ūüöÄ Top Crypto MOONSHOTS Nobody is Talking About

hey guys so a lot of you asked me coach what 
are the gems that you should have in your bag   and i'm like oh my god there's just such 
a huge list so today we're gonna go over   the gems that maybe you don't know well but 
you should know and you could be putting a   little bit of a portion of your portfolio into 
some or all of these and i'm going to give you   all the reasons why and we're also going to look 
from a technical perspective but more from the   fundamental perspective on this video so if you 
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the bell so you guys get this information first   hey guys so you always want to know what projects 
should you be in and which ones are the gems of   the gems which projects are not up 50x what 
projects have a lot coming and you don't know   them yet or you've heard about them maybe once 
or twice but they're not on your radar so today's   video is going to show you which projects are on 
my radar that i love some of the projects you may   have heard me talk about before some of them you 
may have not heard me talk about before but the   projects in this list are projects that i have 
and hold and are not super well known to everyone   in the crypto space now one i've talked about and 
it's still really early is phenix flow now phoenix   flow is an aggregator of liquidity for multiple 
cex and dexes now there are other platforms that   are similar and doing really really well like reef 
and orion now the usp of finnex flow is simply   this they are fully going regulated meaning that 
not only are they going to be regulated in the mas   they're going to be regulated across the eu and 
in the united states and already have offices in   cyprus singapore and the united states this 
project is going to be one of the projects   that works with the biggest exchanges in the 
whole entire industry and if you look at their   competition the other ones can't really work with 
them because they're non-kyc so people that don't   like kyc may not like phoenix flow and have those 
other options but the big players that have a lot   of capital that want to trade and actually not 
have massive amounts of slippage which they're   getting currently on exchanges will come to 
phoenix flow and as you guys know i am an advisor   at phoenix flow and i know certain things but i 
can't tell you them so all i will tell you is this   that is one of my most bullish projects period 
and if you guys wanted to be in binance early   this is the type of coin which will 
compete and be at that level in the future   so if you want something that's a blue chipper 
you're going to finnex flow looking at its chart   like i said it has not even got started yet it's 
been sitting flat it's got a 100 of the tokens   already distributed to all of the members meaning 
there's no added cell pressure currently from here   and it's sitting on this level of support phoenix 
flow this is the time to get in they've have a lot   coming and they have not told anyone about it i 
know i've been saying this over and over again   but seriously when it happens you will say oh 
my goodness coach thank you so much number two   saffron finance now several finance you 
may have heard me talk about when they   only had two different types of pools but now 
just to give you guys a glimpse into their   progression they have pools of all types on 
their platform not only that there is rumor   that there has been a large-scale investor in 
terms of the equity side of saffron finance   and again as i've told you the people involved are 
currently not doxxed but are self-doxxing soon and   that may come with some type of big announcement 
or announcements sf5 been bullish from   the start and i'm telling you there's a lot coming 
from it definitely check it out or looking at sfi   from a charting perspective i mean i was telling 
people wait on here in this dip get some right and   then it dipped again there and i was like i'll 
get some again and then it just exploded and so   i think saffron is just getting started another 
super gem seriously this will be at the yfi level   and i'm telling you it's a low supply it doesn't 
have any more huge ebox coming this could be a   project that absolutely fattens your pocket i have 
been in since 200 and 400 and 700 and 800 dollars   i kept adding on the way up they've got a lot 
coming a lot of big announcements that no one has   heard about yet and i think that this project is 
going to thirty thousand dollars and to match that   up i think one sfi and one wi-fi will be at parity 
at some point soon so number two sfi saffron   finance number three mandela exchange now i didn't 
add this in my an exchange video because this is   an undercover gem there's lots of exchange coins 
out there and i've talked about this one before   but mandela is an undercover gem no one is talking 
really about this they talked about the price   when it pumped but no one is talking about what 
mandala does so what does it do mandala lets you   trade exactly the spot trades that you do on 
binance for cheaper and if you hold their tokens   it's even cheaper than that i've actually done 
a video about mandala exchange and how it works   where you see me have mandala three cents then 
it goes to 18 where it is right now 19 cents this   project was built for a long time got everything 
ready the right way and is starting to do really   well again it is cheaper to trade on it than 
binance and once they add derivatives it will be   even cheaper to trade derivatives than it will 
be on binance put two and two together could   be a very very big project in the next push and 
our next push could come in april and what we're   seeing i was talking about it way down here at 
three cents then we broke out went crazy came back   down to some reality here and it seems like it's 
now back on the uptrend mandala i'm telling you   number four it's plasma finance now you guys have 
probably heard a little bit of buzz about plasma   finance plasma finance aims to build the easiest 
way to invest in d5 with a full functioning   platform all you got to do is go in and launch 
the app and you can easily participate in   their liquidity pools as well as their swapping so 
looking at their markets you can choose a crypto   ethereum plasma d5 nfts it's got it all right here 
really nice and sleek setup and it's really smooth   as you guys can see it opens up it shows you what 
you have it everything is really nice and easy to   see you can go and swap on there very easily same 
way as you would on uniswap you can create your   own pair you can swap using a different liquidity 
provider they have different liquidity pools all   this stuff is built into one and it's really easy 
to use i really highly suggest that you guys check   it out because they are going to compete with 
the likes of all the other d5 dashboards but   they do a lot and they built their own system 
to make things cheaper and more efficient   looking at p pay from a technical perspective it 
has done really really well it broke out of this   race around bottom and started to break higher 
remember we're still really early in this cycle   and being early in this cycle means that this 
could go a lot higher but as i've said before   buy plasma on dips so the most recent dip that 
we had was nice 50 those are the times where you   should scoop don't buy it while it's super green 
and going on higher next one up is alliance block   an alliance block is a really really impressive 
they're basically building a defy to see by bridge   but for traditional assets so decentralized 
finance doesn't really have a way to go into   centralized finance right now because there's a 
disconnect in between there because centralization   is centralized decentralization is decentralized 
how do you mesh the two so they can actually   communicate with each other hence alliance block 
where they're going to be building an ecosystem   and they built an ecosystem around doing all 
that and they are working with the london stock   exchange you guys should go on and check out 
this video that they have on their platform go   check out some of their partners i've talked about 
them many times before and i think alliance block   could do really well in the long term looking 
at a lion's block chart obviously super bullish   but it's pulled back a lot to this level before 
around 56 cents i think you honestly could look   at this one being a good opportunity for the 
dip buy it's a great project they have a lot   going for them and honestly i think they're 
they're a unicorn that's just getting started   so keep your eyes on alliance block another 
project you know i'm already bullish on is   freeway token orbits they are basically ready to 
launch and honestly they are building a full-on   dashboard but it is not the same ecosystem you're 
used to because you will be able to invest into   other virtual hedge funds which will give you 
the ability to make profits and get into their   ultimate infinite referrals program which i 
highly suggest that you guys do so sign up   get onto the waiting list it's really interesting 
how they do what they do but basically their   platform has no fees and because there's no 
fees those fees that normally you'd be paying   are going back into the underlying assets they 
have a lot of stuff going for them right now and   i really believe that i have talked about this 
just recently when they were down around eight   cents and they mooned pretty hard that being 
said it is only like about a 10x from the bottom   this thing could definitely go way higher because 
in orbit there's a network effect built in   so when you guys see a network effect everyone 
starts to jump in because they know they have   a better benefit being on there than 
they would in some other type of asset   manager or some other system so that's basically 
why i'm very very bullish on obit and i think   they have a really cool platform and a hundred 
thousand people have already registered next up   you guys have known i am very bullish on moby pay 
now mobi pay is just getting the wheels spinning   they got a new cmo that came on started bringing 
some awareness to this project now remember   they are building a whole ecosystem with payments 
for merchants to take payments for you to pay   and remember using stellar blockchain it is super 
cheap it costs literally nothing to do payments   so you can do payroll on there and there's 
so many other things they also will exchange   directly in the app for you and many other 
features but i want to talk too much about that   what i want to talk about is this moby pay has 
some of the biggest retail partners in the us   over 300 of them including uber ikea subway etc 
and the lists go on and on so you probably have   used these places before and if i told you that 
they'll give you cash back and certain types of   benefits you'll be walking along and your mobi app 
would pop up and say oh today ebay gives you ten   percent off any of your purchases because you're a 
moby pay uh mobi pay holder right so these are the   types of things that will happen and they already 
are regulated in the us and canada so this is a   platform and a project that is more than just 
barely legit it is super legit now look at what   we paid they're about 10x where they started from 
maybe 15x or so if we look at their market cap   of 33 million and you saw those retailers on 
there moby pay has a massive market to come into   and we're talking about the billions and we're 
talking about a 33 million dollar market cap so i   mean come on last but not least is unilan finance 
now unilen is a really interesting project because   they do a lot of different things but they've been 
validated by people like binance who just recently   listed them so what does it unilan do well they 
permission this listing lending and borrowing   trading governance liquidity and native utility 
token the utility token being uniland now they   just got listed on binance but they also just 
said that they're going on binance smart chain   and they've also been hinting on their twitter 
at flash loans and currently nobody on binance   smart chain does flash loans so they are going to 
jump into a huge opportunity with binance smart   chain not only did they have that opportunity with 
ethereum because they are an erc20 platform token   and most of their stuff that they built is on 
erc20 but they adapted to binance smart chain   and now they are in a position where they 
can benefit from it now look they got listed   on binance they were 39 cents not too long ago 
and now they are about three dollars does that   mean that they're done absolutely not if their 
flash loans came to binance smart chain today   that would be the first person to do it and that 
would mean that they would have a huge advantage   on the market over there and also be very well 
used that's all good stuff if you're a project   so this is where i'm looking at we're looking at 
uniland as an opportunity to go much much higher   than where it's sitting right now and why it's one 
of the unknown picks because most people are not   really talking about uniland at least not enough 
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talked about the main picks that i was talking   about today were phoenix flow saffron finance 
mandala exchange plasma finance alliance block   three-way token orbit moby pay and unilan 
finance those are my pick of unknown   projects currently that list could change but 
for right now that is the list that i think   are the ones that you should definitely keep 
your eyes on so that is it for today guys much   love and respect have yourselves a great day 
you being the best crypto community hit that   thousand likes so i can give you some crypto do 
it for you see you guys next time fat kiddo huge

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