The poor man lacks many things, the stingy person lacks everything. Hello my friends! Today we are in a wonderful country: Italy! Let me introduce you to my Italian hexagons! Let's go ! First stop: Rome, the capital of Italy! The Spanish Steps are one of the most famous sites in Rome. It owes its name to the Spanish Palace, seat of the
the embassy of the Iberian State In the center of the square there is the famous Barcaccia fountain
which dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century of the baroque period, designed by Pietro Bernini
and his son, the most famous Gian Lorenzo. In the right corner of the staircase there was
the house where the poet John Keats lived and died.

Today it has been transformed into a
museum dedicated to his memory and to the one of her friend Percy Bysshe Shelley, this house
is full of books and souvenirs from the English Romantic period. In the left corner, we find Babington's tea room
opened in 1893. This is my hexagon! It's at the top
of these stairs, near the subway exit. From there, we have an incredible view on
the city of Rome! Many people are passing by to enjoy
this wonderful view! I loved this place during my stays in Rome! In terms of exploitation, I think that an
advertising or something related to a photo or a video of the city of Rome would be ideal!
Give me your ideas, my friends! The reasons why I decided to invest
in this hexagon: – First of all, there is a lot of traffic here!
It's a very busy place in Rome because… it's one of the most beautiful places in the city!
– Secondly: this place offers a incredible view on the whole Italian capital!
– Third: no risk for the use of your phone or glasses!
– Fourth: I loved this place! Let's go to the next location! Piazza Venezia is another famous place
of Rome.

It is located at the foot of the Campidoglio, where five of the most important
streets of the capital meet: via dei Fori Imperiali, via del Corso, the axis via C. Battisti-via
Via Nazionale, the axis Via del Plebiscito – Corso Vittorio and via del Teatro di Marcello. The place is dominated by the Altar of the Fatherland,
monumental symbol of the united Italy; three monuments surround it on each side. The oldest one is from the 15th century palazzo Venezia, which gives its name to the place
and is the HQ of the National Museum of the Palace of Venice. The other palaces are from the XVII century.
The Palazzo Bonaparte and the Palazzo delle Assicurazioni (Insurance Palace).

Generali, built at the beginning of the twentieth century.
In Piazza Venezia, the borders of three districts meet: to the west is the district of Pigna, to the east the district of Trevi and to the south the district of Campitelli.
The five important streets that meet at piazza Venezia make it a major intersection of Rome. The oldest one is the via del Corso, which connects the place to the city hall, the northern area of the capital. The itinerary of the via del Corso dates back to 220 BC,
tracing the urban section of the Via Flaminia, one of the most important consular roads. My hexagon is located in the center of this
place where you can see the small pathway for the pedestrians! This place is simply beautiful!
It is a strategic place in Rome because it is a place that connects many famous streets that lead to
to the Vittorio Emanuele II monument! In terms of exploitation, I think that an
advertisement would be ideal here, for very important traffic that there is on this place! The reasons why I decided to invest
in this hexagon : First: there is a lot of traffic here!
This place is incredibly beautiful and it's a very visited place in Rome.
Second: this place offers an incredible view of the monument of Victor Emmanuel
II! Third: no risk in using the
phone or glasses, my hex is in the center of the square where pedestrians
can walk quietly and stop to take a picture/video!
Fourth: I loved this place! In Europe, there are still 3 active volcanoes: They are all in Italy!
Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli! Next stop: Milan The Giuseppe Meazza stadium is an Italian football facility owned by the city of Milan, which hosts the home games of AC Milan and Inter Milan.
Because of the neighborhood in which it is located, it is also known as San Siro, a name it officially had since September 19, 1926 until March 2, 1980 when it was named in memory of Giuseppe Meazza, glory of Milanese and Italian football.
Nicknamed the Scala of football or the temple of football, it is one of the most famous
stadiums at international level, as well as being the Italian stadium with the most spectators possible: 75,923 spectators.
In 2009 it was judged by the British newspaper The Times as the second most beautiful
stadium in the world and, according to an analysis conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and the University
of Milan in 2014, the Meazza Stadium is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city
after the Duomo and the Triennale.

This is my hexagon! It is located inside
of the San Siro stadium! It must represent this location, in
one of the corners of the stadium!!! As you can imagine, I'm a big fan
of football! This is clearly an incredible place
to invest in a hexagon! The San Siro stadium can accommodate up to
75 000 people! There are games every three days because two big teams share this
stadium: Inter Milan and AC Milan.

In terms of exploitation, a content related to
football will be highlighted. Any ideas, my friends? The reasons why I decided to invest
in this hexagon : First of all: this is a historical stadium known
by all soccer fans! Second: my hexagon is
inside the stadium, in one of the stands! Third : no risk to use your phones or glasses ! Fourth: capacity of 75,000 people, games
every 3 days! My friends, this is the end of this video,
I hope you liked it! If you did, please leave a like, subscribe and activate the bell
so that you don't miss any of the next episodes ! Happy birthday Davide Cuttini! Ciao Ciao!.

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