ūüüĘBITCOIN Price $50k or DUMP IT* ‚öúÔłŹ

hello everyone how is it going scramble here 
from emotions crypto trading welcome to my   new bitcoin price analysis video on my youtube 
channel it's been a very good time during this   weekend as we have successfully survived after 
the uh usually 16 to 17 increase in the price   within the past pump that has been achieved per 
bitcoin we have survived at the price of 48 000   dollars where we are trying not to break down 
however the technical side will share with us   which are the probabilities and who dominates 
the market that we're gonna look into in a   few seconds in the meantime i just wanted to make 
sure that you can see the volatility that is quite   low today as we have pumped during the thursday 
and friday so today we're keeping it quite slow   and we're looking for a 24 hours volume 
which is under 100 billion dollars   btc dominance is at 42.3 percent while 
the ethereum has been able to catch up   quite a lot of that it's 18.8 it has been 
growing steadily which is a very good sign   so let's continue guys as usually and get into 
the technical side of our charts and today   i have a picture which is on trading dot com 
related to the four-hour candlesticks which means   that we're looking into the details for a little 
longer term perspective that's where we are guys   it is a uh technical analysis that i made 
which is a little complex and the quality   and the nature of the informations such as the 
indicators we have here are part of the coaching   program that i run where i teach you how to work 
with and pretty much construct you into a trader   so let's get started with the first things forty 
thousand up to forty one thousand dollars it has   been acting as a major support zone from where we 
got the current pump going on very aggressively   this line has been tested for a while and every 
time we wanted to push it has been rejected   in a way of building lower highs so we knew it 
from the top there is a steady selling pressure   coming in which is much closer to the support zone 
till one point where things have exploded and we   have successfully closed above the previous top in 
a important manner and this is happening over here   take a look at that you have the previous top and 
then the next bundle of candlesticks closing above   this is the first time within the 
past days during this whole structure   happening like that so that was the first 
sign of a very strong and clear domination   although this candlestick which had a very 
very strong closing on 44 800 bucks has been   successfully presenting us that there is a lot 
more energy to go higher and that can be learned   through price action details so let me just zoom 
out a little more to see the details like that   what we're doing right now and where are we could 
be one of your questions well one of the things   that we did is a breakout from a downtrending 
resistance line that has been established from   the current structure top which is located around 
53 000 it's this one right there at the same time   from there towards the 40 000 which is the major 
zone of support we have a fibonacci retracement   with a golden pocket representation between the 
two yellow lines you see right there at 0.65   and at 0.618 fibonacci that do represent 
a significant turning point in the market   that turning point is something that we have to 
deal with right now but at the same time it seems   like the whole thing is pretty much squeezed up 
because on the lower side of the current structure   that we're dealing with right here there is a 
advanced uptrending support line the advance of   trending support lines are very difficult to be 
discovered in a meaningful way which necessitates   a extensive learning program to go through knowing 
and understanding all the rules behind it as well   as having a practicing time of at least six 
months while you do ta and get to discover   hundreds and hundreds of unique charts during this 
period that will help you basically during this   practicing moments to get into the right 
phase so we can clearly see the reaction here   of that line which is supporting us 
and has been reacting very very well   now if that line is going to get lost then 
we're going to definitely go down especially   there there is a lot of liquidity 
into the long and green candlesticks   into this two candlesticks there is a bunch of 
liquidity out there so i would not be surprised   if we take out that liquidity before we move 
forward as usually the market enjoys doing takes   out liquidity which means that users that long 
got to be taken out so they have to hunt their   stop losses you must push the markets down to take 
those stop losses out and then run further which   is the main idea behind the whole market to run 
further within the upcoming months it has to take   out every single aggressive move in which there is 
a lot of liquidity so that's from one standpoint the channel which i called advanced uptrending 
channel has a resistance line as well   that has been acting extremely accurately and 
on top of that at fifty thousand up to fifty   thousand five hundred around that level there 
is a significant resistance so i would not be   surprised to get stuck somewhere here and retraced 
from there in order to take the liquidity out   just like i would not be surprised to have a 
pretty much bar pattern which looks like this   this is the bard head if you google bart 
head pattern you will be able to see it that's also the alternative guys so there's two 
possibilities out there i don't believe in a   breakout till this level and a further movement 
a breakout till that level is a probability that   is on the table but the further movement is 
actually something that i don't believe in   without having a proper retracement before doing 
any burden movement there is tons of people which   are jumping lungs at this times and i'm not 
saying that for any kind of type of trading   and strategy is wrong but i'm saying for most of 
the strategies it is wrong at this time although   my position is always depending on which 
strategy and which type of trading are you doing   day trading swing trading position trading and 
out of this three main categories it also depends   which type of strategies are you up to 
what kind of targets risk and what ratios   and stop losses do you have for me to tell you 
that the composition is good for lungs or shorts   out of the blue simply you cannot speak just like 
that it has to be calibrated to something the   calibration needs to be done towards something 
that something needs to be described very well   and upon that we're able to make a decision so 
that's how trading functions guys it's a little   complex and that's why we are presenting it 
into the full coaching program out there which   is running one-on-one with me directly on zoom 
conversations or skype conversations the coaching   is between four to six weeks and it is very 
intensive where i take you by hand and teach you   how to trade as well give you homework and work 
basically together on your activity and skills   you will be able to find our details in the video 
at scramblecoaching.com link in the description   or the comments area right below the video got 
the video here to you know see more details on the   page register now and i'll get back to you on your 
email on top of that i don't have a telegram guys   so make sure you don't search me for a telegram 
because there's a bunch of people scamming out   there under my name asking for money and lying 
all over the place we've been trying to get rid   of them but it is very very difficult so uh on 
top of that we have done for you trading services   um and you can see more details about my 
whole activity on my main youtube channel   because the video i'm posting this one will be 
the secondary youtube channel about crypto space i   do have a main youtube channel which can be found 
as well in the description or comments area right   below under the video you are and then you can see 
more details on my video speech where i can talk   about my profits that i made trading give you some 
motivational videos have technical analysis videos   here more than 300 videos on my channel you will 
be able to see however what matters is you know   videos which are presenting you sometimes 
we've made uh you know millions of dollars   in a day other times we've been doing decent 
numbers even with high leverage you can make money   even during seconds you can make 29 000 so it 
is definitely possible to achieve a whole lot   of things if you know how to trade on the 
long term so make sure to check out because   it's related to done-for-you trading service 
through api we're also offering such things   beautiful guys it's pretty much all about and 
looking forward to the upcoming videos for the btc   it's going to be a youtube channel that will cover 
a lot of the things in terms of projects where   people can invest and participate in a whole lot 
of the things so we're trying to make some reviews   for you that will be helpful but you know there's 
not much time involved those you know a lot of the   students out there and clients that we're working 
with and the time is pretty much limited so that's   where we are at the moment guys have a beautiful 
time out there and we'll talk to you soon

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