🚀¿Puede BINANCE Coin (BNB) realmente llegar a $2000?⚡ – Análisis Técnico + Fundamental de BNB📈

very good to all and welcome to the new video of the analyzing series crypto currencies in detail talking a bit of fundamental analysis talking also of the usefulness of the currency and then we make a realistic prediction in as for technical analysis so that you go with an idea of ​​the potential of this coin so if you want more videos leave a good like and we are attentive to my networks social because soon we will analyze the next so now let's go now with the video and well how are you seeing on the screen and we're seeing how the vote I did a week ago currency that the bnb won and also had an impact but I've finally opted for bnb since I think it is one of the coins that from my criteria can have a better performance compared to he deum you We will also go to the next vote to do on instagram if you already know what We have talked about gimbal or that the truth is that the videos are having a very good acceptance We have talked about vichy so don't you lose these types of videos and then I'm going to recommend that you follow on instagram since it will be the next place where we will vote the survey and soon you are going to have a giveaway and I do not say much more but of one thing that you are going to need the vast majority of you if you have cryptocurrencies like this that more or less we have talked about above and we can start to introduce the cryptocurrency byte bnb before start we will make a brief explanation of what would be the currency of venere because you already know that finance is an exchange Well, it has two coins, we would have bnb and then we would have the stable currency last abel coin that would be the bbb kids it is basically the engine of the ecosystem of pods and also the native currency of the sheath in zinc and also the sheaths It is marching that is to say of these two the coin started as one and ccoo is say an initial purchase offer between June 16 and June 3, 2017 so it has been in the market we are we could say how curious was eleven days before the exchange balances will enter the option for trading on coin issue price at startup of everything was an exile 2700 babies and if it we did with a bitcoin it would be a bitcoin 20 thousand babies from what you already know now same what is the current situation of market and this great performance that has had baby over the past months and years it should be noted that it is already you see it has many coins they have a su limited or unlimited plan in the case of you come in layman 100 were offered million coins but currently the offer they have is much less like result of the burns that have gone doing periodically is more done almost a few days we had one of the last most important of millions dollars this what is doing obviously is that your offer is more limited and also causes long term the price is higher and more or less this would be the very explanation summarized of what it's bbb but right now we're going to go in in details about the usefulness of this currency because there are coins that obviously they have very little use we could say simply as mere speculation for cover the commissions but it is that pb is one of those coins that I always stressed I liked it more throughout the usefulness of this project and let's to explain the following utilities depends on the means of payment to cover trading commissions within bytes also in means of payment for the c's balance trading commissions which would be the decentralized exchange of pods can you imagine that we already have enough so let's not keep up because we have some more means of payment for transaction fees in the comb if it's marching we can also use babies as a means of payment for purchases of goods and services both online and in stores a clear example would be the or they also dance that what you do is pay with your coins subscribed coins and then you get a return is from burkas back in babies so in the end they are thus giving away cryptocurrencies for use your own card recently you can also make hotel reservations of plane tickets and much more what can you find entered the dotcom which is basically a platform that collaborates with pods so that their babies can really have this utility you also have a stake in the Token sales either the launchpad or the lounge school so you can get returns with your own of neves and also discounts on purchases of coins within the launchpads and finally provide liquidity in balance liquid swap and all this would be one of the current earnings at the time I am recording this video of pods then I have no doubt that long term will obviously continue to grow because when a coin really has a utility and is functional because in the end it ends affecting the price of coins that have no functionality at the end Well, it does not end up advancing and they stagnate and they finally fall but bnb is one of those that I have no doubt that with the passage of time we will have one of the best long-term projections then We have talked about the use cases and right now let's go with the characteristics of actually selling we have several characteristics but for do not lengthen the video much, I'm going to focus on two that for me are the more important one of them the first would be the speed of transactions so that turns them into something super super fast if we compare them with others coins theoretically bnd can hold up to 1.4 million transactions per second so he places it in one of the fastest coins and this at the end because it benefits her so that investors find this project something more attractive in the sheath security is pretty advanced as you are using a system of clusters and levels for safeguard all your funds and additionally all these funds are backed by an asset fund to all users then listening to all this it seems that balance is one of the best currencies and I have no doubt because I always we are above in the ranking of market capi that is to say capitalization market and therefore if some of you really want to buy this crypto currency I'll leave you a video for up here where you can buy it within finance which for me is the best exchange today to be able buying cryptocurrencies is also interesting to analyze a little the finance coin situation within the coin market cap this platform that is always informing us a little about the growth of this currency are already seeing that right now the total supply is 168 million of coins formed that is not one of those cryptocurrencies that we can see you have millions and millions and millions and even almost billions not in this case we are talking about 168 billion and remember that almost periodically finance is making you more of touches for what every time and every time there are less and there will be a point that obviously your offer will be more limited and ultimately the demand for prices will end up pushing balance up to the moon or at least this is what the big traders who are speculating and I also I reaffirm what they are actually saying in the end we will see one of the possible predictions for the balance price at over the next few months even years but you were already seeing that yes we put today that is since the coin it was practically launched that whenever was stuck around a price maximum of 35 dollars in fact up to more or less in January of this year and was in $ 40 but what happened to $ 40 we got up to an all-time high approximate of 160 bucks so we made more than one for 10 in this cryptocurrency so in the end because the profitability has been pretty pretty high right now we have this period from where all coins have fallen because of bitcoin and also for the ecosystem in general but I have no doubt that it will be one of the first coins to start boost with its price since in the end It has been an artist value I have always had enough utility and we did not we get tired of repeating over and over again that BMW is like the Amazon of crypto coins is the largest is the one you have the most users is the one with the most functionalities and is the one that also has more volume of operations so that in the end well I ended up staying with pods and no pods have a coin why not invest in this project right now pods on the day of recording of this video that would be 21 July 2021 we find that it is imitated 4 but they dance is always located in this top 10 is pretty used to seeing her in the top 4 but also remember that for being a currency from an exchange no It's not bad at all, yes, it's a fix, that is it is a centralized success but remember we have other currencies from other exchanges and for nothing we find them at least in the top 15 even top 20 for what we are saying strength of balance coin then also in terms of followers in social networks has 4.5 million that is it is a lot and the good thing about pods that he is doing right now is that he is introducing many people to the world of cryptocurrencies their campaigns marketing are pretty pretty good and in the end what they are getting is new users not only for your platform that also do it but for the krypto ecosystem so I'm very interested in what balance follow this path and also have academy pods which is a section inside of your web page that we would have it just around here go, we are going to Go on the chain and it would be education about blogging and cryptocurrencies so yes do you want to learn for free you have videos on youtube you have my videos you also have trading lab but is that you also have pod academy then let's have them a little also with the market cap 48,000 million dollars today I don't there is no doubt that this will continue increasing since right now then we are in one of the lowest points of the fall of these weeks then Well this when he recovers then obviously we will see that the price of go away it ends up multiplying and ends exceeding 100 billion dollars I have no doubt simply it would be to do one by two then if we let's go right now in the graphics that only where I wanted to go have calculated a little what the bullish currency rallies ie since it was launched in the first rally bullish that was just early from 2018 we had a 15 thousand percent rally is quite also remember that being a currency that is very useful many people end up using it because final because the currency is impacted in the price and get these whiplash in the price then we had a diction strap around 84 by hundred that was enough but still stay and bullish growth 15 thousand per hundred correction then we had a rally bullish not as high as the first here we had 1,856 percent but that here too we started from the basis that the coin was worth 50 cents and He reached 24 so that's a lot instead here we started from the base of about 4 dollars to get more or less at $ 40 then we had this correction again they always dance se have moved by corrections 183 by hundred you see that the corrections in bbb they have been quite quite aggressive 184 here we had about 83 per hundred and right now in this fall no we have not even reached 70 percent more or the less we have stayed in this fall But we could have a drop of 80 percent and nothing would happen since whenever we have had them they have parties we always end recovering or we have the fall look the momentum the fall the momentum then We could have another fall again and we would not have to man well ok I don't think that's the case anymore that was making at least the slowdown in balance as of today Well, it has enough coherence, you see we had a pretty pretty candle bassist was not an enveloping novel that covered the price of the previous candle of the month of April but you see how these two last months have been pure salt teller action even also volume of operations as soon as it sells because it has fallen a lot has been diminished then what we can interpret are two phases are worth a short correction or a complex correction the correction short would be a total of 123 days that more or less it would be like this reality that ok would be to add two more months or less and then start to climb and finally at the beginning of the year that comes more or less we could reach the two thousand dollars then the other one too option could be a correction something more complex is to say that we were about 273 days we would have to add much more to this movement to put more or less here and we we could pose in this situation more or less in 2023 that is missing enough but there is not to rule out neither of the two options, you know that it always comes from Well, it has had more or less then enough correction days provided I had the new highs then they came in quite a few corrections we have maximums quite a long correction then of course we can have a correction extremely long and then return to break that barrier of two thousand dollars or really drink can reaching two thousand dollars is nothing crazy said right now we are with $ 282 in price per each currency and we have a market cap of 47 billion dollars in exchange if we see that the price ends up reaching a thousand 974 dollars which would practically be two thousand dollars we would be with a market cap approximately 329 billion dollars is something feasible if totally in the end christ market is so volatile that this can come and someone in mind that is also viewing form token topics recurring so in the end too I repeat once again the price that is becomes more attractive when we have a supply that is infinite and that goes away producing producing producing then obviously the value of each touch goes decreasing as they are occurring and in the end it's like inflation so what we are seeing with bnp is that its supply is always cut trimmed and trimmed and when you arrive then This are very good news so if we had a correction more aggressive is to say that we had more days of consolidation accumulation in levels of the 180 dollars 200 dollars we could get to have a bullish rally speaking of already more than a year that could reach around 8,500 dollars I see this quite enough impossible I repeat I do not rule it out because in the crypto market right now we are with a maximum marketing of 2 trillions more or less but it's that good does not tell you that in the future we could have figures where we see bbb five thousand six thousand dollars is enough feasible but the key is to understand when could this happen is that is why I see it as more feasible to reach the 2,000 dollars have a new one correction since we could have something so that it is worth it we reach the maximum finally fix fix that this I already tell you that is enough time if we leave here more or less up to here we would be waiting total of 549 days but it could happen that's why what I have done is explain a little the most realistic hypothesis that would be the short correction i.e.

Several months more to reach the peak of 2000 already from there slow down a bit or simply the most complex correction with many more days but what would be figures too ambitious from me criterion is valid in the end this movement from here for people to ask where I just got them out of here worth more or less since this slowdown did you see that here it accelerated because here it was then slowing down the market by being cyclical many times they end repeating parts of the market then that's why I took like more aggressive than this would be from here as if the correction and then we also have to be here that would be the whole long correction so well more or less we will leave the video around here definitely does not fit me doubt that penev he is a coin with much potential I do not know if it can have a roof and in the end but sure that he is not going to stay in any area forever will continue to grow as that the market and its capitalization Well, they also increase despite being a very centralized currency, I think it's a big drawback since we are talking I repeat once more of the largest cryptocurrency exchange at the international that is very important and if I have to get wet and think why the bnb can fall will fall or because bitcoin is also falling or because at best regulations of various countries could slow the progress of adaptation of spirituality and that is would see directly involved in the balance price mostly down so good this is all i hope you liked this video and see you early the channel is bye [Music]

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