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everyone is welcome to write down the next review of the cryptocurrency forecast, consider a few news statistics well and traditionally charts based on the overall assessment of the market we have as there are always a few locomotives and mixes through the link dicentre tapes but the bulk continues is at previous levels of plus or minus five percent or even fall as far as the ball is concerned then the flanks won the skin we have the ball you grow in the last 24 hours traders still think that reduction it will be the best light option if without changes etherium also plus or minus a few percent unity of some no Packard on the ball you are almost 10 percent reduced but Lange is not open manner us with their zik ​​cut and lange and shorts yesterday we had a radically different the situation of loans we have observed activity and this also cover shorts and us without change and ripple also without much altcoin changes and roughly stayed with their bitcoins with us in plans to reduce varieties here more than the last 24 hours in dex fear and greed we have increased now it is not extreme but just fear yesterday was twenty two now 27 and the fear slowly disappears in traders the market comes relative calm as for liquidations, the elimination of both varieties has been declining for some time Lang is getting lower and lower once this trend ends and we are facing a sharp shot up or down then followed by a good elimination if you look at what to buy grayscale then too we have been buying lightcoin for the last 24 hours only it has been increased in their investment portfolios the rest goes on sale today look at the new metric is the volume of inflows and outflow of money in 24 hours the greatest activity we have in been on se considering Finance by stream money the biggest inflow we have goes to the euro and the outflow from bitcoin and from to the throne on the second place chain link let's look now at separately on bitcoin in bitcoin a call is coming feat another dollar a with bitcoin it all flows into f finances ski you ride and too in the throne pay attention to the throne he for the last 24 hours has more activity on the distribution funds on been on se and in general the crypto market is another new metric can be estimated in as little as 30 days how actively the developers were engaged in this or that coin from our top can be done the conclusion that etherium is in the work of the developers of kefir mind do not sit idly by dot chain link stellar salty the rest basically especially don't want to work if you sort by maximum load of developers top to top we have a gimbal KSM dot air but the rest on your screen from the tops is of course here we are looking at 5 8 second place the rest is even is not in the top ten but developments are underway so you should pay attention to these coins though they are not in the top off but the developers are dealing with them another statistic on the developers is with us by applications the greatest activity in the last 30 days was here data applications trust vali t that here wore space and not swap dicentra tapes rank link data applications also for the last 30 days actively conducted development is worth them also note that on May 28 in us expiration of futures on the exchange c ME most often in these cases these days or the day before there have been sharp big movements in the crypto market today we have the twenty-seventh and so it should be on the alert there is a high probability that we are waiting for a shot at bitcoin either up or down but the movement will sharp and sudden keep in mind now let's see what we have from the top 100 cryptocurrencies added recently today, August 27, we have added the following news in the manner of Ufa now look if there’s something really important here’s a given coin hall wall on the next exchange here’s a listing coins on the exchange it will be a positive shift for volatility on hoe in going cardan development here marked even as essential but here it looks like there will just be some rally and announce new ones developments as we remember from past tables on the gimbal is very active development as app and the coin itself I think will be declared something- something interesting glass trending news Shibayev inu hall wall on the new stock exchange is also good news here again gimbal it is already yesterday's our news on what you can pay attention to from the interesting news shibu gimbal b i think everything else looking at how you interpret now let's see what we have on the news in twitter cnn company marathon digital holding rule phone conversation with and water oil about energy use in the bitcoin mining industry is rising again this bitcoin topic is not up to logical or environmental so it's all a matter and smack that we still have from the news bloomberg bitcoin and others cryptocurrency is nothing more than a speculative fad which central banks are likely to make can ignore said the head of the Central Bank of Denmark of course this is partly true very speculative asset but I think the application of it can be found at the moment of course it is just buy-sell but ignoring this is not the way out the independent white house newspaper is considering the gaps in cryptocurrency rules because bitcoin fluctuates greatly from tax evasion to Illegal cryptocurrency funding over the years has created problems for U.S.

White House politicians will naturally take care of how it would all be over to regulate I think not this year so soon if hyip doesn't fall into the usa will deal with it it's only a matter of time how to rigidly adjust the crypt and naturally it will impart volatility and again we have great falls big takeoff and without it no way another news ban on cryptocurrency mining in the background mass power outages are causing the market to fall more positive news about cryptocurrency from paypal seven months after the announcement that it will add support cryptocurrency for its 350 million paypal users has once again announced some such needed positive news for the industry and once again confirmed that it is a speculative asset which is exposed in any color in principle like any risky asset even the Russian ruble price Ethereum forecast is a very positive trading volume and the firm for the first time exceeded bitcoin well but pr oigral we already considered yesterday that they are also going to ban mining and now let's see what happens to us on the bitcoin charts that we have changed so here everything these two predictions you remember this shot up can be both within wave 4 and in within wave 1 and if you look at the smaller timeframe let's take a half hour look here also until this whole thing is resolved we have given one impetus and now we have a correction this bargain can end as you like right now it even looks like a triangle abcd and which should shoot upwards after the first pulse there was a correction and 2 pulses there were issues of the time it took place but within which there was this momentum, or it was already a wave c and we draw western 12 and now go further down to update mine or it's a triangle after which we still go to draw a wave c even higher because I still have a calculation area have not visited here the forecast is the same as yesterday without betrayal so far judging by the volumes and the indicator here most likely the longer term is drawing a wave of 5 and that’s at least here but naturally everything can change if we get volume growth and some change in the market especially do not forget the twenty-seventh number and 28 expiration of futures sharp global the changes these days are very likely even on the air my house also nothing much has changed let’s let's see yes volumes are not added here either and here I still think it's still possible slight upward movement even within wave 4 here it is marked zones it is still not yet achieved and relevant and can still be achieved so use your feet as usual that a pair of pilaf on the flu volume we have in equal without increasing the indicator also all down the settlement area we also did not reach the rhythm also without changes I think that after reaching this zone is likely we will go down and if there are no newer more obvious and contradict this factor type of increased volume some altered structure and so on look at a pair of coins with comments one of them dent that we have at four o'clock last forecast by gentoo was expected and either here up or down and up worked the second option, we still went down here again with us formed divergence formed and now draw the output when looking at the smaller one timeframe then here is viewed almost the same structure as the drinks with ether how much we have it all lasts for enough volumes also increased not given the movement we have is very similar on momentum and after momentum we have at least one more momentum if you don't look at volumes the indicators here are very similar to the output 12 and now we go to wave 3 let's build a zone if all the same it so so here it is a zone for a wave 3.

And if we draw a pc here too it is possible that it was and now you have some kind of triangle of anyone here it's all over and now we are wave c t o zone for wave c is here at these levels let's note also pink here they are prospects, in principle, not one of the zones we have not yet reached, that is, small the shot still has a good chance of getting another shot up and then already you here will decide whether to go down further to sketch the movement or have already unfolded and went higher in the top three anyway a confirmation of the top three will be the volume growth here exceeding the indicator it will be a confirmation of 3 waves until again I say no most likely it's a wave c then go down the forecast I think is clear and another coin who asked in the comments and who Dash and look what we had before this breath that I drew breathe here drew a large movement to highlight the volume down indicator down that means that movement goes out and we still still had enough even for another shot up at the end still 0 here also doubtful either and the abcs transition im as it would now c even so possible though at 10 that you drew these look she apparently we were at these levels and I drew that when there will be a day off then here you can take upstairs but the weekend did not happen we and fall fall fall and here it is only like a normal impulse and there is hope for a reversal so walk here it didn't make sense I think no one came in because we were still flying down this movement partly also very much reminiscent of the structure and bitcoin with ether and this is another reminder that here can only go the first pulse 12 example 3 are now 4 and can update wave 5 either we've just finished this whole thing and we've already worked 5 based on the fact that it shows the schedule chances are we're still in the top four and we're going to at least update Lloyd again but it's crypt we can and this to unfold but while we trade what the chart shows and the chart tells us shows that this is most likely a wave of 4 so let's make a forecast here based on the names but on that that this is the fourth wave besides and the confirmations to the cancellation of this forecast are also no volume down the indicator at the same level did not exceed anything so far the easiest option is 12 and the third the wave is both of us.

in this scenario c have this zone to complete if you are here from draw a triangle then the area will move up a bit as the orthodox point will above until the triangle is not put as is after when you see here triple zigzag corrective movement then 1 2 3 4 and possibly another shot of wave 5 full c up into this zone while the forecast is breathing well and by the way keep in mind that this is all now repeat on many cryptocurrencies and can work on any crypto bet on this today all subscribe on the channel put likes write in the comments your thoughts as usual successful trade and happily.

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