hello stockaroos and welcome to another 
episode we're going to look at bitcoins   technicals predict where the price of bitcoin 
is going to go next then we're going to go look   at one harmony um one is a cryptocurrency that 
i'm going to buy look at the sunset right now   beautiful on the palm it looks amazing we're going to look at one harmony predict where 
it's going to go next and bitcoin's price and   see if we finish this downward movement and if 
we are going to be bullish so we're going to   jump into technicals for bitcoin and then one 
harmony make sure you stay till the end to see   my price targets for bitcoin and one how many 
and where i would open my trades i would use   by bit the links in description being comment 
let's jump into the technicals for bitcoin now so this is one harmony the the cryptocurrency 
that we bought quite a while ago but it did drop   down quite strongly on the sell-off so it is on a 
really big discount at one point it was up to 20   23 cents and now sitting at 14 cents so a lot 
of potential here it's also creating a huge w   formation on the one hour candles um w formation 
that's looking to break the neckline again which   is quite bullish it should it was going to drop 
down but the rsi is heading up stochastic heading   up volume coming in squeeze more building pressure 
looks like one harmony is going to go for a run   and it's already broken the neckline the neckline 
was here this strong resistance so we're already   above it above this 14 50.

So um 14 cents 50. so 
in my opinion it oh it's already started running i   already opened the trade on one i haven't posted 
in the group chats because i'm making the video   but in my opinion it is going to run it's going 
to face heavy resistance here so it's not too late   to get in it's going to face heavy resistance 
move around then break out to the next level in   my opinion if bitcoin does not pull back so we're 
going to jump into the charts for bitcoin as well   here we have quite a strong resistance coming 
up it's it's looking like it's going to try and   attempt it right now um chris is on a check this 
out chris mm crypto is flying past us right now   in the on the surfboard thing very cool but let's 
jump into one harmony so there the target for one   if it breaks through this resistance that it's 
facing now i just opened a trade on one so i'm   going to quickly get this video out and post the 
trade to my discord you can see my live trades and   the join button down below if one breaks out 
here which had already broke the neckline the   tag will be 17 10 cents where it faces the next 
major resistance which is beautiful that trade   is already in the profit so you can open trades um 
the the long that i set up for one would be here   i would put my my stop loss just below this 
resistance and i'll put my take profit up here   1680 which gives us a ratio of 3.2 trade which 
will be very nice we're risking around 0.04 uh   risking five percent for a potential reward of 
sixteen percent so leverage that would be quite   a nice trade um so that's the trade i set for one 
and now let's jump into bitcoin uh and and also   on one i wanted to show what it's looking like 
but first we'll go into bitcoin i know on the   day let's look at the daily for one because the 
daily is also looking really nice for one harmony   so this is the daily candles for one how many 
you learn how to do this in my cryptocurrency   mastercard join my three thousand students one 
is turning up strongly stochastic sword heading   up rsi oversaw squeeze my building pressure volume 
coming in it is doing a big turn around here and   it does look like it's ready to break out we have 
a lot of resistance though where we're coming up   to now so it's not too it's not rushed to get into 
the trade um but i believe one harmony is going   to go for a run now which would be beautiful 
because of this w formation it does look like   we've had a double bottom here and found support 
but it all depends on what bitcoin is going to do   next so we're going to jump into the charts 
for bitcoin e gold l run is just running up   percent against bitcoin up 15 in general um we're 
going to look at f ftx also running which is   beautiful ftx i am bullish about bitcoin this 
is very important for bitcoin we we have held   resistance here it didn't break to the downside 
and it's reattempting and this v formation like   this this is a v shaped recovery this is a bottom 
formation so we might have found the bottom here   at 40 000 and bitcoin is turning and this is very 
good news and we could go on for a run um i talked   about this earlier today if bitcoin breaks this 
resistance at 4 43 44 300 that's a nice place   for a trade with a six ratio trade you would risk 
577 for a potential 3 630 dollar trade on buy bit   um and i would do i'm going to open a 10x trade 
meaning my potential profits will be 36 000   and my potential loss will be a 500 stop 
loss 577 but if the trade goes my i'll set   the stop loss actually less so i have more 
less risk i would set it just below this   just below here so i'll put an it's the ratio 
trade will be around nine nine to one which is   amazing ratio risking about four hundred dollars 
with a tight stop-loss with a potential gain of 3   600 so 9 ratio trade um that profit 
if it's 10x will be 3 600 and sorry 36   6 300 would be if it's a 10x trade on buy but 
i'll show you what link to use on baby then   we're going to go on the daily and i'm going to 
show you my opinions about big make sure you're   using these by bit links down below there's buy 
bit and femmex now um in the description and the   pink comment you get up to 600 on buy bit and 
up to almost 1 200 on famex use a nordvpn if   you need if you have country restrictions but 
make sure you take the cryptocurrency master   course join my 3 000 students and learn how to 
do this in the description and the ping comment   this does look like a very big v-shape recovery 
on bitcoin everyone so this is a very bullish   momentum and we got out back up here at the 53 000 
i sold majority of my positions and now that we've   dropped all the way down to 40 now we're sitting 
at 44 i do believe this could be the bottom here   for bitcoin um but a heavy resistance will be up 
here towards the the 46 000 why because bitcoin   seems to be doing a constant channel here it's 
going up heating coming down going up hitting   so let's see if it can break through here will 
be a very important moment at 46 700 so once   we get there if we can break this neckline 
this is the important moment in my opinion   bitcoin is about to run rsi heading up stochastic 
heading up squeeze more building pressure so it   is looking bullish with this v-shape recovery 
on the four-hourly it's also looking very nice   v-shape recovery there look at that off the bottom 
there of this channel which is beautiful so this   v-shape recovery is looking beautiful for bitcoin 
and it was not good here that we got rejected but   it's trying to come back again in my opinion on 
the second attempt it's going to break through   so we really need a confirmation of this trade 
is we want to break through here break through   44 300 go up a bit bounce off and that will 
confirm the trade before starting to move up   first big resistance will be 46 000 and that's 
an important one because that would be the top   of this channel if we can break through there that 
would be very bullish for bitcoin um but that will   be an important moment but i am going to open 
this trade until then so make sure on this trade   i would take profits i would take some profits 
here at the 46 000.

I would take profits here   forty six thousand five hundred um just in case we 
get rejected here and then but the trade i think   the big resistance will be up here forty seven 
thousand that will give us a trade of nine to one   ratio so our potential profits will be the three 
3630 and if you did a 10x that would be 36 000   profit and the stop loss i'll set 400 below 
which would be a 4 000 loss which is almost   a 9 to 1 ratio trade but i would set the stop 
loss earlier and in my opinion on the out four   four hourly volume coming stochastic heading our 
paris are heading up squeeze mob turning green   on the daily it is also looking bullish now 
we could have found the bottom here everyone   squeeze them up turning green rsi heading 
up stochastic heading up volume coming in   and same on the hourly remember i'm actively 
trading daily using buy bit using my exchange the   exchanges below so if you're a long term trader 
the best strategy is monthly you already saw if   you followed my views if you're one of my 
subscribers hit the subscribe button the   bill the thumbs up you you sold at three thousand 
now we're down at forty thousand forty thousand   would have been a really nice entry actually 
but you wouldn't have known about this v-shape   recovery until really now um so getting back 
in at 44 after selling at 53 is quite nice   if you're a long if you're not a trader make sure 
dca dollar cost average that means buying every   month at good technical entries i usually buy 
bitcoin ethereum and bnb i would also now add   ftt which is the exchange ftx just because they 
have so much government um they're sponsoring the   government that same billionaire is quite a genius 
so bitcoin in my opinion if we can break above 44   300 then re-test this will be a breakout 
potential and a v-shaped recovery and could   indicate the bottom but do expect big resistance 
at 46 500 to take some profits from your trade   so i wanted to do a quick update um i'm just here 
in the beautiful palm and it's amazing that we're   surfing on these surfboardy things this is mm 
crypto who's flying past and beautiful sunset   so i'm going to jump into the surf now onto this 
surfboard i guess it's not really so thank you   all for watching i am actively trading so i am 
changing direction depending on what the trades   are doing um i did sell majority of my projects 
at 53 000 if this bitcoin breaks through 44   300 and confirms this v-shape recovery then i am 
going to heavily enter back into the markets you   can follow all my live trades down there thank 
you all for joining and to learn everything that   i'm talking about if you're commenting or you 
haven't taken the cryptocurrency muscles make   sure you take the course join us in the discord 
with other students so you know know what's   happening thank you for watching this is james 
from stockroom i'll see you all again tomorrow

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