🚨XRP Ripple’s New Value Will SHOCK Everyone! (UK’s Number 1 Crypto!)🚨

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video, I'll bring you up to speed on all the newest Ripple and XRP news. But before we get into all the juicy details,
let's head over to Coinmarketcap.com. As we all can see, the price of XRP today
is $1.12. We are a bit in the red zone, and the market
has been down by 0.82% over the last 24 hours. With that said, let's roll that beautiful
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engines with this tweet from @MackAttackXRP that says;
"XRP Becomes Number One Crypto in the UK, Cardano Comes Second. UK-based retail investors now prefer XRP over
other cryptocurrencies, according to a recent analytics report by a top trading platform." Well, this is now how it begins, and soon
enough, XRP will be the number cryptocurrency in many other countries. The UK is setting the pace for the others. Things are definitely looking up. Tell your friends to come over to Ripple XRP;
they are all welcome to the party. Now, if we look at that report on U.today
in regards to all this, we can see that; "According to Finance Magnates, Ripple-affiliated
cryptocurrency XRP has been gaining popularity among crypto investors in the UK.

The media cited a recent report published
by the eToro trading platform." As we can see clearly, UK retail investors
choose XRP over other cryptos; ADA is second best. Data shared by eToro stated that, in the third
quarter of this year, retail investors in the UK began giving more attention to the
sixth-largest cryptocurrency—XRP—and putting more funds in it than in other digital assets. In the retail crypto market in the United
Kingdom, XRP has now surpassed Bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency. XRP increased by 4% in the second quarter
of this year, with a 105 percent gain in ownership year over year. Following XRP, Cardano's ADA is the second
cryptocurrency that British investors are considering. ADA has surpassed Ethereum in terms of popularity
in the last three months, growing 11 percent and providing investors a year-over-year gain
of 1,230 percent in 2021. Ripple is on a mission to assist in the development
of the CBDC in the United Kingdom.

Ripple has formed a cooperation with the Digital
Pound Foundation to help speed up the creation of the UK's CBDC, or digital pound sterling. According to Susan Friedman, Ripple's chief
of policy, this relationship will benefit the global financial system's future. Ripple will continue to work with central
banks in many countries on technical challenges and approaches relating to CBDCs as part of
this agreement. Currently, the UK government says they are
consulting with Ripple about creating a digital UK pound that will revolutionize the digital
world. But can you smell something cooking here? For now, Ripple is branded as a consulting
firm. However, I feel like they are trying to give
the public suggestions, so we don't get surprised when the government officially announced Ripple
as a partner in this CBDC project. When that happens, everyone will be shocked
at the new value of XRP.

Ripple has the framework that could potentially
host the UK pound. But within the framework, the CBDC will still
have to work alongside XRP since that's the crypto that powers this blockchain technology. In essence, the government will have allowed
the crypto-backed network to run its CBDC. And what do you think will happen to the value
of XRP? This coin's price will go through the roof
within days. In fact, this event will happen overnight. We are about to witness the next wave of crypto
millionaires, all thanks to XRP and its supporters. I'm sure several people still doubt that this
coin will head to the top even after its shown us pieces of evidence that it's meant to rule
the whole crypto world. Frankly, when XRP starts its bullish move,
everyone will be surprised, and no one will doubt it.

Unfortunately, anyone who joins this coin
when the bullish run has started will likely not gain that much. That's because the ship will have already
sailed. Additionally, since the move will happen quickly,
it's best to join the XRP team early enough. You might never get the chance again. That said, you shouldn't wait until the last
minute to join the XRP army. As you can clearly see, this army is massive,
and they have a voice even in the court. Yes, you heard that right. Now moving on to the legal tussle between
Ripple and the SEC, we have new developments in case we need to discuss. As we can see from a tweet by @ANT159694954,
it says that; "It's Ripple's fault, says the SEC on recordings
of XRP sales meetings. The SEC's bad timing – we're close to the
discovery deadline – may work in favor of Ripple's interests, but the Judge is expected
to compel Ripple to produce evidence." As we can see from that article posted on
Financefeeds.com, the SEC wants to get a deeper look at what went down on key meetings that
involved Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse, and other employees.

The agency plans to use the recordings as
evidence that Ripple knowingly and recklessly marketed and sold XRP as an investment contract,
therefore, a security. Time is running out as the discovery deadline
is fast approaching, which is to Ripple's advantage, but the court may still allow a
limited search that could bring out new and compromising revelations. The SEC has stated before that the recordings
it already has in its possession are crucial to its claims against Ripple in court. We covered Ripple's attempt to stop the SEC
from getting those recordings in one of our recent videos. But with how things are with this lawsuit,
even XRP community-friendly attorney Jeremy Hogan has said the recordings dispute is "not
looking good for Ripple" and "will form the backbone of the SEC's case." With that in mind, let’s take a look at
the technicals. On the chart we can spot an Impulse Elliott
Wave and ascending parallel channel! As you can see we are currently at the 5th
wave to the upside, which can be huge! The coin started this uptrend by the Head
and Shoulders pattern.

Target is top of the channel or 1:1 fib extension! New all time highs are near than you think
guys When looking at my chart we can watch there
how Bitcoin has established this major triangle-cycle with two massive historical triangles already
completed, the first historical triangle is this huge ascending-triangle and the second
is this precise symmetrical triangle formation, both targets of these two major massive triangle-formations
have already reached, the target of the first ascending-triangle with the peak of 2017s
bull-market and the second of the symmetrical triangle with the top at 60.000 USD before
the China FUD spread. Now in the current dynamic, we can see this
very solid ascending-triangle forming which is marked in blue and which is likely to complete
in the next times because demand is increasing both fundamentally and technically, completion
of this triangle will appoint to the upper distribution range of the massive triangle-cycle
from where Bitcoin needs to show if it reverses or forms the next triangle.

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