[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host diese i'm justin if we come to you twice a week with breaking nft news and some hot projects and this week we actually have a micro cap you're definitely going to check out itty bitty small micro yeah but uh let's let's go right into the news man i heard there's a a justin scam of the week maybe yeah it's a new segment new segment scam of the week if you've been in the nft space for any length of time you might have fallen victim to a scam they're everywhere yeah and crypto in general but nfts man there's scams rug pulls cheaters and in this case it's a cheater so megaverse huge success dropped uh i think 60 million uh in volume in the first day crazy crazy numbers everybody's like applauding them really cool well they do what we call as a reveal so you buy it you don't know what you got for maybe a day or two and then they reveal the nft so what happened in this case it's been reported that some of their team members their devs they had access to the metadata yeah yeah so like if you don't know what a metadata is metadata is like kind of like what breaks down the properties of an nft or a trait when you're talking about avatars well they had access to it and so before the reveal they could actually see which traits so they snagged or sniped legendaries and rares yeah off of open c so people didn't know they just saw this guy asking ridicul one offering to buy there unrevealed for whatever double what they meant it for but they had no idea was worth five six ten times what they were yeah some suspicious wallet activity buying up a bunch of rares so yeah it was outed pretty soon so be careful out there scam of the week we'll have another scam next show well let's hope not but we probably will we also have the dz pick of the week we have bushidos on the 22nd this is gonna be huge man i can't wait for that one yeah we're uh i'm definitely gonna ment some uh they have some of the devs and artists from coinbase and if you go to coinbase official nft twitter they're up on their banner so i mean i'm expecting a little bit i don't want to say favoritism but these people are in coinbase you know so well they've been in crypto since the beginning this whole you know anybody with coinbase so they know what it's about we've got some stripe people some coinbase people so bushidos i'm i'm seeing maybe some blue chip status in the horizon plus you're gonna get a sword later some pretty cool things they look cool too it could be like a board eight this i'm expecting big things from bushido's 22nd friday check that one out link in the description all right and uh frat house we have the uh the monkeys man funky we told you about it so he uh mike miller also the artist that we use for pluto alliance at some of our bid for stuff uh he has funky uh funky monkey frat house we told you guys about it he did a thousand nft drop sold out the first day but it's not over he's going to do the the other 9 000 broken up into two parts coming up pretty soon stay connected uh join his discord link in the description and his twitter all right well uh let's go right into our first topic i'm racing to check this one out oh well good because it's d-race d-race uh it's a nft horse racing platform okay it's it's been proven familiar like successful with zed racing so zed racing is you know already successful so we got a competitor now similar yeah so it's built on polygon which is pretty cool you meant a horse you can breed it you can even trade it and then you can race the horse against other players other holders of their horses pretty cool i went to the website checked it out their marketplace the stats on their page for each and has each individual horse has it broken down like their color their head shape their ears their hooves how long their legs are uh you know how which spots they have which stripes they have their main it's really cool it's just like if you were actually going to go and buy a racing horse physical racing horse they have the stats broken down like that it's pretty cool yeah you go out you check out its thigh girth and you know it's haunt jumps you can't say the word girth yeah i'm not in front of nina okay so you can uh inspect your horse first yes you can inspect it check it out see if it's gonna be a winner or it's gonna be a dud there's a couple of duds on there but there's also some winners they also had their the first ever binance nft igo pretty cool yeah yeah they they sold out in less than two seconds that's like a solano drop yeah i don't even know how you participate in something like that so it's pretty crazy tickets were resold on the secretary of the market 30 to 30 x to 50 x more than what they paid so there's already a community ready to race these horses ready to ride i want to race it he was trying to get me to buy a horse in the office this morning i'm gonna check it out after we shoot this check it out uh they're also a pluto alliance sponsor which is pretty cool and there's actually going to be a bit boy horse there's going to be a horse with the bitboy logo on it really really cool all right that'll be cool yeah all right so for our last two projects these actually have coins that you can participate in so invest in yeah not everyone you know i don't want to buy an nft maybe i just want some coin exposure here well that's what their next two projects first one up empire token empire e-m-p-i-r-e so it's got all the letters empire token it's an nft marketplace but they're doing something a little bit different so what are they doing so you know a lot of these nft projects they have coins you know like oh you can earn bananas or whatever so they're working with these to host all the other projects coins oh no you have a coin it's not like oh i don't even know where to swap this so other projects can come to them and use their marketplace with their nft tokenomics oh that's pretty cool yeah so i'm expecting that to be pretty big it's on binance so everything's real cheap but they're going to be branching out into these other chains first one up it's gonna be solana so that's gonna be big a lot of people oh yeah we're gonna go they might be the first real player in the solana marketplace with this part of the ecosystem that's where these nfts are going man people want to be able to stake their nfts and earn these tokens and then you know you can participate in a liquidity pool or you know just earn like kongs you're just earning bananas every day earning revenue and staking it earning gains on there it's like a d5 play with an ft's yeah so you could trade the nfts with their native tokens you got a project you come to empire and empire will do all this for you you can mint there so you can do your bulk minting your trading your swapping your marketplace everything all these projects are going to be coming to empire on the binance but as they start branching out i mean this could be huge because openc is actually de-listing some of these projects with the tokenomics so there's going to be you know security like for security security issues so they're trying to work around all that you know they're do they're lowering up i get it you know like coinbase is going to be real careful openc is going to be real careful so you got to find these other plays to you know participate in these type of things a true decentralized market true decentralized it's empire definitely check it out it's it's like a penny or two it's really cheap uh market cap's under 20 million so it's definitely room to grow for this one empire do your own research do your own research all right is it time for the micro cap this one's so small man the itty bitty teensy tiny market cap yes what's the market cap on this before we jump into it it's right at 1 million right at 1 million with a with a crypto market as frothy as this one it's pretty crazy one million dollar market cap this is a small one i haven't seen one of those in a long time we've actually mentioned this project on the show before okay babylon babylon baby bobby yeah b-a-b-i okay yeah it's a uh really new up-and-coming platform um it's kind of specializing in initial nft launch pad so if a if a gaming platform wants to introduce their nfts into the marketplace they come they come to babylon babylon will launch it on their marketplace help promote it push it and and and bring in the funds for these particular projects it's pretty cool it's on binance smart chain right now yeah but i was just on a call with them and within one month they're going to be on five other chains that's that's a lot yeah that's huge they're gonna be on polygon layer two uh they're already on finance smart chain avalanche okay tron and ethereum all right so i mean they're going in in directions that you're really not seeing anyone else go in no they're they're just they're hitting them all they're hitting them all they're going to be uh multi-chain in in within a month with another so it's pretty cool they've uh they've launched big names like monster clans monsters clans yeah that's a really big nft uh game angels and demons and one of our favorite that's also a pluto alliance sponsor crypto blades kingdoms yeah the crypto blades people are going to be excited about these swords when they drop him i mean but you can already uh get that token though yeah the token's already out crypto blades kingdoms is their new one crypto blades their first game sold i mean it it went up 200x so this is their second game crypto based kingdoms is coming out they're launching on babylon if you like to participate in these kind of nft launches on babylon you have to hold at least 1 000 babylon so that's pretty cool okay also what they wanted to do this is semi-sponsored segment they want to airdrop 10 pluto alliance aliens to 10 different babylon token holders so if you want to participate in this kind of giveaway go out get you some baby we're going to put the link in the description by the way we think this project's going to go pretty high well a lot of these games they've already seen them like hey i want to go ahead and launch on your marketplace i mean that's very bullish uh the giveaway pretty bullish it's on binance i mean you can just buy a little bit and right now it's it's under a dime so if if you do a thousand it's under a hundred bucks yeah market cap one million million dollar market cap has me excited so baby b-a-b-i go check it out ape swap or pancake swap i'll have both of those links trading pairs in the description do your own research i personally invested in this one all right so uh bobby empire i mean we got bushidos we've got the frat house there's some really good picks this week so it's a very very hot week it's only wednesday the market's frothy it's like we say market it's uh i i it smells like alt season maybe that's right all right one last thing we got those llama passes i gave you a silver i got a gold we're going to be keeping our eyes on the ecosystem so we're going to see these hot drops coming so some are really excited about and uh lee on that note we also got a giveaway so check out the description the giveaway will be there yeah all right i think that's all we got time for i'm going to throw it this week you've made me catch it twice two shows in a row so here it goes i'm waiting all right and that's all we got pluto is a planet [Music] you

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