🔴 Facebook Metaverse NFTs Are Coming | This Week in Crypto – Nov 1, 2021

Facebook’s Metaverse will support NFTs, Mastercard reveals new crypto offerings, and guess which actor is now the new face
of cryptocurrency? These stories and more
this week in crypto. Hi, I’m Nate Martin
from 99Bitcoins.com, and here’s what’s happened
this week in crypto. Facebook unveiled an ambitious framework for creating a virtual world
known as the Metaverse. The new company name, Meta, reflects the company’s aim to integrate real and digital worlds
ever more seamlessly, using technologies such as virtual reality
and augmented reality. Part of that vision also includes
a role for non-fungible tokens and its forthcoming cryptocurrency, Diem.

Financial giant Mastercard is expanding its crypto offerings
and services to loyal customers. The company is providing users
with digital wallets that will allow them to trade, hold,
and sell digital assets. Customers will also be privy
to a new loyalty program that will reward them in virtual currencies through the company’s partnership
with Bakkt. El Salvador has added another
420 bitcoins to its holdings. The purchase was made as Bitcoin
briefly dropped to two week lows. In a Twitter thread
President Bukele also explained that El Salvador has a trust that holds
both the cryptocurrency and US dollars. When bitcoin gains in value, the government withdraws that profit
in US dollars. A new play-to-earn token, Squid Game, seeking to cash in on the popularity of Netflix’s mega-hit
Korean survival drama, has risen over 100,000% in the first week. The token will be used to pay
for an online game that will launch in November. While the rapid spike in price
may be tempting, there were multiple reports of users
unable to sell the digital token. Our recommendation is to always
exercise caution while trading! Coinbase’s mobile app was the App Store’s
most popular app this week in the United States, ahead of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Coinbase’s iOS app,
which was launched in June 2014, has seen almost 1.5 million downloads
to date, with a sudden increase in downloads this week. The app is currently the second
most popular app in Google’s Play Store. Adobe is launching a system
built into Photoshop that can help prove that the person
selling an NFT is the person who made it. The feature,
called Content Credentials, will enable NFT sellers to link
their Adobe ID with their crypto wallet, allowing compatible NFT marketplaces to show a sort of verified certificate
proving the art’s source is authentic.

Tom Brady threw a record 600th
career touchdown last Sunday but his wide receiver, Mike Evans, not realising the ball’s significance
gave it to a fan in the stands. Understanding its importance, the team negotiated with the fan who agreed to receive $100,000 worth of gifts including one Bitcoin
in exchange for the ball. Oscar winner Matt Damon is starring
in Crypto.com’s new global ad campaign “Fortune Favors the Brave”. The 60-second commercial features Damon
taking viewers on a historical journey of brave men who’ve made a difference
in the world.

The campaign intends to accelerate
the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. A huge thanks to Unstoppable Domains
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