🚨XRP Ripple: IMPORTANT XRP Update! & Mysterious BITCOIN News!🚨

Guys, whale alert! A wallet that has been dormant for over 8
years has been mysteriously activated. That’s apparently the exact amount that
Evergrande owes investors and that’s just something that’s all connected. And if all of that is true, then Brad Garlinghouse
was right when he says that China controls Bitcoin. And that’s not news. We all know that BTC has been controlled by
China for a while but we all try to ignore it.

I mean, with a pseudo name like Nakamoto,
it’s hard to believe that BTC is not from the Asian worlds. Anyway, Ripple and XRP has been on the rise
to the top and we are now just about to witness the unfolding of this event. But before we get down to that, let’s do
some bit of house cleaning. What’s up guys! Welcome to Money Side, your favorite crypto
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get started, shall we? Bitcoin is quite fishy to say the least and
we should all accept that.

In fact, it’s the one crypto that’s hailed
for no apparent reason. Yes, I said it! I know my BTC fam will instantly disagree
with me but just give me a second here to explain. First off, not to through shade, (okay I am
throwing shade); what is the need for BTC anyway? It’s incredibly difficult to mine, it’s
slow and sorry to say, it’s not environmentally friendly. Don’t get me wrong! I understand it was the first crypto to open
the minds of the public to the future of cryptos but isn’t it time to find a better and more
efficient replacement? I know, BTC will likely stay for the long
haul but that’s not the only quality a crypto needs to lead the majority. XRP on the other hand is trying to unify the
crypto world with the fiat which is a very noble thing. This crypto is also making deals with the
corporate world to ensure its globally adopted. I mean, once the banks start using RippleNet
into their systems, they are also using XRP.

That will drive the price of this coin through
the roof and it’s not because someone pumped it up. There’s a lot of speculation that Tether
is the reason behind BTCs rise. Yes, that’s right! Tether caused BTC to rise by increasing it’s
buying pressure. So many ethusiasts believe that BTC has been
manipulated to getting that top spot. This coin shouldn’t be on that top spot
no matter what. That’s because it’s not designed to rule
the crypto world. As a matter of fact, if Tether collapses,
BTC is going to go down.

And that means there will be a big gap at
the top because a new crypto will have to replace BTCs spot. That’s where XRP comes into play. XRP is about to be the heart of the whole
crypto world. I know this one is a bit old but it speaks
volume about what is currently happening in the crypto world so it’s worth sharing. In this tweet, Dwight says,
‘RippleNet is conforming all money into one language. This continuity between all banks and people
worldwide is the process of turning money into a digital asset, through single language. Now imagine all the data on every business
platform in the world. All the data on the internet, on business
platforms, online sites, phone data, gov data, legal data, medical records etc. Now imagine all of that, in one language,
one digital language on one platform, linked through Federated Side Chains.’ The truth is that Ripple is about to become
a powerful company with so much information about the happenings around the crypto and
fiat worlds. This opportunity is set to put Ripple on top
of all cryptos no matter how hard governments and regulatory bodies try to suppress this

The suppression can only happen for a while
before this coin’s price overpowers any kind of suppression. On top of that, XRP isn’t about to back
down lightly. This coin’s following in the crypto world
is so solid that I’m sure you’ve already come across at least one person who’s pro
XRP. I’m not the only one who’s seen that XRP
is about to explode and hit an all-time high within the next couple of weeks. This coin has been gearing for this moment
and that’s the reason why everyone is waiting for XRP to move. As of right now, the whole crypto world is
in a frenzy because of what BTC did. But that’s not where we all need to set
our eyes on. Yes, it seems like BTC is the best option
right now but, to be honest with you, that coin was just manipulated by whales for it
to reach the height it is at right now.

That means at any moment, BTC could dip to
very low prices so much so it will knock out most investors. So, you need to be careful when trading BTC. Otherwise, within a blink of an eye, you could
lose your entire investment. On that not, you need to bank on cryptos that
are designed to change the whole crypto world. Don’t go for meme coins or the infamous
crypto king BTC. That’s where most people lose their capital
simply by following the current. The best part about crypto world is having
that extra keen eye to see what is happening behind the curtains, and in this case, XRP
is being pushed down by whales. If you invest your money where the whales
are investing, be sure you are headed to being the next crypto millionaire, Speaking of which,
let’s take a look at the charts so we can understand the journey this crypto is about
to take.

XRP officially broke resistance of mid April
this year!! touched 1.37$ resistance and had a pullback
with yesterdays market pullback! XRP is very bullish now, with an inverse head
and shoulder. XRP should move towards 1.37 again and then
go to the 1.55$ resistance point. Now, it's time to XRP is going to $2, the
question is, will it happen now or later? We are currently is a bullish corrective pattern
and these patterns tend to break to the upside. If XRP does end up breaking to the upside
then we can expect our first target to be $2
The good news here is, we are defining the parameters of the price movement, and I've
laid out my lines of support and resistance! Stay patient, it'll happen! Bitcoin has reached a new ATH , close to my
70k target but couldn't sustain gains and dropped fast around 10%. The price found support in 63k old resistance
zone and now is on a pullback.

66k is resistance and bulls really need to
reconquer this zone On the other hand, a drop under 63k would
expose 60k support, but most importantly will be an alarm signal that an important top is
in place at 69k. Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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