#1 New NFT Altcoin with MASSIVE POTENTIAL in 2021! Superfarm (SUPER) Cryptocurrency Explained!

nfts within video games are going to 
bring the first billion users to crypto   uh and that this community that of three billion 
gamers globally or two and a half billion   gamers globally already collect and enjoy and 
understand digital assets they spend the money   on these digital assets to use them in 
games and so they're a perfect community   to sort of bring over into the crypto space 
and say hey well what if you actually own   this asset what if you had more privileges 
with this asset through to true ownership all right welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily my name's austin here with my brother   aaron and awesome guest today long time friend 
of the channel has his own youtube channel   leotrades elliott man thanks for coming on thanks 
so much for having me guys uh super good to be   back here on all coin daily big shout out to the 
altcoin daily army uh and yeah thanks you know one   big thing has changed since the last time we had 
you on multiple months ago you're now a founder of   your own nft cryptocurrency how was that you know 
uh it's funny because i've in my mind i've been   a founder of this project for years now but now 
everybody else knows about it and uh and it's much   more public uh i would say that it's been a huge 
huge change uh one that i was prepared for uh but   i'm super excited it's happening now and uh yeah 
just i couldn't be more excited about the just   the what's going on in nft land which i think is 
going to be probably a big focus of what we're   talking about here but um you know i've been a big 
believer in the nft stuff for a long time and then   you know sort of feels like the macro environment 
came along right as we were getting ready to   uh bring super farm to the to the world 
and so it's a super exciting time for me   obviously as a founder my day is absolutely more 
busy uh by about 100 x than it was uh before   uh focusing more on youtube but i'm i feel 
very blessed and excited for the journey ahead   for sure and i want to get real deep into super 
farm you're the expert i want i have a lot of   questions but just general big picture finish 
this sentence for me nfts in 2021 are blank just getting noticed interesting i agree and 
you have been talking about super farm since   before was the trend like you were talking 
about it way back at least 2020 maybe before   so can you just give us for those people that 
maybe aren't as familiar or just getting into it   give us the value proposition of super 
farm and how that relates in the nft space   uh thanks yeah i you know i was telling you about 
the early versions of the project in 2019 when we   first met uh in san francisco and at that point 
you know we were focusing on the games that we   had been developing more and then you know super 
farm as we were coming into d5 summer our games   were getting uh closer and closer to completion 
uh and we were looking at the release strategy   and all the behaviors that we wanted for nfts uh 
in a decent like when we were going to introduce   the uh games as nfts uh or so the nfcs in the game 
and it became clear that there was uh a need for   some infrastructure that wasn't readily out of the 
box available on other platforms and you know in a   sort of open and decentralized toolkit minded uh 
approach we thought you know everything that we   would want for our assets let's make this toolkit 
very easy for everyone to take advantage of and so   one of those things that became really clear that 
would be an interesting uh thing that you could do   with nfts would be nft farming that was validated 
by d5 summer you know defy summer really brought   forth a lot of interesting tokenomics models a 
lot of interesting yield bearing opportunities and   it was clear that nfts were in my opinion being 
completely overlooked for these particular types   of tokenomics and yield bearing opportunities 
and to a large degree i think that they are still   being overlooked as to what they really are uh you 
know you see and i kind of part of me loves this   there is a lot of uh polarizing opinions polarized 
opinions on nfts uh people tend to uh have a   visceral negative opinion of nfts when they don't 
like them or or an extremely positive uh opinion   and to me that really marks a an interesting trend 
and topic that it can have that polarizing effect   so i think there's a lot of excitement still to 
come um and super farm itself is really focused on   uh different ways to involve nfts with defy and of 
course the toolkit that is necessary to get them   into uh video games uh like the ones that we're 
going to be releasing through our partner studio   so i'm familiar i'm most familiar with like the 
nft marketplaces that use ethereum like openc   mintable nifty gateway why but i know there's 
others like bondly and all those other things but   like why would somebody go through super farm when 
they could easily do it on mintable or wearable   yeah so you know mintable and wearable have been 
out uh they have a really interesting toolkit   uh we are paying attention to what everybody's 
doing in the space we're definitely more focused   on on the farming aspect as a differentiator at 
first but we're also looking to provide really   interesting tools uh which for some uh particular 
reasons we don't want to spill all the beans on   exactly what tools we'll be rolling out but our 
goal is to maximize the success of those who   create and issue nfts on our platform uh and use 
the decentralized super farm toolkit and so that's   really what we're focused on is you know there's 
a big wave of celebrities there's a big wave of   ip there's a big wave of people finally realizing 
the commercial use cases for nfts things that i've   been really focused on and aware of for several 
years now and because of this sort of breakout   moment that nfts are having the conversations are 
no longer hey an nft means non-fungible token and   this is what it is the conversations are more okay 
so here's a good strategy for how your brand and   how your you know you as an artist or you as 
a celebrity should uh be thinking about and   contextualizing your entry into the space um 
it's not about if or definitions or education   it's more about how and uh you know strategies on 
on the ways to proceed and so i think that that's   a really big step that is uh it's necessary for 
the space and it kind of advances the whole nft   narrative by a few years in my opinion now when 
you say nft farming uh can you explain that is   that providing liquidity and what do you get so so 
in the case of super farm you know a lot of tokens   we see have the desire to reward their holders for 
holding their tokens but a lot of projects exist   and have existed before staking rewards pools 
were so popular to include um and you see   projects like chain link now getting their staking 
program together you know so many years into its   life cycle and uh nfts if done right can offer 
some really interesting yield and rewards for   holders and so the goal is to enable any token 
to very quickly uh reward its holders with nfts   and that's the basic mission of superfarm one of 
its core competencies is any token can be turned   into an nft farm meaning you can stake that token 
and earn nfts any token so like just a chain link   token i can stake through super farm and earn 
chain links nft or whatever is that what you're   saying absolutely right uh and we've already 
announced several high-profile partnerships and   the long there is a long and robust line of people 
who want to uh partner up and use super farms   nft farming technology uh to do this for their 
communities because it's a non-dilutive reward   where you can actually there's some added benefits 
of nfts as well with the artwork and storytelling   that you can do with nfts you can also engender 
some really interesting loyalty and excitement   from your core community through these assets 
beyond what we really are excited by which is   the utility and the sort of inherent value that 
you can ascribe to them by programming nfts to   you know unlock things within the ecosystem and 
we're going to see a lot of that over the coming   weeks and months and that's one of the things 
that we're most excited to do is instead of just   hey here's a really cool piece of art it's hey 
here's a really cool piece of art it's scarce it's   collectible but here's what it does and that's the 
narrative that i can't wait to see thrive which is   nft utility and then we're just at the beginning 
of that you know we're seeing nfts as collectibles   but we haven't seen the full applications of nfts 
as assets yet and i do want to just our audience   knows this but i do want to disclose for any new 
people listening we are hodlers of super farm um   you know we believe in the concept and let's just 
take the initial nfts that have been launching   these last five days your first batch can you talk 
about the specific utility you get with those nfts   the first batch of super farm nfts are some of 
the more important ones in the entire ecosystem   and they're going to have the utility of priority 
access access is something that we see as a huge   huge value prop in crypto land and people 
uh getting in to access whether it's new   uh in this case new nfts through our nft launch 
pad um or in-game assets within video games   uh which we consider to be one of the biggest use 
cases and in our opinion uh one of the theses of   [ __ ] of a superfarm platform is that nfts within 
video games are going to bring the first billion   users to crypto uh and that this community that 
of three billion gamers globally or two and a   half billion gamers globally already collect 
and enjoy and understand digital assets they   spend the money on these digital assets to use 
them in games and so they're a perfect community   to sort of bring over into the crypto space and 
say hey well what if you actually own this asset   what if you had more privileges with this asset 
through to true ownership so the first utility is   whitelist priority access so depending on 
the rarity of the nft if it's a legendary   for example they'll have a 90 chance of getting 
into what we're calling the priority queue which   you know each nft drop that we do once we release 
the full version of the nft launch pad there will   be a normal queue and a priority queue and if 
you're in the priority queue that line goes first   and so uh if somebody thinks that they want to get 
access to an nft drop in the future on super farm   then they would want to be in that priority queue 
to ensure that they can get there early and so   these nfts if you're holding the higher rarities 
will have a higher percent chance of getting you   into that queue nothing is 100 guaranteed uh the 
epics have 50 the rares have 30 percent uh the   uncommons 20 and the commons 10 uh i believe off 
the top of my head are the percentage of priority   queue access that's a biggie and we're really 
excited for that uh we also have in-game items   within games uh partner games that these assets 
are gonna unlock and so there will be rare digital   assets that you can actually play with in real 
immersive video games more information on that   will be released over time as more games come out 
and more partner games come out and then the third   utility that we're super excited about is the uh 
percent boost multiplier on farming rewards so   if you're holding this kind of like a power up or 
like a a rare item within a game treating the nft   farming ecosystem and gamifying it is something 
we're super excited for and that's going to work   to allow the holders of these nfts to get a boost 
or a multiplier so if they're staking a with a   legendary they'll actually get a significant 
percent boost on their rewards from that farm   even if it's not the super token farm for example 
if there's a chain-link farm or we've announced   a polygon farm we've announced uh a parsik farm 
we've announced an injective farm and so for our   partner farms there will also be a multiplier that 
anyone can access if they're holding these nfts   interesting i told you this uh you know off mic 
but i tried to you know get one of the legendary   ones the other day your first series of nfts 
for super farm and i couldn't get one they sold   out quick yeah they've been going extremely 
extremely fast so fast so that we actually   adjusted the format to be a white list lottery 
so it was a little less of a of a rush here um   and this was uh to make things as fair as possible 
and we just announced that a couple of minutes ago   here's my question um so i understand like 
the utility of these first ones that you're   releasing it seems to get a lot of utility and 
value for the super farm ecosystem so like i can   understand why somebody would want those but maybe 
ones that you release for super farm down the line   you know i'm trying to think what would be 
better just holding the super farm tokens   which are fungible and there's a market value or 
like actually getting one of these nfts what if   that's not what's holding tokens is better what 
do you think about that yeah you know i guess if   you're asking like which one's a better investment 
i can't really speak uh to those kinds of things   why didn't you i would i didn't i didn't say the 
investment word because i wanted you to answer it   yeah yeah well i i mean in the end the the market 
will decide what's the most valuable and uh the   the drops that come through the platform uh if 
people really value those then they they may uh   choose to value the nfts more again i can't 
predict market forces uh however our goal as   a platform is to just create the best products 
that we can whether it's through the toolkit or   whether it's through the actual nfts that are 
released from the platform so that's the goal   that we bring to everything as far as partner 
nft releases that come through the launch pad   uh you know the goal is to provide strategy and 
support whenever asked eventually decentralizing   this toolkit so much so so that you know it's 
not up to us who comes through the launch pad   uh but up to the decentralized community but you 
know whenever we can for people who are asking   we try to help them understand how they can 
imbue their own nfts with the most utility access   long-term sustainability these are the things that 
we're very interested in there's a lot of high   profile people circling the space right now and 
they're all really in a data gathering phase they   really want to understand how their brands how 
their businesses how their followings how they can   most benefit from this in a real sustainable and 
beneficial way and there's quite a few people that   are sensitive to not be seen as sort of chasing a 
hype and so that's definitely something where i'm   having these conversations many times throughout 
the day of trying to help people understand where   i see nfts going in the next five years 10 years 
uh there's a lot of people who uh ask the question   hey is this bubble about to burst is this a is 
this a bubble we're in with nfts um and you know i   always respond pretty much with the same response 
which is that i'm not really focused on where nfts   are going to be in 30 days i'm focused on where 
nfts are going to be in five 10 years and that's   really what we've taken to this project since 
you guys first met me really in 2019 we started   building in 2018 towards this concept and i think 
that when you think of things like that it becomes   a little less of a it comes it comes a little 
less volatile the mindset it's a little bit more   sustainable and and you start to see just like you 
guys would investing in cryptocurrencies you know   something might do well in a short period of time 
and something else might do poorly on a short   period of time but if you're thinking long term 
enough uh you end up getting the right results   interesting so people who um go through super farm 
to deploy nfts they have to be approved by you   guys and they have to work with you for utility 
is that correct no not at all it's a decentralized   platform and tool kit however we're getting a lot 
of inbound requests and people who are contacting   pretty much me personally because i'm so 
visible and public and vocal about nfts   asking for advice saying hey how should they 
structure things or advice on how they should   structure their own nfc collections and so i'm 
kind of uh helping people understand the way i see   the the marketplace um but in the end superfarm 
is a decentralized toolkit uh and and that's the   it will be completely permissionless open and 
people can choose to use it in whichever ways   they see fit but i can't go right now and like 
i can like a mintable and make an nft or can i   soon you will be yeah soon you will be 
we're gonna we're opening those features up   uh iteration by iteration um talk to me about what 
sort of utility let's just say hypothetically i   have no clue the celebrities circling the space 
although i can guess like a famous comedian is he   interest like wants to launch his own nfts about 
his own stuff is he interested in getting you   know interoperability with a video game or white 
list access like specifically for those type of   celebrities what is the utility for them yes so i 
think you have to segment um the different types   of nfts just like we would segment a car from 
a cd from a movie from a video game purchase   and understand that nft is a generic wrapper 
for for property it's very generic wrapper   but it's programmable and there's a lot of 
really interesting things you can do with it   and so understanding for the different use cases 
different types of artist creators and brands   should and will be using these things in very 
different ways now i'm a big believer that comedy   is a fantastic fit for nft mainly because the 
monetization streams for comedians are extremely   limited you know you pretty much have a three 
options you go to snl you get a comedy special   uh on netflix uh or maybe you have a really big 
social media account you make sort of money off   of that uh start a podcast yeah start start 
a podcast there you go that's the other one   uh and so that those monetization streams are 
inherently really hard to access for for the   majority whereas someone might be really 
funny and some of the content they create   might have a ton of value to the audience um 
and i think it's really interesting to start   seeing the nft as a way to maybe monetize uh 
short different types of content directly to   uh directly to the fans and so you end up with 
a model where your top one percent or point one   percent uh depending how big you are 0.001 percent 
of fans actually get to show what they value   this rare content at and that revenue is most 
likely as we're seeing going to be greater than   a small sort of uh you know mass spread piece of 
content where you know each person is only giving   a very tiny amount of monetization to the artist 
and so i'm really excited for those particular   types of art forms including comedy and 
others to start making their way on the   blockchain uh and i think that what you'll see is 
at first a lot of experimentation but over time   we'll know the the ways that comedians 
will see the best way to release these   and how are you um how do celebrities know about 
super farm do you have a dedicated person reaching   out to them or how's that work we've actually 
done uh zero reach out on uh super farm side   uh to be quite honest i did not see the celebrity 
conversations happening this early uh we did not   optimize our team for reach outs to celebs 
uh but the mania if you will around nfts   has led to people really just looking for 
experts and guidance in the space uh you know   when you hear about uh a blow or a beeple release 
making 11.7 or 69 million dollars respectively   it catches a lot of eyeballs and people become 
really interested and i've obviously been talking   about nfts for a very long time enough so that 
some really really impressive folks that are   people i've looked up to in the business or 
entertainment world for a very long time started   organically following and reaching out to me uh 
including a lot of talent managers and interesting   folks like that and so uh it was it was completely 
organic but i just started getting dmps that do   you think from your youtube channel because you've 
always been passionately speaking about this or is   it through um i don't know just people you've 
met in the industry somebody recommending you   uh yeah i think it's all the above right it's 
just sort of you know there's not that many   people out there saying hey i i believe in this 
this is something i know is going to take over   i i have a vision for the future of nfts it's 
just not that big of a world right and so you   know if you're going to go down a list of the top 
50 people or 20 people i just i assume based on   my history as a content creator and the people 
who maybe if they asked one person then they   referred them to me type thing i'm not sure the 
exact uh ping pong result for everybody but i've   been pretty surprised to hear about the people who 
said in the first meetings that they just actually   just watched the channel and i'm sure you'd be 
surprised if you knew who watched your channel   dude i'm constantly surprised that even my friends 
from college say that watch the channel like   everybody watches all coin daily like and 
subscribe everybody hell yeah and elio trades um   and that you know i want to piggyback off of that 
because it seems to me like the peop there's a   large portion of people that like nfts because of 
the revolution especially with artists that they   can get recurring payment if it's resold and stuff 
but there's also a large amount of speculators in   the space they're the ones buying but it seems 
like the celebrities and the athletes are the   real people that are making money what piece of 
advice would you give to the average person that   is interested in jumping into this space but 
they're only seeing the celebs make the money   yeah i think i think i disagree with 
that i think the data disagrees with that   it seems based on the news as if this is a 
celebrity driven experiment but if you go   and you go on open c and you see and you sort 
by recent sales what you'll find is that these   collectible ecosystems and other experiments 
are having way more volume than any celebrity or   influencer nft drop so far and so i believe that 
it's pretty clear that the nft is for the little   guy for the newbie for the non-established person 
a much more sustainable interesting path to follow   than trying to become a celebrity and the other 
way around right and the celeb drops are for   the most part having limited legs because they're 
being done with limited knowledge and so uh maybe   and i'm hoping in the the coming days and weeks 
you'll see a fusion between ip and crypto savvy   and that's sort of these are the conversations 
that we're having and nft savvy to be specific   but what you're seeing a significant amount of 
right now is just creative people who are playing   with economics utility collectible art and they're 
creating incredible results that doesn't mean   everybody is most people aren't but you see a 
tremendous amount of success stories and you   know i have a lot of conversations with managers 
and uh interesting folks who say to me hey i've   got you know we're we'll be talking about maybe 
a more well-known person and then they'll follow   up and say well i actually have a new artist 
i actually have a new client do you think nfts   would work for them and my response is always the 
exact same which is if i was an aspiring insert   you know comedian musician artist i would 
be focusing zero percent on the old system a   hundred percent on the new system because this is 
a system where if you have 1 000 or 100 true fans   they can directly support your art and your 
creativity with no censorship no no middlemen   uh no uh gatekeepers you can literally build an 
audience of 100 to a thousand people and forever   support yourself within your creative field and 
the more the earlier you dive in and the faster   you build your reputation here in nft land the 
higher the ceiling is for you before the masses   come and you see this with everything with new 
social media platforms you see this with new   trends in society and i think there's no better 
example of this than people who is now the third   richest living artist in the world uh and a year 
ago it would have been very hard to identify you   know for most people people and much respect to 
people i just think that it's an amazing story   i just had a quick question um so once you 
get your um nft marketplace to compete with   mint bowl and open c once that gets rolled out 
you guys get a little bit farther along what's   going to make somebody choose to uh go over 
to super farm rather than a mintable is it is   it going to be the celebrities who who do it 
what do you think yeah you do a part of this   i'll i'll say you know in more generic terms uh 
you know we have a belief that the celebrity thing   is going to happen and you know i know 
based on the conversations i'm having   uh and what i see going around is that the 
celebrity thing will become very commonplace   to the point where it is not a motivator or a 
driver of too much reaction uh in crypto land um   however you know building uh building a community 
uh which has been the core focus of uh me and   and people like yourself and other uh colleagues 
and collaborators of the pl of the platform this   has been a huge uh feature of the platform is 
that the community for super farm is incredibly   robust and strong uh and then you know in the 
end it comes down to the decentralized toolkit   if the toolkit is better then people will flock to 
the toolkit and so the the concept is what are the   tools uh that would make this better and that's 
our mindset is just creating the best tools uh   and that by creating the best tools and having 
great discoverability uh that we will end up   uh or that super farm will end up attracting uh 
the best creators and and and that's the the cycle   that is the core focus and we don't believe that 
it's going to be uh necessarily a celebrity driven   phenomenon that's getting a lot of the 
headlines right now but it's just sort of a   tip of the iceberg type thing uh where the 
real nft culture is just getting started   and in the end people will go you know sort of to 
use a easier metaphor tiktok is so popular because   it's so easy to create high quality content 
with vfx formats audio effects uh and trends and   challenges and the way that things are kind of uh 
made cookie cutter for you through their tool kit   just like with snapchat and their filters that 
really attracted a lot of usage back in the day   and i think it's going to be the exact same 
thing for nfts which is that the better   tools will attract the better creators 
which will attract the bigger audiences   and so the super farm toolkit is 
going to be more complex than like   a mintable or open c where literally you just 
have to upload like you're going to be able to do   different things well you know i'm sure that 
everyone will be evolving what they provide that   our communities over time we have several features 
that we're excited to roll out uh that are that   are on the sort of short to midterm road map 
and i'm sure as we get to you know future stages   uh we'll be excited to at even more and different 
ones just like you've seen there's not really a   a moment in time that stops for content creation 
uh and we see this uh in a in a certain sense   kind of like content creation in a digital realm 
in a in a crypto realm um and so you know the the   mindset is very much to uh be thinking about the 
toolkits that people need now tomorrow and the   next day and so to answer your question in short 
yeah we want to have more robust tools than simply   here's a one click or a or no code 
experience no code is just a starting point   when you look at top uh gaming nft altcoin 
engine do you think mahan dead man walking uh   no absolutely not and uh and i don't really that's 
that's i don't see crypto as a zero-sum game ever   say that i don't understand why all 
right well they're both he's trying to be   trying to be spicy yeah get some tea 
spilled here trying to be spicy headline   but also they are the top player they're one of 
the top players in the space they've been around a   lot longer relatively speaking and it appears that 
super farm is tackling you know many of the same   utilities only in a lot of cases you know on 
steroids version so i just wanted his opinion so   i appreciate your uh that reading of the situation 
flattering uh and to me it's it's one of those   things where engine is part of the inspiration for 
what we've done we think that engine did a great   job uh in in so many regards and we also see one 
of the biggest sort of gaps there between where   we are right now and where we want the industry 
to go as having a lot to do with end-use cases   now with nft mania it's a lot easier to 
get end-use cases sort of put through the   funnel um but you know in the end we started with 
games before we started building infrastructure   and i think that's pretty interesting and 
a unique uh facet of uh how the team uh   believed the order of operations should go 
um and so the decentralized toolkit came uh   after the concept of you know we want to make 
sure that this isn't a uh infrastructure that   that potentially doesn't uh get as much usage 
as as we would want it to get and so we wanted   to build uh we were we wanted to solve for that 
first and so that's one of the things that i think   is a unique order of operations that you don't 
see a lot in crypto um as well you know in the   end uh we see this kind of like the defy thing 
uh and i'll explain what that means which is   there was a group of d5 vcs and founders that 
understood that the more money gets locked in d5   and the more that there were more protocols 
locking even more money in d5 that it would create   an exponential and compounding effect that would 
bring even more money into d5 and that this isn't   about uh one protocol versus another with nfts but 
it's about understanding that we see eight billion   almost people in the world that are not 
nft holders that do not know about nfts   and that the more nft projects succeed at all the 
more that this community will grow and the more   that success will be had by the nft industry as a 
whole so we see a compounding and and beneficial   and synergistic relationship between nft platforms 
as of right now if i buy something on openc and i   have a fantastic experience with my nft and then 
i go i'm not going to say to myself well now i'm   definitely not going to go buy on super farm or 
now i'm definitely not going to go buy on engine   that's not the mindset right the mindset is nft is 
good cool and so that opens the door for everybody   and i think that that most people in the nft 
industry see the other projects as collaborative   now it's uh it's fun to be a you know an 
altcoin founder in a bull market but once   this bear market hits all through it are you 
going to be with the project are you more of a   charles hoskinson or a dan larimer oh i i don't 
know if i'd call myself a charles hoskinson   uh but you know this project i mean as you guys 
well know um i was building obsessively during   the last bear market when there was absolutely 
no hype and no fomo and uh uh funding was very   very very uh sparse in the industry and it 
was out of pure passion uh and so all of this   sort of excitement to me is uh really nice but 
it's not taken for granted uh because you know   you and i and my team have been through the hard 
hard times with this stuff and so you know what it   makes me excited for is the longevity of the 
ecosystem knowing that uh the opportunity to   grow an ecosystem over a long period of time 
will be there and that's for me the ultimate   reward is is the journey and the building part 
and the delivering products that people touch the   the project itself started with a very simple 
thought process which is it's 2018 september or   august ish and the question is what is a product 
that people would use while bitcoin is crashing   and crypto's crashing and you know we came 
down to three you know we did a swat which   is a uh strengths weaknesses uh opportunities and 
threats and you you go through the list and you   you sort of put those out for all the different 
product verticals we could come up with   and we came up with three different product 
verticals that we thought were passed a   significant swot analysis for a bear market and 
they were exchanges gambling and video games   now exchanges have really big regulatory hurdles 
uh liquidity issues you need a lot of money to   start an exchange there's also a lot of you know 
really established players we didn't feel like we   had an edge on how to innovate there uh as far as 
gambling we saw pretty much almost every casino   except crypto uh and there while there are still 
room for improvements and iterations and gambling   it's not really something that appealed to us and 
so we kind of put that one aside uh and it was   very clear to us myself as a gamer my partner is a 
lifelong gamer uh we buy stuff in video games all   the time and so to me it was a very natural uh 
something that came from a place of passion and   personal interest knowing that hey if there were 
games with nfts in it and the games were fun and   really made you want to play then people would 
care about these assets and have it would have   nothing to do with bitcoin and so that was kind 
of how we started the project and while it's still   untested that's the thesis is that gaming at a 
high enough level with nfts uh would hopefully   at least to a significant degree decouple from 
the cycles uh real quick question do you have   a heart out in 20 minutes or could you go five 
or ten minutes over just want to get a gauge um dude we need you this is a great conversation 
yeah this is great um yeah i can i can go 10   minutes over let me just text my next meeting 
nice still a man of the people i love that   by the way dude the fact that you were a plan 
in late 2018 it was hard enough to convince   people that bitcoin had a future props to you for 
thinking even beyond that uh because you know the   sentiment was very low at that time yeah you know 
i'm a believer and and for me i've been building   apps websites and games uh working insane hours 
uh to get them uh functional and investment and   community and when i discovered crypto in 2017 
or at least when i really discovered it uh it   was clear to me that without a doubt this is 
where the next innovations will come from um   and then you know for me as a builder it's always 
uh the question of in tech which is where where   is this going next and how can you be there first 
because that's kind of how the tech industry works   is if you can predict the next turn of you know 
consumer behavior of technology interaction with   the world then then that's the real challenge um 
and then you know you've seen just first movers   benefit tremendously and so uh we recognize that 
nft and games uh in 2018 that was really uh for   some reason it just became super obvious it became 
almost like a uh like a haunting reality that i   just would wake up every day and just be driven 
by is that this is the future and and it was no   way to to avoid it is this is just so obvious to 
me once you see it you can't unsee it type thing   all right i think we had a little bit of blip in 
the video recording there but let me ask you a   question elliot i feel like a big differentiator 
with um super farm is that because a lot of these   just generally these altcoin projects they you 
know list themselves on uniswap there's obviously   a risk factor there and you guys are listed on 
uniswap but also finance the biggest exchange in   the world uh also supports uh super farm i think 
that's pretty cool can you explain how that came   about and your relationship there i i think 
that's a big differentiator what do you think   yeah you know uh it's it's flattering uh you 
know obviously they do their due diligence um   and it was flattering uh to see their 
interest in the due diligence process   to see them interested in the token i think a lot 
of founders think about that journey and whether   big exchanges will be interested in their token 
quite frankly we're so preoccupied and our our   goals are almost entirely focused on uh the the 
product and uh making sure that uh we are doing   everything we can to push forward the toolkit 
obviously we have a big community and an excited   community and uh i you know it was one of those 
things where uh at this early stage we're we're   nothing but flattered by this but uh but obviously 
it only uh it's it's it's an interesting news uh   piece but uh it's just that and uh it doesn't 
change any of our uh short shorter midterm goals   aaron and i want to end with a big picture 
cryptocurrency in general type questions before we   do that we do have a couple more uh zoning in on 
super farm and one thing that i like that you said   is that it's not a zero-sum game projects that 
have value um can work together can benefit off   of each other and you have a strategic partnership 
or super form with ethernet what value did they   bring to super farm and why are you bullish 
on that project in general uh well you know   ethernet uh has been way out ahead of everyone 
else in getting high profile uh folks specifically   celebrities uh to join the nft movement and 
i guess you know i've sort of hinted at this   they have some really big names attached to this 
project uh household type names uh and i think   it does just so much for the nft movement to have 
those kinds of names attached with cryptocurrency   and nfts and it brings the understanding and 
the familiarity with the space forward by years   right to have those kinds of partnerships uh now 
like i said with you guys super farm has done   zero to reach out to these people though we 
have had quite a bit of inbound uh that was   not really a goal of the project uh but we have 
been building like i said really interesting tools   uh and so obviously the partnership with authority 
is goal is really geared at helping them maximize   their success with the people that they've already 
recruited and of course doing some collaborative   stuff bringing some of their big names uh to 
super farm as well and so that's kind of the uh   the synergistic approach and i think that of all 
you know of the many many projects in the space   ethernet is a great example of how two nft 
projects can be extremely synergistic what   but i just want to follow up what is like why 
do they need you and why do you need them if you   just like lay it out for me is it yeah i mean 
i think need might not be the right word like   they're a very capable team and we're a capable 
team and you know is it possible like i said   we have celebrities in our uh pipeline and they 
have tech uh folks and they have great engineers   um and it's more about how can we uh help each 
other maximize success you know and and have   even better events uh by working together and 
collaborating and i think it's uh it's you know   not not necessarily like hey they would not be 
able to do something or we would not be able   to do something without each other but is there a 
benefit in working together to accomplish x y or z   and i think that the answer to that is yes and 
so that was why we chose to partner with them   um and i think it's the same for a lot 
of crypto projects for example we have   parsec uh could we build some monitoring tools 
uh like they have built sure it's possible   is it beneficial for us to use the ones they've 
already built absolutely and uh and i think that   that's sort of how you see uh these partnerships 
working is you know why are we reinventing the   wheel when there's a fantastic partner available 
to help us accomplish x y or z um and each   partnership is unique right like whereas one 
might be a tech integration others might be   you know uh co-promotion events or or creation of 
uh you know co-branded events and co-branded uh   nft collectibles or series or uh 
initiatives and so i think that there is   a lot of value in seeing just like i said the 
space grow the go the goal is to see the space   grow uh and if i can help uh ethernet or authority 
can help super farm um uh i guess if super farm   can help ethernet or ethernet can help super 
farm i think it's a net benefit to everybody   my final question before we get to a couple big 
picture questions is um i mean i guess thinking   the brand name with this is ikami ami um 
how important is licensing that seems like   something that these nfd projects should 
be cornering because they already have like   built-in people who want to collect that stuff 
is this licensing do you think that's important   absolutely fantastic uh however i also think 
that it comes down to in the end uh structuring   collectibles and that what you're gonna see 
is while existing ip and a lot of these ip   if you dig into their history started as physical 
collectibles you know if you look at like mutant   ninja teenage mutant ninja turtles and other 
types of stuff and so what you'll see is that   uh regardless of where the ip starts whether it's 
original or it's licensed uh you know for example   like the amazing brands that comey has managed to 
get their hands on uh that's definitely gonna be a   revenue stream it's gonna have a huge commercial 
application um you know in the end my focus is   not as heavily on licensing you know we did 
partner with anamoka brands which in my opinion   is one of the most talented licensers in the 
entire space and a huge huge supporter of   what we do what we're doing and we have a lot of 
exclusive partnership stuff we'll be doing which   we'll be rolling out they have several brands uh 
one called limpo which is tokenizing sports heroes   they have one called uh quid which actually 
has the rights to marvel disney dr seuss uh   and several other rick and morty several other 
big pieces of ip i think the structure of these   things because most of this ip is not exclusively 
licensed the structure of the collectible is is   in my opinion the key right and and figuring 
out how to elevate that and how to give tools   for mfd creators to be elevating what they 
create and the way they create it the way   they introduce it that to me is my focus uh but 
there's no doubt that licensing is going to be   huge and a big congrats to comey for pushing that 
forward and alfred khan as a legend in that regard   and final big picture nft question uh with 
the setup it would have been so hard in 2010   and 2011 for people to predict what bitcoin in 
the cryptocurrency space would be 10 years down   the line so keeping that in mind how how do you 
see nfts being different or the same or growing   10 years down the line so to me and i believe 
this for quite some time that nft is the most uh   is it's the onboarding mechanism and it is the 
most commercially applicable uh vehicle within   the crypto world now of course i do believe that 
crypto will take over so many things and money   itself and everything like that uh however for 
a consumer-facing product uh what we're seeing   is that the nft can span and hit the broadest 
audience through gaming through celebrities   through branded ip through collectibles through 
content itself and then you have things like   d5 which hit the deepest audiences where the 
advantage to someone the more money they have   you know the trillion dollar asset managers moving 
into d5 is a hundred thousand million times more   than your average user because they have so 
much more money and so i think that when you   see nft you see it as the most sort of widespread 
commercial application in some in some regards   for crypto itself uh and i do believe that you 
know if you're fast forwarding in 10 20 years   the sort of concepts that we saw outlined in 
ready player one or the oasis and things like that   those are definitely you know things that are not 
lost uh upon the nft community that this is in my   opinion where things are going is that thing the 
crossover between digital and physical possessions   digital and physical ownership those things will 
continue to merge uh and uh the importance of nft   i believe is is just beginning uh and while it 
might be in a bit of a rush or a first period   of just getting noticed if you fast forward 10 
years it'll be insulting and scammy if there's   not an nft attached interesting question anything 
more on super form before we ask you about bitcoin   ethereum and that stuff i know just a big thank 
you to the super farm community uh super humbled   that we're at this stage uh right now and you 
know we're very very excited for the next steps   cool elliott let's cut the crap get down to brass 
tacks it is clear more than ever that ethereum is   bullish in 2021 as we see more people on boarding 
on the network to defy two nfts and i'm sure we   asked you this back in 2020 but now that we're 
months into this and we have more data points   could you give us the bold case for ethereum in 
2021 and how you see it playing out at the end of   the year uh yeah and thank you for the for that 
uh tee up because we have had this conversation   a couple of times the thing about ethereum is 
in 2017 this was exactly what was happening   which is tons of people were flooding in 
ethereum was extremely congested and expensive   and the narrative that this just simply was going 
to die out was all inclusive and and everybody   uh was believing that the eath killer movement 
was going to be the future and let me just be   clear there will absolutely be other chains 
collaborative chains other layer ones that have   tremendous value and utility like finance smart 
chain uh like matic polygon like polka dot   like uh cardano however the reality is just like 
what we saw with bitcoin how there were so many   coins that were cheaper and faster and better 
to create and deploy uh a financial mechanism or   transfer uh stores of value the fact is 
that ethereum has the trust it has the trust   of a really really big network and the most 
important applications and the highest value   applications are finding their home on ethereum 
because it is trustworthy and it is secure   so when you're storing for example a video game 
character well maybe just maybe that should be   done on a cheaper chain on a faster chain to 
improve the user experience but if i'm storing   the deed to my house or an insurance policy for my 
life insurance or maybe a significant access key   for a you know a pension fund worth you know 
billions or trillions of dollars then i would   really seek out the absolute highest standard of 
security and trustworthiness and this is where   you see the difference of the slower moving more 
valuable ecosystems long-term versus the faster   moving more experimental and newer ecosystems 
that would require maybe higher throughput and   so what you'll see is trade-offs but ethereum's 
case for being the absolute undisputed home of   very high value important smart contract functions 
i believe will continue to hold value and for that   reason this is the sort of difference between a 
very broad approach a very broad appeal versus   a very deep appeal where the people who are 
moving huge insanely big hard to comprehend   big sums of money are doing it on ethereum and 
that hundred dollar gas fee means nothing to them   whereas the people who are looking for maybe a 
super clean user friendly experience that would a   appeal to the tick tock generation now maybe 
that's going to take root on a different chain   and most likely it will now what i like about 
what's happening is that the eth killer movement   has moved to the scalar movement and you're 
seeing that these chains like polka dot   and even cardano now finance smart chain 
polygon the focus isn't on stealing from   eth but it's on offloading from eth and i think 
that that's going to be a big big characteristic   of why 2021 is slightly different than 2017 though 
based on twitter comments youtube comments it   feels as though people are once again writing eth 
uh as essentially old news and as people who have   been through this cycle before i think it's pretty 
easy to have some perspective on it for those   people who are new to it i would just say look 
there's going to be amazing value in those chains   there's going to be amazing value capture across 
all valuable layer ones there's also going to be   insane utility and time tested battle tested 
incredible value that comes from ethereum   so how like do you think uh 5 000 eth near the 
cycle top maybe end of the year 10 000 eth how   do you think about it uh well you know it really 
depends on how far bitcoin goes but if bitcoin   reaches the several hundred thousand dollar 
mark the sort of uh 250 k plus range i think   that puts ethereum um at a twenty thousand 
dollar to fifty thousand dollar price point   are you looking at what happened last time uh 
ethereum topped you know it's just for easy math   ethereum topped last time at about a 1440 uh and 
bitcoin's top before that cycle was at about 11.60   uh now if bitcoin you know if obviously ethereum 
has a different you know tokenomics they have more   more supply um but you know in the end i think 
ethereum has the gas to go to over 20k uh and if   this bull run continues like we think we're going 
to and i think there's even a possibility that it   makes a sort of pretty astronomical blow off top 
run uh to something above 50k i've said as high as   87.

I mean that number comes from dividing the 
market cap of gold uh i think you guys covered   this as well yeah the market cap of gold uh and 
sort of giving that to ethereum and saying well   is ethereum and what it provides to the world is 
it as valuable as decentralized gold and i think   this was a quote from uh tyler winklevoss 
which is it has to be at least that value   you know a decentralized operating system that's 
secure and global and and uh and can actually um   sort of divorce us from typical systems of finance 
and power and ownership i think that there's a   huge case that over time we could reach uh that 
system being worth as much as decentralized gold   uh and i think that those numbers point to you 
know some pretty astronomical targets so whether   it's this cycle or next or whatever i think heath 
has plenty of gas to reach a healthy five figures   50 to 80 k east you make raul paul look like 
charlie monger but to be fair on this cycle   i think 20 is where if i had to say hey this is 
what i would say for sure if we have this cycle   i think it would hit but you know there things at 
those stages of the bull run get really parabolic   and whether it stays there or not i mean you 
look at each path to 1400 and then back and you   see it was a very very short moment but it did go 
from just a few hundred bucks up to 1400 and back   very fast and i think you could see that where it 
goes up from maybe 10 000 or 15 000 and then makes   this insane explosion up and then right back down 
again and that's what would be like the blow off   top you know long term you know 10 years down the 
line 20 years down the line i think looking at you   know eath being worth you know 50 plus thousand 
dollars is something i'm comfortable with saying   for sure and in our final eight 12 minutes 
whatever we have you touched on this a little   bit but i want to dig a little deeper what is the 
future for polka dot and cardano in your eyes in   the sense are we just going to watch them compete 
for market share for the next five 10 years for   ethereum provide infrastructure how do you see 
it first and foremost competition is fantastic   fantastic for for innovation second of all i think 
what you're going to see and what we need to see   is interoperability really explode and take center 
stage the way the internet works is not a bunch of   data silos you have every single data center talks 
to every other data center and that's how it needs   to happen with blockchain if we're going to have 
really the future of the financial networks that's   something that polkadot um with their sort of 
parachain systems is really pushing forward   and obviously cardano has their own approach to 
interoperability uh what i'd like to see is you   know who's the best at interoperating and i think 
that that will be a big advantage and so that's   kind of where i'm looking at differentiators 
um but cardano doing something better uh and   then polka dot or eth or any kind of combination 
of those words is all bullish for the space right   because we have more value creation and more uh 
essential fundamental toolkits that are being   created uh here in the decentralized world so i 
think people misunderstand uh how you know every   coin having some kind of breakout innovation is 
really good for every other coin uh and that the   the need to be tribal and say i like this project 
and so that project must be bad i think it's   it just fundamentally misunderstands the way 
crypto grows uh look look at crypto itself   when bitcoin grows so does ethereum when 
ethereum grows so does all coins and the   market caps balloon it's not like they eat away 
from each other well let's talk about bitcoin   because you know it's always fun to speculate on 
altcoins and you know bitcoin it just seems like   a sure thing at this point to me and i think 
a lot of people so you know sometimes you know   because we talked about it so much we don't talk 
about it every time but what do you think man i   mean it seems to me like this is the first cycle 
where people realize that bitcoin isn't going away   how high do you think bitcoin could go this 
cycle and what are your thoughts in general   so i think that uh bitcoin's fantastic uh and 
it's being really validated by i mean you can't   really overstate how important the tesla move 
was i think that that is a zero to one moment   uh tesla elon what that represents in the 
scheme of modern business financial innovation   uh that is a huge huge move now i don't think we 
go backwards from there i think we go forwards   and so i would be incredibly shocked to see a 
bitcoin under that 33 000 uh range ever again   ever again um i also think that the michael i mean 
you got to give a lot of credit to michael saylor   and being a thought leader on this as well kind of 
funny how it all lines up with the four year cycle   but that said uh it's just one of those things 
where uh bitcoin is too big to fail uh it is being   gradually added as a reserve asset to a lot of 
balance sheets and as the infrastructure evolves   and hopefully we get a bitcoin etf it is uh zero 
down in my mind that it will come to replace the   gold hedge in a lot of people's portfolios uh and 
of course with its increased functionality it's   zero doubt in my mind that it will eventually come 
to be bigger than gold and so to me it's it's a   matter of time these things aren't going to happen 
overnight but the next chapter is really the big   money bags getting involved and people kind of 
treating it like a long-term savings account uh   which is already happening in certain degrees but 
that trend will just continue um and again this is   just super bullish because it creates a liquidity 
floor in crypto where all that bitcoin is now   being wrapped and deployed in other ecosystems 
and it just creates more capital to be deployed   in the ecosystem you know the bigger bitcoin 
is the better it is for every coin on the block   and how do you see you mentioned 
etfs i mean i personally think it's   you know they're gonna happen in the us by 
the end of this year we're seeing every other   major country you know get involved canada 
brazil but for bitcoin and crypto in general   how do you see the end of this year playing 
out just kind of you know bs thing talking   is it going to be the exact same as 2017 what 
do you think is there going to be a bear market   uh until proven otherwise i'm 
operating as if there will be   if i'm proven otherwise then you know happy days 
right uh there's nothing to complain about uh   there's a there's a non-zero chance uh probably 
around a 10 to 20 chance that this cycle based on   stimulus and money printing and all these things 
just continues to grow and bitcoin just kind of   works its way up over time over and over and 
over again because uh the amount of people who   get in just keeps growing and the demand keeps 
growing and the amount of people losing faith   in traditional monetary value keeps growing which 
is really the first cycle we've had where there's   a real a real question as to like hey what is the 
us dollar really worth that wasn't really in in uh   discussions that was just a purely yeah okay okay 
okay you know you're like yeah okay maybe and then   but but for the most part those people who believe 
that were on the extremes whereas now i feel like   the amount of people who have a question 
about money printing and inflation are more   you know center middle and uh and i think 
that you don't have to be that extreme to   say hey this is a lot of money printing um and i 
think that what you'll see here is that there's a   10 to 20 chance that we have no more bear market 
uh or at least for the next five so years we don't   have a bear market um but i'm operating on a 
belief that some point in 2021 bitcoin will go   extremely parabolic and uh and then the altcoins 
will it'll sort of do what it did in 2017 go   parabolic have a big collapse where people realize 
hey party's over all coins go absolutely insane uh   and then uh and then the pain begins uh but but to 
be fair and i'll caveat d5 changes the bear market   significantly because people now have the ability 
to earn yield and put their assets to work so now   holding stable coins and locking them in protocols 
to earn yield is something that wasn't around in   the last bear market you just weren't seeing that 
kind of yield and reliable yield so that liquidity   that's in crypto i believe is not going to leave 
crypto like it did last time just saying hey   party's over i'm going back to fiat uh and 
i'll see what happens next time it's gonna   say hey party's over i'm going into stable 
coins and i'm going into anchor protocol or   urine finance or you know a couple of the other 
really generous yield farming protocols or even   a new one which creates of course still a ton of 
growth and dynamic uh changes within the ecosystem   which can have a lot of opportunity attached so 
if you're paying attention to d5 and of course   what i believe is nfts who have with consumer use 
cases there's still going to be a ton of momentum   versus last bull run so that's how i see it is 
bitcoin will continue to go on its cyclical uh   you know valuation jumps governed pretty much 
by the having and then you'll see the alt coins   uh have interesting reactions in response to that 
but i do believe bear markets are forever changed   very interesting i love the perspective   final question and elliott truly i only want 
you to answer this if you are comfortable have   something to say and also take super farm out of 
it but as a newer person coming into the nft space   today how would you how would you personally 
how do you personally invest one thousand   dollars nft audition edition uh how would you 
do it uh picks and shovels right uh there is   a very very significant chance that any single 
collectible series or single collectible product   uh will lose value uh especially given how excited 
the nft market is there is a much higher chance   that nft ecosystems with through lines and utility 
uh will be able to capture and grow value uh and   obviously there are some that have already 
proven that they can withstand bear markets   and come back even stronger uh so you know those 
are interesting places to look uh as well you know   it's a it's a wonderful time of experimentation 
uh in the nft industry so i think there's going   to be a lot a lot of big winners and i think what 
you're about to see is going to truly shock a lot   of people as to how mainstream this is going to be 
uh people are really underestimating what's coming   so how did you spend that thousand 
dollars i wanted some names of coins   okay um yeah so you know looking at uh top 
projects you have a really interesting project   with the comey you have interesting projects uh 
like obviously engine really held through the bear   market obviously it didn't hold value but it came 
back even stronger um obviously uh there's really   interesting experiments with how nfts are being 
um treated as assets a little further down the   market caps um so i would be spreading 
out you know i'd be spreading out my bets   because it's really not clear it's so early it's 
not clear which ecosystems are going to deliver   the winning toolkit so it's important that you 
just kind of diversify because one of these   is going to be the amazon the google the netflix 
uh for lack of a better way to explain it but   there are going to be some absolute monsters in 
the nft space and they're going to be bigger in my   opinion than anybody really wants to admit at this 
point because they see nfts kind of play things   uh but these nft ecosystems that grow will be as 
big if not bigger than a lot of the protocols that   you think are dominant in crypto and so diversify 
across uh the the interesting and leading ones um   i think there's a really interesting one uh called 
zora uh that that has a very interesting concept a   little different than others um but for the most 
part what i'll say is that you know you'd be best   to uh heavily diversify because uh the 
the spaces is growing really fast and we   don't know which one is going unlike other 
ecosystems we don't have like an ethereum   or a bitcoin of this ecosystem uh so in some 
ways it's a much more open and a much more   accessible world for for making these kinds of 
gains right and growth because uh there's still   not a clear uh champion uh winner and i think 
there there will be over time a couple of these   protocols that absolutely absolutely take the 
cake or at least a lot of cake elliott i loved   this conversation thank you for your time final 
thoughts for the altcoin daily audience a huge   thank you for having me i'm a really big fan of 
the twins i've been watching you guys for forever   and uh you know it's it's just really important 
that you guys realize uh that as much as this   feels like we are so deep into this uh the reality 
is is that the overall journey of cryptocurrency   is still in its infancy and the technology is 
capable of so so much more and all of these   waves that you're seeing are part of the story but 
you just really need to understand that this is   if you approach it with a long long term mindset 
of years not months or days that there is a huge   huge future for people to get in and be a part 
of this and i think austin and aaron and i are proof you

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