🤔💰Should I Invest in Bitcoin ICOs? |Bitcoin Price 2380 JULY 11| Initial Coin Offering Token Sale

Like a boss. That's right everybody you are now rocking with the best This is the boasts of a bitcoin the cristo of Cristo is your boy bk And if you don't like me you must not like money today is july 11 2017 Bitcoin is still floating trending above water I'm sorry, right below the surface at 2375 it hasn't pulled the plug yet, but I think it's coming pretty soon So until then you know We'll keep it moving and I'll try to help you guys make some money put you in a position to be successful And today we will be talking about I see oh's Should you invest in an IC o—-? A Lot of people a lot of people asked me every single day if you should Real quick if you're not part of our Facebook we have the number one bitcoin fruit in the world That's what the name is on Facebook.

Type it in there. Come join us we got about 3,000 people every hour today somebody's putting up a new chart if you are Just now tuning in Congratulations, baby. You rocking with the best. I am the boss of bitcoin. We have 64 hundred subscribers Once we've reached certain milestones that will be given bitcoin away One of the things I wanted to do so make sure you subscribe now turn your notifications on I'm trying to do a video every day of the week You know to keep people engaged keep people informed and also keep people empowered in the market So one of the things I wanted to do real quick. I know every every day I give you about a half hour you know to uh to get on the channel to get in the chat and to You know 2 min. We have like a little countdown, but you know some of these people have been here the whole time And we was talking with us have a nice little chat You know know what hol be hold'em it and it and hold on for dear life.

I learned something today I didn't know oh, I thought it meant like hosted or you know from some game thrown stuff I think y'all know by my I'm a little intro screenshot I like game thrown, so I thought it meant like on the door, but here we go hold on or do your life? So I learned that today, but one of the things I told my people if you get here early, you know Inside of five minutes at five minutes I'm cut it off, but if you get here what I'm doing from now on is I'm giving away some bitcoin So without further ado, I just wanted to pick somebody that contributed to the conversation and that person looks like it's going to be What do you guys think what do you guys think? My man up here, Tucson, Arizona jumping with the boss Congratulations, baby.

You just want yourself some bitcoin what I'm gonna do right now. I'm screenshotting your name Do me a favor go on YouTube and comment on this video and We got to figure out how to do this jump on Facebook Um jump on Facebook and add me In the group just say just say actually you know what I'm gonna do I'm a posted in the group right now So when you see this post Just comment That's me That's me, and everybody's gonna vote it up to the top and then that way you know you send me your bitcoin wallet I say you some bitcoin, and we will keep it moving I Am what y'all know about that, that's what I'm talking about baby helping people get paid people learn jump in with the boss Congratulations, man.

That's awesome the deal Movin all right bitcoin. I ceo should you invest? In an IC o—- first of all let's ask a better question what is Ico Ico is essentially Crypto currencies way of fundraising, right coin Offering if you remember big stocks on wall street when they go public they have an iPo That's an initial public offering So you know a lot of entrepreneurs? You know I know today in the business school when they would you know teach us how to start a business They said begin with the ending in mind and always have an exit strategy That basically meant be prepared to get bought out by somebody else or be prepared to go public and have wall street buy you out Which I didn't I never actually agreed with But ipo was a public offering where you make your shares and your company make equity in your company available to the public you offer it to the public Ip o an Initial public offering so Ic o—- is essentially the same thing for all these new Crypto poins that don't really have money You can think of it as crowd fund raising Similar like Kickstarter gofundme Indiegogo, you know a lot of these guys just have a great idea Maybe one or two software cool Coders put together a white paper And they're offering equity or tokens or currency.

You know some type of exchange for people To invest and a lot of times this is a based out of aetherium because aetherium has the api is that you could build on And uh you know layer into the blockchain so a lot of these things are newer opportunities to invest in Start-up Cryptocurrency Platforms, but Everything comes at a cost then that You know some of these crypto coins are seeking money They haven't actually made a product To get money on their own, so that's one major thing to Keep keep in the front of your mind like if if I just came up to you on the street You know or if I just walked into a Starbucks and say hey everybody has Starbucks I Got an idea I want to make Starbucks coin where you know you you go get your coffee and instead of paying swiping your credit card you paying Starbucks going and That's how that's how we do it.

You know more Starbucks coins You have to more people buy Starbucks the more money every Starbucks point is worth You know, but it doesn't exist yet, so I take the time I write out two or three pages I'll put together a little website. You know I make a little page on Reddit steam. It's like whatever get a little community together and go on the internet and Have Ico for product that doesn't exist yet so worst Case scenario all your money disappears that guy that sold you Starbuck coin never planned on making anything and Disappears Cosmo Mexico goes retire and you never see him again Best-case scenario Starbucks coin is the next google and you're filthy rich And you're retired That's a huge huge huge spectrum right that is a that is a big jump and so my advice to you when the range is that big the risk is that big and the Uncertainty is that big is to avoid it altogether? another reason that I Recommend this to you.

Is that you know One of the things you will find you'll learn is that once major Media Platforms start talking about something Sorry, you don't want to be involved in it You know once these guys start talking about something that you heard about and maybe you were thinking about putting money in Order likely the money is already that was supposed to be made has already made So you really don't want to be the last person on the money train when these big major Publications start start hyping it up there goes another one right there, you know I don't say their names Intentional because I don't want this out flag, but it's real easy to see You know there's another one There's another one so so that's a red flag in itself the last thing I will show you is that the Problem with many of these coins is that when they do actually come out? Prime example. I actually was looking at this point He got released on Polonia it went from zero point three three inside of One day to 0.05 That's huge and then ever since then it's basically been hanging on for dear life You know barely having a heartbeat? So this is why I don't recommend getting in I seos because you cannot predict the Market's response to it What I learned in talking with Randy middleton sitting on this guy's couch this guy No, joke the most successful Ico of all time but a lot of times These newer iCL's they say they sold out in twenty minutes.

They sold out in five minutes Well no, they didn't they sold out in two or three months Increase sales They have distribution Agencies to where you know one agency might have 20 million dollars that you know they'll put up But they want your coin, you know at 50% value right? So they'll say ok you're coming out with a coin You know you're selling it at 1 aetherium 1 for 1 we want we'll do a million dollars But we wanted at half of an etherium, so you say ok, that's guaranteed money You know give me that million dollars and bam there you go But the problem is most of these coins are sold out by people who get them at a discount So they don't care that this market is down here because they already paid you know half of that essentially and So you have whales that really don't care about the exchange whatsoever They don't care about the current price as long as it's higher two and three times higher to what they pay for it and they Flip their money in a couple of weeks, they're fine, and it crashes into the ground 90% at a time when you have a coin that was generated on an IC o—- and it actually it's too illegitimate exchange and the real market can buy it this is what happens because the whales are cashing out all of their money and The rest of us are fighting just to get pieces and just to get crumbs.

So what I'm saying is do not Right now it's not worth it. It's too much, risk. It's too much uncertainty I would much rather see you guys focus on The chart and you know catching moves inside of the chart when a free market does exist And it's not so much inside corruption and trading And and we actually have a fair shot even though here. It's still slightly skewed I think on this next pullback a lot of that whale money has got to float away. You know swim away, and will actually be relatively close To a true market as close as we're gonna be in bitcoin anyway For probably about the next month or so as a lot of their money leaves, you know And it's just us left down 30 40 60 70 percent will actually be able to see how this thing actually lives and from that we can learn a lot more moving into the future so it's actually good that we're going into this pullback because As you can see this is not reflective of You know and a healthy market like it's no way that should be possible gnosis You know for what what they talk what you know? What what they talk about gnosis is probably one of you know as a lot of potential, but for that to be the reality when it's released on the topics change one of the top exchanges in the world that shows you and And Reggie middleton told me.

He was like a lot of these people are getting a coin eighty ninety percent off You know just because the people who are selling a coin want their money So when we're paying full price Even at the Ico when it when a website is up, and that timer is running down, and you're like oh my God It's only four more days, and you're paying you know thirty three to one you're essentially paying full price It's probably about fifty million dollars that came in before you that got it ninety percent off You know so even when you do get to an exchange you wait two or three months? Maybe it might take two or three years depending on what you know currency you're investing in And you finally get to an exchange and and that's that happens, right? Because it was so much more money that came in before you that you never saw and they're casting out.

They don't care So that's my advice to you Do not invest in I cos in addition to that. It's a lot of Em beauty that goes into into these token sales nobody really knows exactly what's gonna happen right like I said that guy could the Starbucks coin guy could Disappear and go to Mexico, and you'd never see him again. You could be also In cancun on spring break and you run across him on the beach drinking drinking a margarita And he looked at you in the face and way miss a thank you.

You supported me thank you, and so this is you know a Note of humor. I wanted to end on Useless etherium Token and this is what I wanted you to see The number one I co2 gear you want to know why cause it's the first one hundred percent Honest I see oh, they say if you're going to give some random person on the internet money They're gonna buy stuff with it probably electronics. Maybe even a big-screen television And you go through this thing they said, it's the first of its kind. It's so honest and Bester's Can see the value of their coins and they say it's transparent no gains means few investors few investors means few transactions few Transactions mean no network lag, so they're actually helping the etherium network by taking your money off of it It might be secure, but it's definitely not audited Guaranteed Token value And they're called useless aetherium tokens for a reason so apparently you know a lot of people have Contributed it is icea Fifty nine thousand dollars worth so this is what I say you have to be very weary but if you're Gonna Throw money into an Ico at least do it into something like this where you know you get absolutely nothing And this guy's Gonna go out and buy you know 49 televisions with your money You know I think I think frequently asked questions if you look at the bottom power How do I get a refund for the token? I bought you're kidding right? so this guy And on at number one I ceo of the year he lets you know what you're getting before you get it, and that's absolutely Nothing with that being said it's too much risk in ICL's don't waste your money It's too many unknowns and a lot of the big money came in to the table before you ever got there So with that being said I wanted to give my people in a chat, you know I'm saying I'm showing my people some love today.

So what I wanted to do one time. I told you earlier shout your country out this is a Global community if you Appreciate this time to do me a favor hit that thumbs up button what that does that allows everybody in our community All over the world to know that this video was good content know that it helps you it Hopefully got you in the right direction with that I co did bid until reggie told me that I was like wow I did not even know that but they literally have hundreds of millions of dollars set up you know for presale on I see L is at eighty ninety percent discount and So when we finally get to it when that website finally goes live and we can transfer our little aetherium from that wallet Oh, we're just the icing on the cake. They already funded the whole thing And that's why it sells out in three minutes five minutes thirty seconds, whatever it's not our money trust me That we don't have that much money dirt money in the building Nyc Nyc Nyc.

Oh The king of New York right now. You know says Chicago shot tile was good if you in the chest shot to country out Arizona Az Kansas Germany two times Spain England brazil poor to go Cardio Egypt Canada is Beautiful man, it's a beautiful community Ecuador I'm telling you South American countries man I'm just go take a trip for about a month Through South America, and just teach bitcoin wake up on the beach and drink wine. That's what I'ma do that. I'm gonna do that I'm do that for like a month watch So is beautiful guys if you appreciate this content if you want to join this community if you like the way I teach I try to keep it fun. I try to keep it entertaining, and I try to help you make some money You know a lot of mistakes. I made cost me a lot of money probably lost when it's all said and done probably about 10 $20,000 you know this year Between the last two years about 10 20 grand in the market um so I lost a lot of money But by losing a lot of money.

I learned to make a lot more and That's my job is to try to empower you so that you can do it as well. You don't have to lose 20 grand I'm showing you how to start from the ground up, so if you like that baby come back rock out What is every day this is the boats of bitcoin reporting? Check it off it's that time of the day no matter where you stay from Brazil to the Bay, California A Halfway through port to go back up through Germany Good night. Good morning, and good day. Y'all take it easy. I catch all on the flipside stay Cryptic y'all please.

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