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Hello everyone, a new week has come and the market has turned green altcoin again mostly we have been growing bitcoin over the past day has grown by 4 percent let's take a closer look what we have now happening in the crypto market for the last 24 hours on bitcoin we have grown a ball that is, after the growth of this by 4 percent traders do not strongly believe that growth will continue and decided to add a little variety items Lange also does not close but compared to shorts and they added much less to lightcoin in about the same pattern plus three percent long plus 14 shorts by etherium have shrunk considerably Lange and even the graph shows how they fell sharply the ball you did not grow much but Lange decided to cover the trader minus 20 percent for 24 hours and a pair of plu about the same rate plus or minus 2 percent of the phalanx and shorts of big changes are not observed as far as fear is concerned then the weekend fear we had again the extremely low rate was extremely low the fear naturally was a maximum of 10 percent to tens now it is also extreme but has risen already to 18 worth a little guess the cue at 4 percent on the schedule we see from history that the top ten is for the last time is the lowest figure it was May 24 and here yesterday 30 today need 18 little rope let's look at the liquidation in 24 hours eliminated more than 71,000 traders three hundred twenty-two million dollars have been eliminated in the last day by more short but not severe shorts than Lange getting dragged in both directions on the schedule it doesn't strongly knock out previous figures it's suggests that traders are afraid to enter a position during such pi⁇ lying extreme fear and even with any movement in elimination we will not be relatively large let look at the news that we have published by major foreign publishers to the economist writes apparently economist William boulter once called a gold bubble 60 millennia old bitcoin fairy but similar to this novelty or you can understand that gold was once called just bubbles but a lot has passed years and now it is one of the most important assets only history will show whether it is bitcoin and the whole crypto industry bloomberg writes a shrinking gap between bitcoin ether causes some issues that will come to the fore soon here he gives a chart of changes in bitcoin and etherium monthly for the last month in May etherium then less than bitcoin also bloomberg writes in a dogecoin and posted an article telling what is dogecoin it is very good for those does not know will help attract new people to buy this coin marketwatch bitcoin approaching the worst month since 2011, the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad says it is great news as always say buy then when everything sells as we get closer to the most the worst months of 2011 then hints to us the author of the above book then everyone remembers what happened after 2011 has been ten years and bitcoin has grown n Growth at times perhaps we are waiting for this repeat of the sequel the next 10 years let’s see now what new news we have on coins and with important news we have nothing added there are small news that are not important but also thought to cover them is not worth it here dogicoin we will have a ladder on the exchange name of sky yet different coins but also think to cover them at all makes no sense consider only an important event let's let's see what we have soon and this is June 1 we are expected to launch the main network on coin bigger someone coin interested she has us pre up who is interested in this coin i think it is necessary to consider the given area that at us differently service other service at us publishes the last news from the top 100 coins here also there is no important news the only thing to note this shiba inu i know many are interested in it is one of the most popular coins in search coin market cup let's see what kind of news this is and on the distribution of the old protocol each holder will be given 1st to per thousand Shibaev shooting will be ghostly it will take place with 21 to 22 June 21 is the great news p drop we have a good effect on coin growth if cue we will not fly down then I think Shibayev should we at least give some rebound 1 if fans of this coin will want to participate in the r fraction and the month we have ends and here it is rating how the developers worked on this or that coin and 100 across the crypt mostly work over the cardan gimbal floor to the dot is alone basic so as far as it should be noted at all in the top who we have for the development of the gimbal is 1 KSM dot ether and so on now let's see what we have happening on the charts of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you bitcoin last time I assumed that we have a triangle here while all this we have in the village is the only one it continues the expanding triangle will be relevant until punctured either here let this or here is this layer on at the moment we have the MOC until now we go to the supposed in olne e after that will be decrease further down that is here near this limit we are expected to wave 4 shaft completion to 4 then the decrease in the area of ​​the previous volume layers is still not there it speaks for itself that we have a correction and this scenario and we still have a relevant triangle no the broken volume they appeared structure the whole thing confirms that we have and the script on the long straight from here and if at us here wave 1 and here wave 2.

Then the given scenario also is still actual I will remind that there is an option that this one was abbreviated wave 5 and here we have wave 1 and here wave 2 and now we can go straight from here to saw further up and draw inside and for now confirmations this is not here there is no dealer Hertz not just volumes not any structure so given the scenario is still relevant but it is not a priority in priority anymore we have a decline upon completion waves 4 waves 5 let's see what we have on the air umi no and the movie we also have the movement began to look like on the triangle we have not updated play is not updated and is very similar to became on a now c gives also we don't have volumes and still here both scenarios are relevant naturally in priority we have a decrease since there are no volumes and for the turn and hike up you need volumes and protection 1 pulse here its not there yet so both scenarios can work out but the priority we have is downgrading to previous layers even here this rise up let's take a closer look at the hour it goes us like three waves three waves this one volume correction is also not even a start back on and movie as well as on bitcoin priority we have on decline to previous barking look ripple here we also have volumes especially not upstairs passed three waves here until also the scenario at which we will go in the previous is not canceled Bark if you look at the clock on the river indicator we do not exceed the volumes began to grow but they are not yet enough to confirm a reversal but it's not bad it's at least something and not like previous coins and here we have the layer has shifted a bit so the settlement area will also be em a little elsewhere in this structure reminds us of three waves so far A.B.

Now we go in c presumably, and here this area is marked just for her navel pair as well as priority we have a hike down confirmation of the reversal yet no let's look at the dominance of bitcoin and after the sharp rise in dominance we have gone down again and now while there is a pair of trading points when we go further down because we didn’t punch the moving average painted at the top of just three waves and when we are not going to increase the dominance of bitcoin then it will be a good chance to be on time [__] bitcoin altcoin and shot up a couple of coins from the comments one of them dot stick daughter the last time we watched it here and here we all had no forecast here we had an incomprehensible moment of the kuna we neither back nor here so see changed anything in us on this coin if you look at the bottom in China we have a down volume indicator also do not exceed maybe even if collectively watch then also they will be at the bottom let's look at another one volume but here the largest volume of us was at the bottom until this distribution is visible I think we are still be able to go upstairs these look at 4 o'clock that we have locally as it goes in general all this seems to be known for the completed momentum which is now adjusting the prospect of a given coin there is but it is not too early to say because the reversal in the correctional wave is still not here going in us an obvious momentum on volumes and if it's an impulse then there's a good chance that will be and 2 pulse is same down without showing us the graph here I see here's what movement that we have is going only wave a in correctional wave 2 and even it is not yet completed 1st assumed wave 3 now we are also in the top four as on bitcoin we are all expecting a drop in wave 5 and it will be yet the completion of the whole correction it will be just one wave with a minimum of three waves a pc let's we will estimate where here it is possible to place zones if it was a peak while it is viewed right here zone where the stick can go dot negative value of natural see isla take no calculated value the settlement zone we have is very very, very low naturally the first zone is the previous one here if this scenario will play out then the first zone where it can unfold is the previous one likes here all if we fly below it will be known they are so much fun for dota stick holders and when still consider what we've been looking at these volumes here are the main volumes principle far we can go or almost give them I thought still the one who bought here will not give a break below but up to 10 it is quite possible to proceed to eight to ten with the same I will say not very fun schedule, this area is quite achievable and even more so we are still waiting for the wave c potentially it’s all my guess it’s all from what the graph shows us at the moment i can see the situation may change but this is one of the probable scenarios i think i see not only did I fall godot they are very here cheerful prospect another coin asked CPM and and we have never seen the anger of the whole volume and and here in principle similar situation like she stick dota think here from here you need to measure the waves and here too it all looks like a completed structure on a completed momentum means even at the very lang you script that it was wave 1 now we are driving wave 2 going down we can go even further well here by the way what are we over oil here here here braked on this sliding it gives a chance to push off right from here but on the structure there is seen exactly the same situation as on the stick daughter that this is what we have month a b and c waiting for it is like a wave 123 now we are in the four still unknown completed Or she is waiting for us five very low levels calculation will not draw because we are still have not even reached the previous layers the only one you can consider is whether we have completed the four but in the four settlement zone we have not reached can the principle still up to give a sketch four but it's not necessary because there is also a fly and do not update the [ __ ] update and it's very is like a triangle and quite possibly either where you finish you go below but that’s all for now assumptions from what is seen right now here they are volume and here it is the third wave pulse wave 123 potentially a wave 45 pulse down from it should be a correction wave and then another wave pulse wave c is the simplest correction naturally it can get even more complicated since we can and draw a triangle and any there wx line draw with a triangle in a bundle wave all anything so far from what we provide a graph is clearly similar to momentum movement so feet feet again feet always need to use them on this today all subscribe on the channel put likes, write in the comments your opinion to all successful trade and happily

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