0.01 Bitcoin Is All You Need To Be Rich | Ethereum is a SLEEPING GIANT ready to explode! ūüí•

what i'm about to share with you the sooner 
you realize this the sooner that you take the   time to understand what it means to have 
a finite capped supply in a world where   demand for bitcoin is only increasing once 
you understand this you will become filthy   stinking rich at least in theory right bitcoin's 
limited supply cap means that you only need   point zero one bitcoin to become rich in 
ten years bitcoin's finite supply will be   nearly exhausted meaning hodlers might only 
need .01 bitcoin to become filthy stinking rich   right now today .01 bitcoin is just above 500 500 
to 1 million in 10 years is this possible this is   what i want to talk about in this video along with 
recent news bitcoin eth george soros ben shapiro   atari ethereum uniswap token welcome back 
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comment below is point zero one bitcoin enough is   there another coin that you have on your radar for 
a long term hold let's talk about bitcoin let's   talk about ethereum then we'll talk about altcoins 
let's get into it while purchasing 0.01 bitcoin   might today just cost 500 doesn't seem like a 
lot of bitcoin doesn't seem like too much money   current trends in global wealth distribution 
and the inevitable realization of bitcoin's   limited supply could result in 0.01 bitcoin being 
worth 1 million dollars in the future let's talk   about this let's unpack this let's talk about 
bitcoin's fixed capped supply and the increasing   demand and just the different scenarios to truly 
realize that .01 bitcoin is going to be worth a   lot of money in the future so according to credit 
suisse's global wealth reports 2020 there are 52   million individuals with a net worth surpassing 
1 million dollars 52 million millionaires in the   world despite representing just one percent of 
the global population excluding children these   millionaires own 43 percent of the world's 
wealth huh let's keep going as of march 1st   bitcoin's total supply consists of 18.64 million 
bitcoin leaving 2.37 million coins yet to be mined   in 10 years the supply will reach 20.6 million or 
98 of the 21 million coins from the total supply   well there are some coins that are lost right 
or haven't been touched for a while that's going   to remove supply right well when removing the 1.9 
million coins that haven't been touched for over a   decade from bitcoin supply cap there is a maximum 
limit of 19.2 million bitcoin now available to   these millionaires in the world we're only talking 
about millionaires at this point this leaves .37   bitcoin per millionaire including the yet to 
be mined coins assuming bitcoin supply will   be evenly shared between said millionaires which 
obviously it won't but hypothetically if this were   the case they would all be fighting for just .37 
bitcoin per millionaire we're just talking about   the millionaires at this point and you got to ask 
yourself well this is only going to be true if i   believe that bitcoin has a future and bitcoin's 
going to be here that's something i believe if   you believe that you should pay attention however 
if every bitcoin that has remained unmoved for   five years or more is lost so not 10 years anymore 
but now five years and that would be a maximum of   14.5 million bitcoin that will be available for 
accumulation for the millionaires for everybody   in this scenario each of the world's millionaires 
could only own 0.28 bitcoin each assuming supply   is evenly distributed so now it's 0.28 bitcoin 
the fact is that in the future the wealthy will be   fighting for .01 bitcoin let's talk about this in 
addition to the certified millionaires there are   590 million individuals whose net worth exceeds 
a hundred thousand dollars let's not forget about   these people these people shouldn't be disregarded 
as potential huddlers even though their purchasing   power is less assuming that the global wealth 
proportion shown in this chart right here above   stays the same assuming that proportion of wealth 
is distributed correctly millionaires represent   just 6.32 million coins out of bitcoin's remaining 
supply suggesting each individual would have the   opportunity to purchase just 0.12 bitcoin each 
what i'm trying to show you is no matter how you   look at the data and the more data that you have 
this shows us that people are going to be fighting   for small amounts of bitcoin the remaining 590 
million individuals currently worth 100 000 or   higher could effectively hold another 5.9 million 
coins resulting in a mere .01 bitcoin per adult   this is how we come to this number resulting 
in a mere .01 bitcoin per adult so now we're   talking about pretty much everybody and they're 
fighting if it's evenly distributed for .01   bitcoin today 500 tomorrow possibly a million to 
conclude buying .01 bitcoin today roughly a 500   investment at current prices can assure you can 
assure a person a top 13 hodler position when   comparing the relative wealth concentration of the 
fiat and bitcoin markets being among bitcoins top   13 shares the same exclusivity as being a fiat 
millionaire so 500 in bitcoin today .01 bitcoin   being the same as a fiat millionaire and when you 
study the history of bitcoin look at how quickly   this appreciates you come to realize one thing 
most people will own bitcoin it is inevitable   bitcoin holds value and appreciates in value 
like no other back in 2011 one bitcoin bought   you a lemon back in 2014 one bitcoin bought you a 
phone 2015 one bitcoin bought you beats by dr dre   2018 one bitcoin bought you a motorcycle 
2021 one bitcoin buys you a nice car   2025 a citadel we'll see let's talk about the 
first publicly traded company to disclose they   have ethereum on their balance sheet in fact 40 
million worth of bitcoin and eth publicly traded   company we've seen this plenty of times with 
bitcoin we'll continue to see it with bitcoin   this is a game changer for ethereum my2 a 
chinese photo retouching app listed in hong kong   announced that it has purchased 40 million worth 
of bitcoin and eth one of the most popular mobile   apps in china my2 has nearly 300 million in 
self-reported monthly active users as of june   2020 my2 is also evaluating the feasibility 
of launching an ether based decentralized   app so they're going all in this is a direct 
quote from the company these purchases were made   pursuant to a cryptocurrency investment plan 
previously approved by the board of directors   under which the group may make a net purchase of 
up to 100 million worth of cryptocurrencies they   still have 60 million they could you know buy an 
ether and bitcoin and whatever financed by its   existing cash reserves other than any remaining 
proceeds from the company's initial public   offering so they had to go through the board of 
directors they got approved for a hundred million   they have deployed 40 million they're looking into 
eth applications just so you know founded in 2008   my two is one of the most popular mobile apps in 
china with a market cap of 11 billion as of june   2020 my2 held 2.5 billion or actually 380 million 
in cash in liquid financial reserves and had 295   million self-reported monthly active users its 
chairman and founder is also a known pro bitcoin   figure who said in 2018 in an interview that he 
personally amassed 10 000 bitcoin at the time   so these guys are putting their money where their 
mouth is this is the first publicly listed company   that's bought in eth what this means to me is that 
this cryptocurrency revolution is real and this is   global i want to continue talking about ethereum 
in just a second but realize just you know what   a game changer it is to have corporations put 
bitcoin and now we're seeing it with ethereum   to an extent put bitcoin on their balance sheets 
we haven't even seen the true effects of michael   saylor's bitcoin conference where he onboarded 
tons of corporations and gave them his playbook   when we do start to see the true effects starting 
q2 starting very soon it'll seem like we can't go   a day without hearing about corporations adding 
bitcoin to their balance sheet it's coming and it   will kick off the biggest phase of this bull 
market that we have seen keep paddling keep   hodling speaking about ethereum we continue to 
see whales accumulating ethereum whales owning   10 k plus eth now owns 68 percent of the total 
eath supply this is the highest percentage owned   by whales since november 2017 so back november 
2017 that was a couple months away from eth's big   you know huge rally big blow off and 
also some information about today   10 to 10 000 addresses meanwhile on the 
lowest percentage since september 2017.   so whales continue to accumulate eth is this smart 
money i don't know it's an interesting metric   george soros the george soros is getting 
into bitcoin with the bitcoin firm nydig   george soros ben shapiro breaks down bitcoin and 
says he likes bitcoin and he thinks more people   will invest in bitcoin he says anytime there's 
a market for any sort of digital currency there   will be rival digital currencies the question 
is which one gains credence in the marketplace   it's why at the very beginning it takes big 
people buying into this sort of stuff to make   a difference in the market for it so the more 
elon musks you have buying bitcoin the more   faith there is that bitcoin is a real thing ben 
shapiro adds that bitcoin is poised to attract   more and more investors as people find a way to 
escape fiat currencies that are being debased by   their governments ben shapiro seems to get it he 
says this is why so many people are skeptical of   cryptocurrencies in the first place but my 
feeling is that over time cryptocurrencies   particularly ones that find a place in the 
market the way bitcoin has i think that those   are going to continue to rise i think we have 
less and less faith in centralized governments   and it seems to me that we are there right now at 
as that happens more and more i think we're going   to see more and more people looking to diversify 
away from fiat and instead moving into places   like bitcoin for actual safety and security 
so ben shapiro promoting bitcoin in a big way   pretty much saying that bitcoin's already a thing 
bitcoin is here to stay other cryptocurrencies   could follow but right now you know bitcoin 
and crypto is where it's at before we talk   about ethan atari before we talk about uni token 
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good interest atari partners on a crypto casino   in an ethereum based virtual world so an atari 
branded casino will be built in a gaming district   within decentraland's metaverse atari the gaming 
company behind pac-man asteroids and pong is to   develop a cryptocurrency casino in partnership 
with decentral games according to a press release   shared with coindesk on monday the atari branded 
casino will be built in vegas city a gaming   district in ethereum based decentralized metaverse 
will be leased on an initial two-year term the new   casino based on decentral games tech will feature 
atari themed games including an atari's special   game based on skill rather than luck players 
will be able to earn decentral games native token   got another token now so we have the ether token 
the decentralized mono token now we have the dg   token you can earn this by playing with mana 
or with dai and atari tokens in general token   holders of dg will also be able to utilize them 
to participate in governance and company related   decision making according to the release so the dg 
will be a governance token by the way decentraland   is backed by digital currency group the parent 
company of coindesk and coindesk is reporting   second from last piece of news uni token surges 
50 in one week becomes the first d5 dap token in   crypto's top ten uniswap's governance token has 
become the first defy token to rank among the   10 largest crypto assets by market cap so in my 
opinion the uni token the governance token for   a decentralized exchange this makes sense i like 
to see you know tokens in my opinion that don't   have a future being flushed out of the top ten and 
better projects like this moving into the top ten   this is the rally final piece of news taco bell 
rides nft hype train with collectible digital   tacos taco bell just dropped a collection of taco 
themed digital collectibles and they're all sold   out this was pretty interesting fast food chain 
taco bell has just sold its first batch of taco   themed digital collectibles on nft marketplace 
wearable and they were snapped up in a flash   they say our spicy potato soft tacos can 
now live in your hearts stomachs and digital   wallets this was tweeted by the company as their 
nfts dropped taco bell created five distinct nfts   selling them in batches of five the collectibles 
were put on sale for point zero zero one each just   a dollar eighty which is quite cheap as nft sales 
go but the company will receive point zero one   percent of future sales with all proceeds going to 
the taco bell foundation which focused on helping   young people find careers i like it this is what 
i want to see and it's pretty revealing that   companies and people like this are are getting 
involved make sure you subscribe to the channel we   drop a video every day this cryptocurrency market 
is heating up this is turning into a great year

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