On Friday I posted something in the telegram group
that fascinated me if you are not in the telegram group join it is totally free
share my analysis I share news I share what I am seeing some of the
investment trades that I am doing in this video the description I leave you The link so you
can see it shared something about chivas and dodge that left me totally fascinated and it was
Friday night I was going to dinner, I decided to analyze a little more chivas and compare it with dodge with
dodge coin and I felt like neo in matrix it seems that I had discovered a cliché in the system
and as everything is programmed and this simulation repeats itself once again it is fascinating
how in financial markets very often we see similar patterns that are constantly
repeated and even more so in crypto where we have seen how the cycles have been following
very similar patterns, history repeats itself once again and it is amazing there are many
reasons why these things are repeated again and I will not go into detail many times they are
psychological factors when people expect something to happen it is their actions that make
that thing really happen but we are not going to go into that detail today I want to talk about what I
shared in my telegram group because he received many questions about chivas since on Friday
chivas was falling a lot of people was a bit panicked seeing if it was going that something had sold
I discovered a for chivas now if it is going to fall and the cibió starts to upload things like that not many
people have asked me, I want to channel go and dodge together and let's see and draw conclusions
as to whether this is over or if there are chances that it is not like this, it is just the beginning so let's
go to the mess let's see the stowage chart good here we have you need account you've had
a very crazy few weeks and we are currently in this dip in this downward movement from
the peak of this maximum rise to this one to tail is The candle that is the largest that we
have had since the maximum we have 50 percent 50 points 82 percent we see how
this kind of resistance is respecting this descending triangle is doing this and it is a
quite interesting pattern, the most interesting thing about this is That in the video I made previously
about if by dodge, then mark this resistance, it was marked by when the price
of shiva began to trade we had this crazy moment since it is from a boy and it was at the
maximum in May 2021 and it gave me the impression that this point was going to be key in the next
movements if it goes first because once we break it we will notice how perfectly
this candle had touched a was rejected and then exploded as after having been
a resistance to break it had become In a support here we see it perfectly from
resistance to support for this what I had shared several times with you
in v Videos on telegram and then after this mega rise we have seen how chivas has
been falling and that is when people have got nervous and have started to ask what is going
to happen we have uploaded now shiva is falling a rebound has fallen here in this Resistance
that has become the support now here rises again 30 percent of fall
falls again end is following this pattern and this triangle that is quite
clear with a fall of 50 percent in fact if we do here in figure girl this movement
what we see is how there has been a rebound to 50% of this movement and now we are losing strength
and it begins to decrease this for any analyst it is quite bearish ok right now this
graph is bearish it means that it is going down let's see its cousin friend b5 the other
dog because this dog story we have seen them before here we have touch queen and
dodge coin has a history a little longer than that from Chivas and its movement
really started in early 2021 to 1021 principalities, look at how 2020 was coming,
in 2020 it was when the touch coin theme became viral in texts, people started buying
touch coins and then it had this mega rise that was coming Well, from the Balearic 0.0 23 it had this rise,
then it deflated a little and at the end of 2020 it began to rise again, notice
how interesting as it is still marks a resistance that here tried to almost break
failure, then a candle that tries to break it fails again and then we have the
mega-candle of space that breaks it by some highs and begins to fall and then we have a candle
also with a very long tail with a fifty and 2.83 percent drop, also marking
this species as a descending triangle that at the same time if We do a fibonacci because it had also made a kind of rebound
almost 50%, it is a movement, it is not the same as what we have seen in chivas because this has already happened
in January 2021 and yes it is going to be doing exactly the same thing that touch down coin already did
because after this movement of the touch coin when I remember it perfectly I have friends
who were in dodge and here they sold and here everyone told me come from your delft coin I
said I do not care for me this is a casino I will continue playing until the end because I am
convinced that the bullish cycle of bitcoin has not finished yet what happened after this
after this that seems like a big move that no it is nothing compared to what came with
dodge coin, look at a point a point pum pum until when it reached 70 cents 80
cents good depending on where you look at it no and after that another brutal fall and then
the friend came up from space we were talking about this movement look at it seems that this is a
big movement it was nothing compared to what a boy did and then boom here small it was
brutal and if he goes he is now here doing this my my pattern that then made those coins you
say explode and had those rises we wanted it with more thread with mark cuban with all those influencers
talking about deutsche coin the dallas mavericks team that accepting payments in dodge cointer
here is when and the most came out in the television program it is on saturday night live and then
we had this big fall let's see let's compare this again this movement with chivas up here
we have your boy down here I'm going to put the saliva it seems to us that it is similar we have here a
maximum that marks a maximum resistance that marks a resistance later
this species is created as a mountain plateau mountain plateau there begin to come very strong pearls
puts it breaks mega melon mega belong and then it begins to crumble little by little fall to 50% that
there is here from 52% of 51 and 70 53 2% difference we have a tourism with the
chic figure of 50% around 50% that is, if you are not seeing what I am seeing
here I do not know how to help What I see is that chivas is doing exactly the
same thing that touch coin did, what does that mean because two options or the history of chivas is
not over because basically he is putting it back to play or knowing how to make the same movie
that he already did touch coin o effectively this is a chivas bear market and from here it goes
to 0.0 000 or whatever for me this story is not over yet and right now it has a
brutal market cap much bigger than there are many currencies and projects that You
would say that they make sense then I don't know but I have the impression that this aggressive
has not finished yet, notice that if it goes here by iguana train falling
a little now it is that if it goes up to number 11 per market the value of
deutsche coin back market 34 billion eusko dollars at 31 million
chivas ahead of the moon ahead of a bucks ahead of a usual ahead
of ching ling ahead of light coin by d ahead of matic ahead of something all
giving a very large market so when I saw this when I saw that there are so many similarities
synchronicity is similar things I said this is amazing and even more I shared it with you on
telegram on Friday and with some friends and what they I said it is surely let's see how it continues to
fall this weekend Saturday and Sunday to fill in this triangle that is doing
what exactly did touch coin do, we are going to put here a little clearer but
realize how this would be marking a kind of triangle that was here filling in until it
finds that support and that is what it is doing if it goes right now it is falling around here as the
market for this support will surely continue to fall a little more so it is key to see if
this line will hold that blue that we have as support it is similar to how deutsche coin did because
touch coin the graph is so big that you cannot see but actually the triangle
I did it was much longer and it was deflating deflating people
already gave it up for dead until suddenly it reached the support that is the
blue line and point or another mega high and it is very similar to what it
is doing with which I eat already To be paying a lot of attention
because I have the impression that this dog movie is not over yet and we can see
if it will get here and then go back up it seems fascinating because above all this
that is, the synchronicity with dodge is brutal it is fascinating and these movements The
worst thing about all this is that it is a bit scary, look at how these movements from the
very highs, then normal, a kind of support begins to fall and from there it
rises again and also it is that it always did the same toms coin I am analyzing to win enough
support brand loses strength begins to fall constantly I was doing this type of thing and now we would be in a giant triangle which is what I am
marking I'm here and it's starting to rise after having put this ground, which is already
rising here, okay, so I think that Coin Coin has died and the history of
cinema is over and I think that the chivas movie is over and I say that this is dangerous and I'm even
scared because this type of movements that we saw with dodge point and that we are seeing with
chivas are not normal movements of a market we are the normal dynamics of a market
in which there is a supply and a demand this is pure manipulation and lasts' which means
that here the whales the miners whoever is playing with us is playing with
the people who are getting rich and they have control of the market especially of these coins
what we call the and coin are the meme coins and they can make This party ends when they
want because this is a huayco of the book but at a brutal level at a gigantic level with bitcoin
we already saw it appeared in previous videos as there had been used movements the
wake-off structure of manipulation in which we have these upward impulses begin
to fall this kind of support forms another upward impulse that is obviously motivated by
portfolios that move hundreds of millions of strokes that encourage the rest of the Investors to buy
because it is rising, which increases the price much more when they want to sell, they
encourage the market to continue selling a little, thereby lowering the price, they buy
a fat lot again, people encourage another to go up again you have to buy again suddenly they sell
then people start selling and that helps them to buy cheaper suddenly buying
people cheered up again they start to rise the price the end this is very dangerous and
this that we are Seeing what happened to the dodge coin, that is, the moment the boy began to make
these movements in January, we had two more months of his life already There we put a maximum to
remember you but not only a dodge with but in the markets because it all started I can't say it all
started because obviously bitcoin had been going up last year but the mega crazy things started
with dodge coin and when we reached the maximum of touch coin it started to me fall apart I am not
saying that deutsche coin controls this market but the players the whales
behind this market and that move markets whimsy started with deutsche coin to attract the
little fish to eat from their party and then they arrive and eat them all and that is
what they are starting to do now with chivas because because we are entering the second phase
of the market that we have been analyzing in many videos and this is where the second phase
of the market begins this is bitcoin this was wave 1 and now we have the hour 2 that is only going to go to more
notice how bitcoins are here filling in this descending triangle and I am convinced that
The next few days if not now we are going to break up and we will make the next highs this week for
sure and what is happening with chivas gives me the impression that it is the same movie
that we saw with touch so be very careful because there is a lot of risk these movements are not
normal and this means that we are in the hands of a series of whales that control this market
something that we already knew but this confirms it even more and as I said I do not believe that deutsche or that
if they will have finished making their movements and I am afraid of the psychological madness that
we can see in the next weeks and not months until December if I continue to start to rise again
and obviously the market will continue to rise so we could see touch and it is doing very crazy things
there is a lot of risk so no I recommend that you put money that you are going to suffer if you lose
if you want to invest what I would do is put money that I would not mind losing because I think
There is a lot of risk and this, just as they raise it, they sell it when they want and I am more and more
convinced that we will see a bear market in crypto stocks is the financial market
in general and it is just around the corner but there is still time and still we will see big
climbs we are in the euphoria phase and it can be very crazy so here you have the
analysis of whether by dodge point I think this is something that many people are not aware of how
there are so many similarities in the way people are already talking that yes yes go it's over that you have
to sell if you go I'm not telling you to buy it either but don't lose your eye because
I think it may surprise us and above all because it is not a normal market movement this is
totally manipulated and there are some Players who decide when the party is over and it
looks like they still don't want it to end because they are saving the best for last,
so watch out for each other on telegram.

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