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hey guys good morning it's dave santorelli from breaking chart alerts dot com we just wrapped up and posted the pre-market video market is looking good this morning continue to climb here after presidential vice presidential debate went pretty smooth markets are looking nice nice climb here watch list is all green carnival cruise lines just came out and made an announcement that carnival 10q shows management has concluded that we will be able to generate sufficient liquidity to satisfy our obligations for at least the next 12 months so you're going to see carnival cruise line take off today on that news really nice comment there from carnival cruise lines let's check out a few of our trades here's workday the trade we made yesterday that's running higher and looking good intel is having a nice run today i definitely want to be looking at a trade on intel finally broke that 53 dollars a share i think if we look at this chart here we are coming off of base support right around 47 and we could be looking for an easy target of 56 to 60 a share within the next couple of months here so love that setup on intel keep an eye on that shares of tesla are trading up over three percent today as well we could look for that for a possible day trade or a swing trade here i like how that's been holding that 20 it's starting to climb we could have a 450 target on tesla and guys last night's class went great so if you guys have the chance make sure you go to the education section and check it out it was about an hour hour and a half class there on growing a small account to a large account the risk trade management and everything needed to grow from 2000 to 100 000 and then how you're going to use different strategies so really good class there i suggest you guys go check that out let's see the trade room here next tara n-e-e that one's at almost 300 bucks here opening bells coming up not feeling the hottest today guys up all night upset stomach next tara i think that's easily going to break that 300 it was at 302 in the pre-market hours here so looking forward to seeing what that's going to do for us a couple of seconds to opening bell let's bring up spy duncan you're gonna love those lessons we have on the education section and here we go guys markets are now open google's taking off nicely nearing 14.70 a share still within range for our in the money or our vertical spread that we got out of the money vertical spread we actually have a small gain on the google trade showing up right now you use parliament president isolation guys our rite aid trade is up 50 percent i'm gonna lock that sucker in all right ephraim i sold rite aid at .47 nice gain on that that was made in our trade room dow jones up 0.38 after the open s p 500 0.49 nice climb on google still continuing to climb there next terror is looking good american airlines is still on the climb let's see let's see ups there tyler only down about a dollar from the highs dollar fifty i wouldn't be worried about that if you're in a ups trade let's see what else is moving on the watch list here american airlines up about three percent apple up about point seven percent delta up over a little to over two percent snapchat's right back at 27.

That might get another climb up to that 28 area there we might be able to make a nice little swing trade on that dow is up 127 points nasdaq got 76. smp is up about 19 points here to start the morning nice day again so far up over a thousand dollars in profits today let's see thc thc starting to run getting a nice take off there nice climb on thc that sounds so bad saying thc three month daily looking for that 10 20 cross coming up our intel trades still continuing to climb guys big profits on our intel trade today up about fifteen hundred dollars to start the morning it's pretty nice nice morning i wanna see google get to that 1480 today at the high of the day there goes next tara taking off here as well guys take a look at n.e.e we got a nice trade on nextera that one was at 302 in the pre-market hours i think we're easily going to see that target at 300 i think we're going to see closer to 310 next week debating if i want to hold it longer let me bring up the trade challenge account let's see what godaddy's doing here g-d-d-y go daddy is not doing much i mean it's definitely ready for a takeoff here it's holding above that 10-20 but it's just not doing much yet up a little bit today she's going for the highs of the day now on godaddy let's see if we could break out and break above that red 50 again 77.50 i want to see a break out above 77.50 google is still on the climb g-o-o-g-l 10 20 cross coming up on google that's looking really good there good morning create 7103 hope you're having a great morning there it goes google still continuing to break higher i love that setup on google especially on the three-month daily 17 points away from max net gains on that google vertical spread another one percent climb and we are there for a 108 percent gain thank you joseph i'm glad you like it i think it makes it a little easier to read everything see everything there goes google again now up over 15 bucks for the day nearing 14.75 a share now just broke 14.75 continuing to break higher we already have a trade on google guys so see what else is moving here up 1300 to start the morning not bad see what spy and q's are doing a little bit of a pullback from the highs on diamond diamond's coming down on that 20.

Take a look at that quick for that next big breakout on dow we need to see it break that 28 thousand 450 area or diamond 280 450. fldm food arms let's see square invests 50 million dollars in bitcoin dorsi sees a currency for the internet carnival's customers deposits balance down from 2.9 billion as of may 31st to 2.4 billion as of august 31st carnival says 60 percent of bookings during three weeks ended september 20th were new bookings not future cruise credits rebookings that's great news for carnival cruise lines good morning hanka i think google is going to look good today as long as we got some positive news coming out today i think we're looking good on that google spread we actually have a small profit on that google spread right now 110 dollar profit let's see what else is going on here carnival says their bookings are strong for 2021 2022 update carnival says pricing for bookings out to h2 2021 lower by mid single digits versus h219 carnival sees cumulative advanced bookings for h.221 capacity currently available for sale at higher end of historical range wow that's good raising their prices already gotta love that greed hey if they're getting it though that's good that's a good sign for the economy i like that let's see what else is going on flew a dime fldm yo miz what's going on walker ahmed yes we will walker once we close out some trades every day there's a clean new slate whenever we open whatever we close that will be posted on today's trades on youtube there just a little bit of a delay so fluid dime they announced that they're going to be let me see where that was flu 9 shares are trading higher after the company announced it will provide advantage 19 tests for as low as 5 per test at colleges and universities i'd love to get one of those guys big candle here on the market take a look at diamond and q's [Music] spy big green candle on it today one minute guys please give this video a thumbs up on youtube here if you're enjoying this and this content here do that favor for me diamond's starting to break out off that 20 sma starting to climb next tara i'm looking at that on the other screen that's having a big breakout nice climb off those lows google is still continuing to climb thank you hunk i appreciate that there goes google continuing to hold above that 10-day sma let's see if that continues to climb here i want to see it break that 1475 which is today's resistance if we break that get up to that 1480 we'll be looking great for tomorrow guys guess what it is today today back in history it's 19 years since the department of homeland security was established on this day 20 2001 u.s president george w bush announced the establishment of the department of homeland security and on that day the dow closed at 10 021.57 s p was at 1076.59 and on that same day apple released its first ever ipod and sold for 3.99 each and featured a mechanical scroll wheel wow how we've come so far in 19 years i remember that like it was yesterday wow nice jerry says her daughter works in department homeland security customs and border protection finance center that sounds like a nice job there jerry guys next tara is still climbing big break got on next era let's see what our next tara trade is doing here want to hear some news to move the market here our apple calls are now in the green that we picked up yesterday u.s south secretary azar says continent deliver substantial quantities of a safe and effective vaccine by the end of this year joseph callahan on youtube says exxon mobil is continuing to break out shares up about 2.3 percent six month daily that's got some room to run there joe callahan that's looking good you got the macd cross first candle above the 10.

Give it a bit though it's still early we're only what 20 minutes into the day not even that's the type of setup you'd look for a great swing trade joe nice swing trade opportunity right there guys intel is still breaking out i think we need to make another intel trade look at intel 5341 look at that breakout momentum have we not been going over this just about every day since that sma cluster and that break above 5250 i love that setup on intel i think that's a perfect trade to get something out for a month two three months out um um hmm okay um um amd is still on the run nextera needs to break that 299 50 area which it is doing right now there goes next tara big run on next era intel is looking absolutely amazing here as well nice run on intel take a look at nextera we're probably going to be closing that trade out soon we got some nice gains on our second next tara trade we're up almost 40 percent on that next tara trade another nice climb on nextera i think we're going to see that at 3 10 to 3 20 by next week let's see chung ho says dave what do you think of pfizer red lotus says xlu utility is good for a swing trade red lotus that's why we're in nextera here next tara is a utility trade and we are kicking some major butt on this this is our second trade on nextera we're already up 40 on this trade i want to see google take off i'm watching google on the top chart here intel's still continuing to break higher next terror is getting right up to that 300.

This coming up at 10 30 this morning natural gas storage a build of 73 bcf is expected on natural gas dow's starting to break out nicely here carnival cruise lines coming off the lows ephrain i just sold nextera at 470 a contract it hit my 300 target i sold it and that was another trade challenge trade there hey guys my team's doing a free giveaway to you youtube people out here first five people that message us on our facebook business page we're gonna give you an invite to our afternoon pro trader session for one day for free we close that next era trade let's see now so this is in the trade challenge account let me see here occidental so guys so far in the trade challenge account this week this is what's really important i want to go over this pharmaceuticals guys so far this week in the trade challenge account look at this this is what we did in the trade challenge account this week so far you see from the date october 5th to october 8th that's this monday to the current day this is what we did so far we closed out two next tara trades one for four hundred and forty nine dollars the other one we just closed out now for a hundred and twenty three dollars we closed out of our mcdonald's trade for a nice gain we closed out a docusign for a nice gain and we closed out of nike and look at where we're at already and this is the small trade challenge account one thousand seventy four dollars fifty four cents this is the account and look at what we're making in each trade here this is going to show you how little trades add up and in yesterday's class you know exactly what we were talking about you know 690 dollar trade on docusign we closed it out for 849 500 trade 500 trade on mcdonald's closed it up for 740 a 346 dollar trade that we use the profits from the previous trade to fuel this trade we made another 123 dollars close it out for 469.

Our first next tara trade we made for a thousand fifty dollars closed it out for fifteen hundred four hundred and fifty dollar gain nike 476 bucks to 579 this is all in the trade challenge account this is what we're doing you're being patient and disciplined in the trade challenge account to grow it nice and slowly guys google is taking off 1481 a share on google g-o-o-g-l nice breakout on google 1482 there she goes guys our paycheck trade is paying off nicely oh i just wish i didn't feel so sick today nice climb on google three month daily chart there look at that 10 20 cross would love to see us at 1500 tomorrow we are results driven wakar next tara is breaking out again here nice another break out on next era take a look at next tara guys and ee look at that breakout on nextera now remember she just got upgraded to 340 a share so you're going to see that continue to climb there we might be making a third trade on that if we could break that 302.

Google's still continuing to run big climb on next era we're up over two thousand dollars now for the day intel did you guys check out intel look at nextera running intc intel another run on intel we're up at 53.50 remember we just said we were trying to break that 40 uh 5250 here was the resistance we were trying to break out of on on intel this was resistance some strong resistance that we were just failing to break above for months we finally broke above that now we're going to be looking for that 57.50 intel is a nice trade here guys if you're not in it yet you could be looking at that let's see here let's bring up the option chain until october 16th the october 16th expo on intel here archway reporting a loss of 10 cents on sale for 6.47 million s p confirms a rating on ibm college let's see here intel i'd be looking at that 5350 or even the 54 call for the october 16th expo i mean look at the 55s the volume and open interest coming in on those let's see von john's bay says let's take a look at ibm big break on an ibm their ceo was just on tv this morning ibm's having a spin-off let's see ibm announces uh company expects to report q3 revenue of 17.6 billion versus 17.5 bill 5'4 billion estimate sees q3 operating eps of 2.58 versus 2.58 estimate ibm announces will separate its managed infrastructure services unit of its global technology services division into a new public company so that's the news on ibm there they're having a spin-off ibm shares are trading higher after the company issued q3 sales guidance above analyst estimates the company also announced it will separate its managed infrastructure services unit of its global technology service division in a new public company and ibm is one of the top gainers for the day ate ajax therapeutics spiking to new highs now 3.50 cents of more than 300 looks good there goes google again google's going to try for that 1500 again let's see if we can break that 1500 today guys intel is an absolute beast intc still climbing 53.51 i love this pattern here because you're going to see it get to that 57.50 pretty quick you see it's already up just about a dollar today already do we are now up over 2200 for the day big climb today sa-8 sonic automotive shares uh dropping today down about five and a half percent uh traders circulating in an article that was reported yesterday we thought yesterday from the charlotte weber that the company's ceo nextera is having a big break out again uh saa sharon's now 2241 down about five and a half percent sah uh okay let's see if we could get that google to break above that 1485.

Next era is still climbing new highs of the day on next era let's see blah blah says oracle danielle huang says navidia daniel huang let's see nvidia had a big break down there this morning huh if that comes off those lows that's going to be a nice reversal there daniel what you're looking for here with nvidia though it looks like it's going to come back and retrace to be honest with you i mean look at that from the highs down to the lows here and if you look at a three month daily you're getting that first candle with body below the previous candles body so that could possibly retrace back down about 540 a share so i want to go long it just yet let's see oracle says blah blah let's take a look oracle breaking out nicely up 59 cents one percent for the day continuing breakout momentum and as you can see this is a nice one blah blah it's coming right down to that 20 holding that 20 and climbing so that's what you're going to be looking for if you're trading uh if you're trading that one there let's see grant goodlad says tesla wow tesla is looking great let me see any further news on tesla so there's also an article out now today from uh barons magazine saying tesla is the next amazon did you guys hear what elon musk is doing next unite you guys know how he has spacex you know he's got the car company he did all that stuff did you guys hear what he's doing next you know about the solar panels about the batteries and all that but he's going into a new venture first person to uh to tell me what it is i'm gonna give you guys a little surprise he also shared an email with employees saying what would it be exciting if we exceed 500 000 annual production in 2020 guys guess what else is breaking news for tesla with with tesla's market cap elon musk is going to make an additional compensation of three billion seeing some dollars activity uh november 55 seven that's one you know but that one was last week's news he's also doing something else a new venture but yes he was talking about uh building a a battery-powered airplane that was that was last week's news that would be amazing could you imagine how huge that would be everyone would be buying battery planes fuels the number one cause for airlines they upgraded tesla to 578 a share so that did have a big upgrade today 578 a share on tesla google's wanting to climb here queues are just finally starting to take off again guys there's breaking news here on space as well spce virgin galactic bank of america called virgin galactic holdings let me pull that up here spce they called virgin galactic holdings growth potential unparalleled even though it's it isn't yet operational analysts have named sir richard branson's company as the innovator of space technology with the truly unique offering for users to acc uh access space for entertainment and research purposes its shares have advanced 72 percent this year virgin galactic is close to its inaugural flight by having completed 27 out of 29 milestones sir richard branson should fly to the edge of space during the first quarter of 2021 with commercial flights commencing shortly afterward guys we got to get into some leaps on space i'm telling you the next two years i mean this is gonna be an absolute blowout in this industry its next milestone is the test crude space flight due october 22nd so october 22nd is the next big day for space that'd be amazing if spacex went public let's see sun says can you help take a look at uaa chart i want to invest in uaa for long term under armor sun i think this looks great you could trade this up to 1750 to 20 bucks you know if i were you i'd be looking at the so if you wanted something longer term let's pull up the option chain this is what i'd be looking at so if you're looking at uaa i'd be looking at least out for long term january 2022 expo you could pick up the 10 strike call for about 4.53 cents that's pretty darn cheap there that's what i'd be picking up to be honest with you that you could go with the 15 strike you could go with the 1250 but that 10 strike that's not bad 1250 isn't bad either 1250 is going for about 350 a contract so 350 dollars you control under armor above 1250 a share which it's already above so you got six cents of seven cents now of intrinsic value the rest is pure extrinsic value time value but i like that setup there son that looks really nice there it's just different classes shares one has more voting rights the other one does infinii so this one's class a uh a this is class c shares so personally i'd be looking if it were me i'd be looking at ua i like those clash class c shares but it's up to you son if you got 2 000 shares you could be selling some out of the money covered calls on those so if you have uaa you're looking at that january 21st 2022 expo you could be selling so you got 2 000 shares 2 000 divide that by 100 that means you could sell 20 contracts you could sell 20 contracts of the 20 strike call 20 multiply that by 136 you could bring in 2 720 in premium right now just by selling to open the 20 strike call and then what's going to happen you're going to make the difference from 1256 to 20 so you're going to make 2 720 from the covered call right and then from 20 minus 12.56 from where it's at right now that's seven dollars and forty four cents you have two thousand shares so multiply that by two thousand shares you're going to make fourteen thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars on that plus the 2 720 so you'll make 17 600 more than what you have right now if you did that strategy there and the shares got up to 20 or higher so i like that that's a quick twenty thousand dollar gain just about and just about a year out on one stock so that's not bad there son i like that setup i like that strategy under armour's not going anywhere uh bruce mf vane says are you using tradestation i use etrade pro i had this computer custom built let me see what this one is here i don't know how to get to it let's see system properties here's my system properties here it's an intel i7 770 k cpu 4.2 gigahertz 32 gigabyte 64-bit operating system and this has the uh wow touch support with two touch pens nice didn't even know i had that two u.s republican senators issued a statement expressing concerns regarding another round of taxpayer grants for airlines that luv and ual they're talking about some more grants here for the airlines guys let me put the light on here i hate these motion sensor lights they're horrible guys the markets are on the climb once again bruce honestly e-trade i have a lot of issues with e-trade but it's something i've used for the past 11 years uh you know so it's just it's really what you're used to you know people don't like change too much and i'm the same way i'd love to you switch to think or swim i think think or swim has a much better platform to be honest with you but i'm just used to using etrade pro and how many charts do i have pulled up at a time let's see one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven i usually have eleven charts i'm looking at plus my watch list here and my watch list i'm usually just looking i take a look at it in the morning see what we're see what we're dealing with facebook shares are taking off nicely speaking of which take a look at facebook shares holding that 10 sma still as she came down tested that 10.

Still looking for that 270 break above let's see they said caterpillar's taking off nice breakout on caterpillar it's getting up to resistance from this morning at 9 33. let's see grant goodland says could you take a look at draftkings dkng draftkings are just continuing to break lower there now up 2500 bucks for the day and that's being led by google american airlines did you guys see american airlines today draftkings looks like that might come down to about 50.

50 is going to be that base support you're looking at there good lin take a look at american airlines guys look at american airlines i think we're easily going to see that 14 target we have google's breaking above 1481 again team let's look for that continued breakout all the airlines are taking off now callahan i got a joe callahan in the office down below me here he's a lawyer you don't happen to be him do you intel's looking good google's looking great heat map as you guys could see the heat map today is looking good i think eli lilly's gonna continue to run there someone want me to look at pfizer we'll look at pfizer bristol mars yeah i think they're gonna get it guys look at over here at utilities no notice this uh secular trend here utilities ahead of the election look at how it's taking off uh online platform trust pilot trust pilot's gonna have an ipo i mean come on that's ridiculous bruce um finvis.com it's cheat it's free finvis.com you go there it's free all you have to do is click on the heat map and there you go it's a nice nice service there they got too many ads though you don't need all those ads all you need to do is be a member of breaking chart alerts utility sector though look at how that's taken off especially d look at dominion energy let's take a look at d big d that's what they used to call me now they call me double d natural gas storage a build of 73 bcf is expected they call me big double d now e friend so yeah dominion is looking good on a three-month daily chart 82.50 let's see i know i see stephanie here with us she loves tesla and i was thinking about making a tesla trade on that big upgrade that it had i think we're going to see that continue to take off there i think i'd set the alert for a break above 14 uh 445.

I'd love to pick up a space leap though jmia january nine dollar full sweep on julian michael indian alpha jmi i try to give you guys a little laugh in the morning hope it helps bruce mf vane says if i join your membership do you guys discuss help with trading taxes a bit bruce i'm glad you asked that i have a specialized accountant that specializes in traders and me personally i'm listed as a trader operator with the federal government for the irs so as a trader operator you get special tax incentives for trading and he's actually going to be coming and talking to our members on october 30th friday october 30th he's going to be opening up talking about the trader operator tax status talk about ways of saving money as a trader with your taxes and the different types of techniques and things you guys could do and um he's gonna have a nice presentation and he'll help you guys out and answer any questions for you guys lilly says new data show combination therapy had primary and secondary endpoints reducing viral load symptoms and hospitalizations eua requests to follow lilly says submitted requests for emergency organizations to the fda breaking news on lly eli lilly if that starts to take off i might jump into sixty lily rx we are popping to the highs as directory bravo romeo google's still hanging around that 1480.

All we need that is about 0.7 higher for that max gain on that spread x-ray rival romeo shares up 60 at the high on oxpr rdhl red hill announcing uh h dky eye brow key another press release gsa deploy file piece portalguard identity system that was out earlier another super good pressure diamonds having a big break out here guys take a look at diamond etf i pay 35 cents per option revom dao is breaking out markets are starting to climb once again guys google's breaking above 1482 now it's getting to the highs of the day on google google broke 1482-52 my wife just messaged me out of nowhere she's like dave let's go to jerusalem i said where the hell you want to go there for especially you guys know what we hear on the um you guys know what we hear on benzene and bloomberg all the time you know the israel the gaza strip they're being bombed i'm like yeah i told her she could go jimmy julian michael india alpha another nice break out in the markets here nice breakout in the markets insurance collaborate on digitizing verification of homeowners insurance markets are breaking out again so next here is breaking out again off the lows snlp summit extreme partnership is getting up here on heavy volume sandy michael lima papa uh nice climb on nextera google's still holding above that 1480.

Let's see said alarid what's going on buddy nice to have you with us spxl haven't heard of it spxl what is it smp3 times so basically does three times what the smp does looking good i'd be trading that up to about 60 said we got some resistance at and if you could break above that you'd be looking at 65 so on this i'd be looking at a target profit area this is your target profit area instead because you got that 10 20 cross we got the macd cross and we have our candle above the 10 20 sma here so i would definitely be looking 5750 you're gonna have a little bit of resistance here once we break that there's the next three so r1 r2 which is resistance 2 and r3 and then we'll be at the highest that's what i'd be looking for there said next tara is still continuing to climb looking good there today one minute 299 63 carnival cruise line they just announced that they have enough cash to basically get through the next 12 months which is great news for carnival cruise line this is a great opportunity to pick up a leap on it this one and i like spacex we might be doing something in the afternoon pro trader session with space so we have let's see here so we have an unrealized profit of one thousand one hundred thirty nine dollars fifty cents plus we have a realized profit in this account of 728 and then with the trade challenge account we have another nice profit in there of a few hundred bucks so we're having a nice day today really great day i want to be adding to that intel trade there's no question about that take a look at next tara guys she's taking off again and this is an easy one to follow with the trade plan 10 20 cross macd first candle above 10 20 50 sma entry and then your first exit below that 20.

Easy entries here next stair is still continuing to take off and climb higher i love this is a great utility stock going into the election it's a great safeheaven stock let's see seven says workhorse is gone let's see what he means by that wkhs workhorse is taking off nicely there chevin 711 i'd be looking for 27.50 to 30 target uh i usually don't trade those types of etfs paul spxs so obviously this is going to look for that five dollar area that's where you got that next support area at here on spxs but for right now the markets are climbing so i'd just be taking advantage of momentum instead of directional trades no problem sid i'm glad to have you with us and i appreciate all your comments on my facebook as well you're a good guy hope you and the lady are doing good out there in california how's those fires are you out there by the fight fire sid i'm not sure where you're at i think they died down pretty much haven't they haven't heard too much about them what's going on julia look at that breakout on next air is still continuing to climb it's gonna have some resistance right around 301 if it could break that 301 i think it could easily see that 305 today ipo nice break out of nextera blah blah says who handles the live trading sessions when dave is on vacation are sick we have efrain efrain runs a trade room if i'm not around but i'm gonna be around for quite some time [Music] paul says your breakout on exxon mobil was spot on before look at that exxon mobil the three month daily this is going to be a big breakout paul i think this one's easily going to see forty dollars from now until election time if i were you what i'd like to look at is the november 20th monthly expo i think that's a beautiful opportunity to pick up exxonmobil and you know what maybe we could do that now maybe we could do a small trade on exxon mobil now before we close out for the day here for the morning session walker ahmed says do you have a watch list or scan for stocks of course i do what kind of trader would i be if i didn't have a watch list or a scanner sid's big into his motorcycles he's got to teach me how to ride one my wife wants to get one i can't see her on a motorcycle though exxonmobil november 20th guys next tara just broke 30110.

That 37 this is so cheap here guys i'm going to pick up 10 contracts ephraim 10 contracts exxon mobil 37.50 call for november 20th let's see what she going for about 93 [Music] cents all righty friend i am in for 93 cents and this is in the main account i just picked up 10 contracts it's about a 930 trade small trade but we get up to that 40 that's going to be a big payday for us there our target's going to be 40 per share efrain our stop is going to be 33.

Well if 33 is our stop actually we'll make it a little bit tighter 33.50 is going to be our stop pelosi is live and the markets are tanking let's see let's talk about this year's extraordinary holiday sale season plan ahead and get inspired google's still holding above 1480. do you look at that i already got a three percent gain on our exxon mobil calls companies at 10 40 a.m eastern time that's the uk uh 50 million worth of bitcoin national hurricane delta advisory and air force reserve hurricane hunters reports delta has strengthened hurricane conditions and lights upstairs guys we got to take a look at home depot today as well in the afternoon home depot delta hurricane delta has just strengthened so frequently hurricane delta is continuing to strengthen that was up 111 points nasdaq's up 32 smps up about 19 and a half so here comes pelosi guys all righty guys that's going to do it for 11 o'clock session i'm going to get off of here i'm going to go watch pelosi and i'm gonna be in the trade room with you guys so any questions please shoot us a message those of you on youtube if you want to come join us go to breakingchartalerts.com and all you have to do breaking chart alerts.com you know let me log out of here so you'd see what you'd see this is what you'll see if you're not a member you could read through it look at it check out our members testimonials down here you're gonna love it and then also take a look you can go to the join now membership pricing plans you could check out the plan that works best for you there's no commitment you could sign in log in once you log in as a member you won't see what i'm gonna see because i'm obviously the administrator but you'll see a top row and then if you go to the education section here you're going to see our classes that we hold every week they're going to be down here here's the beginners classes here's the intermediate trader classes experience trader we're still putting up yesterday's i'm going to go over that in today's afternoon session a little bit with you guys and then if you go down to the lesson library you'll see our lessons here that we hold each day are down here as well so and they're going to be added to as we go along as well so and then obviously if you want to come join us in the live trade room just go to live trade room click on that and we'll be in here so we'll see you guys there and of course if you guys want to check out our trades we send email text alerts out of all of our trades you can go to trades here and all of our trades are posted right here we closed out our second next tara trade for 36 our first next era trade 43 and then if you want to click on it every one of our trades is going to give you the description of the trade here's the trade here's our target here's our stop current price break even 100 gain and our discrete our description of the trade really great everything's very easy to use so feel free to come join us guys and i will see you guys if you're a pro or an elite member live at two o'clock already take care guys have a great day and i'll see you guys in the trade room received bye-bye

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