#1 Reason Bitcoin is NOT Dead (Best Way to Revive your Portfolio)

[Applause] bitcoin is dead i've probably heard those words about a thousand times i've been in crypto bitcoin like every asset on the planet goes up in value and goes down in value but bitcoin and other crypto assets have new technology on their side that is giving them historical upside i'll show you how you can profit whether bitcoin is going up or down we're going to take a look at an amazing tool for traders to not only make trades but get in-depth analytics as well it's time for you to meet primex bt let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the home of the bit squad the largest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we take a look at prime xbt it's true there has been a massive drop in the value of bitcoin and then a brief recovery but does that ultimately mean that the cycle is over and will be entering a bear market no if you think bitcoin is dead or the cycle is over today i'm going to show you how to use the analytics tool on primex bt to show you that bitcoin is still alive and kicking reports of bitcoin dying appear in the press from time to time in fact flood reports in general often emerge which can trigger a drop in the price of btc crypto community can sometimes promote this narrative which in some cases can cause panic selling by newer investors in the space however bitcoin and crypto assets like it are computer code this makes them able to be decentralized without a government or a company behind them the creators of bitcoin knew this because years before other electronic cash projects had been shut down by governments or failed so by making bitcoin into an anonymous project with distributed nodes they discovered the formula for immutable digital cash the truth is bitcoin is here to stay and in the current day there are other crypto assets like ethereum cardano and polka dot that will find a footing in the market because bitcoin blazed a trail crypto assets aren't going anywhere in his crypto face said we have now invited the devils into the dance i.e the institutions and banks they're the devil and with those same devils comes manipulation in the markets let's examine what happened in the markets just a few weeks ago renown publication reuters released a report on china banning crypto this triggered a flood of social media sharing which in turn turned sentiment bearish deeper analysis of the situation revealed that china was reiterating an existing anti-speculation law that dates back many years then there was a billionaire car salesman manipulating bitcoin's price with the power of social media talking about bitcoin using energy but bitcoin's fundamentals remain unchanged in the long run so nothing has really changed it's just a dip bro this scenario is typical of how the news works and we should use these opportunities to buy in at lower prices on that dip i know i did not financial advice though is i'm not a financial advisor i'm only telling you what i did with my money the most experienced traders use news reports as part of their trading research and execution in doing so they can profit from both rising and falling markets by leveraging trading on platforms like primexpt primexpt has been around since 2018 and has seen the cryptoverse grow they have offices in old school financial centers london england and frankfurt germany they've been offering traditional commodity trading in addition to crypto as well what i like about primexpt besides that it allows you to make money going long or short are its built-in charts and data that gives you the flexibility to covest or follow more profitable traders and make the same moves that they do another good thing about primexpt is the reliability of the platform during times of high volatility some exchanges cannot handle the volume of traffic and shut down primexpt has proven itself as a stable platform even under high traffic periods combine this with primexpt's co-vesting module i just mentioned and you have a formula for success the market is highly volatile you can make money trading both on the upside and downside but if you lack trading experience look at copy trading there are many talented traders out there you can follow and emulate but how do you know the best type of trader to follow the platform shows detailed statistics which can help you choose a strategy first of all there is a rating method the more stars the more reliable the strategy is take a look at the earning curve this should trend higher over time an up trending line indicates a trader can manage risk the line should not show steep drops as this indicates there is no risk management another tip is to look at the maximum drawdown level the lower it is the better it means that the trader manages their portfolio well indicating they can cut losing trades before they turn into more significant losses which could kill a portfolio try analyzing the strategies yourself do your own research there are many talented traders on the co-vesting platform primexpt and if you're a profitable trader consider joining the program it could be worth creating a strategy and sharing it with primexpt account holders some of the traders in the community make a living just by managing a strategy you receive 20 success fees which can be a significant amount if you get good results it could mean having flexible hours being able to work anywhere you like this is possible if you're a talented trader who has a lot of co-vestors on prime xp team how can you become a successful strategy manager well always take care of your risk never use too much margin and do not stake high proportions of your capital into one single trade try aiming for small profits with limited risk users analyze the statistics and consistent traders stand out manage your social network and interact with the community make friends educate people share your trading insights and you can build a strong following trading isn't for everyone ninety percent of traders lose money due to low risk management skills and emotional based trading however if trading is calling your name and you're a successful profitable trader find out more information by joining primexpt's co-vesting telegram community down below in the description if you want to try trading you should always do paper trading before risking any real capital and never throw your entire portfolio into the trading gauntlet always make sure to separate your trading part of your portfolio from your huddling part that you hold long term oh and one more thing learn the difference between trading and gambling yes there is a difference one is making decisions off probability the other is making choices based off of a whim without taking probabilities and human emotions into account if that's not clear enough trade responsibly and don't gamble away your life savings or your home these markets don't care about you and we'll take everything you own if you put it up for sale with all that said if you understand the risks and you want to profit on both the upswings and downswings in the market you can use my code bitboy for a 50 deposit bonus on primexpt go ahead and smash that like and subscribe button it really helps us out lets more people see these videos get educated on crypto and trading make sure to drop comments down below and let us know what platforms you've tried trading on or if you've tried primex bt that's all i got be blessed good boy out bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at [Music] bitswapdex.com you

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