1 Million PigeonCoin MoonShot

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what's going on guys so as you've seen market cap 262 a
billion dollars and the topic of tonight's video is pigeon coin so as I
mentioned before my goal was to mine 1 million yes 1 million pigeon coin so I
had some 1060 s laying around and I was like you know what I was like I'm gonna
put these to good use on something that I actually think I can get some coins on
so pigeon sitting at a 522 with 35 at Giga hash so not looking too bad and if
we go to pigeon coin org ok critical wallet update 16 point zero 2 so let's
check my wallet so alright so my wallet is updated and as I said Shaboom 1
million pigeon so actually I'm still letting a 970 run on this since 960 970
but I reached my goal of 1 million pigeon and you know pigeon has always
been the stepchild of Raven and you know it was trying to find its way during the
bull run and it actually went up to a good solid price at one point but
looking at the chart today you can see let's go all the way out six months that
pigeon had mooned out out around here yeah and this was April 2019 so yeah
so but the question was why did I mine this pigeon and the answer was this is
my moon shot coin meaning that during a bull run I think that this coin could
bring massive gains and actually it's still not too late to pick some up my
total portfolio on pigeon even though it's a million coins is let's see it's
sitting around a hundred sixty four dollars which doesn't seem like a lot
but looking at the chart it has taken off with some resistance here but this
is my moon shot and I achieved it and it's still achievable if you still
wanted to get in and I think during a bull run BTC 20k 30k that this coin a
million of these could make you massive massive money fifty hundred K easy
assuming that they find a good use case but I will leave the address for the
telegram and the discord I'm not sure if there's a telegram double-check Oh
yep they've got a telegram so I'll leave that in the comments and 613 members and
pigeon coin but you can join in the community and check out pigeon coin that
is my moonshot coin and we'll see if it gets over this resistance but I'm just
gonna I have it tucked away in cold storage disconnected I just connected my
wallet tonight just to for the video and to sync the blockchain but this is
my big moon shot so you know everyone's got to have something like that in their
bags that when the bull run hits you know it pays out massive dividends so
this is crypto slow if you're not talking gains then we're not talking you

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