know that you have to make purchases lower more we buy lower more we buy more buy buy so Mr. Whale if you are listening to me, please vote that [__] now and we are going to the moon to go to those who at 3,000 3,500 4,000 who go to the mother and we buy, we buy low more we buy low more we buy low more buy bitcoin and no fuck this is to buy down that the mother goes we buy and buy If we are ready to buy this this we buy this this this we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy low more we buy low more we buy low more we buy do not panic do not panic low more we buy low more we buy low more we buy low more we buy this eta we buy eta eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy this eta eta we buy we buy, we buy do not panic do not panic very good late It is or very good night depends on where you are tuning in.

Welcome once again to the analysis of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as you know applying and studying the strategy of the Latin trading master Jaime, which is a strategy that we learn in the channel and I hope that he The little that we have learned in these almost three years of studying strategy will also serve as a starting point if you are new or if not to reinforce your learning if you already have some time following Jaime by my side I always have Read the disclaimer because you should know that I am not a professional trader, we are simply doing a study of that strategy, remember that if you win or lose your three, it will be 100% your responsibility, once the disclaimer has been commented, we are going to greet people that we tune in on Saturday instead of combing the cat you are studying with me here the strategy if it is that thank you very much for your time For spending a few minutes studying, Rain Garcia says hello, my corduroy from Norway kisses him and the friend is there, I see, he wants to see, baby, well, I'm going to notice you are crypto first, ok because you know that first we do the bitcoin analysis to see what is what believing is telling us, he will do it, red valley says I don't know if it's a question or a statement, lukas mariano is mario roberto, too, thank you very much for here, karli river says greetings, hoping to learn a little more if that's what we're trying to do, remember that I think you learn more when you teach then that is my goal also to learn with you juanito cat is also around here 0 says fredy colmenares and friends a lot and mariah as always present from uruguay gustavo perdomo in venezuela and let's go here alfredo go away c martín alberto is all the community turned on for the study on the weekend seems to have had a little more time and thank you very much for joining me this roque tech 5 stars r ubén ramallo gianfranco muñoz sebastián castillo ok, where are you from, sebastián says i'm ecuadorian proudly from ecuador but at the moment i'm not in my country i'm outside the country of ac but hey that i think it doesn't have much to do but good information there This is I am Ecuadorian we are going to do the bitcoin analysis for Saturdays and well in the daily chart I think there is nothing new we maintain directionality and strength ideally if you are going to buy in the newspaper of course in the newspaper it is not a zone of buy but here what we want as always is to put the tooth in the market and try to win some small or some small section out there and that we do in four hours here the analysis as you know each retracement to the average in the daily chart it will be simply to join the upward trend, this is an upward trend that broke here and has already confirmed us with that break, so we are in the trend to Bullish movement with strength and directionality is not a buy zone in the daily it is bought after the retracement finished the daily chart now they are going to ask someone and why we are going to buy in four hours if the newspaper is not a buy zone I want you to Do not be confused, the fact that it is not a buy zone with the strategy does not mean that from there it will fall and you have to put it short at 100 x that is an interpretation that in my opinion is wrong because if I tell you no It is a buy zone, it is not that the price from that moment is going to fall, it means that the risk associated with that operation is very high and that the price can continue to rise, of course, but the risk that you handle when buying in that The stage of the price market is not ideal, that is why it is said that it is not a buying zone, now we are going to see it in the 4-hour chart that we always look for our best buying zone, we had already set and we had drawn our classic yesterday our classic bullish continuation flat wave we had already since this was our wave I know if anyone remembers what we did yesterday we said that we need the pattern that reverses all that roth has to do is rewind this monitor and eventually when it hits the zero point we will Check it again and why because someone is going to tell me they have already touched the zero point and we have to go into purchase and now and I do not say no but if we are looking for confirmations if we want to go to the safe as you want but remember It is also not that there is something 100% certain, the highest probability is that the next movement is bullish if the highest probability let's say we have when a red valley is completed here if you want we will have with the confirmed pattern if bullish directionality with positive slope of the X we at that time we are going to have estimated that 70 percent these are numbers that I put them with a 70 percent probability It is to have a winning trade that is to say that the price rises and when we have this pattern I would say that here we would have a 60 or 65 percent probability that the price will rise, you know what the next movement is bullish and everything is A game of probabilities if if you look here we have a 35 percent probability that the price will fall or let's say that the price does not rise and here we have 30 percent as time goes by, this probability increases, that is, if We get to have the positive slope and the upward directionality each time this probability will be greater then it will be 80 and thus we will always have the probability that the price will go back and leave us combing the cat of that, we already know that the chinito is present and he is the one that moves the market so very attentive to this that I have just explained to you remember that they are all probabilities now what is it that people asked me, they just told me if it is that I already co We see if it is going to go down to wave c and wave c does not go down anymore I think this is my criteria and I am going to wait I am going to wait a bit for an eventual more red to form here which in my opinion would be A tiny valley yes because I with this pattern that I have with the downward directionality and the negative slope and I think that we can get a better price if we are only here negotiating the price where to make the perfect entry if you want of course there are people who are already there bought and I think it is not bad that they have already been bought in this area because the next movement in theory and in probability is bullish, remember that in the daily chart we have strength and directionality and that is a very important filter to be able to work on this movement in the four-hour one, so I don't know if you already bought, you are going to buy, you can even buy a portion where it is and another portion when I confirm that each person is going to apply the operation the only thing that we see that the best buy zone is for taking and buy zone to join the upward movement of bitcoin that's what you can comment says Jonathan Guerrier says my cat hates me so much combing says we want to go with paco and now Say I tell you that it would not be wrong to go into the purchase but as I tell you I can not recommend anything there are almost 450 people and if I say that it is bought at this time they will all go and buy and I do not want to carry that weight yet.

Not everyone is going to see where they buy, the only thing I tell you is that we are at the gates of the buying zone and if to join the next movement we see that it is going to be bullish so suddenly if you have a short you have to see it the point where even cancel the shorts that is from my point of view I can be wrong obviously because remember that I am simply a student like you say that selling here is whole dea says jonathan let's see here says patrick bateman d ice Latin trading strategy Latin trading phrases there is nothing wrong it says but it should be more original in both parts if I try to clarify that my dear patrick because if you look at the chat there are more Latin trading phrases also because three years studying with jaime you are hitting you are hitting you are hitting and I imagine that in a certain way you must also say phrases of jaime and the strategy we are learning is that and I have learned to analyze it exactly as Jaime does then even The analyzes are often similar to 80% sometimes we disagree and here people are witnesses who have been studying with me for some time, they say here sell dogs, they say here I go, greetings from Mexico , it will not be today that man says what kisses and there it is, I'm not the only one, I think that the whole community has stuck with Jaime's phrases and the funny way we always always say them to do always we don't like to be having fun, especially with the phrases to this hairy chest also says around here is that the youtube exactly here says emerson that he does not want to know anything else he simply wants the analysis of m & r says I'm going to score m fall for the friend here tron ​​in weekly says don also want for Here in the newspaper Amilo, the friend Álex Ver has given a collaboration for the channel a super chat and says go and think well we are not going to fight camps either remember that we are studying a strategy if you already master the strategy I think this channel It is not for you, here we are, the people who want to learn Jaime's strategy over here ask me to bake says let's see veic ok something bird also perfect says here if it goes says above I think there is no analysis above we said it yesterday let's go Let's see, do it and if you want to bet buy and that you do well in chivas I think there is no analysis at this time m of x They also say perfect I have a group of writings and more later I will comment on the raffle Or what are we going to do on the channel? If we are going to do a draw on Monday, it has already passed tomorrow, the draw is coming, a friend asked me for a subscriber, we are going to see him, they aha, we left them bullish in 4 hours and he still has strength and directionality if someone entered perfect but if someone wants to buy here and it is no longer the ideal buying area unless you want to risk with a stop-loss larger than maybe 8 9% it could be because it still It has strength and directionality in four hours and I already tell you the risk a little big but there you are going to see it in euros, we are in the four-hour period in the newspaper, it maintains if it has strength and direction and he asked me in the weekly also I believe they in the weekly I think it is let me see if I think it is still they in the weekly it is still affordable I would say the price is above the brown moving average and I already think it is bullish the same if it is affordable I think it is a buying zone obviously a lot me You may have bought before but if you did not buy I think it is still in the buying zone in the weekly and in the weekly it is already almost a stop-loss per project, for example there how much a stop loss of 30 to 35 percent is no longer it makes sense ok let's see bmw bitcoin ok well let's see the newspaper well here in theory it would be the break and it supports true let's see it we do not have the weakness pattern yet but in the newspaper it can still go down a little more hopefully it rests on The average we will see in the 4 hour one that they told me to put control r I think they told me we are not going to see it in the 4 hour one yes and I think it is bullish I will leave you bullish in four hours to bmw and why look at you from Yesterday we are in the same area, the price has not fallen, however, a red valley has developed and here in theory it is with bearish force but the price has not fallen, so by staying above the average and the last bullish opportunity I leave it there bullish in the four hours to bmw is even the zo na because we had already talked about putting a small stop loss in that area so it is a buy area exactly if the stop loss here is small and it does not affect you if the maker train goes wrong in four hours we are going to velez in the daily can still I think it can get here the price is above the control point and that is important and here in four hours I believe that maker has a purchase a purchase entry from this moment I believe that if maker is bullish At this point, the friend Ángel Hernández has also collaborated with the channel and says that he wants to see og n to make a trade, he wants the friend Ángel in four hours and in daily what we always review about that temporality here and another super chat from friend Sam That says thank you very much says you can see Monday we are going to see room link and veic in weekly and daily it says perfect we are going to see I stay here in maker with that bullish entry from my point of view in maker ok let's see n for the friend let's go to see him he asked me in four hours from a newspaper in a newspaper the area is the complicated one is not a buying area in the newspaper if it is not a buying area but we can make that trade in four hours that he told you is well it is true the volume has been Since there has been a compression of the price and by staying on the socks and close to the control point I am going to leave you bullish, the same is very similar to bnb in four hours up bnb and maker is fine I think it is up like this ogn let's see Monday rune asked me in him in the weekly and daily he told me to room ok I see that rooney still lacks development in the newspaper it is almost the same as he did bitcoins you notice he made this upward movement here he did this retracement here with more candles but the next movement I think may be the monitor still has an upward trend and I will give faith that this is bullish, it is still running in the weekly we are going to see the newspaper we are going to remove this in the newspaper I don't like it, I'll tell you about it I do not like daily but we are going to put this area as an important area if the price falls and stays on that area later, it would have at my discretion to stay here then a bullish entry hopefully this area will support the price and no no no no no Do not pass because if it falls from this area I think we are talking about that it would arrive more or less through this area if it passes the control point hopefully it does not buy run at this time in the impossible newspaper it is not a buying area, look at yourself now we have here oscar de la renta personalities we have it here in the chat he says he wants to see that lp in a newspaper he wants to see eternal ethereal in four hours with pleasure my dear oscar de la renta we are going to go slowly we are with rooney we are going to see the link Like this link and the daily chart of the inc is not a buy zone but the price is holding it wants to close above the control point and that is important in the buy zone not in the daily but in four hours So if you look at several crypto currencies they have this pattern, practically there is no movement, there has been no volume in the last few hours and this is what has put the prices of several crypto currencies in range but here if you You say if you ask me if it is going to go up or down and I see it more likely to go up than to go down this for link let's see bake he told me ah sorry he told me this is in four hours but he told me in weekly and daily but we are going to see the weekly yes I think it is bullish and I think it is bullish still in theory we are going to give it a vote of confidence because the next green valley is formed if it is so bullish link in the weekly and In the newspaper I told you that it was not a shopping area, let's go quickly, let's see veic, let me bake veic baby, the same bake developed in the boss's diary, look, let me copy camps simply a super chat from my friend daniel mendez who tells me dot weekly let's da Rle our criterion of dot, however in bake the daily chart I do not like this is the price in the zone where it is not bought in theory it is to continue falling remember that this is the projection as I say buy zone not if you go inside I think that you have to be protected at least at the entry price in bake we are going to see him in the weekly bake he asked me too and there is not much information for the bake weekly but since the price is below the control point that for me is a bad or a Bad sign, look, we are one day away from closing the weekly candle and it is very important that Bake tries to close above the control point at that moment we will have greater hope that he will continue to be able to make an upward projection and not you of the world but complicated because here we don't have much information either but if the sierra sees it below I would say it will fall I would say it will continue to fall veic ok let's go here the theotokos friend says he wants to see chivas dic e and I 'm going to see how it goes but bnb we just saw her a minute ago a few minutes ago my dear theotokos give him back to see the baby and here he also asks me for computer u and he says let me take a note because if he does not lose the super chat he says all x m & r in daily and 4 hours and greetings from london I also say from london I send you a hug thank you very much my computer friend that we stayed in bake then that is my my projection for baker to the friend who had asked me that here they asked me that lp in the newspaper we are going to see the slp in the newspaper we are going to remove all my projections that I had made in that lp, notice that in this lp we have a clear downward trend of the price if we had seen that for the daily chart we had an upward divergence divergence bullish that occurred several days ago and here the rebound pattern, look at the rebound pattern is average to continue falling and has not rebounded so much that let's say is the ep has not rebounded so much and the price is below d the control point the projection is the one you are seeing at this moment if if that LP fails to close the week above the control point that is the projection is bearish to continue falling here we lack the movement to continue falling and with force So it is already complicated, let's hope it does not collapse and that at least it maintains a range around here to later see a price escalation of this lp that I hope that at some point if the bearish projection for this lp is going to do it at this time we are going to see esther yum in 4 hours I imagine she wants to put her tooth in the same way as javi coin we do not have strength the truth in the complicated diary let's see them of 4 hours I do not like the daily chart here we saw the bearish divergence in formation and although it is It is true that the price is developing well, we still do not have the purchase zone, this is the whole danger zone and I think we need a little bit to be able to make an upward stereo entry.

Because the price has not fallen after the danger zone and that opens the doors of a bullish trade in stereo in 4 hours we are going to see also they had told me 2 in the weekly as it was in the weekly we are going to see here it is very very similar to bitcoin it still has strong directionality it does not have and if you tell me to buy on the weekly and I would tell you that it is not a purchase on the weekly ideally the buy zone is when this red part of the monitor develops, that is , the buy zone It was on this side and here the buying zone in the weekly non- bullish directionality like this and strength almost that it does not have it could go up a little more yes but I do not see so much to the mun2 yes and that is what I could tell you about dot in the weekly They also asked me if we are going to see the most beloved archive of the one of the murderer of memes, he called himself the teacher our uncle Jaime if it goes from here we are going to relative I think it is like this we are going to see I think there is no need to invent here nothing the truth we are in the gr Shiva's diary diary look at the intention the intention here is what you have to take into account look at this boy and here how he is going to close today also as a boy and here if it is that if any could be respected The strategy is after the setbacks, we must wait for it to fall, that here we get a setback, it has strength and directionality, it can continue to rise and here there is nothing else to do but if you want to buy there I would tell you that it is not an area to share excess of a The setback still has strength and directionality if it goes and not for the chivas arm and there is the analysis let's see everything in the newspaper I maintain the analysis that I did yesterday strength and directionality to the average to continue falling in four hours a Try high risk it could be done there, she confirms that she is almost at the same point as ethereal it would be to wait for her as close to the average to make a small train because my projection in the newspaper is bearish for everyone It would be different for you if in the newspaper it exceeds the averages and remains there in this case in the four hour period a small trade could occur if it confirms you later if the price does not collapse, let's say let's see xmr in my r Monero, how are we with monero, it seems like monero, let's see here, aha here, Monero does the perfect job, breaks, we need her support and when she is there, we will talk after the setback at this time, buy and denied, we will see in four hours in 4 hours the same It will give you the opportunity to make a small trade as close to the average if later you already know the confirmation upward directionality and positive slope of the bird x that for xmr we are going to see trump in the weekly they had asked me we are going to see trump as we are very well throne today made a very good rise yes I think it is still bullish in the weekly remember that the movement that made bitcoin two red candles and this goes up yes that in the weekly t rump this is fine let's see upton in the newspaper it seems that atom we leave it bullish in the newspaper it has a bullish entry however the weekly is the one we do not like in upton look at you we are in the newspaper so it was in four hours that he We leave here it has strength and direction and we are going to see if it can be operated in four hours, we are going to take this away as we do well and here we had said that we want to operate this range and if it is this range that we are going to operate on the part low purchases and high sales is a small train here you can put a small stop loss that is the only thing that would be worth it to make a purchase and remember that the price is below the averages under the control point and I would look for something more better for electricity crypto some coins that have better pattern on the daily chart just this is the pattern I was wanted to see on the daily chart we will leave you with an upward projection wish that the most cerquita q that you can grab him from the mean is up in the newspaper in the newspaper much better that for atom let's see veic see us we already saw we are going to see something and we are going to see something now remember that when I am doing the analysis I cannot read you In the chat, a thousand apologies for that in the daily chart, although it is true, the rebound pattern rebounds and here it has a probability of continuing to rise, but I do not like this pattern in the daily to enter a purchase In the newspaper, I do not buy, this is where I am marking where the pattern is confirmed, in this case, it does not buy from us, but let's see in 4 hours to see it seems that the four-hour one is better, well the price is down under the control point.

On the socks but here I think it would not be worth doing a little 30, look at you and we do not have the pattern either in the lower part so why are we going to do this property I think it was not worth it if the price breaks and support we will talk I am on something else when the reversal here and give us the purchase pattern at this time I have better patterns I would not not operate this is crypto currency that for something now we are going to see a bird remember to leave me your like if you like the information that we share the people who want to learn the strategy, look here we made an upward trade but and it has not risen any more if here the probability of making another 3 is going to open for you if if the price does not fall from the control point as close as possible When I confirmed you, here we are already the doors also in bird very well let's see the newspaper as this bird needs a face a little more is missing if I know if that probability is open here let's see do it it seems that a good boss had it if I am not bad we are going to see it in the newspaper zeal in the newspaper to be confirmed by simply confirming the dollar to buy, look at yourself this is an upward trend and each time the price falls to the average in this area it is to continue rising This is the trend in the journal of jealousy I like the newspaper more we are going to see mx m of x we are going to remove this very well buy zone in the newspaper no but we already have strength and upward directionality it can continue to rise yes but I cannot buy When it is in this area in the area of ​​the moving average and with those guys who have left the price , however, in the four-hour period with a pattern with a retracement, you can join there after the retracement, we are almost able to acquire the process.

Follow up just when that retreat we joined the trend md x which in theory would be bullish md x ok think I finished all that left many thanks me people also who made me a little collaboration in chat says here bryant how to know what the buying and selling pattern is I am new here it says good for all who are new let me tell you that I have a playlist with 15 videos with the most important parts l or what you need to know to learn the strategy is synthesized in these 15 videos so if you are new I think you should go and take a walk around after youtube allows me to edit the video I will put a label on the part of here above if so that you can go see that playlist and also tell you that I have a finance referral link so that you can create an account and save 20 percent off your trading fees in spot market and 10% for futures with the abc code bitcoin 1 and this is also important if you are participating in the raffle that happened to comment on this moment if you are new anyway I suppose you do not know how to participate you are simply going to have than to leave a comment or subscribe to the channel obviously leave a comment on this video and on those of the whole week from Monday remember that this way let me put you here the videos are listed and you had to Today's thumbnail says video number 6 because we are on Saturday and tomorrow would be the last video on day 7 where these videos are listed from Monday and what are we going to do? I am going to choose one of these videos at random live on the day Monday so that you can with the comments of that video we are going to do the raffle and choose a winner the winner must have commented on his usb wallet you must put your usp wallet in the comment and if you have created the account with the referral link of the channel you must also put your idea your user idea is a number that appears there in bing ans and leaves it there because if you are the winner you are going to triple the prize or the prize is multiplied by three of 50 dollars or usb It will be 150 usd3 now you also have to do an additional task what is here you have to follow me on instagram and twitter and also on twitter you have to make a retweet, look at yourself every day before the live analysis I put this déj here love to see I put the one you have to update this wait let me a moment this is today for example 51 minutes ago today's analysis you simply have to retweet it here are 5 people participating you have to retweet it and where it says quote tweet copies the same YouTube comment copy and paste here and tweet it will be very important that you have done these tasks because we are going to review that if you have not been able to do those tasks or you did not do them, it is simply the prize will go to the substitute No, you are not going to win the award and that I have to make it very clear because if you look here there are five retweets but there are 20 comments for example then I will realize that people did not do that task and it will not be a winner of the prize simply if it is clear but let me know in the comment in a comment also if you have any questions about the analysis and about how we are going to carry out the process of the draw here it says and andrés santana quiere bitcoin cash también vamos a ver bitcoin calcio vez en cuatro horas dice no sé si vimos bet hoy no hemos visto betis no no hemos visto a bet vamos a ver a ver en cuatro horas dice el amigo quiere hacerle un trade y cp y burger dice burger me imagino que está en minas también burger verdad bueno está anotado y cp vamos a ver el amigo david quiere maná i like y si vamos a ver por acá ref ok drive vamos a ver a sol también creo que hoy no vimos a yota vamos a ver yo está todo déjame ver todo perfecto vamos a ver a todo x rpp cf x también está por acá o gn creo que ya la vimos ogn para la persona que está pidiendo por ahí vamos a verle a troy el amigo stefano pensa que nos solicita a ivette en diario de nada ivette en el diario ok está apuntado ya le vamos a vamos a empezar por ahí vamos a ver luna y también por acá y andrés santana ya me dejó su like muchísimas gracias vamos a ver a wing también perfecto ya tengo como 15 cripto monedas anotadas y vamos a ir rápido v amos a ver a bitcoin caixa perfecto vemos bitcoin cast en el diario podría seguir subiendo ya está temerario el diario porque está cerquita de la del punto de control si tú te fijas pero en cuatro horas siempre se podrá hacer un pequeño 3 en el de cuatro horas bitcoin cast está incomprable en el diario vamos a ver el de cuatro horas tiene tiene patrón alcista en este momento entrada en compra alcista pero el problema es este el stop loss es que tu vas a querer hacerle trade el stop loss es de más del 10% no sé si compensa hacer ese trade porque realmente nosotros intentamos hacer la compra lo más cerca de la media pero el precio no está ahí entonces únicamente fíjate en tu stop loss si es que te da el stop loss para tu riesgo esto es para arriba eso es alcista pero otro filtro que no me gusta aquí es que he estado topado con él con el máximo anterior no me gusta comprar la verdad pero es alcista el patrón que tenemos eso en bitcoin acá les vamos a ver la pet ahí otra vez creo que se qu edó la pantalla seis mil disculpas mil disculpas ok ok ok ok vamos a ver en la anterior habíamos visto mx bitcoins me parece que fue bitcoin cannes justo esto te decía que en el diario está esta ha topado a casi con el punto de control por lo cual zona de compra es imposible que se compre en esa zona pero en cuatro horas te da un patrón de entrada alcista y aquí lo único que tienes que ver si es que tú riesgo-beneficio está acorde con este stop-loss que está de más del 10% eso es lo que dije para bitcoin cast pero es alcista el patrón si es alcista el patrón vamos a ver a veces ok no este no es acá estaba efecto vamos a ver el diario en el diario no se compra y no se compra en el diario y acá no me gusta el patrón tampoco no me gusta el patrón idealmente tiene que ser luego del retroceso si bien es cierto no hay mucho volumen y eso en todas las criptas de estas ya que ha hecho un pequeño una pequeña subida déjame ver el stop loss de cuánto nos quedaría aquí eso sería importante y opino que estaría por el 12 por ciento más o menos un stop loss para poder intentar este tren también ahí te dejo a tu criterio si te compensa ese riesgo beneficio está muy grande para mí el stop loss lo que podría decirte esto para bet en cuatro horas que me había pedido el amigo eso vamos a hacer vamos a ver sp no sé si ya vimos no vimos de sp sp le habíamos dejado alcista y el precio se queda por debajo aquí está no me gusta eso que ha hecho el precio sin embargo todavía hay direccionalidad no tenemos fuerza en el rebote está complicado aquí en sp y en cuatro horas aquí tiene va a confirmarse la direccionalidad alcista es el único filtro que tengo yo y aquí ya no te voy a dejar alcista y cp y ya no se diese tres y yo te voy a dejarle para abajo aunque aquí tenemos ya la direccionalidad es lo único que tengo los otros filtros no me gustan está abajo del punto de control bajo las medias móviles y voy a darle más peso a esto en este momento vamos a ver burger burger veamos el diario el diar io está horrible el diario fíjate tú ese rechazo que dejaron hace dos días la siguiente vela bajista y está apoyando aquí en la media a ver vamos a ver le parece que en el de cuatro horas te va a dar entrada alcista en el de cuatro horas vamos a dejarle alcista por el desarrollo que tiene este valle rojo que a mi criterio es de un 80 a un 90 por ciento por eso le voy a dejar alcista hamburguer perfecto vamos a ver maná acá le tenemos a de central como esta de central lleva el mismo patrón de varias criptas en el diario que puede seguir subiendo así zona de compra en el diario no y en cuatro horas nosotros esperábamos el retroceso para incorporarnos en este momento no se ha dado si tú ves está formando una direccionalidad alcista pero habría que esperar el retroceso para unirte no sé dónde se ve pero simplemente después del retroceso nos unimos aa ese movimiento alcista de bitcoin que en este momento no tenemos fíjate tú aquí que si nos dio una una zona de compra antes que fue aquí y no sé si es que alguien pudo verla antes maná estuvo aquí justamente porque tenemos direccionalidad alcista la pendiente negativa del a de equis y el precio sobre el punto de control y sobre las medias entonces ayer a la entrada perfecta en este momento esperar simplemente el retroceso en maná light coin light como esta light con parece que subió en días pasados sí fíjate yo diría que está parecido a bitcoin porque a pesar de la divergencia a pesar de las divergencias el resultado de la divergencia está ya a nuestra vista y simplemente hizo rango se queda en rango aquí sería lo mismo que está en bitcoin tomar una decisión en base al riesgo al stop loss que podría ponerle simplemente eso espera la confirmación ya depende de cómo haces tu trade pero alcista así es vamos a verle rev jaja perfecto red sin diario no hay compra en el diario pero en el de cuatro horas sí que podría dar en este momento una opción de compra para arriba a red si está bien se desarrolla la zona de peligro y el prec io no cae de las medias entonces vamos a darle ese voto de confianza al red hay en cuatro horas pidieron también solana recuerda a regalarme tu like si es que aún no me has dejado es totalmente gratis y al canal le ayuda bastante ese like que tú me puedes dejar vamos a verle aquí le dejamos alcista en 4 horas en el diario no nos gustó en el diario no es compra obviamente pero en el de cuatro horas podemos bueno aquí ya no tenemos el patrón de compra la verdad y yo esperaría aquí en solana yo me esperaría me esperaría que a que este monitor se dé la vuelta y me dé un patrón más más claro aquí esperemos que haga rango y no caiga y ahí para ver la opción alcista en este momento todavía apenas empieza el retroceso del monitor y la zona de peligro entonces mejor esperarle un poquito a solana también quisieron yo está como estamos con jota' en el diario está sobre las medias móviles del precio eso es bueno pero no es una zona de compra y ahora en cuatro horas como en las demás criptas a ver si es que hay la opción de meter el diente fíjate tú que esperábamos el retroceso y aquí lleva fuerza el movimiento y ese patrón no me gusta a mí la verdad no me gusta ese patrón yo siempre voy a esperar un retroceso que se desarrolle completamente este retroceso y ahí ver la opción para arriba dónde está no le entraría en compra a idiota le esperará un poquito más no hay problema de esperar vamos a ver a todo no sé si me pedían en el diario en cuatro horas todos no sé si es que vivimos parece que ya vimos a todos y ya vimos ahí está el análisis de todo vamos a ver x erp yx fue justo antes justo un poquito antes nosotros dijimos que son la de compra no me imagino que esto de ayer hasta que se desarrolle el todo el retroceso fíjate y más adelante justo es lo que nosotros siempre decimos fíjate tú aquí no se compra aquí no se compra aquí no se compra pero acá sí se compra sí y de pronto va a decir porque lo estoy viendo no es porque ya se desarrolla el patrón de retroceso la zona de peli gro y ahí se abre las puertas para el trade alcista en este momento obviamente ya no ya no es una zona de compra aunque suba más ya nosotros nos incorporamos luego del retroceso si se te fue el tren y yo creo que es mejor dejarle ir y no andar persiguiendo el precio como dice el maestro jaime ok esto es para arriba en el gráfico diario fíjate tú aquí cuánto subió en esta bueno una cripto claramente manipulada y de lo que puede puedes pescar algo de esto qué sé yo un poner una orden o con un take profit por acá y le dejas ahí listo vas por todas así es que el teide sale mal ni siquiera yo le pondría un stop loss aquí para arriba al todo o nada prácticamente alcista esa cripto moneda en el diario vamos a ver troll cómo es que está troy nosotros vimos la entrada antes y en este momento imposible que se compre y imposible que se compre y troy de esta en la parte alta y si bien es cierto en cuatro horas te va a dar una probable entrada más adelante habría que analizarla y por qué alcista as í es fíjate que el precio se mantiene sobre él sobre la media marrón y eso indica es una muestra buena de la tendencia que lleva entonces luego que se dé el retroceso completo para arriba trade exacto vamos a ver luna luna parece que tuvo formó hace unas semanas y parece que se olvidaron de luna aquí esta luna en el diario parece que se viene el retroceso en el diario sin embargo no está nada confirmado todavía si estuviera que confirmará la direccionalidad bajista y yo ya no vería el tren en cuatro horas pero en este caso podemos hacer este tres fíjate tú cuando se vio antes este trade al alza es cortito igual a que estamos en la misma zona prácticamente puedes hacer intentar hacerle otro tres de esos con la consigna de que el stop loss es el que nos da la oportunidad de hacer ese 3 ok entonces estamos bien ahí para luna vamos a ver wing también me piden por acá tenemos wings déjame ver el diario en primer lugar en el diario no hay compra en el diario no me gusta en el diario y en cua tro horas te va a dar la opción de hacer ese trade pequeñito igual hasta hasta el máximo anterior en teoría cuando ya esté de aquí la confirmación para arriba este pequeño tramo si es que gustas operar recuerda que en esta zona el stop loss va a quedar pequeñito y eso es lo importante que me cuentan de jan quiero ver los likes como estamos con los likes tengo 310 10 likes y 472 personas que estamos en el streaming si quieren que hagamos una ronda más descriptos y yo te rogaría que me dejes tu light recuerda que es totalmente gratis y ha llegado el momento de darme el like y yo mismo el 311 ahí está mi like no te demoras más de un segundo dejándome es el aic ya mí me ayuda bastante y ximo como ya te había dicho vamos a ver acá dice ft vamos a ver si es que completamos los 400 likes al menos para el amigo jesús delgado ya está revisado ellos después de bitcoin revisamos a ellos ch dice me imagino que es una cripta en cuatro horas que hay muchas gracias acá ya está anotado ft triple like dice como uno estoy más que más que servido muchas gracias acá dice una cripta es crt y eso de dónde salió no sé el amigo computer me dice efe 1 y 2 vamos a ver efe las consentidas del tío jaime vamos a ver efe 1 y 2 vamos a ver estas muchas gracias amigo por tu colaboración dice a bbc y el 1 y una vez vamos a ponerle en la lista a efe y dos perfecto vamos con el 1 bueno ese tren se hizo cuando se hizo el trader bitcoin me imagino al alza en este momento no es compra en el diario pero sí que se puede hacer un tren pequeño en cuatro horas justamente hay que esperar el retroceso en jefe y uno esperar el retroceso que te va a dar cerca de la zona de la media móvil y ahí hacer el trade pequeñito también un trade aquí esto es lo que vamos a operar luego del retroceso eso para él efe y uno y en jefe y dos vamos a ver el diario me gusta más está en el diario porque se mantiene el precio sobre las medias móviles y aquí en teoría hizo el rompe y apoya si tú te fijas rompe apoya y nos vamos con el movimiento mantiene direccionalidad vamos a ver el punto de compra si es que tenemos bueno el punto de compra no está idealmente ahí porque no tenemos el patrón necesitamos que se desarrolle un poquito y verle que el precio no caiga de este punto de control y más adelante vamos a ver la opción de comprar efe y 2 falta un poquito también esperable hay efe y 2 vamos a ver a ft ft te toquen dónde estás por acá estás ft te toquen en el diario también se mantiene ahí podría darnos una pequeña compra no en el diario no hay que comprar allí pero para el de cuatro horas aquí parece que nos va a dar esa opción alcista fíjate tú el precio no cayó está en un rango prácticamente no hay volumen de negociación en este punto me voy a atrever a dejarte lo alcista por la configuración que veo en este momento ya el precio debió haber caído y tampoco ha caído entonces voy a dejarte así en ft ok vamos a ch esta es la que me dejaron me imagino que si es ésta está en ok y le habíamos dejado el rebote par a seguir cayendo se metió en un rango en este momento está mejor está mejor porque tiene fuerza y direccionalidad el precio está sobre las medias móviles y podría decir si yo te dejo alcista por el filtro del punto de control que está bajo el precio que yo te voy a dejar alcista a cherry swap token esto recuerda que está en la temporalidad está en 4 horas de hannover leen el diario bueno mientras se mantenga sobre el punto de control es el único filtro o la única información que tenemos en el gráfico no tenemos nada más pero esto es importante que se mantenga sobre el punto de control ok algo más por acá dice que quiere van vamos a ver cómo nos fue con los likes cnt dice vamos lb vamos a vamos a notar esas kryptos sin embargo quiero ver cómo estamos con los likes estamos apenas 358 likes vamos dos amigos vamos con su apoyo importantísimo para el canal uno solo like y vamos a ver estas cripto monedas dicen band de una vez vamos a al revisar ya que me han pedido y se han quedado hasta es te punto del programa me parece interesante vamos parece que ya vimos déjame revisarlo bang bang bang bang donde hoy no vimos banda no no vimos hoy band entonces aquí todavía zona de compra en el diario tú sabes que en esta zona no se compra si vamos a ver en el de cuatro horas si es que se puede hacer un pequeño trade al alza y prácticamente todas las que revisamos que tienen este mismo patrón y yo te las dejé alcista y te las dejo alcista obviamente tienes que saber que si bitcoin no hace lo que pensamos y se desploma a partir de dónde está ningún análisis de los que se ha hecho va a quedar vivo entonces todo todo va a caer igual con bits o el 90% del mercado prácticamente este es el gráfico diario de cv nt el precio se viene comprimiendo como tú ves fíjate y si no cae bueno en teoría debería ser alcista porque el precio debería haberse desplomado y no se ha desplomado y otro pero otro punto en contra es que ella va a tocar el punto cero y entonces todavía mientras no toque este punt o cero yo voy a pensar que va a romper al alza pero si llega a este punto y no sube más adelante aquí habría que cancelar porque el movimiento sería para abajo espero que esté entendido lo del tiempo porque es muy importante esto no vamos a ver acá lb kléber en coop coin exacto vamos a verlo en el diario le habíamos dejado con la proyección del rebote para seguir cayendo y fíjate tú mientras el precio se mantenga por encima del punto de control yo creo que es importante para que no se desplome esta cripto moneda y buscarle alguna posición o alguna algún trade alcista en este momento tiene confirmada no está tan fuerte tampoco la esta divergencia pero si tu te fijas aquí el precio intenta hacer su vida y aquí en el oscilador esta embajada entonces lo que diría yo es esperar este retroceso y que nos va a llevar cerca del punto de control para hacerle una entrada en compra a kléber creo que si se podría hacer ese ese trade varias cripto monedas de las que me están preguntando en este mome nto ya están revisadas al inicio del programa así es que te recomiendo que vayas a verlo también te recomiendo que te suscribas al canal que participes en el sorteo que te mencioné hace un momento y estaría muy complacido de que lo hagas y simplemente eso recuerda que si vamos a hacer mañana el programa déjame tu like y yo muy complacido de poder acompañarte en un programa nuevo el día de mañana si es que muchas gracias por acompañarme este sábado y nos vemos chao que hay que hacer comprar baja más compramos más baja más compramos más compre señor ballena si usted me está escuchando meta le vote esa [ __ ] ya nos vamos a los 3.500 4.000 que se vaya la madre de esta fiesta jamás tanto así brawn no se asuste no se asuste

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