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Hello, how are you all very good? Carlos Martín CEO of CryptBirds and a week we bring you our top top cryptocurrencies and tokens generated by our algorithm BirdBrain if you want to know how it works here you have a video and well also we are going to comment on the news of launch Flamingo FLM and we will analyze one of our projects top. Well come on let's go! We are recording on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 if you like these videos you already know that you help us a lot if you share you like and subscribe and well let's start with the news of the week that is none other than him launch one defi protocol, another more, called Flamingo (FLM) we believe this has been the biggest stir this has had week in the crypto ecosystem good here you can see the web and flamingo as I say it is a defi protocol, the first in NEO's Asian Blockchain, with support from strong exchanges like Binance and Okex it is also an interoperable protocol between different Blockchain of course you can also join sets of outdoor browsing and Ontology brush and good news especially for the launch of his own governance token which is the FLM the flamingo that this token will be distributed among the community in a free although doing certain farming stuff and liquidity timing is news for different things one of them is that is not the launch of this token by highlighting or assets you can form this token is leaving different assets such as neo and also in a curious way because you can do so much decentrally through your protocol like centrally through exchanges Binance and Okex agree now I'm going to show you for this period of farming lasts five days that started on September 26 and will be until 1 October although it will start on 25 September and they had a lot of problems initially failed which of connection failed the blogging of neo It seems that she is not ready for scalability still but in the end they could not just go on solving a little a little the token is already stein and it goes generating day by day and I also tell you which is not the only one of the phases that has have different phases in fact this interesting project because it has many milestones between now and the end of the year for this there is a period of meaning that assets are remaining then there will be another periodo de meaning con tokens lp de Héctor to bring liquidity to change etc.

Not in fact here one of the great products of this protocol free is your own swap on your own a swap so to speak where there will be tokens of neo fair etcetera not all those touches become this group a tool to be able to select Well right now they have these neo anthology esther bitcoin mirrors fair at the same time heavy the brush of enea etcetera and well in the end you pass it to a set compatible with the protocol inside from neo's ching pad in fact the own neo you have to pass it to nn or reason of 11 then you can find out hit a great deal and good one time what does your neo have or what you want can you highlight it and here I have is creating some businesses because you are seeing it you can be create it directly in your platform for now is these tokens that are intended to be distributed for five days 50 percent of those tokens go for neon everything that is done through protocol I say go for neo and the rest for the remains of does say what most profitable out right now is this what arne or on the platform but how I say the funny thing is how you can this create it also with bnb or with bs of or with Okay the milk token index in your own is exchange that is, you can do also centrally and well it's news for many things I say for this launch model I say also for those failures he has had and well the market is there I think it's 0 with $ 75 now same launch I think about 4 dollars or around but good as I say the interesting thing is to see that roadmap of face to the end of the year because now as end this token mention period another period will begin which I think was with liquidity and then another period and so on until the end of the year and each time they are a new thing there are many things that I eat the swap then tells you coming soon coming soon but it will arrive very shortly and so good I leave it here for you take a look for now it seems an interesting project but that has a lot to prove but hey fact that this state of ching behind says a lot and also one thing that I know forgot to say is that this project to give a little more security is sponsored by the acne itself or the own organization behind nheo in one of their incubators because well this is where this project comes out with Neo's own developers and good that in a way gives you certain security also gives you certain if there is any failure in the contract they will know how to solve them etc.

And good as I say good here I have it I here I have my 160 years generating that lm which I can claim at any time and take me wherever I want to any change etcetera let's go there now with the tops of the week we start as usual with a review of the top of the week after this is to see the performance see how was the top during this week and how we do it so we do it directly not separated performance of our platform we choose the top overall the top of last week than the what we gave for our youtube video and we see how it went to do it we just think we bought 10 virtual dollars in each of the 10 top projects that is 100 dollars in total and right now if we had invested 100 dollars this week today Tuesday between Bayamo having recorded yesterday but good prices, the truth is that they have little varied because the market is quite flat as we would have 106 with 38 dollars is a profit of 6 with 38 percent we started the new season of tops with benefits with which we are proud above all for how to cast good to note that everything is so green the projects that chosen the mole that it is quite difficult how is the thing no there are great benefits but the good greater benefits we have in poly and encyclical with 14 with 41 percent and a 13 with 72 percent that yes that not bad let's see now our top this week the top him it came out yesterday September 28 though we are recording in 29 as I say this top we have it directly in our platform and very soon this time yes already few weeks left is available for all of you and well let's review the top general taught us still no other top because we are making some changes and I prefer do it when I'm pretty much older entrenched okay okay foreign bitcoin and ripoll first second and third position of these weeks stay the same position changeling goes back to the top that came out this week and is also placed in fourth position followed by the throne other new to the top this week no I was in sixth grade last week beta position down a rank seventh position geox that drops three eighth position enters the top engine coin ninth position entered again in the top one time and tenth position enters the top electro niun tn well as we see quite a few new changes to the top this week well that is the market is quite rare is little plan there are few of his life few descents and I think the algorithm then he's crazy over there neighbor and he's watching where can another profit from little thing I wanted to tell you since we are here before analyzing one of these projects that we are going to analyze today in ying coin that I find a very challenge interesting is this that you see here block change certificate is a tool that we have created to enroll in the block sing to make an all tops every time they go out that is every week when we generate new scores bill behring of all the projects that we have and we take out all these tops well all tops will be inscribed nothing more out on cerion's block sing with your prices with your projects when your scores and so on so that good to give security and to give trust and so you can see that here not there is no trap or cardboard and there are no changes there is nothing and when we do the performance and we see like the nest etc well we have not changed nothing are there in the blogs ching de cerium that you already know is immutable and transparent according Well, as I say, let's see engine coin this project came out of an echo of 2017 currently has 163 million market cap dollars and well there are best of ching with combine x to the head good engine is focused on creating a ecosystem of tools to apply blogging to videogames for me these worlds are meant to be understood and well it is one of the most advantageous in this field of course this project and although I use the block without saying yum ha created your own and call change infinite and well, like the whole series who seeks to be much more scalable criterium and for the minimum commissions in fact these promise zero commissions according to who uses this block boy and well that has its own tools their own protocols their own marketplace is very focused on by indeed assumed to be non-fungible and well that makes it easier for developers who can create their own nfc as I say to be able to you organize any object within a video game and let it be free marketing and circulation but badges can also be arranged you can also create your own token as in-game currency or use the engine itself have a lot a lot of possibilities and good as partners a destacar I would say that Microsoft and Samsung are two very strong parts to me always that partner who you have with microsoft that you have started with good blue as I say this first partner with microsoft seems to me like the most interesting -yes I do not know I think they go as a cover there no microsoft is testing things with block sing is trying things with touches non-expendable and it is doing with with ending what happens that does not is doing in your xbox ecosystem huge video game etcetera is doing good well when they teach program on their blue servers then give badges branch that learning programming with engine tokens and with that they are testing it but who says that if you do well do not think about extend it to the entire ecosystem that have or someone has who is the first in taking that step and well if it is microsoft imagine we went hand in hand with engine and well here you can see that there are many little known old video games that they start to use it and also like I said has another partner with samsung in fact when it came out i think it was the samsung galaxy s 9 that brought for the first time which script or one of the first tokens which included which were the engine so samsung is also buzzing with engine and good are two huge partners apart from many more that have this been for this week thank you very much for holding up here tell you that tomorrow Wednesday the 30th we have a presentation of our mister comics meta adventures in the world of crypts ways and block technology sing with crypto plaza live online you can follow it through this link and well we wait there if you It is interesting to know a little more about the process of creating the comic We are also going to raffle a unit of comic among all who are watching live video and good as always we say if you like this video We are very grateful that you saw him, I like him and share and see you the week that goodbye is coming [Music]

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