ūüĒ•XRP Ripple: 10X INCOMING! (You Will Get FREE Coins Because Of THIS!)ūüĒ•

According to Market Cap, today XRP is at $1.09 and 
that will keep on changing up and down depending   on the time you will see this video. XRP is 
strongly holding its ground above the 1 mark   and will likely continue that way. But that’s 
not even the half of today’s story. Right,   it just so happens that XRP holders will be 
receiving free airdrops. Yes, that’s right.  XRP holders should now be ready to get Solo 
tokens and that’s just the beginning of how   the future is looking up for the XRP community. 
But before we get into that, let’s roll that intro  As always, welcome back to Money Side- 
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XRP fam.

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Anyway, Bitcoin has been down for close to 15%   and it seems like the coin is about to 
continue going lower. On the other hand,   XRP holders are rejoicing because of the upcoming 
airdrops that’s about to happen this December.   Yes, that’s right! All you have to do 
is have XRPs in your wallet. That it!  On December 22nd, Sologenic announced that they 
will be taking a snapshot to see who is holding   XRP and how many XRPs and Solo. Using this, 
based on how many tokens you have in your wallet,   you will be getting a free airdrop. Meaning you 
will get free coins delivered to your wallet.   Basically, that’s free money for only holding XRP.
Most people on Twitter are worried how they can   get those airdrops and is there any 
special recommendations. But so far,   Sologenic haven’t updated anything but hit 
that subscribe button and I will ensure   you are in the loop when this happens.

Once this 
airdrop happens, you will have the freedom to move   your coins to wherever you want it to go.
So what do you think is the main cause of   this airdrop? Well, from my perspective, I 
believe they are trying to promote the use   of XRP. That’s quite impressive considering that 
XRP doesn’t need anyone to hype it up. This coin   will continue to rise on it’s own even when 
no one is backing it.

Now imagine when people   start to stand behind XRP? This coin will head 
straight up to the moon without holding back and   that is exactly what is currently happening.
If you haven’t noticed, even when there some   significant news, the price of XRP still maintains 
within a certain range. That might seem normal but   in real sense it isn’t. Imagine if the same 
kind of news happened to Doge coin? I mean the   coin could be sky rocketing to the stratosphere 
by now. But that’s not the case with XRP. Why?   The simple answer is the suppression of this 
coin isn’t over. The whales are trying their best   to push this coin down so they can 
maximize on it as much as possible.  Take a look at this wonderful news by Sologenic. 
What has happened to XRP’s price action? It   hasn’t made really high changes.
Here’s another interesting tweet.   @XRPcoops444 tweeted,
‚ÄėIt‚Äôs gone silent so they¬†¬† can dump there ETH bags before letting XRP run.¬†
Corruption at its finest! We have been played!’   which was a response to JamesRuleXRP who tweeted,
‚Äė@attorneyjeremy1 Why has XRP lawsuit gone silent?¬†¬† https://financefeeds.com/why-has-xrp-lawsuit-gone-silent/¬†
via @FXFinanceFeeds’  I don’t know about you but have you noticed 
the radio silence the SEC vs.

Ripple case   has been on for the past couple of days? Well 
the whole crypto community is now speculating   that there might be chances of a settlement 
coming up in the horizon. That’s amazing news   and I’m super excited to see what happens to XRP 
in the next couple of weeks. More importantly,   I’d like to see what will happen once Ripple and 
SEC announce that they have decided to settle the   matter and XRP is now available to US citizens.
This coin will instantly go to the moon and   even higher. As a matter of fact, XRP will 
moon overnight even before anyone notices.   The next thing that will happen the next day is 
the FOMO.

And that will pump this coin even higher   than ever before. Don’t be surprised if this 
coin’s prices reaches close to two figures or more   before the end of the year and that should happen 
right after the settlement has been announced.  In the meantime before the radio silence 
happened, Judge Netburn had ordered Ripple   to deliver the recording of its meetings. That 
is where the SEC will be looking for evidence   to see if the executives and the Ripple stuff 
talked about XRP as a stock instead of a digital   token. From what I know, I don’t think there’s any 
evidence of such information on those documents.   Why? Well, the SEC is clearly fishing for 
information in places that do not exist.  Besides, we’ve already established that XRP is a 
digital coin and the only problem is the sale of   these tokens during its launch. Sorry to say 
this, but that also seems like a farfetched   idea. Clearly, the SEC has been hunting for 
ideas that are not there and it seems it’s all   because the SEC is just trying to stall. 
Why else would they ask for an extension   when they clearly see there’s no more evidence 
to support their claim? At the same time,   the SEC is trying to hide the fact that they 
don’t want to release evidence from their side   that could be incriminating.

Now this entire 
court case sounds like a cat and mouse game.  That’s because, we all know there’s no 
issue and both parties understand that,   but the SEC keeps insisting on dragging 
this court case. The unfortunate part   is that if they continue, the regulatory body 
will expose their secrets to the whole community.   And that will cause a lot of trust issues. 
All in all, let’s take a look at the charts.  Xrp is looking remarkably similar to what it was 
in q2 of 2017 from the fractal perspective. I've   highlighted those fractal similarities that can 
be seen. If history is any indication we should   be breaking out soon giving also that the BTC 
dominance is tanking as alt-season approaches.   Expect consolidation in $1.5-2 area, 
maybe even higher considering how long   we've been accumulating at those low prices.
If XRP reaches a price of 20,000 satoshis,   and at the same time, Bitcoin reaches a price 
of $100,000 USD, that should give us a price   of $20 USD per XRP coin. And yes, I know that 
sounds crazy, but that would be my price target.  Also, there is a SOLO Coin event on December 24 of 
this year.

Meaning XRP Holders will get SOLO coins   if they hold XRP that day, on specific wallets 
and Exchanges. So, I would expect XRP to reach   its target, whatever it is, either on that 
day or a few days or weeks before that.  BTC now showing some solid bullish 
divergence since the beginning of this   latest price move on hourly chart. Both RSI 
and Chaikin Oscillator are climbing but not   into overbought zones, feels comfortable. We also 
just breached the A/D line for the first time   in this move (yellow highlight) implying bulls 
are accumulating and vying to retake control.   This all comes in tandem with a classic 
inverse head & shoulders pattern ‚Äď we're¬†¬† currently trading at the neckline, if BTC can¬†
break $58.4k with volume it should quickly rally   to the next resistance zone at ~$60k.

If that 
happens I don't expect a shaky retest but instead,   think BTC could blow through $60k 
to fully resume its broader uptrend.  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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