🧠 Defi 實實測 (上)– 💫UNISWAP SWAP/POOL/MINING 流動性掘礦 ,會比CELSIUS 好賺 ?我的BBC+CELSIUS 提款速度實測 必睇說明中的補充 (中文字幕)

Before starting, I want to ask if anyone has any special hobbies Those hobbies of typing Because I want to add back subtitles but I'm a little busy lately. Please contact me if you can help me in this regard Small reward, thank you XD Hello everyone, I am Leo, today is On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, every Tuesday or Friday will be here to discuss Bitcoin or cryptocurrency Because there is too much information, we have recently been closely considering increasing the number of films and hope that everyone will continue to support it! ^_^ Let me tell you a few words that September is about to pass.

A lot of things happened this month, whether it is cryptocurrency A lot of things happen in my world in my world The review in August or September has been recorded and edited Because I only have two helpers Left hand and right hand (it sucks but laughs better than the bottom)~ I hope everyone will support when it is launched because This channel is not a pure hope of making money Everyone can learn, hope everyone can share, hope everyone will grow Although very old-fashioned, I hope everyone will grow up It’s okay to talk about serious things, but I’m very serious just now, I will discuss the price of Bitcoin with you. In addition, today I want to make a little or a big comparison with everyone (????) XD Everyone knows that I am a fan of Celsius Today i will be at celsius Take some eth came out and tried to move to the present The largest Defi project uniswap compare whether putting celsius will make more money or putting it on Uniswap will make more money I posted a post on facebook yesterday Discussing the currency price chart yesterday we Probably in a location I made a post at 10900, as long as I break through This one red line But fell back after less than half a day It just fell to the red line so These lines are actually quite accurate so now It is 10761.

In the short term, I will be Slightly optimistic Because Bitcoin has to catch up, I said The target price at the end of the year is about About 14 thousand and it seems to be getting harder and harder. If you want to lower the target at least, I hope it can. Reaching this purple line is an approximation It’s at least 13,000. Today I don’t think it’s too special. Everyone is Will you regret it after you continue to store it for a year? Let’s enter today’s theme immediately Comparison of Uniswap and Celsius First look at this website of defi pulse uniswap's dominance Is 18.75% Like bitcoin Dominance is about 60% (if you remember correctly) Uniswap in the world of defi Is the one with the largest market share I have revealed it in the telegram group before My main holding is bbc bbc is bitcoin, binance token, celsius token Choosing a cryptocurrency: the most durable and longest-lasting + innovation bitcoin The first coin in the world binance token The largest exchange in the world celsius token's first cryptocurrency dividend activity uniswap is the best or largest project in the cryptocurrency world There are other reasons If you are interested, you will make additional videos for research Back to the topic of uniswap Today I will try to put some tokens in celsius Put it into the pool of uniswap why? Take a look here The token placed in the uniswap pool has reached a new high 2.27 billion now No matter the sushi token FLM token and more pool/money will eventually flow into uniswap What is the "U" of BBCU just mentioned Of course it is the token in Uniswap UNI Let's take a look here UNISWAP understands the annualized remuneration of UNI, then let’s take a look here UNISWAP understands UNI annual remuneration in one table Not much but may be more practical We don't look too detailed The most important thing is here Uniswap first round of liquidity mining Already started on September 18 It is expected to end at 8 a.m.

On November 17 In other words, if you put some liquidity Put it into the following four mining pools You have a chance to get its uni This is the U of BBCU just mentioned So i try today Put some eth in See if you will earn more interest than Celsius during settlement This article will not be read in detail here The link to the article will be placed below If you are interested, you can go and see for yourself Today I mainly want to study this EXCEL It said that if this uniswap token If its price is $1/$2/$3/$4 How much interest you will get If how much money is in the pool (Estimate) what is the approximate annualization I haven't studied in depth here If you have in-depth research, you can check it out Because I only look at the actual return (return) I put (token) in I'll know when I take it back Ok let's try now I have withdrawn funds from celsius earlier We can try one more thing Because some people say that withdrawing money in celsius is slow At the same time try a real test for everyone to see Now the screen should see the status of my withdrawal I pay in about an hour or two The whole process is smooth The process includes entering Google’s verification code Confirm the quantity to be sent Confirm confirmation email Stay with us and wait for Celsius to send it This time I was sent by celsius to Argent Wallet It only took three minutes Everyone should see the screen Now we immediately go back to uniswap First we return to the interface of uniswap Connect your own wallet See here there is wallet connect Open the argent app Here is a scan QR code (Scanning) After the scan is complete, it will ask you whether to authorize this connection connecting.

. . 10.043 eth here Leave some for gas fee/security considerations. Here is 10.043 eth Leave some for gas fee/security considerations I will stay around 0.1 I.e. put in about 9.9 Add liquidity We are about 9.9 Select token, I choose to put it on dai If 9.9 eth, there will be 3462 dais Can carry out this pool I want to replace part of eth with dai Let's try to make a swap For example, 5 tablets Change to Dai and press the Swap button Gas fee is about 0.015 Press Swap Confirm Swap App must confirm Transaction Fee Wow! 17 mosquitoes! Is not it! (T_T) It doesn’t matter~ for everyone to see It's worth the money hahaha Okay submitted Then see how long it will take to complete this swap Seeing this, it's in progress Let's see when it's finished Then let's go back here Ready to deposit this I may be left with 4.8 (may not have T_T) Wait until the end of the night~ Will it be out of power hahahaha It seems to have been approve approve swap approve dai Is it full? Well done There are two kinds of tokens in my wallet The one above hasn't been updated yet, just ignore it Doesn't seem to have that much money Seems to be too much, can it be taken away (???) 4.8…The balance has 5.01 Let's try more or less 4.9 4.9 that feels safe, then approve I will choose the pre approve quantity I will approve 1720 dai 1720…set limit continue approve Then there is a message sent to make a confirmation Check email verify email Then verify Each wallet’s approach is somewhat different But this is what argent does keep my phone open Let's see what happened Wait x N times It's successful, it's confirmed Then we can press supply You will see you will receive…

Pool token Confirm the number and confirm 4.91713 Share Approve is 0.0009344% Confirm Approve again and again and another transaction fee How many transaction fees will I give in the end? I really do not know Anyway, I put it in about 10.0433 eth Remember everyone Approve It should have been successful, here is pending Of course if you have cryptocurrency such as usdt usdc You can send directly over You don’t need to swap in uniswap to get dai It depends on your own assets OK Add left Then we can take a look again This is my position 77.78 Pool share is still 0.000934 Balance is only 0.07 left Dai only left 29.7507 Huh~ but I saw there are 14 more in Wallet Because I only have 16 tablets and 14 tablets in total, can I send it away? Today the first part of this demonstration and comparison is here What we need to do next is About a month later/Wait until November 17th I will withdraw the money and exchange it for eth.

The uni received will be sold. See if there is an increase in interest or assets in the end Still a lot of gas fee I am so poor~~~! ! ! ! ! ! Today this video hopes to help everyone Better understand how to use uniswap How to join the uniswap pool Even realize how to withdraw money in celsius and how fast If you like to deceive, Like comment and share, see you next video~ XD The August or September retrospective has been recorded Zuo Yijia's cut and cut and cut two opponents OK? Oh not two opponents XDDDDDD.

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