1 Coin and 1 Use – Let’s Discuss Ripple, RippleNet, XRP and BTC

At 9:15 All right. I think we got everything set up and started here and make sure everything is working Getting some people joining in this is my first live stream. So bear with me I wanted to Do something a little bit outside of my comfort zone which is doing a live stream Monitoring as people are coming in if you can hear me, let me know And we'll see if it's working Give it a minute let me Exit out and try to start this over again On my end.

Are you able to monitor on your side? Okay Mute that Okay, if anybody that's joining in can can hear me Not expecting a huge turnout First time didn't really put anything out there Joe Madero Montreal good to see you on hearing me good. Awesome. That's great. Alright, so I'm gonna get started here If if you guys have any questions, I want to keep this relatively open open conversation today But what I wanted to really focus in on is really one coin one use case And this is actually about a month ago one of my subscribers Chuck he's a regular viewer rate gives me comments feedback We've communicated a bit back and forth And so he brought up a great point that he that he wanted to hear about and that really had to do with looking at the top digital assets identifying their use case And and really getting into it from that perspective.

I wanted to put a little bit of a different spin on it though, and really identify one coin one use and what I mean by that is is it possible that when we look at each one of these digital assets when we look at each one of these blockchains that really they're geared up for One particular use or is a possible that we can have a coin that really could do everything And that's really what I wanted to address today If you don't know already, this is Jeff with the hata report. I'm glad that you're joining me on this live stream I do want to start out now all of this kind of came full to light I've been trying to figure out how to put this all together to really have this this full discussion and so as I was watching what was unfolding at the Davos World Economic Forum and and the blockchain formed to follow that CCN actually had a good article And in the article they quoted Glenn Hutchins co-founder of Silver Lake partners and this really, you know Kind of spoke to me when I when I looked at at his quote and kind of brought this whole topic You know together for me.

So he said rather than a currency he saw bitcoins role in the future more as a store of value and Let me read three of the quotes that were in the CCN article and then and then we're really gonna get into discuss and I think you guys will understand also, you know, what what I'm thinking you know along these lines, I guess it's a preface that I'm you know, when we think about Bitcoin and one of the Directions that initially everybody was thinking that Bitcoin was going to be used as a mainstream digital asset currency for for purchases online And and that's really now with with this statement the future as a store of value again This goes back to my initial premise.

Can it be that we have one coin one you so let's get into these quotes It might be that the role of Bitcoin in the system could be to bring value back To hold your value there while you have tokens that have other use cases. So that's number one I think this was that was a great opening quote then second quote From Glenn Hutchins. I am much less interested investing around Bitcoin as a currency Unit or a currency equivalent or even the blockchain as an accounting ledger? I am thinking much more about the protocols and that that's also important the full development of Where this is going in my opinion. There's so much more to this Especially if we think about again one you one coin one to use and the third quote from from Glenn eventually What's going to happen is you're going to put something of value in? Something of value will come out the other side and you're not going to care what the underlying technology is and this is really the direction that we're moving in and I think we're Really rapidly seen that transition in particular When it comes to the ripple neck technology using ex rapid and using XRP these banks Individuals, nobody really has to know that xrp is being used as a transitional currency in the cross-border Payment process they don't need to know that the banks are using it for liquidity What's important is that it is being used that it will be used and again that Interconnection of that technology it just is going to happen and in our everyday life for the mainstream Individual it's not going to have as much bearing again.

Think about right now in this space It's it's a new space were the early Adopters in the space investing in the space talking us about the talking about this technology I'm trying to educate ourselves as much as possible about this technology But again the majority of the population out there they may have heard about Bitcoin They may have heard about digital assets, but overall they're they're gonna go about their daily lives now And they're not going to think about the technology that's going on. Not too many people think about What it takes when you're going online? What what is involved in that entire? Connectivity process they just want to open up their their phone and and login and open up an app They want to go on their computer and get online and they don't care about the technology.

That's really making it happen even if you think about from a digital processing perspective when we're using credit cards Nobody really is thinking about what goes on after we swipe our credit card You know how much time does it actually take to move the funds? from from the credit company to the to the the purchaser is that settlement hat or to the to the seller is that settlement happening immediately or is there a time lag but for the consumer they don't really care the fact that the the Seller may be getting funding You know in terms of as almost like a credit until the processing is complete There there's so much that goes on behind the scenes that the mainstream don't really think about And so that I think is really the point of the direction of where this technology is moving in It's going to be behind the scenes hidden from view and people are gonna go about their daily lives now we're Again, you know, we're facing a very unique technology.

That's really Revolutionising how we are going to interact how we're going to track how we're going to communicate? How we're going to do business Bank monitor our health and even vote All of this is happening right now The technology is developing at a fairly rapid pace at this point. And so really we're expecting Great things within this technology. Let me take a just a second here. I need to As this is my first live stream. I've got another Screen set up and I'm not able to monitor Who's actually? Coming in to the live stream as we're speaking So, let me see here. Let me see if there's a way to do that easily. Um doesn't look like Okay, I'll just I'll keep monitoring the way So All right. Let's see here monitoring questions on another screen here. So Let's see here. We've got Kristin Lingam, I wish they would get on with it and start using X, er P. I completely agree with that Michael is he a do you see Brad Garlin house or Chris Larson running for public office in the next four years? Who knows anything's possible I guess But I think they have their hands full with what they're working on right now, which is changing the the financial structure of the banking industry So I believe I don't see them actually in my opinion.

I I don't see them moving away from their business into the into public office Although public office could be a great idea again. Let me pause here There's feedback on that computer. I got it over here. I'm good if monitor and the other Okay, awesome. Thanks. I got my helpers and the other room monitor and everything that's going on. So Now that this is really interesting again Let's go back to the one coin one use case and if we think about it from a corporate perspective You know the focus of a company, you know Can it be that at this one digital asset that the blockchain can do everything for every? Purpose and I want to use Google as an example because I think that this is a very important example to look at now Google we think hey, you know what? They've they dominate and control Pretty much everything in our in our daily lives When you go online, you know, Google is is the hence the premier company out there right now But they're not always successful in every single endeavor that they've engaged in and there's a ton of projects that Google initiates that fail a lot of their projects that they shut down before they even come to public but there's also quite a few Projects that they have brought to public then they've shut down and there's two Perfect examples right now of very large projects that Google has tried to get into and amazingly They were not able to really penetrate the market share.

So number one with Google is social media All right. So Google Plus Google Plus is now a defunct platform They're shutting down Google Plus as it as it has been they tried everything they could with Google Plus to compete with Facebook but nobody really adopted Google Plus as a as a true means of communication through as a social media platform The other is the video chat and so they tried to take on The likes of Skype and and really I thought for years Skype was dropping off the face of the earth also When we have whatsapp coming out and yeah, if you have others Google still has duo out there I don't know too many people to talk about using duo or if they're using it The background of the Android app, but but the point here is that they can't do everything They're not necessarily going to be successful in doing everything and eventually, you know, when they're not successful in it in a direction They're gonna shut it down But really the point the lesson that we're gonna take from from Google here is you have to focus on what you do best Now Google obviously is an amazing search engine.

There are red. They're an ad revenue machine they have a great email platform overall that's open to to the masses and they've also Done something that nobody else could really do and that was really conquer Microsoft's monopoly not only over the operating system space but also over the office Word Excel PowerPoint and if you engage and utilize that Google the Google platforms for Google Docs Google sheets Google slides It's amazing and they're constantly developing it. Um, so this is their strength there's certain areas They tried to compete against Facebook and and all of those others. They just couldn't do it So again, you know, we really have to think again can is there is there a focus you know? We understand that you can't be good at everything and you need to drive in the direction of your strengths Let me take a minute here.

Let's look at some of these comments as we're going on Let's see here, Michael Kristan Lingam I hear in exchange has purchased a small bank. I think that would be an awesome idea Not sure if you know which exchange that has done that but there's there's certain things that need to be done if you have to Get through certain government regulation the fastest way to getting Getting into the into that space would be to buy buy into it So an exchange buying a small bank would put them in the banking business And so I think that that could be important.

That's an interesting point Let's see. Once they change the structure of the financial industry. They will be incredibly famous. I think so, too I think there's going to be Running for president. I still don't know if they would run for president But that's always a possibility once you step into the Into the political space. It's a completely different world. You see, you know, there's there's tons of things hip-hop behind the scenes. I've been Working and involved in politics, uh kind of on a sideline for a long time and and it's amazing You know what you see out there and help people really? Badmouth the people that'll actually take their time to to run for office and so many good people out there Won't run for office because they're afraid that when they do they're going to just be smeared by the media smeared by the other side And it's a you know, it really disrupts People's families, you know So a lot of good there's amazing candidates out there or potential candidates that have never run for office because of that You know, why do you think XRP is going down? to me and I think this is a good point, you know, because And I've discussed this on on other videos when it comes to the movement of XRP and it you know And so the the XRP Value as it has increased and and really the investment to me It's still a very speculative investment as our most digital assets or all digital assets is all very speculative The market is speculative XRP is unique Because it's being utilized by X rapid which is part of the Lynnette solution for full real-world Utility, I believe although there's a ton of good news happening in the ripple net space We're still waiting for full utility of ex rapid Which would then be a full utility of XRP? And I think that's what's being You know We're at that point now where without utility they'll still be some speculative moves in the marketplace As Bitcoin goes up as the market trends towards more on the on the bullish side I think we'll see all of the the top by digital asset to move up as well Again, that's based on speculative investments XRP in terms of you know, bigger gains.

It's gonna fall back into utility and I believe in in my opinion, you know That's really what's been holding it back Let's see, okay. Let me uh, let me jump up back into this and I'll answer some of these other questions so So now you're really going to the Hutchins example of Bitcoin. It really had, you know Bitcoin Itself, you know has the fundamental appearance of a transactional digital asset but it really doesn't have that core technology for being an efficient a Transactional digital asset and I think that's really what's coming to light And so this goes back to my premise of one coin one use, you know The the strength of Bitcoin is really as digital gold as a store of value it's been talked about but that's really what you know, I think that's really what we're seeing with Bitcoin and we're seeing a lot of those the online marketplaces that initially wanted to adopt Digital assets as a standard of transaction and those that started utilizing Bitcoin People aren't going to use it, you know, especially now when the values are down people are trying to hold and invest You know and so they're not going to necessarily utilize Bitcoin to Bitcoin jumps up to a high point But still you have the transactional issues That are part and and you know really are highlighted within Bitcoin as an issue for a mainstream as a mainstream a transactional digital asset now XRP on the other hand is Spendable it is transactional.

It is adaptable with full transparency and full efficiency We know that XRP can be moved fast. It can be moved at low cost however xrb has really been identified as a Cross-border payment solution not only was it identified as that But really it was developed to be utilized in large-scale Transaction that's that's my opinion. It's been adopted by multiple solutions for the large-scale Payments obviously ripple net is is the largest real-world utility case For XRP, it also has the potential being used for micro payments. We see like XRP tip bot Coil, you know, there's other examples Developing and coming to light now as more and more going to adopt technology where you can see how XRP can you can be used But the strength of the digital asset is really, you know on the inner ledger the XRP ledger It has the native exchange platform to easily convert to any fiat or a digital asset and this is really a strength That's being embraced for cross-border payments, you know So again, if we want to come back to the one coin one use and I'll get more into it Conversion to other currencies this is important.

And I think that the utility behind the XRP ledger and being able to use XRP in the cross-border payments space for settlement for liquidity Converting into other currencies easily and quickly Being able to lock in the exchange rates so you don't have to worry about necessarily fluctuations in digital asset value or fiat currency exchange and so these are all very important things and really again the XRP being adopted you know through ex rapid like You know in just to finalize a thought on this for the liquidity and for global track transactions and it It goes back to the question. You know what you know, what's really? Impacting the price point and it's going to be utility adoption on a global scale Buy more and more of the financial institutions buy more and more of the banking On the banking side to start utilizing X rapid and that's where we're gonna start seeing some movement But the strength of X R P Could also potentially be its weight its weakness for daily transactions in the mainstream side of things So there have been comments that you know the in in this space in regards to? you know a is X R P of the let's call it the banker's coin and Would it then be the utility and the liquidity? Needed by the financial space which is in the trillions of dollars per day in transactions Would it tie up all of the full liquidity you use in need of X R P and with the banks and the financial? Institutions that are making all these big global transactions would they really want X R P to be used for the smaller? Transactions so it very well could be that the strength of X R P then is geared towards b2b digital assets its geared for large-scale Transactions it's on the b2b side.

It's geared towards a large-scale b2c Transaction so this could be in the tens of or hundreds of millions of dollars on the b2c side as well And really maybe it's not meant for the smaller P 2p or b2c transactions which would be the day to day type transaction now in my opinion the market always Pushes and pulls and the outcome is really going to be determined by the demand in the marketplace But also the utility of the product so if the product doesn't fit that space and there's something that might be a little bit Easier to use or or maybe you know again, it's it's geared for that its primary purpose is for that space Yeah, then then that, you know could very well be you know What's going to determine and dictate the direction of? This one coin one you thought and I'll get into that a little bit more. Let me take a Moment here. Let me look at some of these comments Well the sale of Earth port effect ripple XRP.

You know what that's that's a great point I I don't really have an answer for that. I think we're gonna have to just wait and and see what happens Let's see here Are the screen is small hens will 89. Why do you think XRP is going down? I answered that one Let's see. Maybe Brad can apply his peanut butter Manifesto to the US government. I think that would be an awesome idea if we need something and there's a ton of fat in government that needs to go and It's it's crazy in the government space and you've seen some of my videos.

I talked a lot about now I've been really focused in on these on the bills that are being presented by and proposed by various Congressmen and I'm really trying to stay on top of what's happening at the state level as well But it's it's really amazing. You know when when you think about How the bills are proposed how they're put together and we just saw the government shutdown And the debates and everything going back and forth on this and there's so much wasted time and so much wasted effort and so much Wasted space in government not just it, you know from an elected side of it, but just in in general, you know there's just too much waste everything is dragged down to Just it's it's, you know, too slow. It's just too bogged down and I agree I would like to see a complete revamp of what's happening over there and that even filters into Taxes and and what goes on in general with within the government space, but that's a whole different conversation so now one coin one use and I think this is this is interesting because XXL em, you know, the stellar coin is really the other side of XRP and I know there's there some controversy within the XRP community as to whether or not we can even really talk about Xlm and stellar, is it is it? Beneficial is it is it doing something unique? and what xlm and I believe it serves as a counterbalance and a complimentary way to XRP so again one coin one use looking at XRP as the b2b coin xlm on the other side more in the micro payments side and that's really they develop the stellar and and stellar as a nonprofit organization and xlm as their digital asset develop specifically For the small micro payment needs and really to approach other third world countries and putting together What's needed and so that's their that's their mission statement.

You know, that's their goal but it does serve as a nice counterbalance though from a bank's perspective on the banking side if you want to get Those that rely on small payments and small movements of money and you want the large movements of money. You have a nice Really a nice interaction between the XRP which would go through Let's say ripple net and then you have xlm for the for the smaller purposes, you know, that's kind of my opinion But that's it Really should it really serves to show that one coin one purpose idea now again This this is the question and I really like you guys to think about it I want you guys to figure out, you know, throw some comments because as we move more and more in this direction I think this really comes to light that we need one coin one purpose and so here's some other Examples and so we look at the logistics pace for shipping movement of goods during the manufacturing process movement of goods through a sales process Inventory tracking whether it's movement of inventory or the use or the sale of the inventory another a perfect use case Tracking produce perishables being able to quickly identify.

Let's say the source of a salmonella outbreak Being able to track back rapidly Tracking collectibles and assuring the authenticity of the product and potential mechanism to verify ownership These are all great blockchain use-cases tying in a digital asset Through through the transactional mechanism of this, you know Is there you know is there or should there be again something? That's focus. Should there be a specific? Collectible blockchain with a specific collectible digital asset in the tracking mechanism of it and even in the trading of it Should it be set aside and be different? You know, I don't necessarily have an exact answer to it but my my thought process in this conversation today anyways is has been based on that one coin one use really stemming from the idea of what was discussed on Bitcoin and also with with X with X R P now another use case military obviously financial transactions Is huge we've already discussed that we are You know already know that part of it what happens in video games video games are such a huge industry and the video game industry could really use a one-set digital asset to allow for transactions of and the buying and the selling of the The components that you win in the various games but being able to transact with other individuals, obviously There's websites right now dedicated to that that you can do through PayPal you do through whatever But it would be nice to be able to if you spend all your time and effort in one video game collecting something to be able to Get value out of that and maybe sell that but then take whatever Monies that were earned from your time spent and somebody else wants the goods that you earned all this time Collecting in that video game, but then be able to transition that over to another video game or maybe even another platform So if you were on PlayStation, you want to move to Xbox you want to move it over to your your Android system Why shouldn't that currency follow you and I think with for tonight, there was some discussion I believe it was Manero or another that was going to be utilized in in fortnight So another good one would be health records and health records so critical in the medical space and there's so much that goes on from Payments and I'm talking about cross if you're out of the country and you want to be able to spend and utilize health credits with a doctor because you're traveling or if there's a Specialist in another country the US we got tons of specialists in the US, but cut but people in other countries Can't gain access to our doctors in the US for consult unless they fly here But why not be able to do that remotely? Be able to consult with that doctor and pay them through some form of a healthcare a digital asset Credit tracking of your health records all of our health records belong to us They shouldn't belong to the hospital or the doctor's office of the imaging center where we had them So these are great use cases of the blockchain.

But again, what about the the spendable side of it? There's so many use cases so many potential possibilities not just of the use case but again of that digital asset of the one coin one use or you know, maybe Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you get an X RP and it becomes the standard Completely it becomes this spending standard and everything to transact online in that case becomes an X R P token I mean that's definitely possible as well.

Let me go back to some of the comments here Let's see Haha Stanley you should have more followers. I'm subscribing. I appreciate that it takes time and effort I try not to fluff it up too much. I try to really stay focused on important topics I it's in its it's interesting. I started putting a video together on it I think ah scripto had talked about something about he had done a video on Subscribers and and putting YouTube videos together and and attracting and whatnot and one thing that I've noticed And I find it's interesting. It's all psychological and I fall for it as well And I was reading an article earlier and I was looking at the headline. I'm like, oh my god I can't believe this is on this That they posted this article with this headline. I'm never gonna read it from this publication again Because of the headline and I go and read the article I'm like, oh, okay that article actually made made sense And so I've done that on some of my videos as well.

I guess that's just the the clickbait I guess you call it to get somebody to get upset enough to read it or watch the video I try not to give fluff I like you know When when it really you make make people think this is a space that that I've been in now, what is it? It's like a year and a half You know, I love this digital asset space. There's so much to learn. I've learned so much from it I would love to have you know, more people following subscribing commenting providing feedback, you know, but again, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna just stuff fluff it up, you know just to attract subscribers to come in, but I definitely love love for people to Subscribe and follow so share whatever you can share XRP Zoo, actually I had a conversation yesterday And I am going to be on the XRP zoo on Monday February 4th. I had a meeting this coming Monday so I won't be able to attend.

But yeah, February 4th XRP zoo, I'll be on so so definitely check it out. Definitely looking forward to that this whole live Livestream thing is brand new for me. It was a it's kind of it was the discomfort of going live and knowing, you know, knowing that you have to interact live without being able to take a break or Edit something out because you said something that you didn't like so it's a little bit different and you know I kind of like it.

So I'm gonna try to do a live stream At early every Saturday morning. I'll probably go a little bit earlier. So Anyhow any other questions, let's see. We've got you know, it's all Mike Bryant Marshall do you think XRP will have a fixed-price man? I I don't I honestly I don't think that it will have a fixed price It's not a stable coin obviously, you know Within within the markets, especially if you look when we look at penny stocks for instance, you know, it's so easy with penny stocks to manipulate with with FUD and FOMO And I'm talking about in the regular stock market You know when you have low priced stocks and you see a lot of manipulation on that side of it On the XRP side and like with Bitcoin, there's so much talk right now of manipulation You know, I believe that they're they're holding down the value of x RP.

I just think that it's it's happening I think that you know, it's even from a media release perspective There's a lot of great things that are happening behind the scenes. I don't think that ripple is is going to Give us everything. They're not telling us, you know Every single organization and that's that's getting ready to adopt X rapid Once it's it's for sure once that organization is ready to to launch the press release Then it goes into the public sphere. But but going back to that question. I really don't think that they're going to They're going to suppress and you know, or you know, you're not you're not gonna see a fixed price on the extra P It's it's really it's in the market space right now so if the market believes that it needs to be in a fixed price point but without without Hands-on manipulation of of the digital asset.

You're not going to really be able to fix that price I believe you know, that's that's my opinion on it as well. And I think that would be backed up by the technology. I'm not Not a programmer and you know, so here I could be completely off-base with that but from a financial perspective Being that it's already an open platform and it's not not a fixed It's not a stable coin Then I believe it's gonna fluctuate based on the market and the markets going to dictate the price point So, let's see what else we have here That yeah, yep, I I definitely appreciate that I'm looking forward to going on He'll be first time on their show So we've been communicating back and forth.

So Yeah, Bryant you've heard other Opinions on fixed price. Yeah, I'm sure there's there's a lot out there Let's see Mike what we'll that's a TTA on the 14th allow us to do I might've missed that. What are we referring to TTA? So Why wait for that? Let me uh, let Me go down. So I skipped over a little part here. I try to keep myself on track with some bullet points here So I want to look at some of the auto that all the token TaxACT. Okay, so that that's interesting You have the the token taxonomy act There's so much being proposed right now, and I know that you know, dr.

Dr more in Davidson's office and And Darrin sodas office, they're working overtime to get out a you know their newly tweaked version of the bill from from the 115th Congress so we saw the HR 735 six was the which is the token taxonomy act That is being revamped. There's going to be some new language in it I know, you know just from conversation that you know, the attorneys they've got to look over everything So all of the although the legal experts that specialize in the digital space They they want to make sure really when they present this bill that you know, every I is dotted every T is crossed It has to be perfect. It has to daunt want any language in it that Could potentially be misconstrued misunderstood or maybe even You know having the bill that they're proposing similar just just dismissed because maybe you know The the there's a misunderstanding In the definition of the digital asset as an example There's so much happening the momentum right now in Congress And this is really why if you go back and watch some of my videos my goal was to start a grassroots Initiative to get the people out To start reaching out to your Congressman talk about the importance of the digital assets face and the congressman can only do so much their staff can only do so much because if you think about Davidson's office and Soto's office.

They have a legislative team. They have their legislative staff I've spoken to the legislative staffs from each office. There's a couple other congressmen. I'm planning on reaching out to I Wanted to reach out to those that were actively involved in proposing bills. I haven't reached out to Emmer's office yet. I will but the thing is is that they're they they have to educate the staff and the Congress person In each of the committee's so you have the financial services committee and you have the Commerce and so in or they Dec cannot it was that the economics and commerce. I don't know why I'm Blanking out on this for some reason, but so it let's let's look at the financial services committee each of the Congress people that sit on that committee have to be convinced and they in convinced means they need to be educated that digital assets are important that the bills that are being proposed by Soto and by Davidson and by Emmer are moving everything in the direction of mainstream adoption and mainstream adoption is real that and these Congress people have to Listen, so so to educate them Davidsons office sotas office Emmer's office can only do so much the the true education comes from the grassroots effort So there's a list I've been working on getting this list fine-tuned this week has been a little bit hectic, but I am almost finished with an Excel spreadsheet with every one of the congressional representatives that sits on the on the committees that That these bills are being put in front of I'm putting the obviously you go onto Twitter and find the the person's Twitter But I'm putting the the Twitter For each of the other congressional reps that are on the committee I then will plan on putting a link directly to their their email Their office phone numbers in Washington are gonna be there so really what it's gonna take is a grassroots initiative To send tweets to send emails to make phone calls and the four of us that do that I'm also looking really to reach out to find someone that can help and we talked about this a little bit to put together a an educational type video not necessarily in like a cartoonish form but something if you think about, you know back in back in school they had I can't remember what they called him It was like the Bill there was a cartoon and you know How does a bill become a law and you know in a vaguely remember it I just kind of remember that the bill You know walking around although I keep I keep thinking of Was it from South Park tally? So I don't know but anyhow, so if there's someone out there that has the skillset to put together some form of a you know, if says the The graphics get you know abilities or you know knows how to do that side found the video side.

We can put together the informative material put them together But that's definitely needed and so a short like one to two minute video to really spotlight Here's why cryptocurrency, you know in their mindset or digital assets blockchain. Here's why it's needed in the mainstream Here's what we need to do to make it Make it easy make it palatable or for these congressmen to sign on as co-sponsors of davidson soto bills Not only sign on as co-sponsors, but actually pass it through committee So these bills have to be passed through committee in order for them to go to Congress to vote on once they go through Congress Senate then they end up on Trump's desk to be signed off on We also don't want these bills that are being proposed to have all sorts of extra fluff You know coming from these congressman sale This is a great opportunity for me to throw in you know, whatever, you know junk that I want to put into the bill because we think a everybody wants the digital asset So I'm gonna hide something in it, and we don't want some congressman You know coming along and trying to you know hide something else and it's such a critical bill and we're talking about Changing the Securities Act of 1933 and 34 and and the Internal Revenue Act of 1986 I mean we're talking about, you know ancient ancient Bill our laws that are on the books right now that are that they're trying to plug digital assets into and it just doesn't work And that's why Davidson and Soto and Emmer and there's many others on the list, but they're but again, it's going to take our grassroots Initiative to make this happen now.

Let me go back to No, go back to some of the comments here Let's see Let's see Stan Oh, okay. Let me let me go from the top here. So Brian Marshall Once regs come how fast do you think extra pee will move? I Honestly that that's a tough question, you know It's based on utility I think wants to regulate and I believe that a lot of the banks in the US and worldwide are waiting for regulation, but Regulation only has so much time, you know the SEC has to you know They have to finalize they have to do something if they don't do something now and and Davidson has said it Soto has said it Amaura said it and Soto just spoke out about it not too long ago the u.s Is slipping behind we're gonna be you know at the bottom The rest of the world is going to take off in the digital asset space We used to lead, you know, we led the revolution on the Internet changing everything and now we're gonna be you know, We're gonna be at the back of the line and that's that's not where we need to be.

This this movement is truly Revolutionary in this technology and the US has to be a leader in this technology. And right now the regulation is definitely tying up decisions for cross-border payments but you know, I think that as you saw someone to you know It mentioned earlier one of the exchange exchanges bought a bank. You know, that that's a way around it as well You'd be now you're a bank. You know now you've got everything and it's easier to integrate Once you're you're a bank because if you're applying to become a bank The government's gonna say well, I don't know if I'm gonna give you a license to be a bank Well, you know what? We just bought a bank. So now we're a bank Same thing, you know and it's easier to transition the license once you own that entity Between between your you know your own your own owned Companies so let's go down here.

Let's see Stanley you and crypto investigative reports should do a show together. I don't know crypto investigative reports I've seen them online. You have the same informative style real news. No bullshit. I Appreciate that that would be awesome. You know, I would like to do another joint video Oz crypto and I've tried to hook up, you know multiple times to do something together and timing just never just never meshed especially since he's like, I don't thirteen hours ahead of us or twelve hours on the other side of the world, but I'd definitely be open to that if crypto investigative reports is out there and we want to hook something up.

That'd be awesome Mike G, Wyoming and Colorado seem to be leading You know what this that's awesome, you know on that that makes such a great point, uh certain states out there They get it right so, Wyoming, Colorado Ohio but you know why they get it is because they've been struggling for years To attract people for in terms of a job market. I'm in Wyoming I'm not sure what the population of Wyoming is. We could look it up. It's not that much, you know, there's a whole area Yeah in that the middle section especially and I'm in that Northwest Territory mid Northwest And and central and it there's just not a huge population there Mainly because of weather but but but you know what? you know with with this revolutionary technology and the and the fact that there that the Representatives get it at the state level and they're going to push through a specific Regulation at the state level and again Grassroots doesn't necessarily mean just us because this at the state level that that's a little bit of an easier You know, I want to say, you know, maybe it's a look at as a speed bump You know overall regulation is a speed bump, but getting to your state rep is easier than getting to your congressperson So if you go to your state Senate rep that is, you know, typically they're going to be in your local community And so working with them and go and lobbying them on your own I've kind of specked out a number in this area That I'm going to start talking to and I've really thought about that that what does it take as an initiative? to move more and more states So as states begun begin to adopt the digital assets And they and the states move into this direction to say hey, you know what? We want this as mainstream The Fed is gonna have to follow suit, you know, they can't be overdone by the state So if the states say hey, I'm gonna accept Bitcoin for tax or you know, I want to normalize Regulation on this because I want to attract more companies into my space Into in I want more jobs in Wyoming.

I want more jobs in, Colorado So we're gonna make it crypto friendly. Oh And so we see other other countries around the world like Switzerland and some of the real small countries That nobody even knew existed and I think digital asset talks about Liechtenstein Estonia Estonia for the past couple years has talked about What is it? Something well, you could basically apply for citizenship It's like an e citizenship sort of sort of and you can apply to be an e citizenship for Financial reasons for business reason so it's easier to open and own a business there But Estonia is moving in the direction of being digital friendly digital asset friendly so there's a lot of countries they get it they say they see the writing on the wall and they say you know what we've Been at the bottom of the heap economically in terms of the world You know, how do we take that initiative and move forward? So countries are doing it states are doing it You know on the Fed is just they're just bogged down because they're too big, you know too big You know, they're they're focuses is all over the place You know, what a, you know, why don't we just cut the size of government in half? And then maybe they'll be a little bit more focused on getting jobs done instead of just wasting time and money Which seems to be you know, what they're really good at at the government level is just wasting time and money Let me go back here.

I'm Planning on wrapping up the video in a little bit. And so let's uh, let's answer a few more here This is there's a lot of fun. I actually enjoy doing a live stream. I didn't know what to expect I know it was kind of pushed into doing it. We were gonna do one last night. We were testing it out and We almost did a live stream last night around 11:00. I said no, I'm not gonna do it at 11 o'clock at night Let's uh try to do it in the morning.

So Brian Marshall Colorado Has to use cash for their pot transaction that that's great. That's exactly right Banks won't even though they've passed it legally They can't they have to everything has to be in cash. They can't get credit. They are bank accounts credit cards None of that work. So cryptocurrency is really the perfect use case for them to make that work. I think that's a great point So and I'll tell you guys what you know this again. This is a lot of fun I got to figure out now take this live stream and make it was soon as we we end the live stream put it out there for available for Reviews gonna make some tweaks to that but I really believe that all of this has long-term Viability the technology really it's just getting started and the you are really endless And so man this was this was great. I truly appreciate everybody logging on today If you haven't subscribed subscribe You want to share with your friends share their channel with your friends that want to learn more about this space? If you have any connection with any of the other youtubers and you think there would be a good Chance of of us working together and doing videos together.

That'd be awesome you know, I've been in communication with with quite a few And really getting to do do something live is is great again check check it out the XRP Zoo on February 4th, I'll be on with those guys So until the next livestream, I have a couple other videos that I'll post I'm going to try to get another live stream out next Saturday, and I'll look forward to seeing you guys then.

Thanks for joining You.

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