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I welcome everyone, we write down the update of the review of cryptocurrencies, we start with bitcoins and see that everything is going according to plan as it was sung in one very old but good song if you look at an hour and a century, the principle of 4 hours, or as it was seen that we have reached the settlement zone where you can already look for signals they are not yet available for a reversal, so now you should not just fly into a buy if you do it only at random, or you have your own trading system that shows that it is time to enter a candlestick a good shadow from a purchased one but there is no ambush impulse yet as soon as an output impulse appears on a pullback it will be possible take in order to go higher for now, here out of position you need to observe and wait for a reversal, but it's already good that we have fulfilled the goal while I think either we will bargain here, we will get 1 x go up, or go down and go up, maybe there is also a triangle here , so a lot of options are formed here therefore, you need to wait at least when impulses are actually formed during the course, and then look at the side Well, longs on Ethereum, I think the same situation has reached the calculated zone that we expected, we can remove everything from the output impulse, still there is no good volume of the shadow, but there is no ambush impulse, so it is necessary to wait until we also observe, but in the future, of course, we must go up from these levels or below we look at the rips of a pair of plu we didn’t become, after all, we did not even go down the triangle, but went immediately up to the calculated zone, it is normal now that we are expected to have 12 here, presumably 3 worked out and here we begin to form something like a triangle, see my x and are going down, maybe it just looks like a triangle, that it won't be a triangle, but for now it looks like we can see here this is what to figure out where we can have a correction, we have an optimal correction, so we have already hooked them up to these levels if we don't go lower now let's see where can we go higher here is the next calculated zone of wave 5 and and reach if we are correct about we have limited that we are now the 4th correctional wave, let's see if there are any rounds here, by the way, it coincides very well not so long ago, there were peaks that coincide with the lower border of the calculated zones, it is likely that we will get them here just the same and we will get to what will happen next, as they say, we will find out while the forecast is here so that we have 1 here by the way is a good example speak Bitcoins to wait for output before you enter the market on 1, we reached the settlement area seems to be all well kept level everything is fine but due to the fact that we must wait for output before walking in the long, it was not here, so the market went down and it made no difference to us, we didn’t enter the drawdowns, we don’t everything is fine now we just watch and wait for me to have a day off before that we earned on the movement here we have reasons to enter the market not there was a small rebound here now , but it cannot be considered a sugar pas de also we are observing the prospect of course at least we still have to reach this yes once again update or at least visit the data at the level in the region of 144 but from which levels we will go while signals for a reversal are not known there are no large volumes no divergence no way out there is nothing we are waiting for a reversal look dash breathe again we just hang out now and go below, but this is all within the framework of our forecast, so this is not at all a surprise of volumes, there are still no weekends, no dash, it just merges down, looking for where it already has support, see dot here, as part of the forecast, everything goes in a flat and while it is too early to enter it, the most optimal the movement is while down the gnb along the bendy, here some shadow appeared large, which suggests that he was not allowed upward, they tried to go out and immediately nailed down and even downward, and a red candle was also given away, I also didn’t have a ball in the long, but there were no flank signals therefore, here we also just observe the main forecast downward for the ruble, the ruble is also within the framework of the forecast that this is what we have, this is very similar to the third wave for now .

And the indicator was not interrupted, but if we interrupt it, it will be confirmation that everything we have built correctly, that this third wave is developing, it is not finished yet after which we will go adjust downward the prospects for further growth with the ruble is bad while the forecast is such that the taste will increase and further through the correction we look at the dollar index, the dollar index is also still going according to the main scenario, we have to reach the calculated zone today we have a wonderful candle upward, we warm up the level and calmly move on as well while everything within the framework of our plan is the same forecast from the comments, we look at the space coin and there before looked, let's take a closer look at what we can see here can be seen on a monthly basis the volume is going up from good for weeks as everything is going up, the volumes are growing great and here everything looks very cool enough bullish , so to speak, let's draw a structure that is now clearly stands out 12 we go in the top three and we have prospects of course but it’s even higher to go to the black zone of the three, we have broken through even to 2 618 walked in this area turned around normally how long it lasts for the three three we did not end further, it is likely that here we have three four five we are looking at four o'clock here is the signal on the fact that here it ended construction sites, let's check whether we visited the settlement zones of the four and naturally visited here we supposedly ended the four here we have to go to the top five bang-bang five we have to get here , in principle, you should not want to take risks, take it here the previous peak and keep it up to this point, but according to the calculation, if you enter the current levels, you can raise 56 percent, but is it possible to enter the current levels now let's look like this after the strait down until not yet it is better to wait for more obvious options the third indicator goes down there is no divergence volume the waist has dropped there is no day off while there is still a possibility that we will go even lower as part of the correction of the fourth wave because h then it may not end here, it could be like this abe somewhere here c and then we will go from here it is quite likely in this case we have a zone where we can come within the framework of this correction, I think so it will be now we are going down now and already approximately these levels can be observed here and divergences, the growth of volumes and the weekend may be here as long as there is nothing on this, all subscribe to the channel, put likes, write your opinion in the comments and leave coins for consideration, all who do not take more likes will get the next one video if you don't want to play likes, just send a donate with a request and consider any currency cryptocurrency pair and it will be in the priority of successful trading and happily

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