#1 Best Crypto Wallet for DeFi RIGHT NOW (Major MetaMask Killer?!) | XDEFI Wallet Explained

so xdefi wallet is better than metamask quite simply 
because it's multi-chain and while metamask it's   primarily ethereum EVM that's it with the xdefi 
wallet it's compatible with more than ethereum   correct so all right welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily my name is austin here with aaron   and joined by founder emil dubay of cross chain 
wallet xdefi which is known as the metamask killer   emil thanks for joining thanks for having me 
guys yeah for sure man and um i would love to   just tee it off i think our audience has seen 
announcements in the news you guys have a lot   of notable backers for the xdefi wallet for somebody 
who's never heard of it before what is xdefi wallet   okay so simply put this is basically a cross-chain 
wallet that allows you to interact with different   blockchain ecosystems that allows you to 
send receive and store any type of tokens   respective of the native chain 
um yeah i'll put it this way   put it simply and why is it better than metamask 
which has market domination at the moment yeah so   i mean like a big fan of what metamask has 
achieved you know i've been an early user   and i think today in the current environment 
we're seeing like a multi-chain space really   emerging with you know at the end of last year 
first with binance smart chain then with solana   most recently like a terra and plenty of 
of different evm based networks as well   today you do need to have a tool that allows you 
to interact with all of these different ecosystems   and today if you if you look into what 
are the alternatives to to define wallet   it's mainly um focusing on on one single chain 
meaning that like if you are a user that is an   agnostic and you want to you know android at 
its fullest all of these different ecosystem you   basically need to have like several wallets which 
is not ideal because it impedes a new ability to   uh you know jump from an ecosystem to another in a 
timely manner but also have to deal with different   you know seed phrases and and and and etc so that 
that's really what i think uh xdefi wallet is uh   interesting for because it allows you to be fast 
in moving from an ecosystem to another and also uh   have everything in one place which you know in 
the context of a multi-chain space uh uh makes   sense so xdefi wallet is better than metamask quite 
simply because it's multi-chain and while metamask   is primarily ethereum evm that's it with the xdefi 
wallet it's compatible with more than ethereum   correct so i think i'm never trying to compare 
ourselves too much to other wallets and   and including metamask i think metamask is doing 
a lot of things well i think we're doing other   things that are that are that are um uh great 
right um so the way i will put it is that today   metamask is great for the evm uh ecosystem in 
general um and uh xdefi wallet is basically giving   you the ability to also interact with 
other ecosystems covered by metamask and i don't   think will ever be covered by them uh including 
for instance store chain uh terra um uh you know   utxos like bitcoin like bitcoin cash and much more to 
come like solana for instance uh uh and so on okay   because right now you can't uh correct me if i'm 
wrong you can't have bitcoin on a metamask wallet   right you wouldn't be able to i mean you probably 
would have like a wrapped bitcoin but not native   assets uh which is if if you are if you are a 
bitcoin person is uh what matters to you totally   so just so i'm clear what blockchains are you 
guys integrated in right now and what's the   future hold so today we have ethereum bitcoin 
binance chain binance smart chain polygon   uh thorchain uh litecoin bitcoin cash am i missing 
something terra is basically going to be released   really soon as in uh you know in a few days 
uh stay tuned uh and uh and then avalanche is   going to be there soon it's already integrated 
we're testing it right now working a little bit   on a few stuff around that and 
then it's going to be released   then we're looking into phantom and orbitrum and 
most likely going to be solana end of q4 awesome   and was there a was there a certain what like 
inspired you to create this was there a certain   moment a certain lack of functionality like i see 
what it does but why was this important to you   so all right so i think you know it's first as a 
user and it comes down to me being like an earlier   you know community member of the torch and 
ecosystem back in like at the end of 2019   at the time so my background is more like you know 
financial markets and like i was already investing   in space and i kind of changed my uh uh investment 
thesis in 2019 kind of like anticipating that uh   the entire ecosystem would become like wikichain 
i used to be like a really atm focused person   and i think at the time this is when i started 
looking into like uh projects that would like um   try to work and and then improve the interrupt 
interoperability between different chains and i   think this is when i discovered the door chain uh 
earlier in uh uh 2020 started discussing with the   cultimate torture and trying to understand how i 
can you know involve myself outside of you know   running a node or doing stuff like that creating 
our witches arbitrage bots and see how you know   really we could support like the growth of of the 
center ecosystem that was like a uh uh emerging   little by little so after a few discussions we 
realized that like uh what was really required   for this ecosystem to work out and also for users 
to you know interact seamlessly uh with all the ui   interfaces that are powered by torching uh uh 
well basically the tool that was required the   infrastructure tool that was required was like 
a cross-chain wallet extension um so you know   we looked a little bit into like the the the the 
wallet extension market um really different on the   mobile wallet market which is absolutely saturated 
uh uh and we realized that like only metamask was   out there and obviously as we just said metamask 
was only focusing on um on on evm based networks   uh uh therefore uh we needed to come up with 
something so at first we we started like really   like uh with the mentality of like helping 
the torturing community helping the torsion   ecosystem to grow uh and allowing like a a an easy 
interaction with all the the the ui inflation that   would be built on on on project that's how we 
talked about it xd5 ape xd5 wallet eight mode   can you explain that all right so i didn't mention 
that so basically we've worked with block native   on that um to make sure that uh the eip1559 was 
hopefully better implemented than in other wallets   because it's not a concept that is super 
easy to understand and at the same time i   think today what really matters for people uh 
is to actually like uh be able to ate fast uh   uh uh and that's why we use the term eight mode 
especially if it's like mint with nfts or if it's   like a tool that you want to to to jump in quickly 
like you know your ability to to uh to be included   in the next block uh is actually what defines 
whether you're going to see the opportunity   or another so that's why we came uh we came up 
with the eight mode leverage like the technology   provided by block native to make sure that 
like users are able to be included at 99.9 uh   uh uh um uh into the the next block so that that's 
how we we came up with uh this uh this new feature   cool cool so eight mode does it cost more 
and then you get priority in the block   yeah well it does cost a little bit more obviously 
but it does give you priority in the block and it   does make sure that you're included in the next 
block again not 100 but really close enough   but that's really important for like the nft 
space i feel um xd5 wallet built for nfts   is that correct could you explain that yeah so 
obviously we call xd5 right so i wouldn't say like   it's block only it's built only for nfgs uh um but 
it's definitely built to cut off for both defined   and energy users uh we are all in the team like 
massive fan of nft that thing who isn't at this   stage and that's awesome actually that so many 
people are you know able to jump into web3 because   they they they go via the nft route um so we are 
indeed a wallet that is focusing heavily obviously   on defy users but on dnf space as well why because 
i do feel that today i mean actually tomorrow and   possible today uh the the the next instagram 
pinterest of the nft uh environments are gonna   be wallets right people that don't want to be 
managing the nfc is displaying the nft showing of   the nfcs on third party interfaces that they have 
to first connect with the wallets i mean the ux is   not great when when when it comes down to that so 
really like the ambition for x5 wallet is not only   to allow you to display your energies uh but 
also to manage them uh in in in the easiest   fashion possible um so um there are a lot 
of things that we're doing around that   uh it's not gonna be only possible to send 
entities from a wallet to another to send   you know for instance a link to a friend to a 
family member or anyone else to show off your   your nft collection it's also going to be 
possible for you to sell in one click uh nfts   we we're looking into integrating in f20 right 
now uh uh within the wallet directly but also   deposit to nft as a collateral uh and potentially 
like buy nfts uh with friends uh etc so a lot of   different things we can do at the nft level um and 
uh and we're passionate about it so hopefully like   people are gonna like it and you know we we we've 
been discussing a lot with our community recently   around the nft theme and there are a lot of 
of of ids brewing right now in the background   i think that's huge personally because nft space 
is obviously blowing up and the fact that i can't   see an nft like in the most popular wallets now 
like if i buy it i got to go to a different site   you know that's uh that's what you want 
you want to see it you want to show it   off you want to experience it so i think 
that'll be huge um is there a personal   nft that you own that you're pretty proud 
of yeah uh i mean there are several like uh   i've sold too early like uh the blue chips 
actually if i'm being perfectly honest with   you uh this being said um right now uh the uh the 
the main nfc project that i'm uh that i'm uh um   uh basically like supporting is the the girl cat 
gang i don't know if you heard about it but i   think it's uh it's uh it's uh it's it's pretty 
good say it again good gang good at cat yeah it's pretty cool like if you if you like i think 
it's the next eight but you know like it's uh yeah   it's interesting definitely to uh to look into 
this product i really like it we'll have to ape   into that one for sure um let's talk about the xd5 
wallet token what is the use case for the token   just some things i've listed here staking claim 
free rebates participate in governance systems   earn by learning but you know please yes so okay 
i'll be really honest with you guys like i can't   really like uh comment on on that publicly uh 
so i really encourage you to look at what's what   has been published via twitter and and other uh uh 
medias uh uh around that but yeah i can't really   for regulatory reasons i'm assuming 
because you're behind the project   okay we'll check the website yeah i've listed 
staking in governance but honestly i get the   website would have more um generally speaking 
about xd5 what do you wish more people understood i mean okay so let's put it this way i do 
believe that like uh you know blockchain   blockchain is still that's really a early and and 
nascent stage today most of the people that are   gonna have like um you know like an interaction 
with uh with with cryptos are going to be like   via binance kraken coinbase or or whatever uh but 
if they really want to you know like to unleash   the full potential of web tree they're going to 
have to move from a centralized action through   decentralized wallet one and this is really for 
me at this stage that people are gonna jump into   a territory that is like more complicated 
to understand and that requires them   to have like some tools available to them to 
understand like how best they can you know   organize their opsec and also interact with all 
the dabs that are offered to them out there um   as a wallet we are as a decentralized 
wallet right we are like the first people   to onboard these new users these new 
joiners that have actually no clue what   what they're going to do or maybe they have 
like a little bit like of an understanding   of what they're going to do but it's quite limited 
and we can basically uh um uh uh help them at the   very beginning of the learning curve about web3 to 
try to to onboard them into this new environment   not just like into xd5 but like into the entire 
web tree environment so uh we do believe that we   have a responsibility to help them understanding 
and grasping like a concept around defined   energies and and this is exactly what we're going 
to do we have different uh initiatives that are   going to be created a play to learn mechanism 
which is how we call it and whereby people are   going to be able to complete milestones uh uh 
uh of using the wallet and other uh interfaces   uh uh in connection with the with wallet um and uh 
and hopefully that's gonna be successful i cannot   say too much about it i kind of want to say more 
about it but i cannot say too much about it yet   uh but that that's basically going to be like 
a a heavy focus of of the team and hopefully we   will help to uh you know cut off a wider adoption 
of the the duet in role for sure for sure   and um xd5 wallet is backed by some very notable 
backers alameda research animoka brands coin gecko   just to name a few that was impressive to 
me but i guess as we're wrapping up this   interview um i feel like we learned a lot about 
xd5 wallet um it does seem like you know it's   going to be pretty popular in the future i guess 
final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience oh for me you mean yeah if you have any final 
thoughts i actually you know i'm saying if you   have something to say on the backers though i 
mean like look the the way we are the way we are   uh uh uh thinking about like a building xd5 well 
it is really simple like trying to build it like   for uh the end user so if you have any feedback 
or anything like please we encourage you to try   the wallet uh if there is anything that you would 
like to see in this wallet any features that you   don't have in your current wallet and that you 
would like us to work on please feel free to join   us on our on our discord uh share these features 
with us uh and uh you know we will try our best to   implement them we cannot implement everything 
but if we don't we'll explain why if uh if uh   if we like the the feature that you're working on 
that you've thought about uh we'll try our best to   implement it so please try the web guys and um and 
let us know how uh how you felt about it awesome   emil thank you so much for taking the time one 
of the big reasons i found xd5 wallet interesting   because it is addressing real needs for d5 nfts 
etc so i appreciate you taking the time the links   for all the stuff you mentioned are down below 
and uh thanks again man thanks for having me guys

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