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Will BTC Fall Today is March 26 2019 and we are live from the USA helping you get paid every day. This is the Boasts of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy DK and if you don't like me You must not like money. Thank you for joining me everybody today. I wanted to jump in BTC to the USD on a 343 and show you how to charts our look and compliments at a boss method if you're watching this video make sure you pay for or hit that thumbs up button we got about 25,000 people To need to hear this message today I think it will help you make some money in the markets and hopefully give you a little bit of insight into What the charts say will be happening next Again, if it's the first time tuning in, thank you for joining us We do have some free communities available this being the most popular one number one in Bitcoin group in the world Just type that in on Facebook hashtag 1 we got 20,000 people rocking out with me giving free information Charts knowledge insight intellect to the people.

Shout out to the mods Diana Rodriguez Mr. Andrew, sir Andrew David Jones, you know, I'm saying holding it down. He he doing a lot for you guys So make sure you jump in there if you haven't done it already and check it out. So this is Bitcoin BTC – the USD Let's make sure – the chat is working right? How's my voice sound man? Adam winter what's going on? My people my people good to see you. I forgot to say that this time. Sometimes we mix it up Sometimes I just be you know, I'm saying doing it doing it freestyling and do an acapella.

I don't even know. Yeah So as we know so here we go we're looking at big Zack what's going out This is what Bitcoin looks like on a daily, right? Again, we already know had a big big big drop off. This is the part. That's most intriguing right here This is kind of as uh, I always tell you guys it's three parts to any cycle, right Break out Break down And you could just view this as a continuation and a breakdown and then flatline and so now It's pretty intriguing what was happening a BTC and that's really why I wanted to jump on and do this video is to kind of highlight what I view as The opportunity within this yellow area, right? That's where we've been, you know hasn't been too much price action, but the price action within itself I think can definitely help us understand what's coming next in the markets Right.

So for torts what it do? Big Nick good to see you. And so this is what we go. Do this is what we go do I'm actually going this is our 343 minute candle I'm gonna jump down to a 77 and you can see it's like a lot choppier down here We get you know a lot more price actions a lot more ups a lot more downs But that's good because Then we can see two different waves. This is the area. I want to focus on at first This was kind of like the first cycle After this big down spill after we crashed from 6,000, but we caught right here and if you notice we caught You know that formed a little flat line area right there too.

So, it's always good to just be cognizant of that first little bounce cuz a lot of times that first little bounce Is gonna give you a lot of energy and inertia you need, you know to fill out moving forward and if we do this So we just look at you know, really two points on this thing that point right there breakup, right and then this point Right air break now Let me do like a quick Fibonacci freestyle on a Fibonacci one time for that one we see we're coming up on the end of this cycle Right and keep in mind. This is not a hard drawn pattern But again, it does show you that there is cognizance and cognition in the chart itself Biggest thing to know is that if you do a Sine wave from top to bottom say like from that top to that bottom that's basically the energy that we had coming up off that point negative positive and now We're coming back on a quick negative cycle, right and this these are different analysis that you can do You know to three minutes, you know assessments to try to give you an idea of Where we stand in addition to that you can do a quick trendline you know kind of do like a little bottom the bottom here and You see basically when we broke that support that is when we indeed broke down This holds to if you wanted to just copy and paste it, you know gives you like these different psychological levels of support and resistance Right, whereas if we would have, you know popped up here Where's my little arrow Instead of breaking down see we broke down right there Whereas if we would have popped up we could have easily touched the top of that line again Which actually would have been bringing us back to? The top of this support over here See that see how it works, but because we broke down Right, we flip it up.

We flip it upside down Easiest way to do that is to zoom in on this last little quick cycle right here Bam Bam Right and we're gonna do a reverse fibonacci. Just like I said if we were going up we would have went up you know and this section would have been our psychological resistance that – – that didn't happen So now we bring it back down right Easiest way to do that double click it just click refer and what do you know? This is where we're going if this energy holds, right That's the one six. That's third three seven seven five Right there, right When will we get there? We get a double test there right now boom boom look at that the green lines fall right there Where we're looking at Tighten this thing down a little bit so you can see that area right there. And that's where we should catch it, right? Keep in mind this this general area is also, I Just did something like that This general area is also where this long longer Energy cycle finishes at so you those white lines, so you kind of get like this overlapping you know Area focus fulcrum That I think ultimately we will bounce off of if we fall down to it 3:7 is a pretty good price what this is gonna do.

This is gonna give the market a chance to cool down Give that 231 a chance to go flat maybe even dip down a little bit and then as that seven and that 77 comes up above it on the other side of this Then it'll uh, you know, it'll put us in a good chance to be Pretty pretty strong moving in the future I think the biggest thing now is just to be optimistic understand what the chart is telling you every day You know to cycle shifts a little bit, but if you look at the long-term perspective With respect to what's happened in the past It's like it it's like you can project your own future if you know where you've been and you know, where you ad today but then by definition one plus two equals three, you know, we're you gonna you know I think that's the problem a lot of times people get too lost in this you know one little Area of the chart, right? There's one little area they say oh my god.

This is happening. It's a descending wedge bitcoin is going down a 2,000 they doesn't make up numbers. I don't know. I don't listen to a lot of people too, but Whereas in reality, you know, this is just completion of a much longer cycle going back to the beginning of February You can see it right here This bottom line right there. That was the beginning of it This was the middle and this was the beginning of the end It comes in and now we're driving down the bad part is we don't have any other Support to catch on with this thing you like to see you know Some little hooks like that that we could sink into but given that this was a fresh cycle I think we'll fall here, you know catch our breath at 37 Ideally, we don't get a lot of top-down pressure If we do we will be going back down to 35 Which is right where this market consolidated at the beginning You know, we're just kind of playing it by ear Right there 37 should hold for us.

That's this level of consolidation Not that little hook down there and really we're just you know going with what the market gives us at this point if the market You know was thinking about it over here. Do we want to go up? Do we want to go down up? Let's go back down now. We're going back up Let's let's say the exact same thing happens. You know, we're at 37 one day We drop down to 36 and before you know it we're right back up at 38 again, right? so just play by ear always look to the past as your present indicator of what's Indicative of the future the likelihood of future played a odds played a potential play the numbers Play the money comes an only play when you're gonna win and we already know right now You know just from basic boss method analysis.

This is a sale You should you know if we were trading BTC for dollars, which I've never because I don't know USD us Do you ain't done nothing for me, but if you were so inclined we would have top down pressure on this thing 777 you would have wanted to sell Up there where to cross happened that and you dang sure Will want to sell right there, you know, that's a big cross and that flat That's why that's why I'm playing this thing put it down.

When that when that when that intersection this one right here the 77 under 231 now granite you have a very positive 231 so it's almost gonna balance each other out but to still beats one. We're playing it down one notch We're stepping down to 37 five. We say if that 231 goes flat and then dips under now We got three on zero now We step down to the 34 five Right, which takes us down to the 3-2 down there this that's the first one. This is the second one thirty five six Sorry, 35 five, right, but that probably wouldn't be for another, you know, it was step this way So it will be like end of April right middle April 37 37 five is it good? You know, it's a good play right 50 people live on the air What's going on everybody back for the first time if you appreciate this hit that thumbs up button for a player I appreciate you.

Like I said 25,000 people man it you know I'm saying I've been doing videos for almost two years now And now I'm trying to do more often. I'm definitely putting a lot more information into the premium groups that we have I realized that you know if Bitcoin ain't 20,000 people don't want to pay you know $50 a month to get no premium information, but that's why I'm giving them more right now So if you don't see me on YouTube every day just know I'm in them groups hitting them up they have direct access to me if you wanted to get more information on that check out boss a Bitcoin calm Everybody in a chat right now.

Let me do me. Do me a favor. Shout your country out I'm coming back to you guys in about 30 seconds. I want to see a Kaleidoscope of countries when I come back to you boss of Bitcoin calm They say there's a hard job being a boss, but somebody got to do it I think my man on the right hand side doing a pretty good job You don't saying we got the one Bitcoin group in the world beating Kelly 1203 on training view if you don't know now You know could hit that Link in the description that will take you to my page One of the most reputable charters on there and then we got the different packages and products available Top ten monthly coins on the how to list if you just want to buy ten coins a month You know ride the waves or future energy Cycles that list is for you if you want to swing trade like a boss I'll get you the top seven coins every seven days No lot of people I made this group thirty percent this month men love women lotta numbers.

Don't lie And so we've been getting it in on that on that profit package With the last couple waves that have been coming in and then we got the VIP trading group boss alert messages to fifty You know gives you direct access with me. I actually give out free one-on-ones in that group as well. I've got a meeting And about and about what is it in about an hour and twenty two minutes. I'm not gonna miss at this time you know I'm saying so shut up to uh You know the not Gnostic warrior Charles Kennedy is good to be good to talk to you and your wife as well Look forward to catching up and there you go guys. That's boss a Bitcoin man You already know what time it isn't number one Bitcoin group in the world boss Bitcoin Also Bitcoin on Twitter buzz Bitcoin on Instagram get at me You know I'm saying let's go ahead and see who we got rocking out with us right now, New Zealand Naughty crypto big beat was going on dine Chamblee bonus shows was appreciate Thanks for watching resident goes holding is from Connecticut.

Mickey's got great to be with you again. Love it from UK. Thank you, man I haven't seen you before thanks for joining us big make New York State CT Connecticut back-to-back. What up? Australia shout out to from thunder down under' turn like a boss every day me you have is up a la UK big Zack silver towards good cement if y'all haven't checked out so report this channel Make sure you check them out. He do he do a silver Videos and you know, I'm not pulling up my camera right now, but I stayed with the silver arm You got to keep these vampires away man, these energy demons. You know, I'm saying get you Get you get you get you wait up. You know I'm saying like my mana Rethinking a dollar gets a weight up get your coins up, you know BTC silver go We going we going back 2000 years and time to move forward 2000 in the future But that being said everybody has that time of the day signing out both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way back out through jerk money.

Good night. Good morning and good day. Thank you for joining me Thank you for your time. I smashed that thumbs up button for me copy and paste the URL to this video Share it on Facebook Twitter. Hashtag steam it whatever you got to do Send it to yo mama if she ain't got no BTC, tell her mama Why is this video right here? BK telling you not a chart like all balls do that for me.

If you appreciate mine till we meet again. Stay cryptic y'all Peas.

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