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we all welcome we write down, as always, the update of the review of cryptocurrencies, let's see what has changed on bitcoin and other altcoins, we will also touch on the dollar index and the ruble for bitcoin from yesterday's forecasts, yesterday we had 30 after yesterday's forecast, we extended the divergence and got an impulse down now, of course not to trade who holds currencies but to enter now is dangerous because, although we got good shadows upward, we changed the trend, updated the layer and in order to continue moving up, we need to update x and at least for an hour and the river until this trend is done locally with us it will be downward, besides, the volume came out and got such a peculiar capture of 1 downward impulse, there is a high probability that the downward movement will continue, besides, this coincides with yesterday's forecasts, the fact that it may be abc movement here is its calculated zone just from it we got a downward movement and here you need to be careful, it is likely that we will go down, look at ethereum, and the company is so the same situation in the settlement area with wave c we got an impulse down, although there are ransom shadows, but we have not yet updated the hai but updated the barking, which means the downward movement is in priority trend locally down the rip lu similar situation we did not touch the peak of wave 1, therefore the collapse of the new is also actual but the correction to the wave of the supposed wave 4 can be continued who holds hold but it is dangerous to get up in the long now pao de very similar to ripple also did not touch wave one but spilled down and before updated and this also means that the downward movement is in priority while it is worth waiting for the dash the same story yesterday talked about the divergence it worked out went down now it's worth looking at it all from the side it is very likely that we will continue to move down got to the dota came to the settlement zone just the same reversal from which the previous coins turned around but received an impulse literally in the last hour for now the divergence has not gone down yet, and while it is also dangerous to get up in the long, we can sing like with the previous coins tee down gnb from the calculated zone of the wave the target within wave d went down there are ransom shadows , but as I said on previous coins, it’s worth watching for now, since the downward movement can be continued now long if you haven’t entered the coin before, you probably shouldn’t decide anyway only for you Litecoin, a similar situation in the bathroom zone c received an impulse downward, with a high probability it will continue to move downward, since here it was de ver la and the x was updated and let's see what will be that we have in equal shares for the ruble, the correction continues in the marked but nothing new while everything is in within the forecast, the dollar index, the dollar index gave an impulse downward, this gives hope for bitcoin that it will go up, but on larger timeframes it is worth watching here also while everything within the forecast, the marked zone is stolen, can go up to the upper border, this will be normal and while here we are trading quite well downward reversal is likely to look at a few coins from the comments, first of all, we have an upward trend for weeks koch while we are also going up at the bottom of the VK ah above the nyvki there is already a signal for a downward reversal indicator is getting lower and lower the price is going up the shadows are getting high they do not allow to go up even now the price has been thrown up and we are getting a red candle down today for not not four hours what we have here that you can see you can build a channel about the lower border here behind it if it leaves it immediately pays off upwards and at the upper border also pays off downwards if you follow it then you are now in the middle I think that you can for this coin to get the next stage of the upward move and further downward reversal why is that because there was already a divergence here there are reduced volumes and it is likely that in the last one impulses one two three four and you here we will have five if you look at the structure in this case the calculated the zone of this wave 5 will just coincide with the edge of the channel and I think something like this we should see further let's look at the cabins like this here already there was some kind of collapse on it, apparently I recently watched it, I don't remember so everything is going on with us according to the schedule, they came to the calculated zone and here they apparently got waves 5, but we see that we have n't received yet, most likely another request, let's give us what in the last impulses we get to the people and divergences, a decrease in volumes and ransom tails, and everyone came to the calculated zone as planned that we have a very similar structure here that there was wave 12 now we are completing 345 something like this can be seen here I think the calculated zone that's where we are, so while we are here, everything is fine, everything is within the framework of the forecast, and here there is a high probability of a reversal down to the fourth wave of the abandoned one, but there is ethereum classic still so we have already collapsed here too new it was now we are in the fourth wave where we should have all this we have not yet gone to 5 in the top five, so all that is possible here is to rearrange a little the side of the collapse of the navka and we are now bargaining in the four settlement zone at we are also relevant here we have to reach then a four another five another four if everything goes according to the forecast then from the current levels about 20 25 percent at least should give if everything is correct on this all subscribe to the channel put likes write in the comments the coins of which you want to I looked and, in general, my thoughts on cryptocurrency where the market will go when there will be a reversal of successful trade and happily

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