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Hello everyone, how are you? I am Alex and in this video we are going to analyze vet and we will see if it has real potential to reach 1 so we started well first of all I came to upload a video this afternoon about bitcoin analyzing it normally I always upload In the afternoon but I want to start testing to see what reception it has if I upload a video at noon, it's okay, I'm always analyzing all morning, so it doesn't cost me anything to plug in the camera for a moment and record it logically if you don't even see it.

Because I 'm not going to do just as I leave here in the first comment as always the link to the video else instead is the first time that analyze and bring to the channel say if I remember correctly so I will analyze'll play depth beth contradicting and a bet against bitcoin cardano contradicting me even so we are going to touch many payments because it is important to really see the technical potential that bet has so without further delay we are going to go directly To the point here we have to see the first one we are going to play bet against that of since it is important to see it against the main currency that is the dollar so we have here a monthly graph only to see numbers 20 are going up since this year since it is really from 2020 a total of 1,414 thousand five hundred and forty percent, an outrage which is comparable to other cryptome that we have already touched on the channel so right now we are a kind of pullback here we see it on a monthly chart not only because of the great growth it has had He sees nothing but also logically due to the general correction of bitcoin I really like this monthly candle and it is that you look at how the price tries to break the area of ​​the lows again all this this level here and of more or less 0.62 there those minimum areas but the end of the month the price for me all the bearish candle is eaten and ends in a kind of hammer lots in order not care whatever you want to call it but try to fall and finally the price Bullish eats up all the bearish force that is a very good signal for the continuation of the bullish movement, so I also like the weekly chart a lot as the weekly 50 moving average goes at all times following the price either in the form of resistance or that is In the form of support right now we have tested and we have rejected that level in the form of support logically we are in an upward movement because the one that we are as support later when we enter a downward movement we will do it as resistance but speaking of a downtrend not of a pullback or a correction as has been the case but of a downtrend therefore if we look at the end of the daily chart we see that the price action is super similar to that of the Syrian informing this kind of continuation triangle I will draw very quickly in this case It is more wedge and if I had a clear support area, see it has a kind of draw a kind of wedge then sorry, how do you see the average d e 50 also daily follows the price much in the short term logically today weekly is longer is wider slower because the very daily average of 50 is also more aggressive so it follows the price here we see it from these levels here then hold a lot As a resistance report, support all this upward movement and even in the pullback we test it at this point from here as resistance for now that they return then tested as the support we have not touched it yet but it continues to make a very similar movement there is sirius as you see we did m good because it started with great force and now it is correcting it is slowing down and others because it looks very similar there is a Syrian so something we can do is compare see with an incision since it is something that has enough logic I am going to put it here that I already know I have saved it before saying yum important things and we are going to compare it with each no against Syrian and we will begin to realize quite important issues if we look Here is a monthly chart we can see how a great movement in range, the price has not really moved much, it had this great fall at the beginning, it had this upward movement at the end, but in general the price is like typecast in an ace that does not close the box.

You can see perfectly then it is on the weekly chart now I put it where we begin to see very important elements the first and most important is this resistance zone and I say resistance because as support it has not been tested we have touched it here as resistance resistance as support we have broken as resistance here we break it here we test a resistance again and here we test again as resistance then it is a super important and super key level not only because of what we are seeing in the graph of bet contras and siriux but because if we take gimbal or against Look at what we are going to see we see the same level resistance resistance resistance we break it as resistance we break it s as support and here we already tested it as support bet it would be at this point from here I am going to repeat backwards vein right now and it leaves me a bar is at this point from here to back here more or less it is worth or even having broken this candle at See that it is at this point here where we have tested this area as resistance many times we have broken it and we have broken it down again if you look at it, now go betraying the same resistant to resistance resistance we break it up we break it down and now we are at this point here cardano against incision that is much more advanced than seeing after going inside, broke it and has already started the upward movement far exceeding there is a candle logically if you remember in a video analyzing gimbal or when we are in this point here was this zone here more or less we commented the price is slowing down after breaking but it is something super important first that after breaking down it is To the support zone the price has made this big bullish candle and second you have to bear in mind that this is nothing more than a new impulse and we expect a correction for a bullish continuation and finally it is what is happening due to the big big rises gimbal or then to start looking at issues about whether it can really get to one or not it can reach analyzing the normal bet graph against usb you do not see too many at the end we only see and understand that the trend is upward that we are recovering etc.

Etc. not We can really mark something based on the technical graph if it is silly because there is nothing that if it is an upward movement because like all crypts all these artists do not screw you then instead if we come to what we have just seen now we can start Let's see that if you see the Syrian, he behaves in the same way that Cardano has behaved with treachery, which at the moment is practically being carried out perfectly.

Let's start to see a surprise or a much more upward movement of the DVD and candle. Okay, it's important, then from there we can start to mark topics that bring us closer to that goal, one can reach one, but first to start we have What to start to stand out in this graph of bet cons and psyllium that is very similar to the one we are seeing now on the screen of nothing against affected okay then that is why we have to start to see there is a lot left but it really is what he is doing practically the same now we should first break this resistance zone again and later not lose it if we look here and draw a diagonal we can not mark more or less so every time the resistance zone is breaking higher, that is, first we stay in this point from here then we already break it but it goes inside then we break it we are a long time but it goes inside again and finally see what rupt Stronger ura is worth then, this may indicate that a new break can reach the price at quite high levels causing them to revalue against the candle, because I am going to mark it, imagine that it breaks over this area here, it is very indicative now, do not wait A moment that this time is now, imagine that he breaks it around here because he can overcome it and in 200% then from there we can start to mark what would have to happen to really see one once, it is worth to finish I want us to check once against bitcoin something that is also quite interesting and that is that we are at this point I am going to make it bigger here in weekly charts the most interesting chart we are at this point here where we see the same diagonal one touch two touches three touches each time we are making the highest more increasing more increasing more increasing the lows yes it is true that they do not just accompany yes they are increasing because you see that a species is formed of oval upward movement but it is not the typical minimum rising of momentum correction impulse correction impulse but the price breaks with great force, sinks with great force, breaks with great force what I also like is that if you look at the way to break is much faster than then the pool bash is worth that is the bullish movement is much more aggressive much more determined than later the bearish movement here we see everything good from here we can see there are like four of the bulls and then a lot of bearish eight bullish candles and then a lot of bears 12 candles at parties and then a lot of bears therefore we see that when you see interest when you see a surplus coin when you see that it moves it moves up it is much more determined than when it loses or loses bellows this is something that also You can tell us that right now, for example, it seems that we are starting an upward movement again, yes it is true that in all the upward movements that we have s started we have not seen this kind of correction in the middle but the movement has always been very aggressive but really there are still three days left we can still see it quite complicated to see that the week is positive but it could without any problem the week end up being positive and that this is nothing more than the new upward movement of bet beating bitcoin with very aggressive bullish candles very determined little doubtful and that therefore it is accompanying everything we have discussed then something that we have not looked at and I want us to look is that instead To reach 1, the upward movement is quite important, it means we are at 0.11, it is that it is a lot, it would have to rise by 700 38% it is not the 15 thousand percent that has risen in the first movement from 2020 to the maximum of this movement but it is true that it is a very important movement, issue of whether it is going to be for this cycle if it is going to be for the next one that is already more complicated we have to Keep in mind that right now it seems that the price starts if the price does not play the fool again, does not make corrective movements again, does not retest double-bottom areas, does not enter any kind of range, breaks the recent highs well, etc., yes that I believe and I see it possible that for this bullish cycle bet will go up 700-odd percent or go up 700-odd percent more because logically the cycle does not start yesterday, the cycle has been going on for a long time and the total will not be 700 percent, it will be 18 thousand or 19,000 but in this movement in this new bullish arm that we are seeing in betty that we are seeing all the issues 5th ways yes it is true that it is possible that as long as there are no elements in between that extend the correction we can see a movement of this As a summary we have seen that it is a crypt coin that looks a lot like and candle and looks a lot like cargo does not have a movement very similar to Syrian and Syrian with cargo no and candle we have seen that technically Well, it is fine but it does not mark us too much, it can mark us a potential target price only technically then also another characteristic that we have seen we review is that of aggressive movements artists when it moves and surplus coin usually creates very bullish movements each time the maximums they are more increasing therefore what we need to be able to see to see in one is to see already a strong resuscitation must not only must because if the crypts go up to see but yes but drink against their other competitors that seeing begins to overcome the load no That you go begins to overcome and Syrian that you go begins to exceed bitcoin to each not the same is more complicated because loading is also a bit in the garlic but there is a Syrian to bit coin and that then the graph of bet against and Syrian looks like each once again a graph of each no against and candle is worth so nothing I'm going to leave it here I hope you liked it if so, give it like it subscribe share it with friends with the family and see you in the next video goodbye

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