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[Music] [Music] i'm dustin planholt host of crypto performance learn a video series created to bring information and increased awareness on cryptocurrency to everyone around the world and especially designed for beginners with little to no existing knowledge about the various coins and digital assets available in the crypto space thanks for watching let's begin vegan thor is one of the earliest blockchain technology companies founded in 2015 by sunny lou the former cio of louis vuitton china started on the thor blockchain and beginning as simply vechain it rebranded in 2018 as vechain thor the thor blockchain is a secure platform that provides efficient collaboration high-speed transactions and smart contracts feating thor has supported digital business transformation from the beginning and one of their goals is to assist the supply chain industry by making data actionable and transparent enhancing supply chain tracking and business process they feature turnkey solutions utilizing both software and hardware that ensures a quick application for developers there are two forms of tokens on chain thor vet and vtho that or the v chain token is used to carry value from smart contracts on its blockchain vtho or the vechain thor energy token is an integral part of the blockchain framework on which vechain is built on the coins represent ownership and they incentivize growth and investment in this specific network unfortunately there are not many places to buy vechain coins with most notably coinbase and kraken not supporting them even still v-chain's future in the cryptocurrency world looks promising crypto technology platforms and coins like this one are supported by cryptid performance and you can use them to fund your crypto performance account you can also utilize them to purchase and manage your digital asset portfolio how to make purchases at millions of merchants around the world who support cryptocurrencies register for your free account with crypto performance and get started building your digital asset portfolio today again i'm dustin planhold and thank you for watching please hit the thumbs up button and share this video if you found it helpful

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