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I welcome everyone to write down the update of the review of cryptocurrencies, we start with bitcoin beat kaido since yesterday, we went a little higher, but this does not change, in principle, practically nothing since we were bought from almost immediately and went even lower thanks to this movement, the only thing that can be changed in the forecast is to rearrange the wave b volumes we did not see the divergence here also continues it was not broken The main variant of the movement is also down here we continue to observe the forecast all the same let's look at the ether on ethereum even in Beijing, therefore the forecast is still the same down priority of the movement is also down we are watching this level also on bitcoin beyond the peak of wave b, if it is pushed through, then it will already be necessary to think something further that we have a pair of ari plows to get confused since yesterday, nothing dramatic happened the forecast the same look at dash we also gave a small lumbago and immediately drank vodka down and they went even lower while the forecast is still the same while nothing dramatic has been done in a day happened we look hell pao de there was a movement but it was predictable as I say we will correct the marked zone after which it will be possible to wait for a rebound whether it happened here it is not visible here but with a greater probability we will visit at least these peaks let's all- I’ll return for an hour and calculate the zone if we received the 4th wave at the end, and more precisely, here is about the same as the calculated zones, the lower edge in the area of ​​the previous peaks, it is possible that the movement will not go up immediately, it is likely that we can cut further here, we look at the dot regiment hit the dota, let's go we also broke through to drive the peak, then here we have a closer look, we see that here we have a good volume, but so far we have divergence for the main scenario and also leave the triangle until we break through the wave, if we warm up then the triangle will be canceled and it will be necessary to see what kind of collapse Novki we will then reversing the collapse of the shop can already estimate where to go next move was to the d ota while the forecast is the same, we are correcting within the triangle in png, here we didn’t give a lumbago wendy repeated the movement fuse to the pillboxes all this time in the last days, but the dot regiment went up again we don’t if anyone thinks that he will also repeat it is worth watching enter funny if here the lumbago will also go up, but for now the pub NTV forecast is unchanged, since we received only three waves, the further movement is down for us in the ruble, the ruble also got a predictable rollback, the calculated zone was just a little bit achieved, this will be enough to go further upward a little hooked until globally, of course we let's go up if we go down here, then without breaking this level, the yellow lines for the ruble are marked, the forecast should still break up that we have in the dollar index at four o'clock, also while everything according to the plan, the correction from these levels went up, the calculated zones are actual, everything is also going about 93 and if our dollar index rises, then bitcoin should fall the dollar index we have while the requests from youtube comments are cheerfully going upstairs, what we have here is so I probably already watched it like or not it was a long time ago, we'll see what is evil about the collapse of the novelty, we had a forecast that we would go up either from these or from these levels.

And it happened upward, we went it can delete everything, since the forecast worked out that this is already a red line of dissolution, we broke through the volumes, we tested it from above, this glorification has already been noted and the main variant of the movement is upward at least a little at least you reach the previous peaks exactly upward. we can take one hundred percent here, so now we can see it here, but we are practically at the bottom of the volume, it looks good; the coins have broken through the trend, you tested it and saw and saw before the previous swarms, I think this is a good option to either take on debt timeline now let's take a closer look here we had 1 1 2 perspective should go higher where we have the goal of wave 3 a little and chick 0 but judging by the structure of the movement, this is not the end here we are developing into a three and then we will change the color; the setting has long flown upward and we will check that the lion has completed the correction the necessary levels of the ladies have hit the lower border of the shadow from the purchased structure 3 wave we are looking at four o'clock until once two three waves it is quite possible from here the 5th shaft of the setting began 12 the three spills where it can come from us and the target zone here, as always, coincides with the previous peaks, the lower border and with the previous zone, such a perspective is marked while I see the steep go to marked with a zone after which if we do not fly further and push off we will go down there it will already be possible to calculate the correction the correction will be back to this level beforehand is excellent but then globally we have not yet started the fifth wave from the perspective quite good youtube not bad at this all subscribe to the channel put likes write in the comments, write your opinion about the cryptocurrency, what coins else to see those to comments that get more likes those coins will get into the next video also thank you for donation and by the way donate them can also send coins to them I watch them out of line without likes all successful trade happy

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