Hi my friends! Today I am going to present to you the best
tool to market your hexagons!! Here we go! Here we are on DreamKollab.com!! The feature I am going to present to you today
will help you market your hexagons! The first thing you need to do is to sign
up to DreamKollab! Once you are done with that. Click on this
button and then select “Hex Template” Choose a title, for example here, I am going
to select my hexagon that should be representing the gate 9 ¾ in King’s Cross St Pancras.
So I am going to put 9 ¾ in King’s Cross St Pancras as a title.

Then you put your Hexagon ID that you can
find here. Copy it and paste it here. Next step, add the three words of your NFT,
this one is named: beside.celebrate.minimal Then you can select to add the links that
you want to share to other people about your hexagon. For example here, I am going to add the OVR
Secondary marketplace link of my hexagon as well as the google maps link! So you copy and paste the OVR marketplace
link! For the google maps link, you should take
in consideration the landmarks that you see on the OVR map and those that you see on google
maps! So for me it is approximately here! You're gonna do a right click, click on the
coordinates, and paste these coordinates here. Copy this link and paste it here as simple
as that! Once you are done with that, you will have
to take some screenshots to make all this look appealing! First one is the OVR map.

You are going to
make a nice screenshot of it, showing people the main information about this hexagon: the
NFT ID, the three words, and the city! Try to place the hexagon on the left of the OVR
map! You take your screenshot and upload it! Second, go on google maps and take a screenshot
of the location of your hexagon. Try not to zoom too much in order to let people know
where it is. Third, go on google street view, take the
best screenshot possible in order to show people what your hexagon actually represents
in real life. Fourth, you can decide to put whatever image
you wanna add. For me, it is going to be my logo! Last step, click on generate QR codes! Here you go guys, now you can download this
as a png !!! Now your friends and potential customers will
be able to scan these qr codes and be redirected to these links that you just add.

in one place. This is awesome!! I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave
a like, subscribe and hit the bell to get notified once a new video is out!! Ciao Ciao!.

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