🚀 Прогноз курса Биткоин BTC Bitcoin ETH XRP Рипл DASH стадии рынка – анализ обзор криптовалют 2021

greetings today, let's take a quick look at a few cryptocurrencies and at the end of the video I will show the most important chart that you should know now, as usual, we will start with bitcoin according to the forecast, we had to enter the settlement area and go for a correction, this is still in force, we are now in the top three of the third wave and it is more likely that we will soon go to this zone, then we will go down to a deeper correction, but I think I will quickly buy out this is my forecast now, we will go up further, we will not dwell on bitcoin with it, and so everything is clear on ethereum, the same situation and the divergence was thrown up according to the forecast, now I will draw the last impulse and headed for a more complex correction, perhaps, of course, we will not volume this line while the forecast is this way, so there is probably nothing more, because all the cryptocurrencies, for example, have fallen the same nouri floor here is separate history is here by the courts, they have a problem, it seems like it goes up, but it seems that it doesn't want to there are no volumes, but we broke the divergence, he doesn't have much strength, but waiting for good news, the court's decision, snow, it can grow well, what to count you will take a look now, for example, dash, we planned to go down, but as the volumes began to grow, the indicator began to grow, this turns into a third wave of we are stretching in the third wave if you look closer here divergences are already looming, which tells us about the upcoming correction, I think we will also give one down and one up and down the rest of the cryptocurrency today I will not consider, but I will show you better this is a chart that you should know now this is a classic pattern of market movement any impulse in 2017, I saw this personally felt all these stages on myself, now the same is clearly visible at a new stage of growth, let's open bitcoin and see where these are put if you open a day this wave is this wave of the start of take-off trap for bears sale and this is where institutional investment comes in and plays more ora comes it says all people are afraid here they have already scared everyone that any growth ends with a collapse here we started to grow who the brave started to enter and they were sent down again scared so to speak finally and when everyone had already lost faith in growth let's see the graph we are moving into the stage of mania, that is, we overcame this peak, went on about this area where we were already approaching the previous peak, few believed but they broke through and people start a new one, here's another graph where you can watch people's emotions here people appear hope for recovery everyone starts to believe that it is quite possible and true, we went up, we broke through here the previous peak at 20,000 got a stage of hope and sharply headed up that no one had time to come to his senses reached 40,000 just did x2 and in my opinion we are now at the stage of optimism now people are looking with optimism on the chart and waiting for some confirmation of whether the market will go up if you look at this chart here we see at this stage of media attention that we have a bunch of news appearing here, well, first of all, he is mask which the media started just bombing his twitter now everyone is just talking about how Elon Musk pumped dogecoin and invest in bitcoins that apple is soon investing bitcoins that mastercard launches a cooperation there that implements its own coins lindsay lohan on twitter writes bitcoin that muddied snoop dog in general it has started a huge just close attention of the media attract attention, that is, look where we are growth is still ahead of people there is optimism and when we fly sharply up when people are their own with small investments they will start to earn something they will have the feeling that this is easy money they will have the belief that it can never stop that you can just make money here they will withdraw the first profit they will receive some kickbacks they will see that they are back from trading uts and somewhere they will read that it is necessary to buy kickbacks and averaged I will do this and in the end they will It’s just that at this stage of excitement, they’ll think I’ll buy more, I’ll add another loan, I’ll take a loan, it ’s so easy here, it’s already PM, as you can see, people start to get greedy and greedy, they’ll just lose their head and when it’s no longer euphoric they will to think of what color lamborghini to choose for themselves where they will go after the border opens up in the box there the last money they will just meet another sharp big fall 2017 here it is this money here it is the first fall which has grown big here everything has grown all already they believed then sharply again the fall here big shadows all from bathing think now we will go higher than I already fumbled about, I'm already a cool trader, I'll buy everything from the buy and go upstairs and go upstairs everyone is happy just like here before the volume is drawn that this is a classic on any chart this is a classic complacency and thoughts appear this is just a respite before the next rally everyone just sits and waits when it will go further a we flew further down just like 2017 2018 man, but here again everyone is averaged out big shadows from below from bathing everyone thinks okay, I'll buy off the loan, but then the profit will be more traders think here three waves passed the correction everything is cool here it is a weekend now let's go higher but one here we have some volume, everything is cool now let's go higher but we go down and then the denial is already on the rise that they I invested in a serious projection will still rise of course they believe further and then panic all sell themselves put up for sale surrender I leave one hundred percent I can’t all this scam it has passed the time the bitcoin bubble has blown away here it is here it’s still all even from the dome, but here everyone has already started selling here already three thousand here already in all publics on all the news shouted that all the bitcoin was over everyone laughed everyone supposedly deceived and we will go for a thousand and here you can already buy if you really believe in a thousand there for 100 bucks who wrote everything predict a fall I, namely, here we start a new hike it was December 2018 no one thought that we went upstairs there were expectations I remember this time here I thought cool z 1 you can take the movement naturally what I bought here I sold for a long time there are people depression I lost everything don’t believe it and it’s really fail like everyone else and it doesn’t believe it goes here you see the growth has started this rally to fail like everyone else here again is a day off and no one believes there is no volume no one takes or the birds on this growth will end in the same way, this is the main chart and why now if you look at altcoin and then they just break all divergences fly up, but because we are already here, we are at the money stage, people enter the exchange, enter money trying to figure out how what they buy here is profitable and there to buy a pizza for himself, someone can buy a phone and then bring in even more and roll down, so now what is the recommendation recommendation to be careful not to be greedy and the bull market is bullish and now there will be a lot of good news in the media that some have invested, the second have invested 3 have invested and everything is great, everyone is making money, you will have many friends who will ask how you can buy a crypt and what is it, what is it tode coin what is bitcoin beethoven what is suitable as 2017 they said and if they don’t ask you then maybe you’re a beginner and you ask this and think about why you came here you probably saw news somewhere that some market is growing well at least and I heard that she used to grow well and it’s time to do it too, maybe you’re a newbie who will be shaved this time, be careful of a successful trade subscribe to the channel leave comments your opinion write happy

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