Hi Sandra this here starts the pus.com vote on literally goes to the moon is still possible for each year to reach five dollars the Bitcoin whale that turned 294,000 into 130 million metaverse a bubble that will soon burst Twitter is transforming at a crypto company vitalik buterin bought nft citizenship from sit down what's up with Bitcoin welcome to Crypton minute today's crypto market news if you haven't signed up subscribe and leave like 1.com Go to the moon and lunar mission Dodge One will launch with spacex in early 2022 and will be the first Crypton Coin-funded mission to go to the Moon Iron Mans who made the Twitter announcement saying the mission was paid for in Dodge Cohen and to be the first Crypton coin and the first Meme in space although there is still no exact release date the space race has not yet been won by dotcom as it currently has a habitmax competitor as well.

announced a few months ago and its plans to send bitcoins to the moon using a Japanese space rocket with astrological technology which do you think will be the first cryptocurrency to reach the moon Bitcoin or Dodge Klein describe your opinion in comments Peter joined the avalanche The touch Inté ter SBT was launched on the avalanche blockchain which will allow cheaper and faster transactions the site or Paulo Arduino said he is excited to work with the avalanche because he believes his network is one of the best in the market vitalik buterin bought citizenship sit down vitalik buterin bought a nft Citizenship in sit down a city created in the ethereum block chain and which also has a physical land on the site is to have Scan if it can be verified that the wallet identified with the vitalic identity transfer 10 25 e th to the wallet of the City Dawn project this value corresponds to the amount that must be paid to obtain citizenship in nft format in addition to oc Previous asions ethereum co-founder has commented positively on crypt cities and how they will change the world geopolitical EA and twitter is turning into a crypto company and twitter has created its own block teen and crypton coins division and has hired o big names in the industry in addition to bitcoin and nfts integration the social network says it is preparing for new integrations and changes related to Crypton currencies o sim or twitter Jack dorsey said it is exploring decentralized apps and their integration into metaverses although still have not specified anything further with these statements they hinted that little by little the social network will become a company Crypton and the Bitcoin whale that turned $294,000 into 130 million and according to William alert the boat to record big moves in cryptocurrencies a wallet containing 2,207 bitcoins was activated for the first time in more than eight years.

us bitcoins at that time were worth $294,1287 when the address in question had been inactive for eight years and apparently the whale decided to sell everything after hitting a new all-time high . long term this transaction teaches us a valuable lesson luck always rewards patients and cryptocurrency student land burn 88.7 million dawkins The Terra community recently approved a proposal to burn 88 million tokens worth approximately 4.5 Billion of Dollars at current prices about five million stablecoins land the SBT will also be created these decisions should further boost the price of cryptocurrencies according to some metaverse analysts a bubble that will soon burst in a recent interview on Yahoo finance Be or leave of kraken vs Power defended the idea of the metaverse when jealous quiz verse was another b look there in the short story of this stick I said that the metaverse is the new social media and that it's not a bubble they also asked if Facebook will be the dominant metaverse to what Powell what not and that the market is so big there will be some meta versus dominant he also commented that we are about to create new economies within these metaverses with products and services that did not exist before and that will give us many opportunities is what is happening with Bitcoin is the first thing we are going to do is to revise the indicator mvr see score that told us The market is at its end as we can see the orange line has not reached this red zone so we are far from the end of the bull market now let's look at the indicator is if the PR to confirm that we are still in a bullish stage an orange line is above the white line means that we are still in an uptrend plus this indicator gives us the best mid to long entries deadline and right now there is no new entry the last entry was when we were at 58 $1000 and now we're going to look at the Bitcoin trend and I want you to take a look at that part.

a big drop and on the contrary when it reaches the lowest points What we have after is a high if the signal is accompanied by the buy or sell of whales that the orange line is much better at that moment the trend has not yet reached the lowest point nor sales of whales and in general more sales than purchases. Also looking at the buy and sell indicator we can see how this whale enters here which is the blue icon and sells causing the price to drop after entering this whale here and exactly the same thing happens although the price may go up again at the moment I prefer to have a clear signal and that everything is at its lowest point to be able to buy What's your opinion on this Bitcoin Es he's getting ready to go to a hundred thousand write your opinion in the comments and it's even possible that the notebook will reach five dollars is the best known his train analyst with the pseudonym koinski says it's perfectly possible to see the card year at five dollars at the end of the year always assuming the market's bull run continues He also said that the key points to buy are at 1 and 82 any entry into these points is very good if you want to sell in the coming weeks also advised not to get carried away by the fear of setbacks since in terms of technical analysis, Card Ano continues to be of high esteem and Some days of starts to return asspulls from ISO yesterday to Sandra this here started to vote to choose the operators from the few This is a vote that we will choose who will be those responsible for the pools Sunday is not yet the purchase process and not even starting to get touch in Santa and soft is only to choose The Pools remember if what happened to punk when many people needed it to do Farming or steak remember also when people needed Docs to vote in stops I'm sure that when everything is working those who already bought the Card Ano will have paid a lot cheaper than those who are still going to buy, imagine when Sandra That's it, is ready to do the delegation of hadas on her wrists and receive sandei back how many people were left behind what do you think about this I didn't even see your opinion in the comments if you in any currency leave it in the comments don't forget to like it and even

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