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I welcome you to record a small video with updates to bitcoin charts we had a small candle with such a long shadow from the bottom that we bought from then we naturally went further form a divergence further our volume is decreasing it is likely that it was wave 4 in our wave 3 there is no special sense to mark wait, as before, the marked zone is still relevant then we watch the movie the candle here was similar, it can also be noted that it was wave 4 that hooked and after which we will go through wave 5, but also the marking can be demolished just waiting for when we will come to the marked zone the forecast is relevant a pair of plow we do not come out as everything here we have passed three waves is expected downward wave here it is, in principle, we have already passed the impulse took place hooked the marked zone, it is likely that the downward movement may end here, we will go higher, but either we will update it again, it will need to be observed while while there are no strong volumes to talk about what kind of x- one wave is also 3 what says about the corrective movement further here we need to wait for confirmation whether we will go higher for this we have to break through this layer and form a five-wave impulse behind h1 while there are only three waves so the probability of going lower let's see the dash breathe we have already reached this zone for a long time we are in it formed also with a greater probability inward and 4, one more wave 5 is awaiting us, we will wait for the movement by 1, and with a greater probability there is an opportunity to go above 123 here, a four forms another five, the volume is increased and the indicator without divergence, which suggests that another movement upward of us is with with a rather high probability of iwc, everything cannot crawl to the marked zones, it would seem that everything has already been discussed, but no, it goes higher, but not much, since everything is still the forecast has not been canceled, but it did not work, we expect the zones are marked in the same way and for the Ethereum classics, we expect the zones are marked the goal has not yet been met, but the forecast is relevant, so I added one more coin for today dot and and most I asked people in the comments and let's show the general picture, I marked it out for a long time I looked out for it on small timeframes and now I will show what I did, but it turned out that this coin has a dota stick, such a probability from the fact that I see it go even much higher, that is we will complete the impulse here, all together from correcting, then another impulse awaits us in the fifth wave, which will already end here, here are a few waves, after which we will go for another big correction and then we will go on the transition completing the global three forecast as you can see here the marked zone where you should have given the correction, we hooked it with a shadow and began to form something like a triangle from it, we can go both lower and then upward so immediately upward I want to say more about the marked in the zones, everything that you will see is just my assumptions about the price, no forecasts and even assumptions about the execution time is not that there are for example, if I have here the line is worth on February 23, this is not a forecast that it will be on February 23 here is a horizontal thing, see the forecast that it will be around 48 49 price forecast but not time subscribe to the channel, put your likes, write your opinion in the comments to everyone happily successful trading

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