#1 Low Cap Gem For Gaming!! (Best Shot For Huge Gains)

[Music] welcome to nft update we come to you every saturday 11 a.m eastern standard time i'm your host daisy i'm justin also known as jeezy and in this show we break down all the upcoming projects and the news of the past week so uh what do we got going on in the news uh why don't you tell them about the apes all right so sotheby's is gonna auction off 202 apes right now it's 19 million dollars the bid right now is night so somebody right now is willing to pay willing to pay 19 million so i wonder if like at any moment let's say that guy wins he looks back at his wallet and sees that he just fought 200 jpegs of apes for 19 million dollars he will look back and then he'll be happy about it i hope so i love the art i'm not not it's just 19 million for 200 jpegs well uh also there's some news with the nfl yeah yeah yeah that was crazy they're banning teams from sponsoring with crypto companies and nft and nfcs but they didn't close the door on individual athletes i don't think they can legally do that now we just recently saw the college having to open that up to individual athletes now so um but yeah that that that market's still there we actually have have had several meetings with athletes whether they're college or nfl or mba um that are interested in doing a an nft drop with us and having us kind of produce it and create it for them once again being known as the no fun league no fun well uh this week i also bought some nfts i think he did as well i got my first solana nft i got a caillou card they sold out pretty quickly right now they're on sale so i'm pretty bullish on that project it's one of the first games on solana might actually get more but solana's so expensive these days yeah yeah it's going up but if it didn't like last week you tried to get in on salona drop and you missed out yeah i mean i tried several times and they would sell out in literally second so i'm happy that you finally got that solana nft you always wanted it so i also bought a crypto art i think you got one uh i picked one up that's one of those og nft projects from when when did they start 2018 the first generative art on ethereum so it's kind of like that that vein of crypto kitties and crypto punks yeah a really really big project i think they just did a thing where you pay 0.07 each and they'll verify your wallet see if you're holding the item and then they'll mail you a framed copy 24 by 36 of the painting that you hold of the art so they're bridging that physical to digital world i like that yeah and i think that'll make a long-term holder because you're not going to buy the painting for hundreds of dollars and then sell that nft no i mean why would you do that it's going to make a lot of long-term holders i'm pretty excited about that uh upcoming on the 15th we have a djinn fighting game it's gonna be like street fighter that'd be pretty cool i think that'll be pretty cool you get in things called bar fights so it gives you access to the bar yeah you've been in a bar fight me yeah man i've been in several bar fights i don't remember the actual fight though but the next the next day the next morning i remember the pain and the black eyes and the scratches on the face you wake up in a ditch like how did i get here kind of like hulk yeah in jail that's always fun not good not good you don't want to do that so if you're going to do it do it in a video game not real life so a dj in fighting game we also also got a fusion ape so oh that's not we had a really good come up this week didn't we yeah we did thanks to you so i'm jogging i jog every other day even though it doesn't look like that by my physique i do jog and dz calls me over the weekend hey you gotta get one of these sevens uh i bought two of them for point zero seven point zero seven eight literally turned around two minutes later and sold it for two weeks each so it was a 40th come up on on a 0.14 and uh 0.418 trade yeah i actually almost we both got two i actually almost hold on to mine or held on and he convinced me to sell it and then what happened the price cut in half so there you go so you can thank me you called the top and called the top all right let's do it let's uh get into our projects here yeah yeah hit me all right first we have street dogs where are my dogs at where are my dogs at what is that a dmx reference rest in peace dmx yes all right so this is 7777 dogs are going to be released on mint day but then every day after that they're going to mint one dog oh cool they're going to sell that dog 80 of the proceeds go to a random dog holder so they're going to be paying their community every single day what's the the merch angle that they're using this is i i've actually never seen this on any project as soon as you meant it you could cash it in for free merchandise they're gonna give you a free hat and a free sticker right out of the gate for free now that's super cool yeah yeah and here's the best part no shipping no shipping it's gonna cost millions of dollars to ship something they always say oh yeah it's free but then it's a 50 shipping fee no they pay for the shipping it's actually you get merch immediately out of the gate oh that's super cool yeah very very cool yeah i'm very excited about that uh but if you buy one of these because i'm definitely going to mint one you might be able to party with deezy and jeezy in vegas vegas yeah uh this project they're gonna have a vegas meetup and uh there's a really really really big giveaway that they're doing you're not supposed to i was i was in there for the meeting you're not supposed to talk about the giveaway all right well we won't give any details but they're giving away something huge yeah i've never seen it before i've never seen a giveaway of this size before yeah i think that's all we can do yeah check out their merch store i mean they you can get a shirt with your dog printed on it they got cool leather jackets they got like gold chains and stuff so yeah we'll put the link in the description for all the their websites and socials and telegram and discord so yeah scroll down and take a look at those and visit them and follow them or and to keep up with this project very cool uh so it's dropping monday or tuesday and he's keeping it secret so we don't have crazy gas fees so you have to join these and there might even be puppies in the future everybody who does it much already who doesn't love puppies puppies and everyone loves puppies all right what else have we got all right so the project we're going to talk about this week is quantum works okay so this like lets you travel time yeah yeah just like the tv show no dc it's not that so it's going to be an actual game it's the they've positioned themselves to be the first aaa shooter game on the blockchain so with these shooting games there's really only like one or two games that will win so i think with them investing heavily and having a good community they might be uh like the call of duty yeah yeah well they have the team to do that like they're very they're vetted team with assassin's creed and some other huge names in the video game world so it's going to be a huge game really cool thing about this game is let's say you are playing uh p versus p you're playing your favorite youtuber where like you're fighting her either physically or you got a gun she's got a weapon you got a weapon and you kill her right so and you defeat her in this battle not only have you defeated her and you get the clout of defeating your favorite youtuber woah vicky but you get her assets so like i say she's got a bag of coins that she's collected throughout the game or she's got the the bad sword that everybody wants you get to pick up that asset and you get to you get to have it in your inventory then you can go to the nft marketplace and sell it so i could sell low vicky's sword whoa vicky whoa wait whoa i know and her fingernails so yes you can tell so really cool thing about the marketplace is anybody and everybody can go and track and look at the history of these assets so let's say if like jake paul's fighting and he loses his asset or woe vicki your favorite or other famous people you'll be able to track who owned it the stats of these assets so they become more valuable on the marketplace and you get to brag about it you got woe vicki swords yeah well i like bad barbie more than well they're both really up there uh her and uh rebecca black are you talking about the cash me outside girl cash me outside how about that how about that so yeah so very cool project um very cool team huge development coming up behind it if you want to invest in this this is not financial advice but if you want to invest you want to buy their token it's their ticker is q b i t q bit q bits yep cube it you can buy it on pancake swap it's like four times less than a penny it's super duper cheap i figured this would be some crazy company worth like a billion dollars no no this is like the beginning stages of a huge project so it could be some major gains one coins less than a penny point zero zero zero zero three i think is the cost that is nuts yeah you get a whole lot for like 10 20 50 so and it's on buying a smart chain so you don't have to worry about all those pesky guys yeah it might have like a 10 cent fee or something yeah yeah so go to pancake swap we'll put the link in the description for the trading pair uh we'll also put the link in description for their discord and their telegram and their website very cool project we're going to be watching it for a while we're very excited about it cubit qubit all right all right so we're going to end it we're going to talk about pluto alliance it is the 10 000 avatar project we're working on over here at big boy crypto 10 000 unique aliens representing the nine planets plus a tenth alien from the black hole each planet has a different rarity and we got some crazy utility going on with this things you've never seen before with any project we're going to reward our people better than anybody in the space talking about you gary yeah gary anyway so if you have watched the channel and you've been involved in any of our nft drops like the bee punks right yeah b-bunks if you bought a b-punk the utility behind it is you got air drop tokens right so i do all the air drops every week i i handle all the air drops i get all the wallets and i air drop these tokens out to the defunct holders some of this some of the money that's in these wallets that i airdropped weeks and weeks and weeks ago are worth thousands and thousands of dollars thousands and thousands of dollars so not only did you get a really cool nft for a couple hundred bucks when we dropped it but you got paid for participating in this drop that we did back two months ago so it was it was a super successful great for the community everybody loves it so we have something similar to the to the utility for pluto alliance so what we're going to do we have i think we've at this point we have probably 10 different projects that are sponsoring some of these projects are in the top 20 top 50 on coin market count very cool we are going to take tokens and we're going to be air dropping it to certain avatars whether it might be a certain trade it might be a certain race it might be from a different planet it might be from pluto it might be from jupiter it might be from earth we don't know we're going to let chain link which is also one of our sponsors decide who we actually airdrop these tokens to some big names that we're saying here yeah i can't say anything else with other projects but i can say that we're going to use that oracle to actually pick the different aliens that we're going to be airdropping these tokens to super cool i don't i honestly i tried to think of a project that was doing something like this and i don't know i don't know of anybody doing stuff paying the community back for participating in a drop like we're doing yeah and ben is not going to rest on his laurels he will make sure that this is a success he wants us to be huge he wants this to be one of the biggest projects ever and that's one person you don't bet against no not ben no i've known ben for years and uh every time i bet against him i've lost every time so um you know what time it is right well hold on a minute let me get to that so white list how like we've been we've been like bombarded on our socials like how when is the drop and how can i participate and how much is it okay so we've come up with a solution for some of the people that want to kind of front run the gas fees when it comes to these nft drops one way we came up with if you hold 1 000 bit token bit token's like 30 cents it fluctuates very cheap you can get it on uniswap link in the description you will be whitelisted if you hold 1 000 bit token or 100 chain guardian tokens either one either one of those when you connect your wallet to the pluto alliance website it will verify whether you have a thousand bit token b-i-t-t or if you have a hundred cgg which is the chain guardians token and everything must be on the ethereum blockchain because that's how we're checking your wallet to buy the nft yes it is on ethereum um so very very cool whoever is holding those tokens you get a 12-hour window to participate before anybody else's you i might say it might help to go ahead and grab those because might not make it 12 hours i don't think it will i don't think it will i think it's going to sell out fairly quick um to the people that are whitelisted so if you want to participate in this drop i would recommend getting a thousand bit token limit of three limit of three yep limit of three so yeah we'll we'll uh we'll have all those links in the in the description on unit swap if you wanna if you wanna get whitelisted and buy that bit token um but yeah why don't we have like a trailer or something but first now it's my turn to say no not yet we got a giveaway oh yeah what is it let's get some people on the white list let's get two people on the white list okay 1 000 bit token to two different people we're going to give away 2 000 bit token here all right well how do you want to do it how about that you're going to go to pluto underscore alliance on twitter retweet our pin tweet tag one friend should we make them do other things like uh hula hoops how about they stand on one foot hold yesterday's newspaper shoe on the head and tag 17 friends no we're not gonna make our community that's that's ridiculous so let's just stick with retweet the pin tweet and tag one friend okay all right and we're gonna get two people on the white list we'll give two people a thousand bit token a piece yes and we're gonna just give it to you another giveaway every episode there's a giveaway yeah every episode again thousand bit token gets you white listed to participate in the pluto alliance airdrop coming in the midweek it's coming into mid-week we're trying to get it as fast as possible so we don't want to lock ourselves down but that's all we got time for that's it all right until next week have fun hunting those nfts people later on pluto alliance trailer goes now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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