payment on the dream house my wife and I   are currently building, non-reimbursable medicine, 
paid off my house and car – completely debt-free, a thoroughbred race horse, home 
downpayment, daughter’s tuition,   helped my sister restart her life after 
escaping the grips of her abusive husband,   bought a tesla, accumulated enough to start 
my own eth node, now I have passive income, coke and hookers – lol, had to 
have some comic relief there,   some of these are heavy and still 
heavier stuff to come, check it out – down payment on a second home at the beach, 
Nepal mount everest base camp, a road trip   to california, a trip to Greece, tesla model 3, 
a boat named boatcoin, travelled to thailand.   also travelled to virgin islands.

And got 
scuba certified. next is skydiving school, used UNI airdrop to totally pay 
off credit card debt last year,   deposit for buying my own apartment, i used 
some gains to offer my parents a vacation,   got the latest macbook pro using the gains, I 
sold doge and paidoff one of my credit cards, I used it to pay a down payment on a house, 
my brothers stomach cancer treatment and my   niece’s luchemia, buy a new house 
for mommy, buying mining equipment,   BlockFi collateral loan for downpayment on a 
condo and will pay back the loan with gains, Quick note, if you are interested 
in gaining interest on crypto you   are planning to hold for the long term or if 
you are interested in borrowing against it,   using the link below you can get up 
to a $250 bitcoin bonus with BlockFi. Let’s continue: an 18 foot fishing boat 
with my dad from eth gains, invested 1k   profited 4k and paid credit card debt that I 
had used for my homebirth, debt. a new laptop.   and two new phones for my parents, retiring at 26, 
building a van and going on a yearlong road trip, bought my parents a new 65 inch tv, paid my MBA,   paid for a number of Ayahuasca ceremonies to help 
deal with 5 deployments during the great war on   terrorism, bought a thank-you cruise for my family 
and in-laws, buying more appreciating assets, paid for IVF treatment and got ourself a baby – 
best thing ever!, paid off all secondary debt,   didn’t spend but financially confident enough 
to start a family.

Currently carrying twins,   worked hard for 10 years & could never save a 
dime. now i’m about to be a full time traveler, also got laser eye surgery after 
wearing glasses for 18 years,   a zen buddhist meditation teacher 
training course, paid for my wife’s   citizenship and laser eye surgery, paid 
off credit cards and bought a tattoo, left 9-5 job and went back to 
freelance, paid off my entire debt:   car and credit cards. factory reset 
life at 32 years old. saving for a home, Amazing. So do you want to watch numbers go 
up and down on your screen for the unknown,   finite amount of time you have to spend on 
earth with your friends, family, and pets,   or do you want to enrich and live life now.? Take.

Profits. Fam. Please take 
profits on this wild journey. Awesome. Thank you so much for taking 
the time to watch this video.   I hope you found it inspiring and insightful. 
If you enjoyed the content, please make sure   to like this video and subscribe to 
my channel for more crypto content. So do you now understand how important 
it is to take profits in crypto? What did you think about how others 
have used their crypto gains? How are you going to use your 
profits from crypto gains? Let me know in the comments below. Be safe out there..

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