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I greet everyone, as always, we will not smear the timing and the video, but immediately start the schedule with bitcoin as expected, this is confirmed by us. 1 impulse in it is easily traced 5 waves and how is it from the trading as you remember yesterday I said what it could be and how the beginning but in an upward movement and as part of a corrective movement within wave b at this stage it can be traded identical because both of these movements start from wave 1 or both of them will be impulsive on the chart if this is wave b then it consists of three under the wolf abc if this is wave 1 and we are going up, then this is again 1 2 3 4 5 that is, this part is identical to the impulse correction impulse only after the completion of the second impulse will be a fork or we will go down and we would go further up here it will be possible to pick up stops well, or to take profit, I see here signs that this is still a correction I will repeat the impulse movement again, it is accompanied by volumes and here they are pr in fact, there are no less of them than there was before, so I tend to the option with correction and until it is broken I will stick to exactly this option that can be expected now if we consider 15-minute charts, then here we see a clear divergence, that is, the strength of the movement ends and we are more likely to go down here in this zone it will be possible to consider lange when approaching this zone it is not stupid to buy, but to consider the lange according to your strategy by which you trade and further along the movement we will watch a movie on ethereum a similar situation abc also there are no volumes 1 impulse is confirmed only in terms of the volume structure, there are no confirmations here, but the cryptocurrency is not the first time the media have unfolded figures, so be careful about the heat of the pair plu we are also in the fourth wave after which I expect a decline in wave 5 completion of wave c this forecast is still relevant when it is not relevant it will be canceled if we break through the level almost marked 0 5, that is, the peak of wave 1 will be broken, thereby it will be canceled and it will be necessary to reconsider the collapse, but while everything is in force and ripple the weakest asset of some kind, it can hang out dangling and can shoot sharply both down and up there are no volumes of any either the movements confirming the hike in one direction or another are not observed until we see the dash fall a similar situation as for the bitcoins of ethereum, probably 90 percent of the coins have exactly this structure abc adhere to this scenario pao de also more likely we will go up than down this option will be canceled if we break through here is this level while we are drawing a triangle here, that is, abcd and I think we will cut a little more, nevertheless, with a greater probability we will go up the goal is still relevant hit dota hit dota here here the markup I had was unusually different from the previous coins and it canceled what can now be said here where the main movement is looking at us, let's look at the clock after breaking the peak which, in my opinion, passed we should not break through to the forecast, we should not start to form a divergence, that is, we are going up, but at any moment we can turn around this is clearly a corrective movement as I see it because it goes in triplets here abc 10 three waves here we draw three waves where presumably this thing can do anything the settlement zone from the peak of the first impulse to the end of the settlement zone we would have naturally passed there would be volumes here there would be no divergence, one could say that this has begun an upward hike, but for now I am inclined that we are all the more so if the whole market is looking down with a greater probability and stick dot go down if everything turns around, so the asset is clearly out of the market, it is better to look at this from the outside and not risk your money rati let's look baby baby everything within the framework of our forecast there even appeared volume here and now we are in basement 4 not and a shot up wave c is expected it is known to impulse marking this share, but the zone remains all even after it is reached, the option of movement is in bottom and additionally looked at one coin of candles, this coin from the comments, I marked it out in advance, they put more than all likes as many as two on the rest, it wasn’t particularly so as for the movement, let’s show it globally, that is, wave 12 now we are in the top three completed the top three and are We finished a similar correction as for other coins , but we go to and draw the first impulse in the wave and after which we will continue the same movement as for other coins it is worth noting that we have already hooked the calculated zone of the entire correction, therefore, consider this option that this is wave 1 after which we will go above this can be said as a reserve option, as for other coins, here such a situation is ambiguous, but you can trade it, I have already said until the end of wave b, the movement should be similar on this, all subscribe to the channel, like, write in the comments your opinion of successful trading and happily

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