🚀¿Puede VECHAIN realmente llegar a $1?⚡ – Análisis Técnico + Fundamental de VET)📈

very good to all and welcome to the new video for the channel because you are luckily because today we are going to analyze in detail the coin from time to time fundamental analysis we will talk about it which resolves what is contributing in the ecosystem of the world block change and then we will also talk about analysis long-term technical as it is the most interesting since you are seeing this video a few days late then it would not make sense to do an analysis to short term so we will think about the next weeks and also months like that if you want more videos like this just leave your light too subscribe to not miss anything and yes you want me to analyze a cryptocurrency in concrete you put it here in the comments and so in the future I could make a video about her so without more preambles let's go with the good information like this being now same on screen the most important before starting is that if you want buy this crypto currency we have the lucky to be able to buy it on balance you will have the link below description we could go see what happens inside the coi market here as you are watching on the day of recording day July 12 if we go down no we have to go down a lot we already have the position 23 beach check in this case because it has had a negative performance in what will be the last days too it is true that the market situation does not accompany but we are at the same placed with 5 trillion dollars or 5 billion dollars depends on how you want to call him and well he has a total supply that is already limited that would be 86 billion dv and right now we have in circulation 74 percent that would be 64 thousand 315 millions of beth here how are you watching the graph that we will go into more in detail later you see that really it has been quite a value bullish even though you already know despite this correction we have had recently because the price is sometimes one of those who later another also yielded because of its explosion bullish and right now for what has done is correct but you are seeing that right now it is in good areas of buys and I don't want to anticipate the future but we estimate that prices can continue climbing upwards also stressed that within the beijing ecosystem we are going to find another token that would be the painter collide and now they do let's get into pitcher matter is a block change platform that has as an objective to use governance distributed and the internet of things in order to build an ecosystem business distributed free and trust in order to distribute fully transparent information and especially high speed you know that today many companies to be able to transmit the information of a side to side as it is made by people and sometimes I imagine these people well they may have some small flaw a confusion and can transmit a information that is not correct because in this case this blogging technology what he wants is to try to help everyone these processes of companies at the logistics and avoid these types of errors that are finally produced in high amounts of money that many companies end up losing and that later they cannot recover I want also put a little emphasis on explain what the internet of things is I imagine that many of you do not you will have heard the internet of the things is a concept that refers to a digital interconnection of objects everyday with the internet is ultimately the most internet connection with objects that with people something quite relevant vicens is that his ceo if we enter your linkedin and we go down a little more to work was working in louis vuitton from china as you see up here he was as a manager and then also as director of technology and systems IT was as director of technology and information systems by which obviously has a good traveled and that's why he saw the opportunity to be able to create pitch and in this case already It is being that it was founded a long time ago time more than five years and until present as they have followed developing the project but it is true that many companies especially the luxury companies the crazy shops bill a lot a lot of money but always the basifications to the order of the day then beach in lo what I could do is start to reduce those amounts of money that are lost because of the aftershocks that many stores end up selling as official and so somehow help everything the ecosystem of luxury products and also from other branches so be a lot safer and that finally the consumer may have a product of quality and original in a few words we could summarize that I hit on what you are trying to do is help all chains supply of companies and also thus guarantee the authenticity of the products through your blog that a once understood what would be the function of this block change we can also explain some of the features thanks to big game you can have a tracking of the senses of the products at any time apart you can also know the whole record of the product you have bought that is from point a to point b would be from the factory to the end customer because many times you buy a product but you don't know where it comes from you don't know if it's really the original or Yes exchanged or they have put you other pieces of the product that you had ordered Well, in this case, thanks to good you can know if really the product that you have in your hands is the same product they started to develop from the point to and you will be asking how you can do this pitch what are they doing because in order to treat the product needs something as it is that is why chips have been created that sends the data in real time to the block change and then free to anyone and can be controlled remotely so in the end it is super accessible and easy to use fits note that the bilstein platform use two fish coins that would be the main and used for reservation of value and also as a means of exchange and then we also have the Victor that was created with the purpose of be able to make payments and transitions in vicens network and also avoid produce more time since it would end up creating an inflation of this currency to be able cover all expenses of transitions we also have to note that if we go down the web we will find apart from all press items I always say that you have to look if they really are articles that really it's worth it because many times companies in general what they do is pay this type of press to be able go out and thus have an impact positive because if you are reading forbes are you reading with yahoo telegraph because it transmits you much more confidence and that is why I always recommend that take a look at the articles and if we get more work we have between one of the most popular partners and clients bmw we also have renault group and for those who know a little more geeks can also sound the street company but in the end it is selection of clients and partners are quite relevant for what we are somehow indicating that the Michel's project is more serious than that even some of us could imagine but from my point of view humble not all are advantages with this currency a priori there are many advantages but one of the disadvantages is that it begins to a lot of competition will arise in terms of this kind of service so vicenzo has to start to stand out more than rest of competitors because if not at end will be one more and will not be able to have that rent and we expect many investors or that projection that they themselves can get to estimate apart I imagine that some of you will already know perovic ain't have a close relationship with the Chinese government so everyone these handling of crypto currencies we should see if they really affect vicens for better or for worse but at the moment nothing is known so we just have to be attentive and the day that we know some more information because it is quite likely that we will run out finding out many of you by instagram you were always me asking if it was more recommendable buy see or buy exile then right now I give you my point of view one of the biggest differences between pitchers and decided is to pay the costs of the transitions we talk about neither more nor less than the commissions although the devils network has two tokens bet as value and speculation in the market and vitor to cover the transition rates egídio no it only has one coin that would be do then we have two coins against one and this causes the Genius commissions have to be paid with the same native currency of the block change of blockchain and video and popularity it has had during the last weeks even months its price has been increased then the users have had to pay high commission rates then at the end bliss and what it is doing is solving this problem that has the twist usually with a coin since having two touches can separate them to have different utilities and this in the end Well, it makes a difference, too.

To comment on ways to keep our five safe coins and more in concrete are you that we are commenting on today law brother x law brother s 32 and keep key that the latter does not I know a lot so you can't recommend but tressor and leinier without I can not do any kind of problem for you recommend then they are so yes let's go with the technical analysis that many of you were waiting and well let's go to start first with what would be the bet vs peter chart what would it be like the digital dollar and good how are you thus seeing the monthly graph always we have had an uptrend yes which is true that when the long list on balance had that little relapse in that little relapse that is, it can a maximum of 1 85% and to the maximum point 92 percent but since then we've had a bullish rally of more than 117 thousand percent it is very much then what we will do in this video is to comment a little on the trajectory that could be developed in the next months weeks is why that we will go to the monthly graph as you are seeing right now on screen so I have tried to separate the analysis as follows first let's start calculating what they would be bullish rallies how is this rally bullish since March 9, 2020 through the week of August 3 2020 we had a profitability of 1,300 12% it is quite this would be from rally number 1 the next one that would be this here from a 3 thousand percent step from the point Excuse me country I passed from point 9 November 2020 to peak April 2, 2021 maximum and all that 3000 so right now we have different odds you see that this rally bullish we had around here lasted less than this we had around here then more or less at the end the markets are cyclical and usually repeat the same kind of shape movement approximate that is why what I have fact is to calculate a little based on the two times we've had this of 154 days and this of 175 then more or less and also calculating the profitability that the two have had rally artists that one was from 1300 and the other of the 1900 almost 3,000 since an intermediate point would be about 1,500 1,600 more or less then yes we achieve a little more and let's come in 1865 percent we go directly to the dollar and this would mean that in a stretch of more or less between 154 days and 175 days we could get that price for unit instead we talk about a dollar and that right now it may seem like a price quite high I do not deny it but you have to keep in mind that this is more to long term and is what you are trying explain is that in this situation that this right now this could be caused by what then because right now the price of Betsy it's true that we have it in 0.07 and this then corresponds to a value total we have it right here from almost $ 5 billion then what if we raise this to 10 pennies then we would have a total value of 7 million or 7 thousand million dollars that would already be enough so if we do 1 times 10 would mean it would be 70 billion of dollars that we would put in the current market position taking into account that everything has fallen a lot in the position 3 ok we would be overcoming oil but remember that when start to rise probably all the market starts to recover I doubt that can be placed with a market cap that put in third position and what an exile and bitcoin did not manage to raise obviously bitcoin will go up to the trillion again is to say where we will have also maybe in the middle of a trillion and then we could start see coins that have a good development that have thus undergone a important fall after this and what could thus achieve a very good profitability and who knows yes more in the short, medium or long term but get to the dollar there are many coins that could reach it to achieve in a matter of the next weeks and months and finally also if we see the graph in this case of bet cons etc we see that it is precisely braking on a major ground at the end here acted as resistance and this is the slowdown with the wicks and here we are also seeing how right now the price was slowing down so It is also indicating us of some way the price could start to explode in a matter of days more than nothing because if we draw a diagonal from this point to this point more or less considering that right now the wicks we will not give them so much importance then what we are waiting is that you can create that price break and I can go straight up once it was break then we'll create that uptrend we were waiting for the next few weeks so good we would leave the analysis technical here and in conclusion we have seen that this coin really deserves pretty grief is starting to develop a technology since many companies could reach adapt are not just limiting the luxury sector but also in the agriculture industry could be get to use as we could see for example if a product has met the entire chain until you reach the supermarket and has not lost quality product is already doing that solves many problems of everyday life and that I have no doubt that his portfolio of clients and partners continue to grow in the next few months years so i hope that you liked this video that leave a good like subscribe and us see you soon on the channel chao [Music]

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