🚀 POLYGON MATIC a la Luna | Es la mejor criptomoneda para invertir 2021 MATIC es mejor que ETHEREUM!

Hello, how are you entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, your friend Esteban Cardenas greets you today we are going to talk about matic polygons and their spectacular growth, stay until the end and do not miss this tremendous video if you have not yet subscribed to my channel. I invite you to that you subscribe and activate the bell in the all option so that you do not miss any video we begin if we go to cohen gekko dotcom we see that the current price of matic polygon is 1.71 cents, remember that in the previous video we made on the channel polygon matic the price was at 0.34 cents currently it is in position number 19 of the best cryptocurrencies globally with a market capitalization of 10.4 billion dollars really impressive the market capitalization of polygon matic with a volume of trade in the last 24 hours of 6.7 billion dollars, let us also remember that the maximum amount of coins is 10 billion m Onedas of this polygon- matic cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours has grown by 18.3 percent in the last seven days, 128 points, three percent, in the last 14 days, 7.5 percent, in the last 30 days, with 315 points, 7%.

And in the last year 18,900 points three percent really impressive the growth of this blood chain of matic polygons but that has made matic polygon really have an impressive growth in recent days it was recently listed in the change the kraken was also listed in elche in the cook today it has had great associations in the field of n with eternity change also with nif tickets it also recently associated it has also had an important association with such and swap where it can also directly provide liquidity with different pairs as well it was recently associated with monkey x finance among other associations that has been taking this blouse polygon matic also remember qu e in recent days the blue chain of smartchain pods had several errors which caused several decentralized protocols and several users to pass or make the migration directly to matic polygon this has really also made its price continue to rise and continue to have enough upward force if we go to a daily chart of matic polygons against the pair ups of t in the pod exchange which is for the next few weeks we see that its maximum price was 1.90 dollars continues its uptrend has enough strength and bullish directionality can still have a small setback more or less up to 0 points 94 cents on the dollar but if you are a holder it is best to make staggered purchases because if the price does not return to this point you are possibly going to be left out of this crypto currency logically it is not financial advice everything is do your own research and it is and if you invest or not invest in this crypto morea a staggered purchase is to make a purchase in e l current price if you buy more and keep going down you buy more to buy then and store this crypto currency in the cheapest and safest way the first thing you have to do is create an account in the meta wallet more remember logically when you download this wallet save the 12 words of recovery since as I always tell them it is as if they were the keys to our house if you lose these 12 words of recovery and you get to restart the computer or your cell phone, the safest thing is that you lose your funds if you do not have these 12 recovery words said this then to configure the matic polygon network we are going to go to the next option you are going to enter custom rpc and here you are going to proceed to enter the following data in the name of the network you will proceed to enter matic mining you are going to proceed to collect this data I will leave it in the description of the video and in the first posted comment you simply give it copies in the option to paste possibly when you paste them in the last letter you are going to have to delete it and write it manually since it can generate an error in new of l rp proceed to paste the following data in string and proceed to paste 137 in symbol you place matic and in the browser url you simply paste this link address and voila you are going to give the following option and you are going to give the save option and automatically you would already have the matic polygon network configured directly in your meta wallet more to add then the token matica our goal wallet more simply we are going to go to coin gekko we are going to copy the address of the contract we are going to go to our wallet resign more and we are going to go to the option that says add token we are going to proceed directly to paste the contract and automatically the dematic token appears, we simply go to next and proceed directly to add this touch, the next thing you are going to do then is create an account in pods to download the link also in the description of the video and in the first comment posted, you simply go to register, then proceed to go directly to this option that says to buy with a credit or debit card or through the p2p trade you are going to buy at that dt then Of this it will appear when you already make the purchase in the option of wallet in spot wallet after you already have your upct in pods that you have already bought you are going to create an account in ascending bit more then you are going to proceed to go to the next option that says catch account you are going to proceed to write vst directly in this search engine and you are going to give the deposit option here you will see the 1320 trc 20 solana network we are going to select the trc 20 network so that it comes out much cheaper shipping we will proceed to copy the wallet address and we will go directly to pods after you already have your vst purchased directly in pods , the usp currency will appear in this option for This then you are going to select the option that says withdraw you are going to proceed directly to paste the wallet address and it automatically says that the wallet network automatically adjusts itself to the network that is the trc 20 network or if not you in this option it is like such to choose but I see that pods are automatically selecting it well we proceed to enter the maximum and automatically the yellow button is displayed we go to the option to withdraw and ready automatically we send our habitat s after you already have your ugt in ascent bit more we are going to go to the option that says trade we are going to go to the standard option in this search engine we are going to proceed to write matic and we are going to select it with the pair s & p then they are going to go down we are going to give here in the option that Market says we are going to display 100 percent or the amount of matic that you want to buy and we proceed to click on the buy matic button and that would be the whole process to buy directly m atic in beat match in an economical way we will then appear in the catch account option here we will then see our matic that we have bought to send them directly then to the goal wallet more simply we will then go to the goal more we have We have to make sure that we are in the thematic network and after that we are going to proceed to directly copy our goal address more then we are going to go to the wihdat option or to the withdraw option we are going to choose the network matrix here we proceed to paste the address From the wallet we select the maximum here but we must also take into account that the thematic withdrawal minimum is 150 and 3.4 well, then we proceed to establish the maximum and it tells us that the fit that they are going to charge us is only 2 matic in this way We proceed to confirm and proceed to send our matic directly to our secure meta wallet.

I will then give my personal opinion about whether it is crypto m Oneda or stable can reach five or even ten dollars at the end of the bull run or it does not stop being taken into account for any type of investment my answer as such is if I see it very very feasible that it can even reach ten dollars This great additional cryptocurrency that is added to the fact that many users are migrating from other blue chains to the blue chain dematic because it is very cheap and also because it is very fast I would like to know your opinion, leave it in the comment box at How much do you think this cryptocurrency can reach at the end of the bull run I hope this information has been of great value to you if you liked it give me a tremendous like this would help me a lot remember to share this video so that more people know this exciting world of the crypto currencies finally if you have not subscribed in my channel that was subscribe and activate the bell, no longer being your friend and server, esteban cardenas, god bless you ch ao bye

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