hello gurus and welcome to another episode today 
we're going to look at the price of bitcoin   predict where it's going to go it is holding that 
support and that's a very important thing dogecoin   also having a big spike up elon just tweeted 
that he's going to do tuition for his university   in durge queen now we don't know if that's 
a joke if he's still but the fact that he's   still the richest man in the world and he's 
by f if you follow my videos last year when i   uh in the beginning of this one when i said elon's 
gonna do a mass wealth redistribution using doge   when it was three cents i said he's the richest 
man in the world and he's gonna pump that coin   that was at three cents we're now sitting at 
26 27 cents now he's much richer than he was   one year ago because of um tesla and spacex now 
he's by far the richest man in the world almost   double bill gates and um jeff bezos like combined 
so i really believe he's gonna pump doge that one   dollar just like i said at three cents last year 
let's jump into the technicals for bitcoin now   we're straight into the charts for bitcoin 
which is beautiful and bitcoin is getting that   balance that i predicted off this support and 
we really needed that and we're getting volume   we're getting the rsi and the stochastic turning 
up we're getting the conditions that we need for   really big momentum here to head up to the 81 
000 we've got the volume coming in we've got   the rsi and the stochastic oversold turning 
to head up and the squeeze mob turning from   the red side to heading towards the green so 
we've got everything we need for um bitcoin to   start heading up now what we need the main thing 
though is we need this to continue with a lot of   push-up and a lot of volume if we can get it 
breaking out here we're good to go to that 81 000   target that trade that i showed you in the earlier 
video if you followed that trade the target risk   to reward ratio is 9.33 we're risking nine point 
three three risking two sorry it's a ratio of nine   point three three so for every dollar you risk you 
make nine dollars thirty gain we're risking two   thousand dollars for potential nineteen thousand 
four hundred and ninety nine dollars profits   if it's that's unleveraged everyone so if 
you use 10x leverage on buybit that's 190 000   in profits if you use 100x leverage it's at 1.9 
million and you could use that high leverage   positions here because it's just the stop loss is 
so tight because we break it's a breakout trade   we've got volume we've got the rsi and the 
stochastic turning to head up and we've got it   bouncing off this support heading up so everything 
kind of looking bullish that it could head up here   with low risk to reward ratio trade on the 15 
minutes same thing volume rsi is stochastic   heading up it's looking good to go for that trade 
i'm targeting that 81 thousand dollar target on   the four hourly and i'm going to show you doge 
also in the tweet that elon um posted and doge   getting recovery on the four hourly we're looking 
amazing our and stochastic oversold heading up   very oversold now with a good amount of volume so 
we can really have this run to this 81 000.

Now   how am i getting this 81 000 because it's the pull 
of the bull flag everyone so this is the bull flag   pattern you get the pole you get the flag and then 
you break out to the distance of the pole which   will take us to the 81 000 that's where i set up 
that trade so we're risking two thousand ninety   one dollars to make a potential nineteen thousand 
four hundred dollars profit that's the goal if you   want to open trades this is where i would open the 
trades down using these links down below you can   see down below if you follow my live trades in the 
description and ping comment of this video if you   click the join button you can see my live trades 
as i make them in the market and you can join our   bitcoin and all coin trading team using buybit 
link down below you get a signup bonus of three   thousand six hundred dollars sign up everyone 
if you use this buybit link down below you get   a bonus of three thousand six hundred dollars um 
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spikes on other exchanges if you've been having   low high fees then i recommend moving over to 
buybit because they have a lot of volume so you   don't have these liquidation spikes and that's why 
it's one of the it's the second biggest exchange   so you can join that by bit link down below um 
you get a signup bonus of 3600 when you deposit   bitcoin i've got a by bit bitcoin trading tutorial 
that teaches you how to do this you can use   nordvpn if you have any restrictions and buybit 
doesn't block any ips and the cryptocurrency   master course i recommend taking my 4 500 other 
students so um that's how it would open the long   on bitcoin at this breakout trade right now 
in my opinion bitcoin could go for a big run   in the next few in the next moment so it's very 
important in ethereum let's check out ethereum   and some of the other alt coins 
so right now ethereum is looking   also very good it came down tested the support 
which is actually making higher lows every   time look at that that was a low that was a 
low and now look at this higher low so it's   making higher lows ethereum at the moment and 
also it's broken out if we zoom out on ethereum   the trade is massively it's already in the 
profits but if you zoom out on the on the daily   candles ethereum is getting ready for a mega run 
everyone this is the symmetrical trade we've got   a few bullish patterns here we've got this giant 
symmetrical trade that broke out of the base of   the so the way they work symmetrical symmetrical 
triangles you have the triangle it builds pressure   builds pressure explodes through the direction 
of the trend to the base of the triangle and that   will take us to that six thousand seven hundred 
dollar target and then we have this other one   we've got an ascending wedge here that breaks out 
to the same distance the base of the wedge which   will also take us into the six thousand dollar 
range so a lot of bullish signals that ethereum   is about to go on a mega run we're above the ema 
ribbons on the on the daily candles we're above   the ema ribbons the rsi and the stochastic on the 
daily are no longer they're not overbought anymore   are they the rsi not overbought in the stochastic 
is heading up we're above the ema ribbons   and this is my target back here at the four 
thousand dollars so we're already in the profits   um in ethereum in my opinion it's on this support 
at the four thousand two hundred dollar lane um   it it was building pressure here it broke out and 
it's retesting that support if you can get a big   bounce now for ethereum it can go on a mega run 
and we are getting that bounce if i zoom in you   can see it clearly in the one hour we're getting 
the balance we have volume coming in the dara   sign the stochastic oversold we're trying to break 
through these ema ribbons and if it breaks through   here ethereum can go on this large run towards 
the six thousand dollar target which is beautiful   now i'm going to some of the all coins are up 
17 i called it two days ago which is beautiful   i didn't make a trade though because i've been 
a bit busy but ai was one of those big trades   um dogecoin making a big comeback and i'm going to 
show you that news look at that spike from durge   in the last hour in the last one our elon tweeted 
it went from 25 cents to 28 cents huge buying   volume rsi and stochastic heading up and remember 
my long-term target for doge if we zoom out   you've got this this is the long-term target we've 
got this giant descending wedge here on dirge   this triangle here it's a giant descending wedge 
that's already the way they work build pressure   build pressure explode to the direction of the 
trend to the base of the wedge and we already   broke out of this so we are my target is 78 cents 
for doge my long-term target just like it was in   february still the dollar if you follow my videos 
back here in february i was telling everyone buy a   doge urgently at 3 cents we went from three 
cents to 75 cents then saturday night live   i said buy the rumor sell before the news and then 
it worked out exactly as i said you always sell   before the news and then we crash back down all 
the way to 16 cents we had a big bounce 30 cents   came down to 16 cents and we brought it down here 
and it's starting to make that big move back up to   the 75 cents and just needs more tweets from elon 
or something to set it off the other alts that i   like was engine up a lot today but it came back 
down quite strongly which in my opinion is a great   time to be buying it after this big rejection of 
this support and coming back down 2.40 is amazing   entry for engine um towards that's four dollar 
target enj a big metaverse token crv also having a   big pullback which i could add more to my position 
and rey also having a big pullback same with dydx   but i will keep holding these and even add more 
to them in the next few minutes and i'll show   you the tweet that elon said again make sure 
using this by bit link down below you get 3   600 of bonuses and this is the tweet from elon 
i'm thinking of starting new university texas   institute of technology and science tuition is 
in doge and you get a discount if you have a dog   he's maming it but in my opinion it's looking 
bullish and this is uh some trades from our   discord channel this student up 658 in sand this 
student up 918 crypto muscle on engine we just   got mega gains in our discord which is beautiful 
this is some quotes james great video thank you   for helping everyone understand bitcoin and crypto 
i've learned a lot about technical analysis for   me now making massive gains thank you hi james 
made dollars dollars while i slept last night on   engine woohoo thanks james financial abundance for 
thanksgiving big gains i'm your legendary going   up in the crypto hall of fame thank you so much 
you legendary i can't describe how thankful and   i am for educating us about trading having 
gold to teach others which is beautiful this   is someone gains from my students now these are 
some of our gains the course is immaculate and   i'm going to show you this is what my live trades 
look like and um these are the some of the trades   that i have open in this account um we had a big 
pullback on engine so it was up like eighty six   thousand that's at eighty one thousand but it 
was at only thirty thousand just a few weeks ago   these are the spot positions i have bmbk gray 
engine on this account on another account on   buybit i have a bunch of trades open um here i've 
got some trades open on bitcoin up one thousand   nine hundred dollars fifty percent um bnb up 
six thousand four hundred dollars 134 percent   doge having a big bounce back two thousand dollars 
in the profits and my target for dojo 75 cents um   dy dx pulling back strongly i need to add extra 
margin to this so it doesn't get liquidated i   am long d by dx for the long term ethereum up 
89 dollars it spiked up and then came back down   unfortunately these are some of the spot positions 
i'm also holding in this account there's fifty   thousand dollars um i've got bit crv doge dydx so 
i will add more to dydx for that long position and   this is our discord i recommend joining us in 
here we've got more than 5 000 members in here   and they're all talking and chatting together 
it's just amazing group of people i recommend   joining them inside this chat room um where is 
the chat room crypto chat this is everyone just   talking in the last hour everyone this is everyone 
just talking in the last few minutes actually this   is just the last few minutes and inside this chat 
room we have five 4 900 members 470 of them online   all chatting together so those are my trades 
those are the alts that i like again i'm going   to add more to my position on dydx here it's 
trying to hold this support but i will add   more to and i would give it more margin because 
in my opinion dydx is going to the 30 target if   we can get a strong bounce here um cake i like for 
very long term everyone and this gives amazing apy   36 percent if you if you stake it on um 
finance so those are some alts i like that's   what i think is going to happen to bitcoin and 
ethereum this was a lot of information um and   i've got some news i did get engaged today which 
is beautiful um to an amazing woman and i'll   introduce you later on um so thank you all for 
watching this is james from stockroom hit the   subscribe button the bell the thumbs up button 
smash the like button if you've been following   me all year congratulations we're buying doge at 
three cents we're buying ethereum at four hundred   dollars we're buying bitcoin at nine thousand 
dollars we're buying tesla at two hundred dollars   and many other alts many other cryptos many other 
stocks and you're just an amazing group of people   amazing community join us in the discord server 
down below all the links down below and make   sure you're using that buy bit link to trade 
you deposit bitcoin and then you get that 3   600 bonus the main reason i want you to use that 
baby link though is so we're all trading as one   big trading group and we're ranked against the 
other trading groups and i want to be the best   one in the world my goal is financial abundance 
for you all thank you for watching i'll show you   the rings also it was um quite an amazing day 
today i bought this yes it's beautiful thank   you all for watching this james from stockroo 
i hope you liked everything you saw here and um   join this community and learn with me thank you 
for watching and i'll see you all again tomorrow

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