#1 Best Advice for NEW Cryptocurrency Investors in 2021 (DO THIS NOW)

if you're a new investor coming into this space 
today what's a piece of advice you would give that   new investor be an investor not a speculator right 
so speculation is fun and it's cool but you have   to remember it's a casino right so so so you only 
put casino money in right bitcoin is your savings   account 80 or more should be in bitcoin the amount 
that you allocate to speculating on other things   that's casino money when you get into this like 
most of the people come in in bull markets there's   a lot of excitement and everyone has fantasies 
of getting rich right there are very few ways to   get rid to get poor quicker than trying to get 
rich quick right the people that i know uh and   and have met along this journey that i've 
been on for the last 10 years who have   really made it are the people who have taken 
a long-term view and have acted in the most   boring way possible and not just with bitcoin but 
with the other assets as well you know people who   have taken a long-term view on ethereum so don't 
be a speculator be an investor interesting i love   that and not to put you on the spot but also 
just maybe to go a step further let's say you   were talking with your buddy at the bar who's 
a more experienced investor someone closer to   somebody who's been in the space for a long 
time what's a piece of advice you may give him are you someone who's been in the crypto space you 
meet yeah this you know like a more experienced   investor now because that was really good 
advice i think for a new uh you know person   in cryptocurrency but like for a more experienced 
person yeah so what i would do for that person is   i would go back to what i said earlier don't think 
of this as technology think about this as building   institutions right the paradigm has changed we're 
not building the internet anymore we're building   what comes after the internet right we're building 
the property rights for an internet age so when   you're looking at opportunities to invest in 
space there are hidden gems right those are   the things that are building fundamentally new 
institutions that are going to be valuable and   reliable into the future yes great perspective 
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