ūüö®XRP Ripple: David Schwartz REVEALS That XRP Is About To Head Straight To The MOON!ūüö®

Is the Ripple case behind the Kaj Labs trial 
in Brazil? Kaj Labs is blockchain in Seattle   that has partnered with Brazil’s Central Bank 
to help the roll out of CBDCs. Here’s the most   interesting part about this story; the company is 
grateful to Ripple since it developed a network   that allows cross border transactions at 
a low cost. Ripple has paved the way for   other innovative features such as Lithosphere.
And to that effect, Kaj Labs donated $95 million   to Ripple’s legal defense. A few days later, Kaj 
Labs actually scores a contract with the central   bank to help develop the country’s CBDCs. So 
is all that a coincidence or a planned thing?   Anyway, I believe Ripple is making steps in 
the right direction by partnering with some   of the elites and in this instance, Kaj Labs.
In the event the lawsuit doesn’t go their way,   Ripple will still stay afloat and their 
vision of the future will live on. But   that can’t happen because you know what, I 
feel like the SEC is the problem here and not   Ripple.

If it was another regulatory body, 
chances are, this court case could’ve been   completed. But the SEC keeps dragging the 
case for as long as possible for their own   selfish gains. All in all, today, I have a 
lot to share with you guys. So before we get   to the nitty gritty, let’s roll that intro.
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button and commenting in the section down below.  Look at this tweet; do you get its true meaning? 
David Schwartz sent this image of a plane with   the Star Wars logo on it.

The idea is to show you 
that XRP is about to head straight to the moon,   which will happen soon. Yes, that’s 
right! This coin hasn’t been moving a lot,   and that’s typically because of the suppression 
that’s currently happening around XRP.  After Brian Armstrong decided to back Ripple 
in the legal fight, the whole Ripple community   is rekindling the old XRP Army. They are 
all vouching for Coinbase to relist XRP,   which will be a major news in the crypto 
world. That also means XRPs price will   go through the roof in days if not minutes.
The pressure continues to mount especially towards   the regulatory body after their recent failure 
trying to sue Coinbase.

Also most crypto exchanges   that delisted XRP are now being pushed to relist 
it amidst the SEC settlement. When that happens,   be prepared to witness the next lot of crypto 
millionaires and that’s all thanks to XRP.   The XRP Bull Run is something that will continue 
for as long as possible once it’s starts. That’s   because this coin has been garnering support 
from all sides including the fiat world which   means when it starts to move upwards, it will not 
stop until it hits a record new all-time high.  Next, we have this tweet from 
@XRPcryptowolf that says;  “SEC Chair Gary Gensler hints at enforcement 
actions against Crypto firms. Apparently Ripple¬†¬† and XRP aren‚Äôt enough for him.‚ÄĚ
Following up on this,   we can see on theblockcrypto.com that At the 
Securities Enforcement Forum on November 4,   Gary Gensler denied that new technological labels 
alter the realities of securities definitions,   specifically calling out decentralized 
finance and crypto products.  Gensler, who chairs the Securities and 
Exchange Commission, said: "Sometimes,   people focus on labels. For example, we hear terms 
like 'decentralized finance' (DeFi), 'currency,'   or 'peer-to-peer lending.' It can seem easy to 
take these words at face value.

Make no mistake:   regardless of the label or purported mission, 
we will be looking at the economic realities   of a given product or arrangement to determine 
whether it complies with the securities laws."  Gensler has made no secret of his belief that 
many cryptocurrency-based products fall under   existing definitions of securities, citing the 
need to assess based on facts and circumstances,   not new taxonomies. This is despite many in the 
crypto industry asking for specific guidance on,   for example, which tokens are and 
are not themselves securities.  Later, referring to an accusation that 
many have leveled at the SEC ‚ÄĒ for example,¬†¬† in the ongoing case against Ripple over¬†
XRP issuance ‚ÄĒ Gensler said: "Some market¬†¬† participants may call this 'regulation by¬†
enforcement.' I just call it 'enforcement.'"  Moving forward, we have another 
tweet from @Ripple that says;  “What does it take to achieve the 
full potential of digital payments?   It starts with collaboration.

#ICYMI We joined 
@DigitalPoundFDN to work on the development of¬†¬† #CBDCs in the UK. ‚Äď Head to our blog for details.‚ÄĚ
If we head over to Ripple.com, we can see that;   Ripple has joined arms with the Digital Pound 
Foundation whose focus is the development   and implementation of the digital pound in the 
United Kingdom. Ripple believes the UK has long   been at the forefront of encouraging responsible 
innovation and growth in the crypto-asset space,   and development of a digital Pound is 
the logical outgrowth of that work.  “We are excited to support the design and 
implementation of a digital Pound in partnership¬†¬† with the Digital Pound Foundation,‚ÄĚ Friedman¬†
noted. “The Foundation will help advance the   UK’s goal to build a more inclusive and 
sustainable financial system.‚ÄĚ The digital¬†¬† Pound will underpin the UK‚Äôs transition to¬†
an innovative digital economy and society.   The implementation of a CBDC, alongside other 
forms of digital money, will ensure the UK’s   place in the emerging global digital landscape.
Today, over 80% of central banks are actively   exploring some form of sovereign-backed 
cryptocurrency‚ÄĒincluding CBDCs. The Bank¬†¬† of England is actively working to navigate¬†
the practical and technological challenges   of designing, implementing and operating a 
digital Pound that could play an important role   in expanding access to central bank money 
by households and businesses.

The Bank of   England has also recognized that the evolving 
digital payments landscape brings the potential   for faster, cheaper, sustainable and more 
efficient payments with greater functionality.  But achieving the full potential of digital 
payments requires collaboration with a wide   range of actors. This is precisely what the 
Digital Pound Foundation aims to achieve‚ÄĒbringing¬†¬† together a diverse array of members to ensure¬†
the UK maintains its globally competitive lead   in financial innovation.

As more and more central 
banks implement CBDCs, interoperability, privacy   and complete sovereignty will be key to enable 
central banks to move money cost-effectively,   reliably and instantly. All in all, 
let’s take a look at the charts.  XRP is often a coin that moves extremely fast 
when it gets going and doesn't give you chance   to get in as it can make moves of 100%-1000% 
in just a matter of weeks so pay attention   to the consolidation patterns that precede it.
Firstly lets get the SEC news out of the¬†¬† way ‚Äď this is just noise. Pay attention¬†
to what the charts are showing you.  Consolidation precedes expansion, this is 
classic accumulation patterns my friends.   Here we see on the weekly chart two and a half 
years of accumulation price action in the green   box. Once we broke higher, the market retested 
the breakout region of 50c-60c as support and it   currently moving higher to move towards the recent 
local high of $1.96 and onto al time highs of $3.  After the new All-Time High 20-Oct. Bitcoin 
continues trading within lower highs. Lower   highs can lead to lower lows just like 
higher lows can lead to higher highs.  We've been expecting a correction now for a 

We were bullish when everyone was bearish   and shared many articles pointing to 
Bitcoins growth. Once Bitcoin peaked,   we went bearish as everybody stayed bullish 
and now we are only waiting for the results.  Unless Bitcoin moves and closes above its 20-Oct. 
high price, the bearish potential remains strong.   The trend is bullish . Long-term 
Bitcoin always wins, that's for sure.  But looking at what can happen next. 
Preparing before a move takes place.   High possibilities of a correction are 
still strong. As always trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor.

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