$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin (Top Trading Expert Says It’s Possible)

where is bitcoin heading to that's a question on everyone's mind as we went from bearish to bullish in the blink of an eye funny how that seems to happen at the beginning of each month well great news for you i've teamed up with an expert in ta to give you an absolutely incredible price analysis and targets for bitcoin and if you watch all the way until the end we're gonna tell you whether or not a million dollar bitcoin is possible let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money with cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you like it when i bring on ta experts to talk about the charts also make sure to smash the like for us so we know that you like this kind of content and guys if anything in this video makes you think that you might want to go make some trades on bitcoin make sure to check out buy bit you guys can do that by visiting bitboycrypto.com by bit they've always got some great deposit bonuses we also have a big competition going on right now for bitcoin so if you want to take part in that six thousand dollars we're giving away to the top traders all you have to do is head on over to bitboycritter.compibit and click the competition tab alright guys let's bring on chris from mmcrypto and let's talk bitcoin guys i'm joined here with chris from mm crypto we had him on a few weeks ago incredible video chris thank you for joining us again today man happy to be here your community is crazy your channel is crazy you are growing like i don't know man how many subscribers are you getting per week like 40k or so it's insane yeah so you beautiful community yeah we were getting 60k there over a couple weeks uh but hopefully with bitcoin price going back up you know things will get you know more on the bull run for youtube but speaking of bitcoin going back up that's what we want to talk to you about today uh you got some really interesting insights on where bitcoin is going in the short term midterm long term and then kind of an idea of a bitcoin super cycle that could lead to an insane price for bitcoin so let's go ahead and jump in uh let's talk about the bitcoin price where do you think it's going like this week for instance yeah exactly let's start with the short term and then go over into the super psycho theory maybe some people are already wondering from the title or so but i can tell everyone who is watching until the end if you don't agree with me now in the end you will at least say wow this is actually possible so so bear here with me back here with me let me quickly share my screen here so we are once again we are starting on the for the immediate short term for bitcoin as i like to say and this is the four hourly candle so as you can see here actually ever since we had this retracement from the all-time high we were going down and we were actually in our community not trading uh during this time so at mm crypto we either long or we wait so this was the waiting period that's what we do too the trend is your friend only longing in the bull market yeah exactly exactly the trend is your trend the trend is your friend until the end of course but the end is not near in my opinion so we were consolidating here actually towards the downside and what i found out here just around these areas here that we are floating around between support and resistance and what we were basically forming here was a descending or like a falling wedge and the interesting thing is if i were to pull out i i don't have it here right now the rsi we had a low here and then a lower low on the right hand side on the rsi though we had a low and a higher low so this was a bullish divergence usually i don't trade those but this was actually confluencing here with the breakout out of the falling wedge and this is why we at mm crypto we actually opened tracy over there i saw many people uh going here in that trade and right now we up like six seven percent leveraged maybe on 10x average like 60 70 but as you can see here we are getting rejected here so far we were getting rejected at this resistance area where we found support in the on the 17th of february and then another resistance over here just a few days ago so what i am saying right now is it might be might be profitable might be good here to take some chips from the table for example if you are 78 and a profit at a 50 next average where you doubled your money take half of your chips from the table so you have a remaining position which is free for you but in case we are breaking above this very important support box basically the last support box before the all-time high closing a four hourly candle above the previous all-time high would be the technical price target of the falling wedge which is the top of the wedge and that would be fifty six thousand eight hundred we need a four-hourly candle close above and this is actually my stance right now of course if we are breaking above the 56 000 us dollar level or the 58 000 us dollar level the previous all-time high a price target i was targeting earlier and this would be more than imminent would be 6160 2000 fibonacci extension level and this is something i'm personally targeting for march um let's see what happens here um i i think this dump could be already over we are already talking about the 27 percent retracement people have to understand that this is normal in a bull market we had a 31 retracement in or in january we had in december another 20 something 22 percent retracement and well we will get three or four more retracements of that kind in that bull market at least it's normal it's cycles we have microcycles we have microcycles so this is my stance for the short term we might get a reversal here uh let's wait and see what happens um but yeah what people have to understand before i go into the long term this is my chart here where i'm pointing out when michael sailor elon musk also other big people are buying mike a sale i was buying here at 52 000 us dollars well do you want to go with the billionaires or do you want to go with the people here standing on the sidelines or stan or talking to you in a club and telling you well bitcoin is going down bitcoin is going down i rather go with the multi-billionaires i go with the big people in the world which have to publicly buy bitcoin and this is actually something we can take for our advantage so michael sailor buying over there just shows me man guys like why should i turn bearish in the long term but we will talk about the long term also very soon right yeah exactly so uh right now to me it seems like we're kind of in phase three of this bull run i do think we will end up making a higher high uh setting a new all-time high uh but kind of mapping out what this bull run like we kind of had end targets for what we expect it to be i know we talked about on the last show we did together about how the number for both of us is somewhere in the 300 000 range but obviously we're not going to get there in one move and this is the chart that you showed us it was really really cool but where do you kind of see in let's say the midterm like over the summer where should we you know be about if we're going to hit 300 000 or higher by the end of the year um it's it's very hard to say so we will we will have many of these micro trends to the upside to the downside let's stick with our 275 to 300 000 price prediction then i would say um probably until july august we will easily go into the six digits i would be very surprised if not then maybe we have a dry out face and towards the end of the year one last massive pump one last retail pump actually from 100 to 300 000 whereas the first pump here i mean we were talking about that this is what i would call the institutional run and then we would have a retracement in this narrative here and one last run here from the retail investors and then in the bear market this retracement should go below the retail run here below the 100 000 us dollar price level to shake out all the retail investors and remain the institutionals in a profit so i think everyone buying today it is very likely that even in the bear market the price will not retrace below that level here even though the price target would be only 300 000 us dollars so yeah wrapping it up i think this institutional run might take us above 100 000 and then retracement sideways face downwards phase where liquidity is provided for maybe the last institutionalist to buy in to buy to to soak up those bitcoin being sold and fear by the retail investors and then one last run where really we have the last grandmas joining the space the last um i don't know like whatever everyone who is basically uh willing to buy everyone who is joining these gamestop stocks and um all of these wall street bet runs they will be joining on the top unfortunately but someone has to and that will be the end of the bull market here in my most likely price prediction yeah but there is maybe a scenario where bitcoin goes well above our wildest expectations this is a theory that's been floated around you know we know for the last year people talking about a million dollar bitcoin i think most of us think that that's probably not going to be the case but there are some scenarios where it does happen and you kind of talked to me a little bit before we came on air about you know something that you've been hearing and something you've been looking at where we could have a super bitcoin cycle or a bitcoin super cycle the bush's bitcoin up to seven figures can you kind of lay that out for us and let everybody know what that could look like yeah exactly and i would like to know from the audience what is your price target i will go into your channel i will check the comments and i want to know what the people think but um let me continue here because i'm very sure like most of you guys would say no it's not possible it's not possible some people when i and davinci j15 returned bullish at 5000 people still taught us oh are you crazy well now everyone is bullish right i'm telling you 1.2 million is actually the supercycle theory and whether it's in the end one million 1.5 million who knows right but it's just about going into seven figures and what do we need for that why is this actually a possible scenario and let me go back into one shot i was showing you before we have to keep in mind that these events usually of course things don't change right we always will have bull markets bear markets we have massive euphorias we have big check out previous periods this is not changing i was at the meet up and people were telling me well we are not going to see retracements anymore institutions are going to buy up everything well we will see these retracements we will see the most amount of people losing most amount of money most of the time with that being said though we have to actually acknowledge that something is changing because we have new buyers joining the space and this is not the retail people this is not someone who has ten thousand dollars on the sidelines and is willing to invest 2 000 u.s dollars of his disposable income into bitcoin we are not only talking about institutions having big treasuries on the sidelines having hundreds of millions on the sidelines tesla has 15 billion on the sidelines putting 1.5 billion into bitcoin no we have much more we have to keep in mind that we are in a debt based system so what is michael sailor doing and i am telling you he will not be the only person doing that so we had michael sailor buying for his private portfolio here but then we had microstrategy doing the same at 11 000.

Michael sailor buying more mike and sailor buying more so the question arises if michael seller knows why is he buying more and more at higher prices is he actually four moving in is he getting irrational no what he is doing and i'm telling you guys many people will follow and many people are actually following him right now he already shared his playbook with a thousand executives or more what he is doing is he is buying a bunch of bitcoin and remember we are in a debt based system he is taking this bunch of bitcoin and he is lending against that so he is taking them taking it as collateral or whatever going to a bank and showing okay guys i already have a billion dollars worth of bitcoin give me another 500 million us dollars which i can lend against the bitcoin i already have and then he is buying more so he did that already four times and he is going to continue doing that this guy is not stopping until he has hundreds of thousands of bitcoin he already has 90 000 bitcoin so in a system where you have unlimited fiat and you can lend more and more against the bitcoin you are already stacking in this system where fiat goes to zero bitcoin can go to infinite this is why i personally think in this specific scenario with more institutions with more billionaires and billion dollar entities not only joining this space with their treasury with that disposable income with their investment portfolio but also lending against it their potential is insane it's insane and maybe we will come here in 12 months and say well one million u.s dollars was maybe even a conservative price prediction i'm not going with all my life with all my savings into that specific scenario but we have to keep in mind it's a very very possible one i don't know like bitboy what do you think about that ben yeah i think it's good i i i think that the one thing i would push back on is just the fact that if it really is going to go that high but it seems like we'll have to get a really big push to push down in order for more of these institutions to come in and buy so i think that's what people have to watch for if we were to go in you know in that insane run where bitcoin goes to a million dollars you know don't think the institutions and the funds and blackrock and all those guys are going to get left behind they're they're going to you know make us go through some pain so they can get you know a lot of the rewards it's going to be willing to deal with that so that's kind of my take on it 100 i i i should maybe focus more on that whenever i'm getting euphoric i should always put in a little bit of um of um yeah of of these things because i already mentioned it before we just had recently like a 27 retracement it's a lot of selling volume actually being created so what happens with these institutions buying bitcoin they are not buying it on an exchange they are buying it on the otc market and these otc market over the counter markets they are actually being dried out so what happens when micro seller elon musk they are buying bitcoin they reach out to coinbase and coinbase had a lot has a lot of otc desks actually they are screening and then they are buying over the counter not on the exchange over the counter is bitcoin so these institutions they are actually buying all the supply from these otc desks so we need these retracements and when they are not happening they will create them so we will have selling pressure we will have big retracements down and we will have retail investors forming out of bitcoin but what happens every time you are selling your bitcoin at least at these price regions you are selling it to a big billionaire you are selling it to a big institution so good that you said that and guys don't think that we are just shooting up in a straight line whether it's 250 300 or 1.2 million there will be massive retracements and if you are emotional imagine that you can be even losing money on that runner right yeah absolutely and i mean i i definitely have seen a lot of people especially on my tick tock account i've got a lot of people who were telling me bitcoin would never hit ten thousand dollars it would never hit fifty thousand dollars it would never hit you know all kinds of prize targets in the middle and we just keep on ticking right past all those numbers so chris thank you so much for joining us today you guys make sure to subscribe to his channel down below in the description mmm crypto you can't miss him he's got the face that launched a thousand bitcoin isn't that right you guys have seen this stuff chris thank you so much for joining us today thank you very much for having me it was a big pleasure hopefully we do it soon again bye absolutely all right guys that's all i got be blessed bit boy out [Music] you

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