hello stock gurus and welcome to another episode 
i hope you're having a beautiful day today we're   going to look at the price of bitcoin and 
predict where bitcoin is going to go next   we're going to look on the technicals on the daily 
and the hourly to see what's going to happen to   the price of bitcoin using tradingview.com and 
technical analysis everything you see here you   can learn to do with my 3 000 other students 
in the cryptocurrency master course learn how   to day trade how to set your stop losses your 
take profits how to identify 100x coins and do   what you're seeing me do here all done being done 
from my phone um so let's jump into the technical   analysis for bitcoin now so now we're in we're 
looking at bitcoin bitcoin usdt daily candles each   of these candles represents one day on binance's 
exchange um we start we had a buyback in may of   may of last year when i said everyone urgently 
on this channel by bitcoin at 9000 went to 64 000   i warned everyone of a waterfall seller 55 000 
stockroom but also calling the cell as well by   the way you get the stock we bought in the crypto 
course we then dropped all the way down to 29 000   down here where we bought a lot of bitcoin if you 
followed my live trades we're buying it down there   at 29 000 which was perfect call um we then went 
from 29 000 all the way up to 53 000 and then i   called again this sell-off before it happened five 
hours before we dropped down hard and we came back   above this pivot lane which is very good news as 
um for any bulls of bitcoin because that held the   pivot line and it went to the upside so usually 
when the pivot line holds it chooses direction   whether to the up or to the down to the support 
one or the resistance one so we are heading up   again which is good news however it does look like 
bitcoin is forming a giant symmetrical triangle   which is it could be bearish if we get 
rejected here again and don't break through   this 53 000 to head up going into september to 
november if we don't break through then we get   rejected then we could come down back down here 
which would put us at around 38 000 however in the   long term that would be a very good thing because 
then on the 20 in 2022 if we do come down we would   form a symmetrical triangle and a symmetrical 
triangle the way they work build pressure blue   pressure and then explode to the direction 
of the trend to the base of the triangle   which would shoot us up in bitcoin to a massively 
high price actually if that would have happened we   would go all the way up to 83 000 for bitcoin 
in the 9th of january but again that would we   would rather we break out right now here um before 
before november if we can get a breakout here then   it's extremely bullish that means we would go um 
all the way to 992 thousand dollars by the end of   september if we managed to break out here um we 
would start to head up after september towards 92   000.

So we're in a kind of important moment here 
however the pivot line held on the daily which is   quite important stochastic is turning to head down 
rsi turning to head down but neither overbought   and the stochastic is turning up squeeze mob 
is building pressure towards the green side   volume is coming in and we hold the pivot line so 
these and we're still on by on the stock robot it   hasn't turned to a red cell so there's still a lot 
of indicators telling us that we are going to head   up and if we do manage to break this resistance 
here this trend line at 51 000 that would then   send us up all the way up to 92 000 before the 
end of the year we would it would be very very   bullish for bitcoin now we zoom into the hourly to 
see what's going to happen for the next few hours   and if you were following my earlier video you 
know today we formed a bull flag um so we broke   out of this wedge here that i called if you 
followed my live trades you would have seen   that live trade we bought it at four thousand 
six hundred the trade is currently still open   it didn't hit our take profit our take 
profit this is how i set up the trade   we had a three point three one ratio trade um 
our potential loss was one thousand dollar nine   hundred dollars and our take profit was around 
three thousand dollars we're currently up around   we bought at forty four thousand six hundred so 
we're up around three thousand dollars right now   um i bought it earlier if you follow my live 
trades then i showed on the video of the trade   um after we broke out we then fought we're 
forming a bull flag now the way these work i   teach you in the technical analysis in the trading 
the cryptocurrency master course but we we build   a poll and then we build the flag facing down and 
if we can bounce here then we head up to the base   of the pool which would send us all the way back 
up to 51 000 and we could actually have that break   early which would be extremely bullish for bitcoin 
the bear flag is playing out we got rejected we   bounced we got rejected we bounced we came down 
and we bounced off here um and we we didn't come   down and touch the lion which even makes it more 
bullish everyone we held on this 47 240 like i   thought we would earlier today if you followed my 
live video i'll show you a glimpse of that video   squeeze mob going red everything kind of 
showing up a cell that we're coming down to 46   900 before bouncing off there and then continuing 
up in this bull flag so and then fast forward   about eight hours that's exactly what happened we 
came down we bounced off forty six thousand nine   hundred we went a little bit lower we went all 
the way to forty six thousand seven hundred but   we helped it spike back bounced off and now we 
are trying to form this bull flag and if we can   break out here we need to break above 47 925 this 
will be a confirmation of this giant um bull flag   which will send us all the way up to 51 000 and 
be a very very bullish case for bitcoin overall   and on the hourly we are looking bullish also we 
had this big spike um down and then a big recovery   showing that the bulls are in control huge volume 
came in stochastic oversold turning to head up rsi   oversold and making higher lows we've got 
a bullish divergence we're making higher   lures on stochastic and rsi and but the price was 
coming down this is a bullish divergence so in my   opinion this bull flag is going to play out like i 
predicted earlier today so congratulations anyone   who didn't get freaked out now a confirmation 
of this pool flag is if we break above 47   925 like i showed in the early video that would 
then activate this trade if we can break above 47   800 sorry we would put our stop loss below this 
drop here which would put the stop loss at 47   hundred and four sorry forty seven thousand 
forty six thousand seven hundred and we would   put our take profit um all the way up at 
fifty thousand five hundred fifty thousand   five hundred so we're risking around one 
thousand dollar uh actually less we're risking   three hundred plus four hundred we're risking 
seven hundred dollars for a potential gain of   four thousand forty seven thousand eight hundred 
to fifty thousand potential game of gain of 2   200 uh which is around a 2.48 ratio trade 
which is a good risk to reward ratio   um in my opinion we would go all the way up to 
51 000 so we could actually make it higher but   we want to take profits early that would also 
make our previous trade very profitable we're   already up three thousand dollars in that trade 
um but that would be also a profitable trade which   will be beautiful and remember if you're going to 
trade use my buy bit link down below and you get   3 650 worth of bonuses when you deposit bitcoin 
and trade on by bit um so that bull flag will   confirm if we break forty seven thousand eight 
hundred nine i would put my stop loss at forty six   thousand seven hundred and i'll put my take profit 
at fifty thousand seven hundred and sixty four   but all in all that would be very very bullish 
for bitcoin because we create this bull flag and   then as i showed on the higher time frames this 
will be extremely bullish overall for bitcoin   especially if we can break this main resistance if 
we can break this resistance at 51 515 this will   be extremely good news for all the bulls about 
um for bitcoin because that will send us up we   could then be going that 90 000 that i talked 
about so but more than likely get rejected but   we'll come to that at that point so this is how i 
would open my trade i'm going to lock this trade   and we're going to see how it plays out but again 
the trade will only open after we break through   uh 48 7 809 bounce off get a confirmation and then 
start moving up that's when i would open the trade   47 800 stop loss 46 700 take profit at 50 thousand 
volume coming in stochastic episode heading up   rsi heading up squeeze more building pressure 
stochastic and rsi making a bullish divergence   so everything looking extremely good for bitcoin 
for that trade and our previous trade will also um   close out in the profit the profit taking will be 
at 48 740 for that previous trade so bitcoin still   this bull flag is a very very bullish pattern 
even though people were freaking out today   um it really held up well that bull flag so let's 
help see how it plays out if you would like to   trade bitcoin make sure in the description and 
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