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Hey yo…..what’s going on with my people,   the army that watches me everyday, and those who 
don’t, who I’ve termed the viewers of the tube.   Now the only question I have for the latter group, 
is why don’t you watch our content everyday??   Well I’m going to give you the best 
reason to…dropping some crypto content   that will blow your mind..So are you ready for our 
blow of topp? Because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Well, BTC..Bitcoin wasn’t looking good yesterday 
as we lost a critical support level. Pulling   out the price chart…thing were looking OK 
wednesday evening as we pumped back over 61k…but   then slide baby slide…Losing 60k yesterday, 
down to 59k, which was bought up pumping us   back upto 60k…then a steep dip down to 58k, 
that was initially bought up too…back to 59k…but   as of shooting this video…we had lost 58k 
support and were sitting at around $57,500.

Now just over a week ago, we were over 
$11,000 dollars higher…November 10th,   BTC was sitting at around $68,500. To the low 
of $57,500…we have dipped by over 16 percent!! So is this just a short term 
dip or is this something   more…something to be really worried about?? Well let's look at both sides 
of the coin here. First the   possibility that this is just a short term dip.
Now do you remember my video from Wednesday?? Well   I showed that this bullrun and the 2017 bullrun 
had many similarities since July…the charts were   looking almost exactly the same. I also showed 
there was a November dip in 2017’s bullrun.   The price then dipped pretty dang hard, from $7500 
down to $5900…which was a loss of 21 percent. So in reality, the 16 percent dip we 
have seen isn’t out of the ordinary.   It actually fits perfectly…which we 
can confirm even further, by going to   2014…there was a November dip then too. Pulling 
out the price chart the early November peak   was $358 dollars. The price dipped down to 313 
dollars. This was a loss of about 12 percent. Now if you take the average of the 2017 November 
dip of 21 percent and the 2013 November dip of   12 percent, you would get an average November 
fall of 16.5 percent…sooo as of yesterday’s fall,   we were basically spot on with the average 
November fall over the last 2 bull cycles.

Soo is this just the November before the Holy 
Pump? The Last Hoorah?? Well in 2014 and in   2017…after their November dips, yes it was…just a 
small DIP before they pumped and went ballistic!! So how's that for some history hopium!??   Now let’s flip the coin & look at the reason 
we may need to be worried about this DIP….  It all comes down to one of 
the biggest cryptocurrency   lending platform out there…BlockFi & what’s 
happening with them, may have lit the fuse.

Just 2 days ago it was announced that 
the SEC opened a probe into BlockFi   as well as a dozen other cryptocurrency companies.   From the article it says “Sources told Bloomberg 
that this is the heart of the SEC's investigation:   to determine whether BlockFi accounts are similar 
to securities. If so, these products must then be   registered with the agency. The SEC has not 
accused BlockFi of any wrongdoing thus far” Has BlockFi engaged in any wrongdoing?? Well sir 
Bitfinixed, who has been all over the Tether case,   has also been looking at BlockFi.

He tweeted 
on the day the news came out about the SEC.   BlockFi is in a bad position due to their GBTC 
trade. They took your Bitcoins. Deposited to   Grayscale to get GBTC, hoping to sell GBTC 
for more money after the lockout expired.   This trade blew up in their face, and GBTC is 
NEGATIVE to Bitcoin. They can't return your BTC. Well…there is a website, which used to be 
called ditchblockfi.com…as it’s been taken down,   but we can use the wayback machine to pull it up. 
And this website detailed the trade. The site said   “We understand that BlockFi takes client 
funds and creates GBTC shares with them,   in order to try and sell these shares at a 
premium to the price of BTC. They currently   promote a 6% annualised interest 
rate to depositors depositing BTC.   So if their return from creating GBTC, waiting 6 
months and then selling GBTC for BTC is less than   8% (6% for the interest they owe + 2% to cover 
Grayscale fees) per year, BlockFi loses money.   Currently, GBTC is trading at negative 7.89% 
and was recently as low as negative 15%.

Below is an internal BlockFi document they 
sent to investors that explains this trade.   According to this we believe that they have at   least $1.8 Billion dollars of their 
own customer assets in this trade. And they show the supposed internal document, 
which detailed the trade…even including the   projected revenues from the trade, assuming the 
premiums held at the December 2020 premiums… Well they didn’t…the wayback 
machine snapshot of ditchblockfi   we can see was taken in March of 2021…then 
GBTC recently went as low as negative 15%,   but when the screengrab was taken GBTC was at 
negative 7.89 percent. What is it like today? Well checking out ycharts, we can 
see that premium hasn’t recovered,   it got as low as negative 20 percent 
in May of this year, once again lower   than negative 20 percent in October and as 
of yesterday was negative 13.47 percent. Uh oh….is BlockFi in trouble? Did 
they take on way too much risk,   with customers' funds… that it’s 
now about to blow up in their face? Well, I can’t be the judge, 
jury and executioner…but   now that I doomed and gloomed you, let's switch 
gears and bring some crypto HYPE!! I’m talking   about Gamestop and their NFT platform…which ties 
into a certain cryptocurrency.

But before we get   into that it’s time for a sponsored segment 
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A vibrant and helpful 
community has already formed on Telegram and the   project has become a shining star of game theory 
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SmartCoin has created a lot of excitement and 
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3 is in motion and essential to the entire plan…   check out the link to their website and follow 
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most importantly join their telegram and start   interacting with the community so you can 
play a part in this revolutionary crypto game Now back to Gamestop, their NFT platform, 
and the crypto who may be involved with   it.

That crypto is one I’ve been covering for a 
long time in relation to this partnership…since   June…and that crypto is…. Loopring… Now going to the Loopring subreddit, there 
was a post titled “Proof that the actual   GME GitHub leak was legit” Diving into the 
post, it was posted by a user presence salt,   which breaks it all down & I’ve included the 
post if you would like to deep dive yourself. But we are just going to cover the things that 
are important. So there was a code leak from   Gamestop…that went under the radar a few 
weeks back…but Superstonk redditors found   it. From Github, a user windatang committed to 
loopring webv2….a commit titled NFT feature. This commit was deleted, but using the 
waybackmachine, the researchers were able to   pull it back up. Diving into the code, we can see 
that Gamestop is mentioned 10 times in the code.

Now jumping back to PrecenseSalts 
research, we can figure out the story.   The post says. Now after doing some research, 
I have a story on what might've happened here:   windatang pushed the commit on October 26th, 
giving it the name of "NFT feature". Soon   she(or he?) realised the mistake and tried to undo 
the changes. Now the only option was to delete the   whole repository, which they did. But GitHub 
doesn't delete fork repositories, so we still   have that repository under Bachopin's account: 
https://github.com/Bachopin/loopring-web-v2, which   btw is a loopring developer themselves.

forward to November 2nd, windatang pushed another   change to the official loopring SDK giving 
it the name of "NFT feature" (ring a bell?).   This is a real commit, made by a real 
user to official loopring's code. Jumping into that code, we can 
see mentions of Gamestop had been   removed…Although there are a lot of 
similarities between the two codebases   which points to the fact that the code 
on October 26th was pushed as a part of   a demo and on November 2nd, the code was 
officially made part of loopring's SDK   which will be used by GameStop….they just 
had to remove Gamestop’s name due to NDAs.

Soo my friends, is this the smoking gun?? 
An accidental leak from a Loopring DEV,   which they tried to delete and cover 
up, before the masses found out??   Well Presence Salt added an 
edit to his post…that said   “This comment does a pretty good job in explaining 
the similarities between the two codes.” Juming to the comment. User Dark 
Stapler said “Professional dev here   (also an ape! Just joined your sub 
this evening after writing this post),   I did review the *earlier leak* and the public 
one that's now actually a part of loopring_sdk,   and they are definitely very much the same. This 
proves undeniably that loopring and GameStop   are partnered to make an NFT marketplace, 
given a couple assumptions listed below. They list those assumptions which I’ll let you 
read, his comment is also linked below. But then   they say “Judging the before/after 
progress on the two pull requests   I would guess the product is at least a couple 
weeks away before it can go live, but likely   a bit longer. They seem to still be adding 
quite a bit of new features at a quick pace. Couple weeks away possibly? maybe a bit 

Gamestop and Loopring is coming soon   and remember who was the Youtuber who called 
it first. Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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