🚀DOGE – Analyse technique n°2 de Journalducoin (27/09/2017) 🐳

Hello everyone welcome for this second video of an opinion technique of the pass newspaper and you will see today we will take a risk small oratorical precautions we recall that the technical analysis is not used to predict it is not a crystal ball but that it is enough fuzzy ty help in decision making today we will analyze the doj so as you can see in the picture it is not a crypto monitor serious this will be our first deal with only classes that we have in the very Difficult hasty the doj what is it the doj is a joke it is often described like that and it is probably to right since at the base the creator simply wanted to play on the side cute little dog that illustrates the logo in chiba today we will only analyze the bid price against btc because the other courts are simply not analyzable they are not clean too little liquidity and the price of the crypto currency so low that the convent and pixelated at level of time units when you see it we will do a passage in English and in offense reentry in h4 will not be very useful because of the time that could last our help it is a trade which will last long if you follow it but you're really a small amount because it is likely that the quad position will be kept for several weeks even several months and a second reason to bet a small sum of your portfolio it would also be very speculative that we will take only for graphic reasons and certainly not in because of the technological interests of this crisis we are now going to switch to the long term trend but I told you the graphic was rather amazing if we didn't know the back you in come out grown up here is the graph in eight high schools has beautiful graph with gigantic amplitudes of variation each time there is a trend bullish the trend is very powerful with candle lamps I specify that we are not a blog because logue the charter and illizi so look here for us have a very powerful first uptrend of 4,124% here in particular a second 150% a 3rd 2 381% is here a huge 2005 40% that's the first graphic element that we will remove in the next slides because that it is not very useful the second element is this right horizontal of immaculate white which makes it zero level and yes the back I new so well that we can already draw a certain support that will be a zero level since the cryptocurrency will not become will not go on negative prices if rare enough to notice and integrate it into the analysis there you see that mc very low values ​​the current loan is 29 satoshi is to tell you if the doj to see we will now add the low points of previous movements so that we have indications additional when we go to the offenses that we kept only the lowest low points and highest low point for the analysis to be sufficiently clear, that is to say that in the end we did not mark this low point nor that one we have kept a framework which will be our zone of low points we have also added all high points note in passing that this point at 7.7 green line has stopped two movements bulls that is important its high points may eventually build up our profit taking when we build our strategy let's move on to the current situation and determine a strategy saw in the first analysis what a channel was and we are going to again to make one we will also have our rays which give us precious indications so we went to the crime we were able to draw our channel if it is here the support has been tested three times here and here the resistance has been tested been tested at four times once here once there another time here and another time there so here we have not really touched good it is a bit of debate in the analysis technique is this point validated but good we will not dwell on this little remark in passing we could find that the analysis is rather aesthetic rather colorful but that is not the goal the purpose of an analysis of a technical analysis must above all be clear graphical analysis is a decision-making aid it is a tool for work is paid for nine radars that we must contemplate the price is here in a interesting area when you see we are in the low point area our strategy will be fixed to the offense because the h4 does not really bring additional information in this scenario to we will anticipate a breakout of the canal makes us only return if we have a powerful movement a beautiful candle v otherwise will not return we will put a first profit-taking box in this area in the area 10 55 this take of this box was laid because as you see white areas the price has played a lot here we had a rebound in this zone which for the moment constitutes a resistance a second bobo breakout pullback resistance becomes support price plays above finally here we had a second bounce could even have one other here it is a rupture and this constituted a resistance here why we will define the first box of profit taking in this zone the second box of profit taking at this level will be between 0.81 and 0.90 simply because it is there the polo shirt which earlier to stop two upward trends we therefore think that it can be a second a second time right of takes benefits that can really be interesting since it could constitute a resistance zone the last box was placed at the level breasts 15 we will not be too greedy our goal is also to be able to mobilize our capital on other occasions of other opportunities so we're not really going to look for the highest you can always leave a Latin will not leave us do not try it is a speculative trade and our objective is to be able to mobilize our capital scenario b includes the same profit-taking zones so we will not come back to this, however here we have anticipated rather than a breakout 1 rebound 1 considers a good entry point to be in this area since it is the old lowest and it will ultimately be the highest level lowest ever reached which was previously reached here we recall that it would be a speculative trade we do not believe in fundamentally off it is therefore a risky trade if we analyze it is because of the movements also very powerful but if we take a position it will be a very low percentage of a portfolio so we will now go to the conclusion so we have our scenario to and our scenario b of a scenario at the entry point is between 30 and 35 satoshi today we will play a stop loss so that is not something very nice commands and therefore the risk of loss will be 100% but we want to play this game free at the end of a field, you don't care about profit-taking areas will therefore be located at 55 85 and 115 which would give us a ratio of 1.6 2.4 and 3.3 in the second scenario we have an ink point which is almost twice as low, we will keep the same rule for the stop loss and the same profit-taking areas but suddenly there will obviously be a lot more advantageous since this even if we take our profits at 55 satoshi will multiply note reset by 3 2 85 satoshi by saic is at 115 satoshi by 6.7 first scan is now complete we thank you for all the blue thumbs and all the comments encouraging from the previous management it gives me sincere pleasure motivates we were also able to say a lot of questions on the vocabulary of which in particular the notion of risk they then see what we are going to do is that in the comments of this video list and we all the technical terms that you pose a problem and we will make a video exclusively reserved for the vocabulary of trading you can find all the information of trades on Kuwait newspaper points as if you enjoyed this video feel free to give us a thumbs blue and to subscribe we are also only 1 on steam ita pacific facebook and twitter all links are in the description Finally, we remind you that in his technical analyzes you are the trader and we are the strategies see you soon

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