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I greet everyone, as always, we write down the update of the cryptocurrency review, we start with yesterday's bitcoin level, we have not broken through the flat, we are looking at the part of what we have here, the top three went up and we went further down what options we have here can now check where we are nevertheless, we had to correct at all, we should have at least not reached these levels a little, so there is a chance that we will still shoot up again before going further down the marked script, the drawn script that has just been deleted with yellow with a line, it is still relevant, but in a slightly different way, I think that we still got a candle with a shadow here, it can do about the fact that just from these levels we will turn around and go to draw the wave b this scenario is still relevant to the top with a further decrease down further and we will look at the film and the film, too, globally, nothing has changed the downward movement after which a correction is expected upward with yes We check for the farthest downward decline here we should have corrected, too, did not reach and here, in principle, a very similar situation as it is in bitcoin, I expect upward movement and then down again on the mother's floor, let's see that we have updated the one who entered this markup yesterday has not received any stop loss is not profit because the flat continues and this suggests that, in principle, nothing has changed in the forecast, you can also buy these levels with the obligatory installation of stops just below this barking look dash that we have a breathe here again we see that the volumes the movement does not grow continues down here there was a slight rollback upwards after which I still expect that we will go further down the forecast is still relevant, we look at hell for 1 shooting range, very good news came out on it, which suggests that the correction was most likely completed and did not reach the calculated cardan zone hall style on the coinbase exchange about and there, as you know, any nonsense is not a leaf, it says that we will go yes better if you look at the clock, we have a wonderful picture here and the volumes appeared, the indicator went up and this business is not going to fall, so what strategy is our favorite strategy here we buy any pullbacks with the aim of higher large volume growth suggests that locally here is the third wave, let's by throwing the markup 12 here a three will be a four and a five where to wait for us a three now by throwing fibonacci this is not the calculated zone we have already visited now we will look at the structure and structure of the movement and and also completed the volume decline here the divergence here ended with us the supposed three where to wait four four should not enter the wave washed down on 1, so it will not fall very low somewhere maximum, here it comes, it may come down again and it is quite possible that we will fly up from the current levels as well, since the 18th will open trading on this coin on coinbase about and more likely to go up what is her first goal if all -so here the correction of the fourth wave is completed and we will not go below, look at the level data, most likely we had a peak here, so perhaps we will visit the peak, as I said a long time ago, that we will visit this peak, we will most likely visit it and go higher but you see lower levels have become the start of a movement to this peak forecast for gimbals this movement upward further stick dot look 4 hours alka dot should have a big rebound, but so far it cannot gain a foothold there at the top and it was without volumes, with more probability we will go further down but for the sake of justice let's see if it was really wave b, then of course we have already visited wave c this may be the end of Alan c, but so far we cannot say for sure while the correction is taking place, we need to wait for good western volumes of good and then we can already talk about the beginning of an impulse up next bnb by bendy the picture is very similar as she is a regiment dota small rebounds correctional and further we go down there is still nothing to update victories the forecast is relevant, we look at the ruble, but the ruble seems to have a reversal as we saw yesterday, we broke through the evil one, here we literally hooked up a little and but broke through, so we can say that we have collected the stops of those who were not here and this impulse can be applied like this.

There is up and down there is a buy in the future upward movement and stop is already here all these curves, I will remove the good cast upward and it is very similar to wave one in new movements upward, let's take a closer look at what it is while it’s only a few hours so what it may be in front of everything here there was wave 12 this is a three there will be a four they are further five after which we will get a pullback this is good for those who have a lot of dollars but this is not very good for the country as a whole but we are not looking at this further on the dollar index by division at four o'clock, something has changed, nothing really has changed and three waves downward have been corrected, we received a day off upward and now we expect further movement zhenie up the forecast is up to date up today look iwc in the comments asked us here is going on for a long time have not looked here we have no volumes locally yet there is no entry point but if you look more globally at go to the anger koch what can be seen here and you can see good levels for large input volume indicator is quite possible this third wave if you look from the very layers here, then there is a high probability that we saw wave one here, this day of course suggests that wave 2 ended here well, let's so here was wave 1 correction we we go to wave 3 where we have wave 3 wave 3 we have here and we have come now wave 4 is coming we went beyond the peak of wave 1 but it's not scary if we cut a triangle here and the orthodox end point of wave 4 will be higher than the peak of wave 1 like this that for the mustache, not all is lost, many scold him, but there are live volumes of coins and they trade, and the time will come, let's say if the four after all these movements ends without breaking peak wave 1 where the movement of wave 5 will be, this is all for now, but why not take a look, we may well go and here , that is, reaching a C grade, reaching 6 7 7 it is quite likely that it may even be at this level that we are going just the same peak and this is with us a good percentage from the current levels of 60, that is, the coin has not died, it can give one hundred percent, this does not mean that now you need to enter it if you look closer here there are no volumes as soon as there is some kind of a shot, a pullback can be considered its purchases while here such a situation on it, on this today, everyone subscribe to the channel, put likes, write in the comments your opinion of a successful trade and happily

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