🔥Covir – Цифровые Лицензии Систем Дезинфекции на Блокчейне Tezos!🔥

in the automation of disinfection, as in many others, there is a certain technological evolution. and reports can be considered manual processing when a person chalked on and walls a disinfectant solution today, technologies have stepped forward and developed into automatic systems for spraying in resort premises for highly effective sanitation, the main driving factors are similar to evolution, it is quite obvious, firstly, it is a concern for safety, which in conditions of ideas is especially important the use of automated technologies undoubtedly reduces the risk of infection and spread of the virus; secondly, the use of such solutions saves time and money, the drone can handle 600 thousand square meters a day, which is equivalent to the work of 100 people, automatic systems can spray at night and do not take working time, this is especially important for disinfection inside buildings, using a similar approach in hospitals or administrative centers, for example, allows you to minimize adjustments to the work schedule in these institutions.

Today I will share information about the project to which allows you to become the holder of a digital license for the direction of robotic disinfection systems and profit from their activities by keeping them talking octopus robot this company is listed on the euro stock exchange paris index is not stuttgart boss and received a patent on February 7, 2017 which is valid for 20 years and develops technology air disinfection, spraying of premises and surfaces of potential infected viruses or bacteria, the current direct economic consequences by the fall have led to the need for such disinfectants around the world and there has been a great interest in these robots, which are start-ups in the field of technology in order to allow the development of funding for a worldwide foreigner shares similar autonomous With spray robots, the company provides digital operational reviews, so it was decided to use digital methods to improve the efficiency of financing implementation and production ska resources and solutions that go beyond conventional financial systems like banks of funds that are slow ineffective and unusable in emergency situations in partnership with a cover it is planned operational pre- financing of the vehicle and the release of robotic bus all this will be done through pre-financing of a global portfolio of potential reviews through and evolutionary rights on the blockchain thesis digitalization of licensing rights for intangible assets thanks to such a lisation will improve liquidity and unite and open access to all countries of geographic regions blockchain technology helps to increase work efficiency thanks to its cover and a smart contract that automates the sale of a token and distribution of profits octopus robot this French public limited company with a board of directors which has been operating for 33 years located in a chalet in f In France, the company has always specialized in high technologies, for example, a contactless meter and carpet token systems are distributed on the platform and for all those who manage the test wallet, you will receive them directly from this wallet as soon as the address is created smart contracts the holder of the attack to the north will receive 50 percent of the profit from work the project can also be used mainly for sale or purchase related to disinfection activities tokens today can be purchased on the site at a cost of 20 cents for each now there is a private sale until May 31, 2000 of the twentieth year and it is planned to carry out two more stages, approximately the yield of the year will be 30 40 million dollars and all holders will receive this profit this video is for informational purposes and all the necessary links dad you can find in the description of the video thank you for your attention and all the best [music]

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