hello stock crews and welcome to another 
episode i hope you're having a beautiful   sunday fun day today is not looking so 
nice for the crypto markets unfortunately   but i just deployed some capital i actually bought 
this extreme fear dip um we're going to jump into   the charts for bitcoin we're going to see how far 
this dip is gonna go are we finished this sell-off   and what does it mean for the entire crypto space 
what does it mean for bitcoin make sure you watch   to the end of the videos to see the cryptos that 
i also bought during this fear dip so let's jump   into the technicals for bitcoin everything you 
saw here or see here you're going to learn in the   cryptocurrency master course you can join by more 
than 3 000 students after you've taken the courses   join us in our discord chat where we have nearly 
3 000 students in the discord chat talking during   these fear times so you can talk with other people 
to know what's going on um and i recommend trading   with buy bit or the femex links down below because 
my team has organized by six hundred dollars of   bonuses when you deposit bitcoin femex 1 200 of 
bonuses the links are all in description i'll show   you those later let's jump into the charts for 
bitcoin so the entire market is cracking a little   bit um file down against bitcoin 12 percent i'll 
go nine percent ach against usd nine percent usd   dot um dot is looking strong to me but we've got 
to be make sure that the field selling has sold   off but i have started laddering into dot but 
we're going to jump into bitcoin true holding   support b and b crazy down 323 extreme fear on bmb 
a company that i believe in the long term will be   a future google so let's see if this pullback has 
finished we're going to jump into ethereum at 2777   bitcoin right now at 41 000.

We had a bit of a 
bounce here which is good again bouncing off this   s2 support it's multiple times as we've bounced 
here so first we look at the daily so again this   is when we bought bitcoin if you followed the 
beginning of this channel 9000 i've been buying   since 2012 mining actually but we bought it on 
this channel 9000 when i said everyone urgently   buy bitcoin we went up to 64 000.

We sold at 55 
000 when i warned everyone of a waterfall selloff   we bought down at 29 000 then we sold again at 
the 53 000. when i warned everyone of the cell   of five happened five hours before it happened 
and we have been going down in this channel that   i predicted that we would be going for a while 
i've been saying that we will bounce down in   this channel going down towards 34 000 is the key 
area 38 000 is where i'm going to pick up sorry   40 000 is where i'm going to pick up a lot of 
bitcoin and start laddering into my positions   38 000 but what we need to stay in the bull market 
is we need to stay above this blue dotted line so   always pay attention to that 34 000 is where 
we need to stay above that blue dotted line   um we pinned down on bitcoin the trade that we had 
that little mini trade we opened on bitcoin has   broke has failed um that bitcoin trade is closed 
we had a very tight stop loss though but we'll   look at that closer first we're going to look 
at in my opinion we had a big pool move down we   went all the way to 40 700 and then a big bounce 
back stochastic rsi squeeze mob all oversold but   still turning down lower and squeeze mob still 
in the red a lot of volume coming in though   bitcoin can keep going down in this channel and 
bouncing down here at 38 000 and that's where   i expect a mega bounce why because if you look 
back in the charts that 38 000 there's so much   support here at 38 000 that's why i have an alert 
set here i teach you how to set up alerts in the   cryptocurrency master course but i have a strong 
alert set that will settle for alarm on my trading   view to buy a lot of bitcoin here at the 38 000. 
i do believe we can come down here because that's   where there's a lot of support but i have started 
laddering in keep that in mind i'm not waiting to   go all in at 38 000.

And i said if you watch my 
video yesterday i was buying some yesterday i was   buying some down here at the 40 000 i'm gonna buy 
some down here at 39 000 and also at the 38 000   on that four hour early we did have a strong 
bounce we broke to the downside when i said that   video yesterday bitcoins choosing their direction 
we chose the downside um multiple bounces and pins   down here at bitcoin on this s2 so we did have a 
bounce here volume is strong here stochastic rsi   and squeeze mob all oversold ah sorry stochastic 
rsi oversold let's line those up so they're just   a bit clearer stochastic and rsi oversold um but 
still unfortunately still heading down however the   rsi has turned up the stochastic's still heading 
down but the rsi has turned up on the four hourly   so we could have a little relief rally but the 
squeeze mob is still releasing to the red side   but stochastic rsi oversold up here is when you 
want to sell when i called that waterfall self   before it happened actually up here 53 000.

when you want to sell when the rsi is stochastic   or oversold overbought when they're down here 
you don't want to sell too much you want to be   a little bit careful because there's oversold on 
the hourly for bitcoin we broke to the downside of   this triangle so that that trade on bitcoin that 
small trade is wiped out i didn't take that long   that limit trade if you follow my live trades the 
join button down below i didn't actually activate   that trade i'm just spot buying the dip fear 
panics that i talked about in yesterday's video   um we pinned down four one two three four times 
we've pinned down and broke this s2 support at   41 000.

Now that's not a good thing the more times 
we test support eventually it breaks everyone the   more times we test support eventually it breaks 
on the hourly huge selling volume and huge buying   backs volume that that spike down was caused by 
liquidations of 5600 bitcoin a lot of bitcoin was   sold to push the price down and what's interesting 
a lot of buy orders went off we had almost   5 500 bitcoins sold 5600 and then bought we had 
4 000 bitcoin bought in the last hour in the last   um so that's a lot of buying back of this dump um 
the ema ribbon the stock group let's turn those on   ema ribbon we are underneath the ema on the date 
on the hourly but stochastic and rsi oversold and   turning up squeeze mob still releasing to the red 
side volume coming in i did buy if you followed my   live trades i did buy um some cryptos i'm going to 
show you those cryptos in a minute on that bounce   because whenever there's extreme fear i want 
to buy the extreme fear for quick pullbacks   um and that's what's happened i would 
sell that pullback right about now   actually if you if you don't want to hold on but 
i'm adding cryptos that i want to hold on for a   long time here on the extreme fear dip so what is 
going to happen next in my opinion we are going   to go back up to this 41 674 the stochastic 
rsa oversold heading up volume coming in   but if this keeps happening if we keep 
bouncing off here we are eventually my   end goal my where i'm gonna buy a lot of bitcoin 
is at this 38 000 alert so do not put a lot of   capital here you can start laddering in if 
you want into bitcoin here here and here   um but i would not put all my capital in one go 
and i wouldn't put all of the capital even going   down to 38 000 in case we break the 38 and come 
to 34 that's a moment of truth if we break that   then the bear market begins for bitcoin 34 000 
though so we still have a little bit of a ways we   are going down in this channel we can tighten this 
channel now because bitcoin didn't recover as high   as the last time so let's tighten this channel 
and just see if we can get information more   information let's get rid of these targets because 
right now bitcoin is trending downwards let's tie   it in this channel we'll we'll move it here now 
see if we can get more information on bitcoin so i teach you how to do this in the 
in the stock in the cryptocurrency   master course you can join my 3 000 other 
students it's formic a descending wedge and we've got we can put down to the let's 
not put the extreme few weeks let's put the   just the close of the wicks so we get more 
information because there is a lot of panic the we   but you got to be careful because of these weeks 
extreme few weeks we need to be careful because   if you put your liquidation price too low um 
you can get liquidated so bitcoin is going in   a very strong descending channel everyone look at 
this it's like not even descending wedge now it's   going strong down so it is going to most likely 38 
000 expect a huge bounce um but most likely we are   going to test the bear market potential at 34 445. 
what we need to see that bitcoin reverse out of   here is a strong bounce off here and coming out of 
this descending triangle bouncing off and heading   up that's how we can stay bullish if we make this 
pattern if we keep going down here 38 000 expect a   big bounce and then 34 000 will be the test of the 
bear market so how would i set my trade and what   where would i set my trade i'm going to show you 
that now um on the hourly it does look like we're   bouncing back strong but squeeze mob is going to 
more to the red but stochastic rsi oversold and   heading up so the feed dips i bought on all coins 
already in profits if you want to make trades for   bitcoin this is i'm going to show you where 
to put the trade and what i would use to trade   so um down below in the description and 
pin comment you're going to see some links   for trading by bit and femix are the best bitcoin 
and altcoin exchanges for trading you can use   leverage on there also but be careful um six 
hundred dollars my team has organized with buy bit   if you deposit bitcoin and 1 200 worth of bonuses 
if you deposit bitcoin into femex those are the   bonuses you can get if you have any restrictions 
in your country you can use nordvpn but make sure   you've taken the cryptocurrency master course with 
my 3 000 other students before you start trading   in there you're gonna if you don't know how to set 
up limit orders stop losses if you don't know how   um to find 100x coins if you don't know how to 
trade and use tradingview and use my indicators   you learn that all in the crypto course and then 
join my other nearly 3 000 students in the discord together and i'm trading all these 
links in the description below so   this is now i'm going to show you what alts 
i bought and where i would set my bitcoin   so the um where i bought the dip was actually 
down here if you followed my live trade not on   bitcoin but on bnb and um and i'm going to show 
you the other altcoin would i open a trade here on   bitcoin i would not do it here the place i would 
set the trade for bitcoin for a very strong bounce   is at 39 um 400 and it's just going to be a 
quick trade i've been saying this for a few days   be very defensive here and what you're doing is 
whenever there's extreme sell-offs and breaking   down to a strong support you want to put a short 
trade long position leveraged on that support when   it pins down to have a quick bounce back and 
only activate the trade at the end of the pin   so there's going to be another extreme fee pin if 
it comes down and a bounce at 40 000 in my opinion   it'll be rounded number so right here so the way i 
would set the trade is a very very tight stop loss   only 500 stop loss and i'll put a quick bounce 
back to the previous pins and those pins are at at   forty thousand seven hundred that's how i would 
set a trade for bitcoin right now only on these   extreme buying the extreme fear onto a major 
support for a big week back up so that's how   it set a bitcoin trade now if i was going to make 
trades um on bitcoin the best is when it goes down   to ladder into the positions for long-term holds 
when there's extreme fear but if i was going to   make a leverage trade i would wait till it pinned 
down to this very strong support at the 40 000   and i put a quick bounce back trade there why 
because we have a lot if we go back to the daily   the strongest support is actually at 38 000 
but we also have another very strong support   at the 40 000 so you could you could expect a very 
big i'm going to set an alert a very big week and   bounce back at the 40 000 as you can see here if 
you go back in time on bitcoin we have a on this   alert dotted line we have so much support lines 
here that if we came down and hit it it would   bounce back very quickly so that's what i would be 
doing when i'm making short term leverage trades   on bitcoin just catching these extreme fear bounce 
backs so if i was to set the trade this is how i   would do it on that 40 uh forty three around forty 
thousand it would be a one point three ratio trade   i would put a very tight profit so i'd make a high 
leverage rate so 694 dollars of profit if i 10x   that would be six thousand nine hundred dollars 
if with very quick bounce back that i would expect   in a few minutes um if it if it was 100 x that 
would be 69 uh 10x would be 6 900 60 100 x will   be 69 000 trade but the stop loss i would put 
at a negative 533 just to give that week some   actually i'll make it a bit tighter here 39 
545 so i'm risking around 400 um for 694 dollar   gain so 1.73 ratio trade but only on that strong 
support and only on big fee weeks and that's what   happened just now if you if you listen um what i 
talked about yesterday bitcoin did exactly this it   pinned down hit that extreme support and weak 
back up so you could have made that quick   leverage trade if you did that like i talked about 
yesterday you would have made a from the bottom   it would have been a risk of two point sorry you 
would have risked um 323 and already made back   966 at 3 ratio trade if you close the trade right 
now and it looks like this is the point to close   the trade the big week down that would have been 
if it was leveraged 10x that's 9 600 profit if it   was 100x that's 96 000 profit but the next one 
that i would set the trade for another extreme   fear dip if it happens would be here at the 38 000 
um i would put the take profit at 40 640 this the   trade opened at 39 945 and the stop loss 39 545 
but on the hourly we are bottoming out um on that   four hourly we are still turning down but squeeze 
mob is starting to come back and we could have a   strong bounce back here and i expect that we will 
if it does pull back be expect that the the target   would be for a big bounce back would be 42 837 
and then we would have a lot of resistance there   now i'm going to show you the alt coin that i 
just bought so this is our server inside the   server we have 2 700 stock gurus in there 200 of 
them online and they're talking right now in these   chats are all free chat rooms this is the crypto 
chat everyone is discussing trades right now and   this is just the last hour of conversation um 
people showing their trade ideas and their um   and here we have an elite group of traders that 
have gathered from all over and as you've seen   the elite group already predicted this drop on 
dot um it exactly hit um it exactly hit randy   bot's trade bitcoin exactly coming down to his 
support also they already predicted this dip um   so these guys are amazing we've gathered them 
in here and we have a leak group of traders and   randy's seeing the same thing that most likely 
we're going to come down to 39 500 where i said   um so i put the actual trade open at that point 
and these were my live trades that i just made you   also see my live trades if you join the youtube 
membership the discord down below i bought dot at   twenty seven dollars about 35 minutes ago during 
that extreme feedback i bought at 27 and i bought   b b at 323 expecting on that big bounce yesterday 
i also predicted that we would drop down on bnb   actually when i was asked by um one of our one 
of our members he asked me where i think dot   was going to go and i think down to 25 dollars 
and then breaking out october 13th to the upside   so thank you all for watching be very defensive 
out there buy the extreme fear dips sell the   bounces because i do believe bitcoin is going to 
go to 38 38 000 if you have any um alts that you   vo very long term bullish i'm very long-term 
bullish on dot i'm very long-term bullish on sxp   i'm very long-term bullish on ftt i'm very 
long-term bullish on bitcoin and ethereum buy the   extreme fees dollar cost average but i do think 
bitcoin is going to go to 38 000.

so be defensive   if you're going to open leveraged trades on 
bitcoin wait till it spikes down very aggressively   open the trade at a strong support for the bounce 
back for quick um mega gains with liquid uh with   with um leverage this is james from stockroo 
thank you for watching i hope i informed you   of a lot of things here i'll get the video out 
quickly and i'll see you all again tomorrow.

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