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welcome to today's video my name is madeline 
fools and this is madlon talks today we'll   discuss the most important macroeconomic 
and bitcoin related news of the week   and we will start off this video by diving deeper 
into the future of our money we're going to dive   deeper into the central bank digital currency and 
how the world will look like when a central bank   digital currency will be released when it comes 
up to the digital euro a digital dollar or maybe   even the digital you want what will the world 
look like when there is gonna be a central bank   digital currency we will also take a look at the 
war on bitcoin because last week i tweeted about   the fact that the war on bitcoin has started 
and this raised a lot of concern and a lot of   questions as well so i will explain a bit why i 
kind of have the feeling that the war on bitcoin   just have started and we will also take a look 
at some crypto related news as well and in the   end of this video we're going to dive deeper into 
the latest price analysis of bitcoin but we will   take a look at the on-chain analysis when it comes 
to willy woo's analysis we will take a look at the   week of pattern and we will take into account the 
stock to flow model of plan b so we will combine   all these four kinds of analysis together 
to see whether we can expect a leg upward   or the next leg downward so for now i'm going to 
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sure to click on the bell so you get notified when   there is a new video online so i would like to 
start with this news article and this is a news   article from arthur news which is the biggest 
news outlet in the netherlands when it comes to   commercial news they're doing a suggestion they're 
saying what if every dutch citizen will get a co2   budget for traveling for eating meat and for 
energy there will be a maximum co2 amount that   you can spend and for those who exceed this 
maximum consumption they will have to pay more   so to be honest this article gave me 
goosebumps and i will explain you why because   in order for this to work there need to be some 
changes and for example if you want to measure   how much co2 we are consuming together as 
citizens then you will have to get rid of cash   and this means that you will have to introduce 
um so-called central bank digital currency and   that you have to make sure to connect the central 
bank digital currency to the co2 budget and then   we will have something that really looks like 
the chinese so-called social credit system maybe   you've heard of the social credit system in china 
in china there is something that's related to   how good you are as a citizen for example if 
you have done something wrong in the eyes of   the government then you can't go by train 
to work because your social credits aren't   enough for example and this almost looks like what 
we're seeing right now or at least what they are   thinking about right now because this is not a 
plan of parliament this is a what-if scenario   but still it gave me goosebumps because where 
will be the privacy involved will there even be   something that's related to privacy 
and to me this is really i don't know   it's it's a bit strange and i've tweeted about 
this because i want people to realize what will   happen when central bank digital currency will 
grow bigger and bigger and bigger for example   they will probably introduce central bank digital 
currency as following they will say you will get   100 euros or 100 dollars in your central bank 
account and if you open a bank account you will   get free money probably they will do it like this 
and then you will think okay that's nice i will   open a bank account at the central bank i will get 
free money and then they will ask you to move your   money from your commercial bank to the central 
bank as well and from that point it's really   harsh to get out of the system because when your 
money is entering the wallet of the central bank   they can make sure to give you restrictions for 
example spending your money on products that are having co2 consumption and they can also 
do this for example you have to go to the   doctor quite often because you have a 
higher blood pressure then you can say   you shouldn't need at mcdonald's every week and 
this can get really out of hand really easily   but on the other hand there's also something 
else because inflation could rise endlessly if   there is something um introduced like the central 
bank digital currency we will get rid of cash   and we won't use commercial banks for 
doing our daily savings and spending then   it's really easy to have inflation going higher 
and higher and higher we have had lynette zing   talking about this really often and in my 
honest opinion she's completely right about   the future of money when it comes to inflation 
the central bank can't do anything about   monetary policy when it comes to policy tightening 
or something like that to lower the inflation   rate again so this is going to be really hard to 
measure when it comes to the central bank digital   currency and there will be no way out of the 
system anymore because they just can't restrict   you to not buy bitcoin or not buy gold and silver 
anymore so keep that in mind when thinking about   the pros of the central bank digital currency 
there are also quite a lot of cons and so it   begins the central bank digital currency will 
get a full backing of the bank for international   international settlements um and this is 
just the beginning the bank of international   settlements of course has no 
backing we know there isn't gold   um in their um basement or something like 
that so they aren't back but the central   bank digital currency get backing or at least 
confirmation from the base the bis and then we   had this tweet i tweeted about this and a lot of 
people retweeted it because they were like oh what   are you telling us the war on bitcoin has started 
and to me this is a really important point in   time because we are at the verge of a bear market 
bull market thing and we know we are sitting there   and there is also a lot going on around the 
central bank digital currencies inflation rising central banks having no equipment to tighten 
policy anymore the interest rates can go   any lower they have to let the interest rate rise 
again but then the whole system will collapse so   there are so many things going on um and one 
of the things is that bitcoin is starting to   evolve into a more systematical um threat so 
it's it can become a threat to the system we've   seen this for example in turkey in turkey the 
lira had an inflation rate of 16 in one month   16 so the purchasing power of the people in turkey 
went down by 16 in one month and this means that a   lot of people that worked in supermarkets that 
had our own companies said i don't want you in   lira anymore because tomorrow it can be the value 
can be way lower so what did they say they said   just give me bitcoin i would prefer to have 
bitcoin so people were starting to spend and   um get bitcoin so people paid in bitcoin and 
there was a complete separate economy evolving   besides the economy around the lira and 
that raised a concern about the systematical   thread that bitcoin formed so what did turkey do 
they said we can't deal with these transactions   anymore so you can't do any transaction when 
it comes to bitcoin and that's the backstory   the story that they don't tell the story that 
they don't tell to the people they are talking   about of course they're talking about terrorism 
financing about everything but not about their   their economy failing and that's what this 
is all about because we're seeing that our   economy is going down to drain when it comes 
to euro but also when it comes to the american   economy and to me the war on bitcoin has started 
because we are currently in the final phase and   when i talk about the final phase and you will 
probably you've probably heard about this because   there is a saying that says first they will ignore 
you then they will laugh at you then they will   try to beat you or at least they are going to get 
mad at you they are going to get angry and then   you will win and we are currently in this phase 
that everyone's starting to get mad at um those   countries that are quite open-minded when it comes 
to bitcoin so we're currently in the final phase   in which countries will embrace or ban bitcoin 
the countries that embrace bitcoin are oppressed   so when it comes to the imf the 
ims is suppressing el salvador   for the fact that they made bitcoin a legal 
tender the good thing about this is that bitcoin   is a form of value in both their eyes on those 
embracing but also on those banning it and i must   explain why this is true because have you ever 
heard of a war being started around homelessness   nope war star because of something valuable think 
about words about oil or the war on drugs the war   on bitcoin has started and this means bitcoin has 
value it has value in the eyes of those embracing   it but also of those banning it and they know 
it and there is a lot going on when it comes to   banning bitcoin or making restrictions for the 
crypto asset market um there is a new directive   in uh europe the regulation of the european 
parliament and of the council on markets in   crypto assets and amending directive for the eu so 
they did a proposal around the fact that they want   to regulate bitcoin but also the crypto market 
and not only the cryptocurrencies but they want to   regulate everything also when it comes to the 
decentralized exchanges um when it comes to the   privacy coins the stable coins the utilities the 
assets the currencies is everything all combined   but i'm still not sure if they already know what 
different between all these different assets as i   i would like to call it is so first they have to 
like know where to put which token or which coin   in which box it can can um live but then they 
will try to regulate and this of course is the   uh basis for the other countries in the 
european union to base their regulations on   so this is gonna overrule everything and we are 
um looking at this really closely but for now   this is just a proposal but it in in my honest 
opinion it doesn't look good they aren't really   open um open-minded as when it comes 
to crypto so what a lot of people   don't know is that bitcoin isn't completely 
anonymous it's pseudonymous which means that   you can track whether where money is going but 
not who's sending the money but if you have   at the front portal of the money flowing in 
and the money flowing out on in the of rams if   you have something that's measuring where the 
money is come coming from then you can follow   the money around the system um and it's not that 
pseudonymous anymore and to me it's really nice   that the blockchain is completely open so there 
is no need for this proposal but okay we will   see where this will end up um also on the other 
side we have had um some changes when it comes to   america cryptocurrencies are now on vincent's 
first national property list what does this   mean the financial surveillance agency is 
pointing a finger at crypto in its new plan to   combat terrorism financing and to be honest this 
is completely nuts when it comes to criminal   transactions criminals won't use bitcoin because 
if they would they're stupid criminals in 2020   only 0.34 of the transactions were that 
were linked to criminal activities or could   be linked to criminal activities and to me this 
is um not about terrorism financing this is the   same story as we've seen in turkey turkey banning 
cryptocurrency payments because they were scared   that there would um exist a completely new 
economy they would evolve a complete new economy   around bitcoin instead of their own currency so 
they are seeing bitcoin as a threat and that's why   they are planning to combat terrorism financing 
but okay enough said about this we're going to   follow this really closely and then we've had 
this report from the financial action task force   um talking about extreme right financing 
highlights with cryptocurrency use so though they   will have another reason to ban cryptocurrencies 
because they have used the so-called privacy coins   for financing their extreme right thoughts or at 
least that's what the financial action task force   is saying we've known from the beginning or at 
least one year ago or so that the financial action   task force would take action on when it comes to 
cryptocurrencies so as i said we're going to take   a look at this closely there will probably be a 
european and an american um regulation form but   there will also be probably be a worldwide form 
of regulation when it comes to cryptocurrencies um   and we must see where this is going to end to me 
this is um not really nerve-wracking or something   like that but it's strange that they are going 
to do this and we can see where this is going   right especially when it comes to the central 
bank digital currency but keep in mind what's   going on and take this into account and never get 
nervous about this but know what your options are   and then we have this announcement from the nydig 
they're saying in the coming months 650 financial   institutions and millions of consumers will gain 
access to the powerful bitcoin network we're proud   to come together with these innovative companies 
to help make bitcoin accessible to all so they're   announcing that 650 financial institutions 
including banks will make bitcoin accessible for   their consumers and they must because they have no 
other option and this is really important because   the banks know that their business mode model 
is going down the train and maybe in the future   we don't even need banks anymore and everything 
will go to some sort of crypto landing formula   and when speaking about crypto landing we've had 
block fi doing a rate cut on bitcoin deposit and   this leaves their rivals scratching hats because 
blockfi is saying that the market conditions have   changed but they're only the only ones in um 
the space when it comes to landing bitcoin   they're literally a bitcoin bank but they're 
the only ones that decrease their uh ap apy   and the api is the annual percentage yield for 
the bitcoin deposits larger than 20 bitcoin um for   example it will go down from 0.5 to 0.25 which is 
actually quite low um when you will have more or   at least when you're in tier one and you will have 
0.25 then your um annual percentage shield will be   higher but still it's not super high when 
it comes to having more than five bitcoin   um but the other ones and this is quite 
interesting the other landing platforms for   example gen general gemini sorry and genesis and 
we've had nexo they didn't decrease their um rates   so this is quite interesting and we will 
follow this around um the next month we   will take a look at whether they cut rates 
again because that would or at least might   ring some alarm bells then we had the month june 
and june has ended already we're now in july and   the weather sucks it's raining it's 13 degrees and 
i'm thinking about moving out of the netherlands   again um because this is not really my my piece of 
cake i'm already turning white again um but okay   let's take a look at the acids and the performance 
of that crypto assets when it comes to um the 20   the top 20 list by market cap um with bitcoin 
on the first place so bitcoin is outperforming   all of the other crypto assets when it comes 
to the month june bitcoin is doing the best   add a minus two percent 2.7 uh but we're also 
seeing that xrp went down with 30 so even   um 28 more than bitcoin uh bch decreased 
by 25 we've seen eos decreasing by 35   and even ethereum decreased by 17.7 so bitcoin 
did way better and this means that the market   cap on bitcoin will increase quite a lot or has 
increased quite a lot because everyone is moving   out of outs when bitcoin is going down 
fast for quite a long time everyone moves   out of the al coins um back into bitcoin or maybe 
even back into stable queens as well and now the   big question is what will happen next month we've 
had a month of a strong decrease when it comes to   may then we had june with a small decrease and 
what will happen in july um the bitcoin hash rate   stabilizes after the china crackdown and this is 
what i said in the last video there was so much um   there were so many people that were kind of scared 
about what was going on in china because china   banned mining again and every uh chinese miner had 
to get out of china and the hazard rate went down   and usually when hatch rates going down people are 
going like why is the hash rate going down price   will go down as well bit but this will end up 
being in a normal situation because these miners   will move out of china they will find a new spot 
to put their mining equipment and they will start   over again and i was like aren't people seeing 
this this is completely nuts but the bitcoin hash   rate stabilizes after the china crackdown with the 
bitcoin hash rate stabilizing after falling for 10   days the industry experts are speculating that the 
worst fallout from china's recent mining crackdown   might be over exactly as i said so the panic 
when it comes to the price decrease from bitcoin   wasn't needed at all and then we have this article 
and when i clicked on this article there wasn't   um much information kevin reynolds is still 
writing information about this subject but what   i wanted to say is that the soros fund manager 
is set to be trading bitcoin following a report   the approval to trade the leading cryptocurrency 
was given by the cio so the chief investment   officer don according to the report so there is 
a report released by soros the service fund and   we've heard about this fund uh earlier and they 
are now trading bitcoin this is this fund by the   way is not connected to the soros family good 
to know but they've spoken about bitcoin earlier   and um it's quite interesting but because we 
don't know when they started buying bitcoin   and at which price they did so we are going to 
dive deeper in the report when the data will   be released i will also put it on instagram 
as well uh or on twitter um so make sure to   follow me over there i will put it down below 
in this box um but this is quite interesting so   there is still some institutional invest uh 
intra interest uh from institutional investors   and then we've had news from willy woo and when 
he was said the following rick asterly holders are   key force again and ancient atlantis suggests a 
recovery so you're probably thinking rick asterly   you know rick asterly because he's the singer 
of the song 1980 song never gonna give you up   never gonna get you up okay enough um he's the 
sayer of that song and uh what willywoo said   those that are never going to give up on btc 
are still accumulating according the analyst   so they've been looking to on-chain analysis and 
there is a difference by the way because willywoo   is a technical analyst but technical analysis is 
based on formulas and a form of pattern analysis   you have to see those in a different light because 
pattern analysis is really subjective and when it   comes to formulas it's really objective 
so for example when you use rsi it has a   similar it just has a formula that's being used on 
every chart and it uses the index figure of the rs   so the relative strength and you can calculate 
the relative strength on every chart on the same   figures when using the price difference of the 
last days you will get the index index figure   from it so the rsi will do the same on every chart 
you're using it but on some charts it works on   some charts it doesn't um and on some charts you 
have to combine it with other tools as well some   objective some subjective analysis but when it 
comes to unchained signals they're looking for the   for example the wheels the wallets of the 
wheels are they still accumulating or they're   looking for new wallets or they're looking for 
transactions how many transactions have been done   so when it comes to unchain analysis there is so 
much data available but not a lot of people use it   so technically this uh analyst willie wu believes 
that this is not a beer market because unchained   indicators are signaling a recovery and the asset 
is still being bought by the long-term huddlers   so what he has done is looking at the wallets 
from the long-term huddlers um these wallets are   in my opinion uh above the thousand bitcoin and if 
they still keep accumulating bitcoin then they're   buying from the weak hands and witty woo says that 
this is what they're doing the popular analyst   came in an interview on the bitcoin did podcast 
last week willie who stated that he does not   believe that bitcoin is in a typical bear market 
due to the signs of accumulations showing on chain   referring to the ricky aster song rick 
yesterday's song um never gonna give you up   so um the rig assert is the hodler that keeps 
buying and never tends to sell much and of   course rick was very active over 2021 and then 
suddenly all the coins moved away from wick to   the weak hands the speculoos traders that buy 
and sell now we're seeing that cross back into   moving to rick he added that we're currently in 
a speculative phase and i agree to that but we   will um explain that later and those coins 
that were sold earlier this year are now   being aborted by absorbed by long-term hunters and 
the podcast hosts peter mccormack revealed that he   hasn't sold any crypto assets yet and is still 
confident that there is still so much going on   and good stuff happening and i completely agree 
to that but usually we see that there is a form   of value and different form of price so price 
and value are currently most of the times not   at the same level when it comes to price the 
price can be way lower than the value already is   um we've seen this in 2018 we've seen this in 2017 
we've seen this in 2014 after the crash in 2013   and there was so much positive news but the price 
wasn't moving a bit the price right now is going   sideways perish to be honest we're in a 
downtrend it looks like a wakavian accumulation   price pattern and so if that plays out we should 
have the last week down to 28.29 which should have   been the final test of the bottom everything on 
chain looks like recovery so he's seeing positive   signals when it comes to the recovery and we 
are going to take a look at the week off in like   one minute but i wanted to show you um this is 
the bitcoin exchange supply ratio at the lowest   point in six months implying less sell-off risks 
because when everyone is moving their money into   the exchange they are probably willing to sell 
it and right now the exchange has kind of dried   out and when it comes to the wakafian phase i 
wanted to show you this chart this is a chart   of the standard wick half pattern and this wig 
of belgian has been discussed over and over again   we first saw the wick have pattern at the top 
and now we're forming a wake up at the bottom and   this is a chart from the 30th of may we're now 
in the first of july so this is a one month ago   a little more than one month ago and i wanted to 
show you what happened what has happened since   take a look this is where the low existed this is 
where we found the first high so it was like one   centimeter one and a half centimeter later here 
we had the same thing we went up we went down   we went up found the top around this era area then 
we went down we had the spring low around 29 and   now we're moving upwards from the 20 seconds of 
june and this is gonna be the upward trend but   this is the upward one now we are in the downward 
again this is probably downward and we have to run   up towards the 40s again so this is 
where it becomes kind of interesting   because over the couple of next two weeks we 
want to see that the price of bitcoin is going up   again up up up and we've had this tweed of 
plan b the closing price of june was 35k   as far below the s2f model as in jan 29 in jan 29 
we were sitting around this area right before we   went upward again but never hitting the high again 
because this took one and a half years i think we   were in a bear market at that time um so we can't 
compare that but the next six months will make or   break this s2f again and he have said this before 
he said this over and over again from the time he   um announced the sucker flow model and i think 
it was in the beginning of 2019 but now we have   to move upward again somewhere around this area in 
order to do to don't break the stock to flow model   um so i completely agree with willy woo 
when it comes to the fact that we've   we must have seen bottom right now so this area 
the 28 area where we will spoke about in this um   in this podcast and this was published on 
the 28th of june this is where we've seen   the low on the chart and now we're heading upwards 
again we're currently sitting around 33 k and now   it's necessary to move upward because otherwise 
the stuck-to-flow motor will break the week-off   will break and we will break so for now we're 
going to take a look at the technical aspect   so we've spoken about the stock to flow 
model we looked to um see what the week of   wants us to do and we also watch willy woo's 
on chain analysis but for now we're going to   do some technical analysis as well because where 
are we sitting right now we are currently in this   area sitting around the 30 to 33 usd and the 
volume is quite low so this almost looks like   head and shoulder pattern or something like 
that um but we need to break out upward   around this area okay so what have we seen we've 
seen a down trend after we broke out of this   head and shoulder pattern and what i want to 
show you is how accurate this analysis is so   we had this head and shoulder pattern we broke out 
we hit a low around this area and then we ended up   in this downward sideways always sideways trend 
we broke out upwards but the volume was way too   low so we broke out downwards back into this area 
again so now we want to see a breakout with high   volume but we aren't see in high volume yet 
and when it comes to the weak half we have   some support around this level so i'm 
going to draw this around um the one hour   chart we have some support around this level yeah 
we have and then we're seeing that this is kinda   looking like an upward movement but we want to 
see higher volume so if we break out again we   need to see higher volume and then we can go back 
as high as 39.

I will show you where we need to   be at least 39 40s this is where the resistance 
is heading here we have resistance as well   have had and we're probably going to see this 
again right before moving sideways and then upward   again so this is kind of good the only thing that 
we're missing is the volume volume needs to be way   higher when breaking out upwards so when hitting 
this upward trend i want to see higher volume   than the average um the average is the yellow 
line so you want to be right above the average   for at least two days to have the confirmation 
and now you're probably asking me um where do   we see a confirmation for example this is kind of 
confirmation we broke out here we broke out again   and then we see that we've had like i'm saying 
days by the way but these are candles of four   hours so for at least two candles of four hour 
we want to see upward green volume um this was a   not really high volume um so we can might 
speak of an upward trend uh it can also have   some resistance around this level but 
we're still not sure yet because these   have only two um touching points and when it comes 
to technical analysis and drawing lines you want   to have at least three for it to be a strong 
resistance line and the more touching points the   stronger the resistance or the support the longer 
the resistance support the stronger it is as well   so these are all kind of strong ones even though 
we've broke out upwards blah blah so now we're at   a very important level because we don't want to 
break out downward of this area and if we break   out downward then we will see high volume going 
down going back to maybe even 27 or so 28 probably   uh finding a new low and i hope we're not going to 
see that and when it comes to breaking out of this   trend this is a great shorting opportunity so if 
we break out downward then we will see definitely   see high volume because everyone is watching 
this line right now and uh this will be a great   opportunity to short if you have experience in 
the market and if you are experienced with doing   leverage trading then this might be the change for 
you if you are interested in doing every trading   check the link out down below if you don't have 
experience in leverage trading make sure to first   educate yourself be before you start doing this so 
this is a great shorting opportunity but of course   we hope that we break out upward of this downward 
trend and we can start looking forward to the 40k   again for now i would really like to thank you 
for watching this video i've enjoyed making this   video again for you guys and make sure to follow 
me on instagram and on twitter so you will get   notified when there is new content available you 
will see what's going on behind the screens and um   what we're working on is also quite interesting 
i think and for now i'd like to thank you for   watching this video i hope you've enjoyed it i 
did and i hope to see you next week again bye-bye you

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